Google hammer oh yeah go blasting there to look crystal clear is watery this is just coming straight out of the hatchery really yeah I was wondering why it sound like a pump here's my first cast alright got first cast out of the way going on are you really when you just hit it soon as I hit the water nice largemouth there's one nice white bass oh yeah that's what we're after got on a swim jig with a Bass Pro brand swim bait so pretty cool there we go a nice white bass run let him go and we're going to get after some more no no you got freaking giant no don't do that to me don't do that to me yeah so can i I mean do I swim out there man yeah Sam he came out a nice one I can actually look on my GoPro right now to see if it was on its got like a display screen on the back I've been dead serious I'll find you I'll tie it on for you all right yeah that's true all right guys so I just lost well I didn't lose it I lost the footage to one of the biggest fish I'm probably ever going to catch caught what you think we're like three and a half pound white bass maybe three yes three powder I had my GoPro on my chest but unfortunately the GoPro wasn't running for some reason I looked at the thing and it said zero zero zero but I did get a few pictures with it those pictures don't do the fish justice it was like a two minute battle between me and the white bass and heck of a time but I'm just kicking myself for not getting that footage so anyway we're going to keep fishing power through it looks like you got a snag on don't you and see we can pull some other ones out of here I'll put the picture up here so you guys can see it but pretty bummed out there's one I'll just pop that off the bottom and come on yeah nice white bass dude huh whoa no way wouldn't that be something GoPro or you want yes you're on GoPros on this time but I think this is snagged not gonna lie just the way it's fighting and stuff it looks like it's snagged a bigger one you see that thing that's a bigger body for sure I think it's carp tough nice one man dude yeah he doesn't get in here yeah it is no it's an Asian get in here dude I need to catch me a giant white bass wow that's a big Asian dude you know I've actually never caught on that's alright now so I just pop this cherry first Asian carp or throw him on the bank right doesn't really matter alright I'll run throw this on the bank is there an invasive species where we throw that back down the water ego what's the piece of tool shed where it is really okay that's pretty cool I don't know exactly what these are called Bianca liam's I know there's something really good for captive I think there's skipjack to be honest with you you guys know what this is let us know I see it wow it's a nice fish very nice fish I honestly think that's a koala yeah I think things up this luggers a little bit more Brown yeah can I caught a few not too long ago crankbait huh oh there's always a few Oh in here somewhere you it's your boy baby toy poor 20 there we go catch my path to the other Illinois there's a nice white oh oh ah dude look at that fell right into this freaking mud got off there's one me my brother I'll have my brother from the video to me we had a camera set up right back there dude I fir just applied ten minutes and plot 20 fish oh yeah nice that's a nice one dude nice white I'm gonna hate gum for so the fish back nicer this jealous oh yeah that's the base my basket Burstein bro

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This by far was one of the best days I’ve ever had white bass fishing. Not only did we catch loads of fish, I caught a possible future state record white bass that was feeding on shad. Although I won’t come out and say where this spot is…spots like these are actually easier to find than you think. Finding shoots off the main river provide cover for these fish and allow them to feed on minnows and shad. The bait is usually taking refuge from the strong current of the river in such spots. Which in return brings predators such as white bass, walleye, and flathead catfish.

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Arkansas River Muskogee Bassmaster Open – Dean Silvester

Arkansas River Muskogee Bassmaster Open - Dean Silvester
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big tournament make the best master central open first ever event over here in America how do you feel about it had a great day yesterday I didn't know if I could handle pressure I thought yesterday could because I cooked my fish pretty easy film be dejected but still you're on the right fish that works out you actually found that location was the very first place you went we got your last day yep go straight to it caught amazing yeah and got some amazing fish this week as well so what would you take leaving you using baby well we flipped creature base and stuff at the start and then we had first time you ever fish the pre spawn or a post spawn or a spawning pattern what I know you detective and you must be pretty happy people like you call yourself an out so that's a pretty massive effort it's it's fun fishing it's fun no big fish the big heads come out of that jar and what do you think of the best master format the opens it's pretty serious game absolutely which is in the top 30% had a hard day today so you must be pretty happy with that do you feel like you belong in opens I think I can manage it's way different to anything you ever do but if you can and then during the course the time when I worked at smaller ones of course or the bigger ones are a little bit further back in and there are fish just done enough fish don't know a few doors help you out do you want to thank anyone in particular I need think corn I'm obviously for my geese I'm on throw behind a big fascination obviously we got the boat that we use destination boat so the guys who get to use this image goes about 71 you have it – 71 Molony Oh yep fast enough to lose Jerry's fine thanks for everyone who supported this weekend and you know send well wishes the Dean and we'll catch you soon

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My first ever Bassmaster open, i was in 9th place after day one on my first ever creature bite.
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Quick wrap up of the Bass master open at Muskogee Oklahoma after falling from 9th place to 44th. Not bad though considering i had never flipped, pitched or even caught a fish on a creature bait prior to that week.

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Dean Silvester, commonly referred to as Hollywood by most Queenslanders, I live in Brisbane Qld working full time as an Electrical Engineer.
2018 marks my 13th year of competitive angling and the 6th year representing Team BCF on the Televised series “Australian Fishing Championships” AFC Outdoors. My tournament career consists of 28 Wins, 4 Championship Titles and 4 (AOY) Angler of the Year Titles.
I am the only angler to win Professional Bass Tournaments across all three Eastern states, as well as the only angler to win a BASS Nation AOY title and BASS Championship in the same year.
I was ranked No.1 in Australia from 2013-17 inclusive and the only Angler who has won across all three tournament species at the Pro level in Australia (Bass, Bream and Barramundi). My overall record includes a further 34 top five places and 26 top ten places.

My goal now is to take on the US BASS circuit and eventually qualify to compete in the BASSMASTER ELITE SERIES

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Kayak Fishing La Crosse Wisconsin | Mississippi River Backwaters

Kayak Fishing La Crosse Wisconsin | Mississippi River Backwaters
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I fished in La Crosse, Wisconsin for a week and had an absolute blast. We dodged rain for the first couple of days and the fishing was awesome once the water …