St George, Utah Travel Vlog

St George, Utah Travel Vlog
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you got to live you know right they didn't even bid like the sea [Applause] there okay you might have to back up just yeah switch it to a picture this is the best rest stops between Salt Lake and st. George for multiple reasons one they have Dairy Queen so you can get frozen hot chocolate which is the best a must and two they have a petting zoo and it's like the best petting zoo they have zebra camels free it's a free donation because we love them so much yes and they take good care of the animals so and they're so nice always been my favorite spot to stop it was my grandma's favorite so I have good memories of stopping here with her and so I just kind of made it a tradition any time I'm driving down to st. George I stop here this rest stop is called Eagles Landing rest stop it's incipio pretty sure it's the only rest stop in Scipio it's just kind of like a right off the freeway and you just stop yeah very simple comfortable I love that they have and a table here yes television must have it's honestly like it's just it's like a budget hotel but they've really like stepped up the game yeah it smells great in here yes smells great temperature you know smoking at all at the hotel which I love yeah what are you gonna get country um you thinking the veggie ciabatta sandwich or something whatever it is sounds good yeah I would like not a big surprise for me cuz I always order salmon anytime hello look at that I am like jealous excited yes okay I mean I don't hold salmon that it looks so pretty green update this is amazing is so good that's how you know it's good when it hurts your jaw I'm gonna dream about this and wish I could have it every day dang it kitty bags cookies sandwich for me tacos for Randy stand here that is so cool come out – can't afford in ER this is your view Wow because he got our whoopie pie homemade Oreos sitting in bed watching Alaskan bush people it's just one of my favorite shows one of my other favorite things to do George is visit all of the antique shops there are tons down here and they're so good so if you like antiques and 15 Natasha here on my face then this is the place for you I got mint because I mean what else yeah it's my favorite I get it all the time but this is from it just and it is a classic st. George's pop stop either one they have like the best vintage candy they have sandwiches and things and then ice cream which is my go-to okay so tonight we are at the – economy theater in st. George Utah and it is a most beautiful and open theater ever we got our treats my true we're about to see the Prince of Egypt and I am so excited it's raining so luckily we're like barely under the cover we're still getting a little bit wet hopefully it'll stop but like we're not everyone else's in Poncho's with umbrellas so hopefully it kind of dies down and goes away thank you intermission thought yeah it's definitely like one of those musicals it gets me tearing up we are so lucky cuz it was like storming raining and I was just sitting here like praying and you trying to like positively influence whatever I could out there like yeah yeah if you believe and we believed or at least I know I did but yeah it cleared up and it's beautiful in the perfect and we I just feel really lucky yeah we are at one of my favorite restaurants have ever been to on the way in design importance I am and it's just the best if they have a really wide selection of souvenirs if you're into that I am and then they have this really awesome salud restaurant with a dessert prickly pear ice cream which is awesome because they have prickly pears right up front and it tastes so good we've all got it you ever come to Zion and my favorite jewelry shop is best line silver bear enterprises they just have the best prices real very nice super nice real high quality beautiful dream knowledge yeah and now we have like they've almost the same taste friendship turquoise rings we are at Red Rock no Red Cliffs yeah thank you we're at Red Cliffs Park and he's beautiful we timed it so he could be here as the Sun set and the lighting has just been gorgeous and I just this is my favorite time of day it's like when the land begins to glow oh yeah it's been so hot like silletti in red oh my hair my curls are gone Thanks but it's so pretty I've never been here before so this section in my first time which is crazy because I've explored this area a lot Southern Utah so first time for everything you need always learn something new eventually kerubim lots of people on Instagram vogue I like to but yeah I've multiple days of people like recommending this place so excited to try it after a long day driving working picture taking it was good thought lots of Sun and heat good to just sit so I got the great we're gonna fight the challenge Oh which I like

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Last year, I was invited by My Place St George* to come and stay for a couple nights. So one of my best friends, Brandi, and myself, took a trip down for a bit of a girls’ weekend. I’ve spent a lot of time there, so I know the area really well, and had a whole list of activities for us to do.

Here are all the sights we saw + links to my outfits:


Get all of the details about the sites we visited in my St George Utah Travel Guide:

Where We Stayed:

● $20 Airbnb Credit towards your next trip –

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● Black Denim Shirt* –
● White Sneakers* –
● Blue Jeans* –
● Sunglasses* –
● Teva Sandals* –
● Brown Purse* –
● Black Jeans* –
● Yellow Blouse –
● Hair Accessories –
● Parks T-shirt –
● Denim Jacket* –

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