Best Brunch Spots in Auburn, Alabama

Best Brunch Spots in Auburn, Alabama

some of our top French dishes are going to be our brand on aprons and a strawberry the biscuits that kinda makes it everything sweet dish here's another one as well since you can't eat some grilled green tomatoes and classic hollandaise like a soccer pitch today's the color tumors popular we also do a Bloody Mary in armor it's really fun and the vibes that we're trying to get over here with the right Nightingale really great service really great food break our toughness easily Sherpa dance philosophy which is our Aryan greats it's going to have and do we have our granola French Dutch and French prospective you know it's gonna have the syrup on top powdered sugar and seasonal fruits right now a very big brother biscuits that are topped with that bacon her choice banks sausage rate and culture of the how new Jackson's place to be like a camp in Tennessee or Southern Living style we want people to be able to come in and kind of enjoy themselves like a place we were treated welcomed as we enjoyed making their experience better each day great brunch burger that they can ask why – an egg burger and then also our chairs our personal favorite a little bit of a salad poached eggs on top and then we also have a range of beritasatu goes on top of the price estimates better savory dishes they're also very photogenic you'll see a lot of Instagram and the works don't even move directly well here is Hamilton's really try to provide a great service with downtown experience to come on down we start at brunch and the ten o'clock some of our best dishes are going to be crab cake Benedict which comes to our cheese grits and fresh fruit on the top of the holiday songs drink specials top dollar Bloody Marys and three dollars and roses all during brunch come down to Hamilton we also have shrimp and grits which is also one of our most popular dishes opticians definitely and waffles and our steak and eggs very popular not steak with brisket or smoke on their smoker and two blue eggs potatoes

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Whether you’re coming into town for a visit or are looking for some fun weekend plans, check out this video for all the details on the best brunch spots in Auburn!

Featuring: The Depot, The Hound, Lucy’s, Hamilton’s on Magnolia, and Acre.

Lowndes County's Raw Sewage Problem | ACRE (Alabama Center for Rural Enterprise)

Lowndes County's Raw Sewage Problem | ACRE (Alabama Center for Rural Enterprise)

it's really the waste that comes out of the secretary if that's what it is is it it's like the wrong sewer to come out of your body this two older it's the smell it's the wrong sewage that comes out of it some body that's what it is there's no other way to explain that's what he needs and that is all over your yard yes this is the area closer than the booth and the resident says when the red light goes off at the lagoon look for a yard the slug was boss sewage to the next day and she said out of all the years that she ever lived here which is like 28 years her children or her grandchildren has never been able to play in the yard during spring break because he's always wet or flooded out with while sewers and this is a pretty nice guy large area for the kids not to be able to play in it doing that Spring Break just whole area floor my name is Mira McDonald Island everything else counted for 53 years I'm a caregiver on one part-time with another set of a brewer enterprise acre doing community work I've always been the type of person to well if you want something done somebody's got to do something and why can't that someone be me a homeowner is responsible for the systems deep for the individual systems here in Lansing because they own the property but they cannot afford the remedy unlike in places like the in the urban communities taxpayers money actually help establish those systems here they leave it up to poor people to do it and because they cannot afford it it doesn't get done and then they're prosecuted for not being able to afford the remedy and the policies are not in place to enable a solution because instead of a massive effort being made to put in place wastewater treatment that could take in the affluent that's been released into the environment it's been left up to poor homeowners who don't have the resources to do it it's been like this for the last 50 60 years there's nothing done about sewage sludge and depending on the perk of the land it's coming out of the ground and there may be prouder problem with a health condition yet I'm sick and tired of it I'm tired I mean why why is all this injustice ain't gonna let to go on and nobody's being irresponsible they can simply drop dispenser taking advantage of the poor people and there's still not doing anything about it is unfair way is to justice you

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Rural residents of Lowndes County in Alabama lack access to any form of a sewage system and are therefore exposed to disease. In Lowndes County, this mainly affects poor African-American families. These Third World conditions should not exist in America today.
The Alabama Center for Rural Enterprise (ACRE) is working to address these issues. ACRE was originally founded in 2002 as part of the Alabama Rural Initiative of the National Center for Neighborhood Enterprise. A model for addressing poverty in economic development in one of the poorest areas of the nation, ACRE is located in Lowndes County, Alabama.

