Explore | Assateague Island National Seashore (U.S. National Park Service), Berlin, Maryland

Explore | Assateague Island National Seashore (U.S. National Park Service), Berlin, Maryland

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Visiting and Shooting Video in Juneau Alaska

Visiting and Shooting Video in Juneau Alaska
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what's going on guys hey tits Anthony and it is wrenched out experiment thank you guys for tuning in so today we are actually out of town we're on a trip we are down in Juneau Alaska if you guys don't know where that is look at a map or google it it's the capital for the state of Alaska I brought my gear down I'm actually editing right now I've got the camera right here or the camera right there the computer right here I was putting together all the footage that I got together and I am hopefully gonna be releasing a couple of videos here in the near future but we did get the opportunity to go to a lot of different places and see this beautiful area of southeast Alaska so I thought I'd share that but a couple of things as I've talked about incorporating doing not really a vlog style video and that's what this is gonna be so we did get to see the glacier we got to see downtown Juneau we got to go on the tram we went up to the beaches we actually got to go all over the place so it was really cool to be able to do that but a couple of things so we travel in with gear I brought the cannon ATD that's what's being shot right now and then of course I brought a couple of GoPros and then the GoPro karma grip now shooting with that equipment throughout this whole time was interesting mostly because I brought multiple lenses to try to shoot different video and photo with the Canon ATD so that was an experience and another thing I guess that was interesting about shooting here in Juneau was the amount of rain that we encountered so a lot of dark shots and sequences so hopefully everything came out good as far as the video and everything else but more or less this is uh was really just an experimental shoot on flying across the state and putting the gear to use and let's take a look at Juno shall we alright guys so here we are we are cross from Juneau Alaska I know it's kind of windy out here so hopefully it's not too bad I forgot my dead cat but there are the cruise ships so you can see there's one two three four cruise ships here and the port in Juneau Alaska so it's pretty exciting stuff quite a few Eagles this is pretty much what the weather's been though you can see this cloudy overcast II it's been raining a little bit of sunshine barely any though quite a bit of rain and some wind as well so let's uh continue checking out judo and keep moving here hi guys so we are here at Mendenhall Glacier yeah and there it is behind me I don't know if you guys can see it or not let me take a look there it is behind me so we're gonna run around a little bit shoot some photos hopefully get some video as well the trip in Juneau so far has been fantastic but this is our first sunny morning we've had so it's made it a little difficult for a shooting video in photos and everything else but we've taken the opportunities that we can take definitely something to look into for future projects as far as setting up waterproofing and whatnot because when it rains here it pours so let's get over to the glacier and shoot some photos and some video shall we [Applause] alright guess so I hope you enjoy checking out Juno now we've got a lot of other cool things planned we're gonna start and continue incorporating some of the areas that we're going to see I did do a couple of outside shots with a little bit more talking unfortunately I forgot my dead cat for the mic with some of the wind and all of that it didn't work the way that I thought and then I did other shots where I got interrupted mid talking so I'll see what I can find those and maybe throw those in as well so you guys can kind of see what it's like to be outside shooting in fact I even started this video with a different intro in mid section however traffic and cars kept actually coming toward me Oh shooting here at the hotel just some controversial things things that you need to think about at least while you're shooting videos Juno was a beautiful trip though we did get a couple of moments of sunlight and we got some personal business done as well we also while while here we had our rental car and I shot a wrench.now garage video as well so a lot of cool things that it was used as far as shooting video and photography we got to or I got to push kind of my limit on what I was comfortable with with switching lenses free a lot of free handing I just actually ditched the tripod at the last moment one of the things I do regret because there was some long distance shots where I was trying to use the 75 300 and I think I ended up messing up those shots simply because I wasn't stabilized and I should have been on the tripod not free-handed but that's the price you pay so make sure if you guys are out or preparing it to go do some video footage or photo shoots really think through where you're going and what you should bring with you you know one of the big things for me was the rain I didn't account for it next time if I'm down in the southeast I'll definitely gear up a lot better so I'm prepared for the rain as far as the GoPros one thing I did note or notice and had to deal with is the condensation or the humidity down here kept fogging up the lens so I just open it up let it breathe it got rid of the fog I didn't have to do anything else but these are small things that you know depending on where you're going and what you're doing you want to invest a little bit of time into being prepared for those especially for gonna shoot videos or photos whether it's for your personal for a business or for yourself because you obviously want to make sure that your time is well spent and your shots and your photos and everything is worth all the time and energy that you put into it the better you get at that then the less work you're going to have to do post shooting and post-production at least in the editing room so you're not cutting out the stuff that may be important to you or your family or a business or whatever it may be but again this is one of many videos that it's going to come we're going to incorporate more I was going to do more on the fly but because we are here in Juneau which is the capital and there's tens of thousands of people pouring in off the cruise ships every day here you really hit some congested areas people are very at times rude and and they just don't care or they're not paying attention so shooting video and shooting photos can be a bit tough but we did get what our parts of what you guys saw and a lot more in which we will archive and use at a later date but I just want to thank you guys for checking out this video hope you guys enjoyed it if you have any questions or comments make sure and drop them down below of course there's a rental and if you this is your first time watching this video make sure to hit that subscribe button we're on Instagram Facebook and everywhere else so if you're interested make sure hit the follow button check out some of the links down below to go to our other social media sites we thank you guys for checking out this video and we got a lot of other great things planned so stay tuned you

