Record-Breaking Temperatures Are Rapidly Melting Alaska’s Glaciers | NBC Nightly News

Record-Breaking Temperatures Are Rapidly Melting Alaska’s Glaciers | NBC Nightly News
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Temperatures in the 49th state are rising twice as fast as the rest of the world, causing water levels to rise and endangering places of natural beauty. » Subscribe …

Visiting and Shooting Video in Juneau Alaska

Visiting and Shooting Video in Juneau Alaska
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what's going on guys hey tits Anthony and it is wrenched out experiment thank you guys for tuning in so today we are actually out of town we're on a trip we are down in Juneau Alaska if you guys don't know where that is look at a map or google it it's the capital for the state of Alaska I brought my gear down I'm actually editing right now I've got the camera right here or the camera right there the computer right here I was putting together all the footage that I got together and I am hopefully gonna be releasing a couple of videos here in the near future but we did get the opportunity to go to a lot of different places and see this beautiful area of southeast Alaska so I thought I'd share that but a couple of things as I've talked about incorporating doing not really a vlog style video and that's what this is gonna be so we did get to see the glacier we got to see downtown Juneau we got to go on the tram we went up to the beaches we actually got to go all over the place so it was really cool to be able to do that but a couple of things so we travel in with gear I brought the cannon ATD that's what's being shot right now and then of course I brought a couple of GoPros and then the GoPro karma grip now shooting with that equipment throughout this whole time was interesting mostly because I brought multiple lenses to try to shoot different video and photo with the Canon ATD so that was an experience and another thing I guess that was interesting about shooting here in Juneau was the amount of rain that we encountered so a lot of dark shots and sequences so hopefully everything came out good as far as the video and everything else but more or less this is uh was really just an experimental shoot on flying across the state and putting the gear to use and let's take a look at Juno shall we alright guys so here we are we are cross from Juneau Alaska I know it's kind of windy out here so hopefully it's not too bad I forgot my dead cat but there are the cruise ships so you can see there's one two three four cruise ships here and the port in Juneau Alaska so it's pretty exciting stuff quite a few Eagles this is pretty much what the weather's been though you can see this cloudy overcast II it's been raining a little bit of sunshine barely any though quite a bit of rain and some wind as well so let's uh continue checking out judo and keep moving here hi guys so we are here at Mendenhall Glacier yeah and there it is behind me I don't know if you guys can see it or not let me take a look there it is behind me so we're gonna run around a little bit shoot some photos hopefully get some video as well the trip in Juneau so far has been fantastic but this is our first sunny morning we've had so it's made it a little difficult for a shooting video in photos and everything else but we've taken the opportunities that we can take definitely something to look into for future projects as far as setting up waterproofing and whatnot because when it rains here it pours so let's get over to the glacier and shoot some photos and some video shall we [Applause] alright guess so I hope you enjoy checking out Juno now we've got a lot of other cool things planned we're gonna start and continue incorporating some of the areas that we're going to see I did do a couple of outside shots with a little bit more talking unfortunately I forgot my dead cat for the mic with some of the wind and all of that it didn't work the way that I thought and then I did other shots where I got interrupted mid talking so I'll see what I can find those and maybe throw those in as well so you guys can kind of see what it's like to be outside shooting in fact I even started this video with a different intro in mid section however traffic and cars kept actually coming toward me Oh shooting here at the hotel just some controversial things things that you need to think about at least while you're shooting videos Juno was a beautiful trip though we did get a couple of moments of sunlight and we got some personal business done as well we also while while here we had our rental car and I shot a garage video as well so a lot of cool things that it was used as far as shooting video and photography we got to or I got to push kind of my limit on what I was comfortable with with switching lenses free a lot of free handing I just actually ditched the tripod at the last moment one of the things I do regret because there was some long distance shots where I was trying to use the 75 300 and I think I ended up messing up those shots simply because I wasn't stabilized and I should have been on the tripod not free-handed but that's the price you pay so make sure if you guys are out or preparing it to go do some video footage or photo shoots really think through where you're going and what you should bring with you you know one of the big things for me was the rain I didn't account for it next time if I'm down in the southeast I'll definitely gear up a lot better so I'm prepared for the rain as far as the GoPros one thing I did note or notice and had to deal with is the condensation or the humidity down here kept fogging up the lens so I just open it up let it breathe it got rid of the fog I didn't have to do anything else but these are small things that you know depending on where you're going and what you're doing you want to invest a little bit of time into being prepared for those especially for gonna shoot videos or photos whether it's for your personal for a business or for yourself because you obviously want to make sure that your time is well spent and your shots and your photos and everything is worth all the time and energy that you put into it the better you get at that then the less work you're going to have to do post shooting and post-production at least in the editing room so you're not cutting out the stuff that may be important to you or your family or a business or whatever it may be but again this is one of many videos that it's going to come we're going to incorporate more I was going to do more on the fly but because we are here in Juneau which is the capital and there's tens of thousands of people pouring in off the cruise ships every day here you really hit some congested areas people are very at times rude and and they just don't care or they're not paying attention so shooting video and shooting photos can be a bit tough but we did get what our parts of what you guys saw and a lot more in which we will archive and use at a later date but I just want to thank you guys for checking out this video hope you guys enjoyed it if you have any questions or comments make sure and drop them down below of course there's a rental and if you this is your first time watching this video make sure to hit that subscribe button we're on Instagram Facebook and everywhere else so if you're interested make sure hit the follow button check out some of the links down below to go to our other social media sites we thank you guys for checking out this video and we got a lot of other great things planned so stay tuned you

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Wrenched Out Experiment

We get out and Fly to Juneau, Alaska. We brought some of our video and photo gear as we went on this adventure. A couple of fun facts about Juneau is that is rains 300 days a year and there are about 40 miles of road throughout the area. This is located in Southeast Alaska and is the Capitol for the state. We had the opportunity to see a lot of sites while we visited such as the Mendenhall Glacier, tram, City center and so much more during our visit. Overall this was a fantastic trip and we had to adapt our photo and video style to get out and shoot while it was raining while also being on foot a lot. Which means leaving gear at the hotel room and dealing with large crowds of people downtown who were visiting via Cruise Ships. The flight from Anchorage to Juneau is about 90 Minutes and you get the aerial views as well.

The Gear
Primary Camera for video and photoCanon 80D

Canon EF-S 24mm STM lens

Canon EF-S 50mm STM lens

Rode Mic Pro

Hero 4 Black GoPro Camera

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