Duke undergrad Jacob Rosenberg produced this promotional video while researching with the Duke Human Rights Center at FHI.
To learn more about this issue, go to

LANDiO : 160 Acre Ranch in Wyoming bordering BLM & State Land surrounded by Hunting & Fishing

LANDiO : 160 Acre Ranch in Wyoming bordering BLM & State Land surrounded by Hunting & Fishing

hello this is Tori with Lane do we have a new 160 acre ranch in Wyoming bordering both state and BLM land this is a parcel highlighted here in green you can see that the entire north boundary borders this 640 acres section of BLM land and then the entire east boundary orders this section of state land and this state land right here has what is called the crust and draw flowing through it and if we turn on the topographic map you can see how that's labeled the crust and draw and you can see it visually from the satellite image as well and then there's this seasonal water flow that runs through the property down here in the southwest water you can see where that's evidence there and then here's the crust and draw can see in this satellite image there's some water collected there in like a pond and you can see how that flows the lush green area then is an indication that there's in water that flows through there and then you have this road that runs to the southwest corner if we take a look at the property on the Google Earth terrain view you can see how that is all consistent there we'll look at these actual mountain views from the property which are really amazing there you have the dirt road running through the southwest corner of the property there's that seasonal water flow and then here you have the crest and draw if we go back to the topographic map you can see that there's a slope from the north to the south so you have a high elevation point here this is roughly sixty seven hundred and fifty feet right here and then that slopes down here to about go below sixty seven hundred feet so this High Point is gonna give you some really amazing views this is the dirt road that leads to the property there you can see our photographer's truck right there you have amazing views from the property in all directions these photos were taken in the last couple weeks so this is what the vegetation looks like in the following winter but then in the spring and summer it's bright vibrant and green the property is located just west of Rawlins and just north of Interstate 80 so Rollins has a population around 10,000 you can find pretty much anything you need in Rawlins there's a Walmart Supercenter there's medical care at hospital there's restaurants building supplies tractor supplies feed store restaurants and professional services then you have the city of Casper up here to the Northeast that has a population around 60,000 and Laramie over to the east population over 30,000 and then further to the east you have Cheyenne Wyoming which is the largest city in Wyoming with a little under a hundred thousand people you're surrounded by amazing hunting fishing water sports and outdoor recreational activities you have the Seminole reservoir in State Park The Miracle Mile Cova reservoir the Pathfinder reservoir North Platte River you have the Ferriss mountains the Medicine Bow National Forest in addition to bordering 640 acres of BLM land to the north and 640 acres of state land to the east the property is surrounded by public land collectively there's over a million acres of public land surrounding the property in all directions this area is rich in native wildlife there are fresh wildlife tracks and droppings on the property Carbon County where the property is located is considered to be the pronghorn capital of the United States also lots of wild horses in the area very popular for sage-grouse and then here's more evidence of wildlife on the property those properties only eight miles from interstate 80 and we've got the path to the property mapped out here and this path is also available on the interactive map so if you go over here to the legend and then you click the primary Road layer what that will do is that will turn on the path to the property when you're on Interstate 80 whether you're coming from the east or the west you're going to take exit 196 then you're gonna head north and then turn immediately east onto BLM Road number 3203 that is going to turn around here and that's going to take you north and then you're gonna be heading towards this water treatment plant right here and this roads gonna go around the water treatment plant back through here and then you're gonna come down south into the property we have some photos of that mapped out this is exit 196 you can see where you turn there on 196 now you're heading towards the water treatment plan here we are heading towards the water treatment plant and then this is the road that goes around the water treatment plant then you head through this unlock gate and then here we are on the dirt road which runs through the southwest corner of the property these are some aerial photos you can see there is the road right there here the fairest mountains northeast this is a path of the seasonal water flow on the property you can see how dense this vegetation is so in the spring and summer this is gonna be lush and green some evidence of frozen water on the property here's a survey marker on the property you have these expansive big sky views in all directions