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Wrenched Out Experiment

We get out and Fly to Juneau, Alaska. We brought some of our video and photo gear as we went on this adventure. A couple of fun facts about Juneau is that is rains 300 days a year and there are about 40 miles of road throughout the area. This is located in Southeast Alaska and is the Capitol for the state. We had the opportunity to see a lot of sites while we visited such as the Mendenhall Glacier, tram, City center and so much more during our visit. Overall this was a fantastic trip and we had to adapt our photo and video style to get out and shoot while it was raining while also being on foot a lot. Which means leaving gear at the hotel room and dealing with large crowds of people downtown who were visiting via Cruise Ships. The flight from Anchorage to Juneau is about 90 Minutes and you get the aerial views as well.

The Gear
Primary Camera for video and photoCanon 80D

Canon EF-S 24mm STM lens

Canon EF-S 50mm STM lens

Rode Mic Pro

Hero 4 Black GoPro Camera

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Arkansas River Boondocking, Steam Trains in Colorado

Arkansas River Boondocking, Steam Trains in Colorado

good morning everybody
now we're heading west getting into a new state today this road this back road
highway is beautiful one of the nicest paved roads Miranda's been on in her oh
my goodness 4,500 miles I've almost put on 5,000 miles on Miranda
in just a month and a half that is crazy oh gosh I got the catalytic heater hope
you can see it stored behind the passenger seat and they keep the great
thing from rattling its bungee around the cover
it's working great over there and as the speed limit drops down to 45 here
this is the last town in Kansas Coolidge Coolidge Kansas so we can officially at
least say our goodbyes to Kansas it's been nice little to Indy but I'm gonna
pull off the highway here real quick because look at this wooden sign here
this might be the neatest welcome sign welcome to colorful Colorado that is
pretty stinking cool all right get back on this highway rest area half mile with
a dump station apparently with an RV dump station
yeah sure okay so the welcome to Colorado center is on the wrong side of
the highway as you get into Colorado it's on the leaving Colorado side but
maybe they couldn't buy the land over there so they bought the land over here
that makes sense it's a very small low resting area here but here we go
our be dump and clean out perfect and it's not locked or closed sweet one of
the things I like about the system here on the Marauder is this open-face I'll
show you what it looks like here I got to do part of this with gloves and part
of it without but I can access all of the water fill up and everything I do
have a sewer tank flusher so they have water here available so I can actually
flush the black tank but this system right here this this is a little new so
it's like it's on a swinging boom and it's always inside of it so there's
nothing to wrap up or put away you just cap it each time can I take it over here
like this I'll do black first gray second while that's emptying
you got to hold this down to make it work and a weird flushing my black tank get all that yep
out of there it also sanitize the sewer hose on the
way out because once your tanks are empty you're flushing regular water
right down so ya can easy operation I like it I topped off my water at the
park before I left so I'm good on drinking water everything is good I need
propane I'll get propane soon they do provide to pull through RV spaces here
at the rest area so Jax and I are having lunch here in Hawley Colorado and yes
I'm running the air conditioner inside while the ovens per eating good old
Colorado trying to think so there's no signs that say you can't overnight park
here at this rest area I generally like to stay away from them
because they can get noisy when the trucks pull in and idle or run their
generators and stuff so I don't know this is that water spigot that was over
there I don't know if this is drinking water or not but the kangy pushed down
to activate I've not seen that on the road but it makes sense so now we got
the Colorado flag up they're not waving very much because it's not very windy
yep can you hear my AC unit up there it's right here I mean running it for an
hour while I'm at the rest area off of solar and my lithium batteries it
doesn't even drop below a hundred percent in an hour so
nothing is unlimited like I said but it is nice I'm getting ready to put my
Tony's pizza in the oven their pizza is in the oven and I sent my truck has
pulled into the RV space and barely left me enough room to even get out of here
when I want to leave I mean he is right up on me
RV parking only apparently he doesn't care and that's
why I hate rest stops rest areas I'm watching Batman the 1966 series on DVD I
have the complete series because I've got no TV stations no Wi-Fi had no
nothing around here we're gonna watch the penguin in this episode I like this
serious then get pizza time oh yeah get about Mashable get a burglar proof what if I told you we're done driving
for the hold the whole day I know I'm excited too let's be honest not the
prettiest place but within 15 miles of getting into Colorado
I found free boondocking you know I know that because pulling in here overnight
camping see where that arrows pointing right well I'm parked Colorado Division
of Wildlife pick up all empty halls and trash or
you'll be ticketed Colorado Parks and Wildlife Thanks Colorado you rock
all it is is a gravel turn around but I mean it is what it is
it still approved free camping and there is some water over here I was going to
park next to the water and then I started driving in here and you can see
all of the colorful shotgun shells everywhere I mean I know it's probably
