Ini adalah.. Khinkali… Kita tebuk lubang dulu… Lepas itu kita sedut jus dia… Berhati-hati sebab panas! Dalam dia adalah.. What's inside? – Inside is meat Meat? Sedap! Mandy, you kena makan…

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Breathtaking!! Sit back, smile, and visit GEORGIA!!!

Georgia is a country located at the intersection of Eastern Europe and West Asia, and generally considered to be part of Europe. Nestled between the Greater Caucasus and Lesser Caucasus mountain ranges, it is bounded to the west by the Black Sea, to the north and northeast by Russia, to the south by Turkey and Armenia, and to the southeast by Azerbaijan. The capital and largest city is Tbilisi.

The Country of Georgia is a Very Interesting Place

The Country of Georgia is a Very Interesting Place

and so I saw these into belief II as well it's like a boxing thing when you pay money in this really hard random [Applause] and so you can see – cable car things – going across there and Russian car very cheesy and so you can see the cable cars going up and down the mountain there I guess there are old Soviet era contraptions so this is the jumping-off point right here okay yeah thank you sir good luck it was great bye-bye you and me now that one one one one people and yeah yeah good morning I could taste you just arriving here how is it okay no yesterday oh okay oh did you stay here to this hotel yeah we stayed up I think oh they got some more rooms up there yeah good good and so I'm back at the bus station here and I'm not exactly sure of what happened with Dane there but he's going back to to blee see and he was kind of having fun with those guys oh that's funny there yes I'm married on such a different pain if like reality right now all right so it's been a interesting morning I said goodbye to Dane they're like a couple of hours ago at the hotel we were out there the hostel and then I get all packed up and go to check out and leave and and he was there drinking with those guys he was planning to leave and then ended up talking with some guys there and then they all like broke out the beer and something else and so we ended up getting a ride to the bus station and then got the info for the bus his bus leaves earlier – too greasy then mine cuz I'm going to boot I see next from here – ty sees like an hour way the bus was six Lari so that's just two dollars I have like an hour now until my bus goes to Kutaisi so I'm going to find some lunch here and then head to the next town and check out this pizza for lunch here looks amazing and I think that it is just 5 Lari which is less than two dollars here's my hand for comparison it's like a nice like medium sized pizza looks good and so I just bought all this stuff from a guy on the street I got sweats like comfy sweats and then long underwear bottoms and tops and two pairs of very warm socks all 450 Lhari which is like 17 bucks to put AC in a couple of minutes so looking forward to checking out the next georgian town [Applause] get a taxi to back down bank overload relay oh hi Strassen Shravan Strasser Marco Polo swimmer Kapoor recliner bastard in the water okay one second Abaddon is a bobcat I'm asking my name is Tomas okay vishka lucky mother who – the natural order market go Tony bonkie maria i solanki yeah everything in here some central Kutaisi centrum what I said and so this is courtesy hoot I see this is the central area over here there's a park right there and a big roundabouts interesting building there with all these figures on top and here's my room not bad nice and spacious and attached bathroom for just $11 u.s. Georgia is definitely nice and cheap especially once you get out of Tbilisi and the tour zone I booked this on lots of great affordable alternatives on there and so I'm here for one night I'm thinking about my upcoming plans I might stay here another night I'm thinking about going to Borjomi and mestia and then there's also the caves at Varsha and I have a flight from batumi and I think five days so I got another few days to explore around Georgia and see more of this really interesting country so I'll show a little bit more of Cote see in this video after I take a break here for a little bit and relax all right see ya and so that's my room right there awesome Church up there but I would give a little taste it's kind of more of a guesthouse I'm just heading out to go find some fresh juice I've been having this cold the past couple of days and need some like orange juice something with some citrus to help it out give it a little taste of this place on the way out though it's really cool see if we can get enough light on this it is a image of Jesus nobody here at the moment oh hello just going okay a lot of books for sale here and so I saw these into briefie as well it's like a boxing thing when you pay money in this [Applause] and so mission not accomplished when it comes to the fresh juice into BC there was all with pomegranate and orange juice and you mix those together and that is just kind of the ultimate combination to kick a cold but I wasn't fighting it around here at all no like fresh juice stand I'm sure there's one somewhere but I got tired of looking and decided to compromise and a McDonald's orange juice not ideal but better than nothing so anyways it's been a adventure around Georgia what a fascinating country I have a few more days left looking forward to exploring more I'm not exactly sure where I'm going to be going tomorrow I might actually just stay here for a day and have a rest day and get some videos edited we shall see so more coming from Georgia later with the [Applause] you

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Part 3 in my series exploring Georgia, in which I travel from the small town of Chiatura to Kutaisi.
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The Country of Georgia is a Very Interesting Place