you can see some of the gentle slope there are electricity lines and poles about a mile and a half west of the property if that's something that you're interested in most of the people out here will use solar and wind and other types of off-grid technologies you have amazing mountain views from the property this is the Wyoming Game and Fish Department website and they have these hunting maps available so the property is located in area 61 for antelope hunting area 118 for elk hunting area 98 for deer area 11 for mountain lion it's just to the west of area 17 where you'll find bighorn sheep and this also is where you'll find the verus Mountains and you're in area 11 for pheasant hunting area one for sage-grouse in an area five for wild turkey fun the property you're only about 40 minutes to Rawlins begin Roland's has a population around ten thousand there's the Walmart Supercenter in Rawlins there's the Memorial Hospital of Carbon County this is Main Street and Rollins about two and a half hours to the Seminole reservoir in the Seminole State Park which is an incredibly beautiful area there you have the Simoneau dam then you're about two hours to the alcove arezzo voir just popular for fishing boating and camping about two and a half hours to the Pathfinder reservoir and all of these reservoirs are publicly accessible and these reservoirs are created from the North Platte River so this is the Miracle Mile along the North white river it's a world-famous fishing destination it's known for a trophy rainbow trout this is Fremont Canyon along the North Platte River here we have people fishing in Fremont Canyon and you're about two and a half hours to Casper again Casper has a population around 60,000 just a little over two hours from Laramie Wyoming which has a population around 31,000 by two hours and 44 minutes to the Medicine Bow National Forest just another incredibly beautiful area and then about two hours and 48 minutes to Cheyenne Wyoming again Cheyenne is the largest city in Wyoming population around a hundred thousand then going down into Colorado you about two hours and 49 minutes to Fort Collins which has a population of around 150,000 and you're about four hours to Denver Colorado Denver in the metropolitan area have a population well over a million we have this 160 acre ranch in Wyoming bordering both state and BLM land priced at just 300 hours an acre so that's only 48 thousand dollars for this 160 acre parcel all the property details are listed here on our website including the distances to the nearby points of interest and additional information about those locations here we have the GPS coordinates over a hundred and fifty images in this interactive map our properties in Wyoming have been selling very fast if you go up here to our properties tab and then you click on Wyoming you can see that this is the only property that we have available all of our other Wyoming properties have sold sometimes they'll sell in a day or two this list right here includes 20 properties that we've sold in Wyoming with this property being the only one available right now so if this property fits what you're looking for we highly recommend that you go to our website and click on this Buy Now button what that will do is add a deposit of 499 dollars to your car then click checkout once you click checkout this window will appear we can enter in all your information then continue through the checkout process once the checkout process has been completed we'll receive an instant notification that your $499 deposit has been made well take the property off the market send you over simple one-page purchase agreement and arrange for the balance of payment once you place the deposit this Buy Now button changes to auto stock so there's only one person that can place a deposit on this property we only have one of these properties to sell that $499 deposit is credited towards your purchase and then we cover all of the closing costs we make the whole process super simple there's no other cost involved and we can complete the sale in as little as a day if you have any questions our phone numbers on top of every page of our website then number seven one three five nine seven seven six seven zero that number also receives text messages we also have this live chat feature here on our website where you can communicate with us in real time we try to be available as often as possible for not available for whatever reason please send us a message when we respond you at our next availability we also have this contact form here on our website where you can send us a message or you can email us directly our email addresses hello Atlanta Oh calm and as always we really appreciate you taking the time to watch our videos and share our properties with all your family friends and colleagues may God continue to bless you and your family

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View Full Property Details at:

Call or Text LANDiO anytime at 713-597-7670 for questions or to purchase this property. Please reference the LANDiO Property ID: WY_Carbon_00009

160 Acre Ranch just 8 miles from Interstate 80, which takes you directly East to Rawlins, Wyoming.

The property borders 640 acres of BLM Land to the North, and 640 acres of State Land to the East. This public land stretches contiguously all the way to the Green Mountain, Whiskey Peak, Seminoe State Park, and much more.