not gonna hurt anything to run over them but there is some metal in there you
know I don't I don't there's just casings everywhere that is
why this area will probably be closed the next time you guys visit the area
here because of abuse like that and that's too bad
plus I don't know there might be some people coming down here at a party later
tonight and fire off some guns and drink down here so I will stay right there
kind of out of the way but the Arkansas River is it the same
Arkansas River that would I have no idea I'm not even it probably is yeah it
probably is I think it ties into the actually I think it ties into the
Colorado first let's play what happens it's kind of nasty right there but no
that looks pretty hey could be worse could be a Walmart parking lot I am
boondocking in a class a boondocking in a class a which is impossible yo I'm never gonna let that go guys because
it's impossible to boondock in a Class A now Eric okay okay settling in here can
you see my antenna on the other side of that Bluff right over there I'm back
here over at the river because I noticed some shiny weird car parts in the ditch
I mean we're on the other side of the bluff where nobody can really see this
but there are some really old pieces of iron in here
Marcy Harris look at that old truck with the bullet holes in it and that these
those are some old vehicles really old vehicles I'm not sure if they drove off
the highway and just lay it in here and nobody knew because nobody lives over
here so you can't see what's going on there that is a little bit creepy though strange place to find abandoned wrecked
cars well we'll head back to the RV now that
I'm in Colorado I got to make a stopover at the pot store cracked my pot and I
need a new one by the way there is a Walmart about nine miles away in Lamar
and that is my backup in case something happens out here and case it gets too
rowdy or loud or it just doesn't work I do have a backup
it's a Walmart parking lot but it is available to me to me just in case right
now I think we're gonna be okay so as you probably saw from that four
hour time lapse not a single car even turned down here into this area to check
it out nobody party and nobody doing any legal activity or disturbing the peace
or anything so I really lucked out with this little spot here and we're gonna
get back on the road tomorrow well I'm still gonna include it in this video so
let me sleep and then I will take you guys into lamar which is about nine
miles away from here in this same video here in a minute
well good morning staying here worked out just fine last night nobody drove
down here no interruptions nobody being bad just quiet and peaceful out here I
had a perfect end of this video I thought and that was the night lapse
which this chord is defective and it only took like eleven pictures last
night the stars did not work for me so things don't always go as planned but
hey let's get on the road going to town and see what we can find today you know
I got to point out my appreciation when I see it and Lamar does some things
right with huge big slots for RVs to park in and experience their their city
they got an old train and I think it's a water tower up there or maybe a green
tower it could be c18 SF Santa Fe now I'm not sure what a T stands for what
does that stand for I am noticing a lot of bondo work like okay well still
appreciate the effort trying to preserve it okay then on the other side behind
the Train anybody know what that is you know those big wind generators you see
in some places with the three of these on them that's how big they really are
and oftentimes when you're in the Midwest you will see these on the back
of semi trucks flailing over and though it's really flexible like it's bouncing
and flexible but that's pretty massive and then this the
enchanted forest of Lamoure Colorado let's go check it out I walked all the
way through here and I still don't really know what it is
I'm gonna guess seasonally it does something cuz it's not doing anything
right now hmm a dog park it I was just told it is
a dog park okay okay this is a weird one and you guys know I like weird and
quirky this is petrified wood right so it is almost all turned to rock although
there have been some repairs because that's concrete and brick there this is
definitely a hundred percent petrified wood and what we have here apparently is
an old gas station that was built out of petrified wood and is now stone in fact
but believe it or not petrified wood building built of wood turn to stone 175
billion years old I don't actually believe that Ripley but
different I'm kind of surprised it lasted this long
obviously they've done some repairs and upkeep to keep it standing here in the
corner which has what I said it's no longer a gas station looks like it's a
used sales car Lodge but that's a weird one right yeah
I walked nearly a mile and a half just walking around the city of Lamar
Colorado for no reason except I wanted to get a soda and then realize that it
bring my wallet or my phone or anything I have decided to stay here in the city
of Lamar Colorado today I love the friendliness of other our
beers like the gentleman in the fifth wheel here we are both parked here at
the Walmart of Lamar he came over to tell me that across the street at
something-something our is propane for a dollar 79 a gallon I thought he was
joking I called over there they confirmed it I said last price I paid
was 399 a gallon in Texas so I did fill up but still I have a 20-pound propane
tank so it still cost me $20 but what a smoking hot deal and I really appreciate
the heads-up but with that in mind yeah I'm gonna stay here and since this
Walmart allows it and checks tonight we'll be back with you from the road
moving on closer to Denver in our next video so have a good night guys buh-bye

