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Tell me about yourself – The perfect answer.

Tell me about yourself - The perfect answer.

tell me about yourself it's a very common interview question in fact it's a cast-iron guarantee regardless of what sector you're applying for what you need to concentrate on here is your work experience stating what you've done and how it is relevant to the job that you're applying for it's a broad question but what the panel want to hear is what you've done what skills you have that make you a good fit for them for this role it's not about how many cats and dogs you have or how often you go windsurfing or how you like football it's about the job and it's about the skills and experience that you have that are relevant for that job when answering this question use the following acronym e e s and that stands for education employment and skills now the reason we used an acronym and the reason we're using kind of a structured approach in this is just to manage your thought process when you go into the interview there are whole host of things running through your mind you can be very nervous you can lose track of thoughts but as I say tell me about yourself is usually the first question you'll be asked and it's always good then it's good for your confidence interview can convey and get the message across first up so EES Education employments and skill to start off with I'm going to give you a poor answer to the question tell me about yourself this is something I've heard quite recently at interview I live at home with my girlfriend I've just finished University I think really well and now I'm looking for a job previously on work experience in the museum for a year helping out with some admin I've also completed a couple of pressure professional qualifications and I enjoy playing football and tennis in my spare time the reason it's poor is because it's general it doesn't say where the person studied or even what they study it does not state how the work experience gained in the museum could be related to the skills needed to be a particular role for example a salesperson or a retail and that's really important is how are your skills relevant to that particular job description and person specification but all in all it's a very general and it's a common answer that we hear at all levels whether it be junior or senior and it says a lot of other persons lack of experience and motivation when they come up with an answer like this it's generally it's off the top of their head if you don't know much about you or you haven't done much how is the interview is supposed to know about you and and your achievements and what you can do for them it's very very difficult so the key thing here is relevance remember relevance is key read the Job Description read the person specification find out what that employer wants so that's a poor answer because it's general what does it good answer sound like I could answer the question which sounds something like this during University I study business and IT where I achieved a 2:1 in my final year I studied marketing international business and strategy where I received awards for achieving some of the highest grades in the university while in university I paid for my studies working part-time for a load large mobile phone company there I developed important skills such as working with customers in a fast-paced environment my biggest strength is the ability to communicate by this I mean listening effectively to the needs of customers to ensure they have the right product that will solve their problems my second strengths is my ability to sell and hit targets I enjoy working on the pressure and learning about new products and working towards measurable goals during this experience I have always achieved my targets and never lost the customer during the three years I worked there this is something I'm very proud of which demonstrates my commitment to service and this is why I feel with this experience combined with my educational achievements make me a very good fit for the position and I'd be really excited to be a member of your team so to evaluate this answer and the reason why it was good is because it uses EES if you notice the first part of the question taught about the education which was university to one excellence awards in both marketing business and strategy achieving some of the highest grades in the university so that person's talking about how and they're a high achiever the second part is the employment which was working in a mobile phone company and the third part was how working in a mobile phone company having the skills were relevant to that particular employer so for example the first strength was the ability to communicate listen effectively to the needs of customers and then ensure they have the right product that self solves their problems the second point that they went on to talk about then or the answer Winsett took on to talk about was the ability to sell and hit targets to work on the pressure and to learn new new products and services and working towards measureable goals one key point as well which again is about an achievement is that the answer talks about not losing a customer in three years something very very impressive again it's puttin these kind of skills in that you can offer it's a benefit to the employer that you're talking to and they talk about their commitment to service so again all these skills wrapped it wrapped up what people miss out on usually on this question which is why on the first example it was very poor because it was general this is a good answer because it's specific and it uses EES so education employment and skills so in summary if you're leaving university or if you're leaving school you're looking to apply for an apprenticeship or you're looking to apply for your first kind of job graduate scheme whatever it may be you will get asked the question tell me about yourself it's usually used as an icebreaker to understand the sale a bit more about you but you need to use it effectively and you need to get the message across and communicate why you're the best person for the job and it can really give you the confidence boost that you need and really calm you down if you can answer clearly and precisely don't waffle don't talk about cats dogs what you do in your spare time concentrate on what you can do for the employer and this is where you use EES so what have you done in your educational life what employments or work experience have you had if you haven't had full-time employment what experience if you damaged and what skills is the final point it's what skills have you learned that are relevant and applicable to the person who sit in the opposite side of the table to you what can you do for them if you can do this and if you can organize your thoughts you will be in a far better position so hopefully this short tutorial has given you a little bit more confidence and giving you a little bit more structure on how to answer the question all the very best in your future career and please leave some feedback and let's see how you've you've done it in your your interviews and say hopefully you'll get that job that you want

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Tell me about yourself? Interview skills questions and answers tutorial.
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