This property features views of the Ferris Mountains, as well as the various rolling hills surrounding the property.

This area is incredibly rich in wildlife, with fresh tracks & droppings found on the property when recently photographed.

The property is located in Carbon County, near the border of Sweetwater County. This property falls in the regions designated for the hunting of Antelope, Elk, Bighorn Sheep, Deer, Mountain Lion, Pheasant, Sage Grouse and Wild Turkey.

You are also just 40 minutes to the city of Rawlins, Wyoming.

In Rawlins you will find medical care, groceries, supplies, building materials, feed stores, restaurants, professional services and a Walmart Supercenter.

There are several ranches and farms with homes nearby.

This property is located in Carbon County’s Ranching, Agriculture & Mining Zone (RAM). View the Carbon County Zoning Resolution for the RAM Zone on LANDiO’s website.

The property is close to world-class fishing, water sports and outdoor recreation activities at the nearby Seminoe State Park, Seminoe Reservoir, North Platte River, Miracle Mile, Pathfinder Reservoir and Alcova Reservoir.

The world-famous Miracle Mile is actually a 5.5-mile stretch of the North Platte River fed by Seminoe Reservoir. It is an extremely fertile tailwater that offers anglers a chance to catch enormous trophy trout, and with approximately 4,000 fish per mile, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to catch the fish of a lifetime. This area is boatable but much more effective for wade-fishing.

The Pathfinder Reservoir a 22,000-acre lake known for its massive size and colossal walleye, trout and carp. Pathfinder hosts numerous professional walleye tournaments during the summer months and one of Wyoming’s largest ice fishing derbies — the HAWG Ice Fishing Derby — during the winter.

Parcel Size: 160 Deeded Acres

LANDiO Property ID Number: WY_Carbon_00009

Account Number: R0015335

Parcel Number: 0621890710002300

Legal Description: SEC 7 T 21 R 89 NE4

GPS Coordinates: 41.809381, -107.490694

Access: Gravel Road (BLM Road 3203) to Dirt Road

Property Taxes: $209.69/year

Title: Free & Clear

Conveyance: Warranty Deed

Nearby Points of Interest

20 minutes to Interstate 80 (East to Rawlins)

40 minutes to Rawlins, WY : Population 10,000

2 hours 2 minutes to the Alcova Reservoir

2 hour 39 minutes to Seminoe State Park, Reservoir, North Platte River’s Miracle Mile

2 hours 7 minutes to Laramie, WY : Population 30,800

2 hours 29 minutes to the Pathfinder Reservoir

2 hours 30 minutes to Casper, WY : Population 60,000

There is an International Airport in Casper, Wyoming about 2 and a half hours from the property. The code for this airport is CPR.

2 hours 44 minutes to the Medicine Bow National Forest

2 hours 46 minutes to Horsetooth Reservoir

2 hours 48 minutes to Cheyenne, WY : Population 91,700

2 hours 49 minutes to Fort Collins, CO : Population 152,000

3 hours 58 minutes to Denver, CO : Population 650,000

Visiting the Property

You are welcome to visit the property at your convenience while it is available.

The Interactive Maps are generated with MapRight. MapRight has a Free Apple and Android App which can be useful when visiting a property. Links to download the Free MapRight App are available on LANDiO’s website.

GPS Coordinates

Northwest Corner: 41.813058, -107.495527

Northeast Corner: 41.812949, -107.485847

Southeast Corner: 41.805709, -107.485870

Southwest Corner: 41.805814, -107.495536

Center Point: 41.809381, -107.490694


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