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Gear: (UPDATED 2019)*
*Video: Canon M50 Mirrorless
*Main Vlog Lens: Rokinon 12mm 2.0F EF-M
*Stabilizer: Zhiyun Crane 2
*Additional Lenses: Canon 11-22mm ef-m, 15-45mm ef-m, 50mm ef-s, 75-300mm ef-s & 10-18mm ef-s
*Audio: (On Camera) Rode VideoMic Pro+ With Rycote VMP+ Deadcat
*GoPro 7 Black for water/action shots
*GoPro Hero 6 Silver with Purple Panda Lavalier Lapel mic for Driving Narration
*GoPro Hero 4 Black for Timelapses
*SJ4000 for driving shots out the front window.
Time Lapses: Gopro Hero 4: 2 second intervals. Sped up 1200x, cropped 4K down to 1080 for panning
Night Lapses: Gopro Hero 4 Black manual settings: 800 ISO, 30 second Shutter, 3000K WB, Protune On
Slow Motion: Shot 1080p 240fps. Reduced to 8% in Post Production
Additional Audio: Sony ICD-PX333
Editing Laptop: 2015 MacBook Pro 2.8ghz i7 16GB Ram, 500 SSD
Editing Software: Adobe Premiere Pro CC
Editing Encoder: Adobe Encoder – Presets: MP4 VBR H.264 16mbps
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RV MPG: 7-8mpg depending on generator use.
Solar: 1280 Watts (320×4) Rec N-Peak Monocrystalline 120 cell panels on Roof.
Charge Controller: Victron MPPT 150/85-TR
Inverter/Charger: Victron 3000 watt MultiPlus
Batteries: Battle Born Lithium 100ah x 3 = 300 amp hours.
Mobile Wifi: AT&T Unlimited & Verizon Unlimited
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Jax is a MaineCoon/Ragdoll Tabby mix. He weighs 26lbs. Born April 21st 2010.
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