Travel Vog | Nashville, Tennessee | NFL Draft, Southern Food & Music

Travel Vog | Nashville, Tennessee | NFL Draft, Southern Food & Music

so I just got to Nashville for the NFL Draft hanging out here for a couple of days and it's like these stores find me I don't know what it is but peep I was driving to Walmart go on and pick up some allergy medicine because legit I'm dying I like stepped outside for a second and I'm my eyes are itching my throat is closing I'm sneezing but on the way look what I saw you already know what time it is it's definitely not gonna compare to the one by my house but if I see one I told you it's automatic I gotta go so I'm gonna check it out see if they got any good swag I'll keep you posted and let you know but it's not a coincidence these stores are bangers and they find me alright peace about to leave already poor whites this about the same praise colors and colors and colors $5.00 okay so I'm going to restaurant my boy who lives in Nashville recommended it's called like 12 Street Tavern or something like that but supposedly from 9:00 to 11:00 on Monday nights they have live music who have limes here look you know how we get down on those from Atlanta but supposedly from 9:00 to 11:00 they have live music but I'm just trying to chill just maybe get something to eat maybe have a beer and listen to some music would be cool because it's Nashville so we'll see how it is I'm excited because he's a mood like a music guru so he knows all the spots so we'll see how it how the food is and also how the music is I'll let you know peace room good music good food and now I'm enjoying a nice little ice cream cone so that was a good spot I like the music food was good bartender was a cool dude overall authentic Nashville bar restaurant I enjoyed it so good night good first night alright I'm gonna enjoy this go to bed peace out alright going to a breakfast spot in Nashville I looked up it's called Nashville biscuit house that looks pretty gangster but it should be good I'll show you the sign come on with an authentic sign like that you know it's got to be really good alright I'm gonna go in so the prices were good eggs and home fries were pretty good the biscuit was good but the pancakes were straight garbage overall it was okay I'm full but food was pretty wack with a name like Nashville biscuit house it's got to be a lot better than that like it's got a like be banging and it was there so that was breakfast all right Nissan Stadium gonna go look you Nissan Stadium home of the Tennessee Titans field getting watered they might be having some events this weekend but a beautiful stadium I saw a couple of stray cats running around that was a little creepy but a lot of playoff memories in this stadium Steve McNair Eddie George Frank wycheck why check through a Hail Mary pass it could have been a forward lateral at the end of a playoff game and at NFC it was the N it don't know there's the AFC wild card game against the Buffalo Bills threw a pass that was considered a forward pass but they went on to win beat the bills I think they went to the Super Bowl that year but this place gets rowdy a lot of people in this stands going crazy price that's over a hundred thousand but the field looks beautiful right now it's nice and peaceful usually coaches and players will come and run the stairs when it's quiet just to get that you know peaceful serenity and you know when they do that and they play in a game and people are going crazy screaming they just envision that and they could throw a touchdown or make it like a nice run or a good throw but yeah it's it's cool it's cool to be in here field just looks gorgeous I'd love to be a professional player getting that paycheck but I'm not so I will just fantasize about it but Tennessee is crazy they probably play then go across the street and wile out at the bars on Broadway right afterward it's because it's very very close but that's Nashville this is Nissan Stadium home of the Tennessee Titans and this year's NFL Draft all right peace out [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Terry Collins your giant great Chris Johnson New York jet great stadiums pretty cool they're doing all they're putting the grass down and now you can see the Titans logo there but uh this place is sweet just walking around seeing it a little bit yeah this place gets rowdy on game day all right I'm walking across the bridge here to get to downtown there's actually some birds right there thinking if I should hop all in one of them and take it across the bridge I might I'm a little nervous I would JIT just saw a girl riding one fell back on it and hit her head on the concrete no joke and then some dude with a helmet on right behind her was like that's why she should be wearing a helmet like yeah so I might hop on one right now cuz people are riding them and it's only a 15-minute walk but I think for like a dollar fifty I could ride on that the LimeWire one I think it's partnered with Hoover so might hop on that we'll see it's gorgeous down here look behind me Nashville Skyline walking across the bridge is gorgeous beautiful day hopefully hear some music get some food maybe have something to drink but absolutely gorgeous out here people are friendly alright on Broadway a lot of places play music walking past Broadway brew house went by Kid Rock's restaurant is like four stories high but a lot going on look behind me that's downtown Tennessee not too many people right now but I'm sure at night it gets ridiculous but yeah I'm walking into a more crowded spot right in front of Tootsie's right on Broadway music everywhere NFL Draft so it's easy super-famous a lot of people perform their celebrity why's what the Broadway is crazy you can see the draft stage all the way down at the end of the strip I'm gonna walk down there it's all the way back there I fell drop stage pretty sweet right at the bottom of Broadway about to bill grub grub grub grub grub my place tea is mad spicy my eyes are watering but it's good as Poole was super spicy and Ellie got mild – ice cream walking on Broadway Wednesday night tomorrow's the drops stage is at the bottom of the street that's the stage it's pretty rowdy out here just cruising streets are shut down campeón celebrity watch yeah pretty busy a lot of people in their football gear very sweet lotta neon lights is Nashville Smashville all right yourself very sweet Nissan Stadium downtown g—men Eli what up New York say Quan pretty cool Nashville was awesome had a great time heading to Texas now but music is great people are friendly the NFL Draft was unbelievable the atmosphere was just insane it's jus it was like New Year's Eve backstreet's food was amazing like I said barbecue food got to go to like a little local spot it's really cool cuz there's a city life and then you know you drive 20 minutes and it's very very very country I enjoyed it got to spend some time down at the draft eat some food listen to music I'm not a country music guy but I appreciate it someone like a Taylor Swift goes back to Nashville and she's just like a god she's a rock star and people really love her for that she was there at the NFL Draft singing there were some other people I don't know exactly who um there's that famous place I think it's called Tootsie's or something like that with the purple they got took over by the NFL so there was craziness going there but Broadway is just madness there's always bachelorette parties people just want to have a fun time Nashville is a great city I really enjoyed it so shout out to Nashville I'll be back I got some friends that lived there so I will definitely be back thank you for letting me spend some time there alright peace out about to leave already come with me

