Spin Through a Spud Museum, Speed Along Serious Singletrack and Hike to a Hidden Lake | Visit Idaho

Spin Through a Spud Museum, Speed Along Serious Singletrack and Hike to a Hidden Lake | Visit Idaho
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on this episode of epic Idaho we spend a day along the Oregon Trail hit turbo in the foothills of Pocatello and what Idaho show would be complete without a stop at the potato museum we've made it to Bloomington Lake a hidden oasis in southeastern Idaho I'm Chad case and this is epic I don't Idaho is in a word epic and we should know we travel the globe capturing adventure but some of our favorite places are found right here at home in Idaho join us as we experience epic Idaho from the stunning to the serene and everything in between you know after reading some of the signs and hearing about people an ox dying from dust and mosquitoes and I'm walking down here worried about I didn't put on sunblock massacre ox named actually got attributed when some entrepreneurs were here and they thought well we need to have people stopped so we'll we'll name it something and they named it after the 1862 attack and that's why it's called massacre ox we've got hiking and bicycling and we have to disc golf courses fishing here smallmouth bass people like to come in Boulder here guess there's just a lot of things to do Commons right you can stay here you can rent cabins we've got 21 campsites and qi cabins on the upper loop and the same on the lower loop nice feel like they could have named it retreat rock I don't see what I have to name it Massacre rock until people get here and then they're like wow this is this is a gym yeah yeah I like it okay well it took us about as long to play one hole as it did for the settlers to cross the Snake River a handful of bike manufacturers are now making ebikes typically they're going to be a pedal assist the bikes gonna propel itself under your power they come with additional power settings so you can kind of adjust it as needed based upon the terrain or whatever kind of booster assistance you feel like you need right here we've been able to rent these bikes and rent a rack to go in the back of the car and we're gonna transport the whole thing up to City Creek Trail system and go do some riding Chad I thought we already broke mountain bikes on this series we rode regular mountain bikes in this series now we're writing an e bike if you go to turbo I'm just be prepared to hang on because it's a big assist I know these are ebikes but I am getting tired yeah I'm breaking a sweat and getting winded all right well it looks like I still have pretty much all my battery I know I'm coming up to turbo how about we head back in get changed and go find something neat yes I know a hardware store that has a perfect dinner for us it's a hardware store yeah hardware store this first question is super easy because I'm sure you get asked it all the time okay why is your barbecue joint restaurant in a hardware store my great-grandfather settled this town in in 1870 with three other families if you look back at how those old mercantil work they were like what I am a little bit of everything we sell a lot of barbecue let's make barbecue I like look at this I was really yours well before you got back that would have been those are fighting words this is very Idaho mm-hmm I've got potatoes ribs and I will say this is the first time I've ever eaten in a hardware store I know it's not like the whole like it's like the hotdogs you get outside the hardware store right I mean this is like serious cuisine yeah that's falling off the bone dad do you know where we are today yes we're at the potato museum we are at the potato museum because no Travel Idaho show would be complete without a little tourism on the potato the United States is actually the fifth largest grower of potatoes in the world but it's the Idaho potato that is exactly what you said all over the world and the reason is is because as its flavor and and how how well it cooks and a lot of people come here because they see the sign on the road and they say potato museum and they're gonna say oh wow what a lark let's go through but I think what it does more than anything else is it reconnects them with their food source and it kind of tells them what it takes to get food to their plate Marilyn we if we go out together we can't wear the same thing fine I'll change after you go through the potato museum you end up in the cafe where you can get yourself a giant baked potato I don't think I can eat all of but she's now preparing it for me so I'm gonna do my best we are at the Bloomington trailhead about to head up to Bloomington Lake it's just a quick half-mile hike it took us about 35 minutes to get here but it was a beautiful Drive and this is a great day hike if you're hanging out in southeastern Idaho maybe your mountain biking in Pocatello maybe you just had a soak lava maybe you were waterskiing at Bear Lake this is a great place to come out get the kids out bring your hammock up put on some trees just chill or use the rope swing that we've read about up here which I'm excited about okay am i insane I don't think this is going to light this is late number two and they cannot be Bloomington Lake that's two we thought the first one was Bloomington Lake if you go like a hundred yards then you get to the real oh my gosh alright I guess we keep going you know as an Idaho native I've never spent that much time in southeastern Idaho and it's got a lot of great stuff to offer this awesome hike to Bloomington Lake we got mountain biking right around Pocatello and there's all kinds of great restaurants yeah man this has been a beautiful day and if you want to plan your own epic Idaho adventure go to visit idaho org and check out the links below subscribe to the channel so you don't miss another episode of epic idaho thanks for watching and we'll see you next time you

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Episode 5: Set your adventure mode to turbo with a trip through southeastern Idaho. With off-the-beaten-path experiences at every turn, you’ll soon learn why this part of Idaho is a destination for outdoor lovers. Miles of hiking and mountain-biking trails, a hidden mountain lake and savory dishes in an unexpected setting are just a sample of the adventures that await.

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