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Traveled to Nashville for some food, music and the NFL Draft! Follow along to see what I get into!!

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Travel Vlog | New Orleans, Louisiana | Food, Music, Bourbon Street, Jackson Square

Travel Vlog | New Orleans, Louisiana | Food, Music, Bourbon Street, Jackson Square

I'm on my way to the airport I'm headed to New Orleans nylons NOLA the Big Easy the saints house black and gold I don't know there any other nicknames it's 5:40 in the morning my flights at 7:45 so super early which means I'll get in super early maybe I can grab some breakfast or to be able you know probably around lunchtime I don't eat any fish or seafood or shrimp or calamari or anything that the Big Easy is all about so I will not be partaking in any of that but I do drink beer so that will be consumed but I'm going for the long weekend Molly Knicks are gonna meet me out there which would be cool so Nick so get to see New Orleans a little bit they've got a basketball game going on trying to maybe like a swamp tour I don't know if that's possible I'm gonna see my friend Sam out there hopefully do a podcast with him he moved out there from New Rochelle come to pursue his jazz career and he's very passionate about that he'll perform on street corners so that'll be a fun interview I have a little toy that I'm gonna give to him that hopefully United lets me bring on I usually get a ticket that lets me check my bag and you know carry something on but this time I got like a $70 plane ticket so hopefully they don't give me a hard time with bringing this toy it's like a little jazz guy that's holdin a sacrifice a phone but New Orleans is cool I've been there when I was younger I didn't really get to experience any of like the craziness of buying a beer walking on the street with it just you know Wilin out and I'm not gonna while up this time but I was there a couple weeks ago and went out one night and saw a jazz band which was awesome they're called King James so hopefully Monday night they play at this bar called satyr bar Saturn bar and you know that'll be cool if I could see them again because they were phenomenal so that's exciting hopefully get to see them hopefully the weather is nice I looked and at first it said it was going to be rainy that's why I have my little raincoat on but now it says it's gonna be about like 78 and like intermittent rain so hopefully it's more sunny than rain Mardi Gras just ended so thankfully it won't be that crazy curious to see if there'll be a lot of leftover just like you know garbage and clean up stuff around on the streets but I think they're probably pros at this and do a good job of cleaning everything up so that's it for now I'm on my way to the airport 5:45 now flights at 7:45 so a fly-in grab some breakfast maybe lunch and see what New Orleans has to offer so follow along I just got to New Orleans flight was pretty good outside of everything that happened in Chicago having to put on a bunch of layers which is not always a bad thing when you're on the flight because it's usually pretty cold but it was a good flight it was quick about an hour and fifty minutes I watched the movie thunderstruck with Kevin Durant and a little kid who like steals his powers it's like a like Mike type movies I had an aisle seat though so we couldn't really see too much from the window of like take off the whip and landing but flying in there was like this pretty awesome bridge it was like super super super long and I caught some of it on video but I guess it connects New Orleans or Louisiana or whatever to to Mississippi maybe but it was a good flight I had some water didn't have any peanuts or anything like that I'm excited now to get into New Orleans and try some food you know chill for a little bit sleep rest up but other than that in Chicago it's insane I knew I was pushing the limits a little bit by trying to bring this like jazz toy because when you check a bag you're only allowed one bag well where I'm confused is what if I walked in and bought something from a store and I had like a little shopping bag am I not allowed to bring that on the flight or there's just a lot of gray areas and then when I'm going through security it took forever for someone to come over to my kiosks and check my bag they know it's gonna be that busy have some more people working please United and then when I go through security I'm like all the way in the front and I see two kids that I know so like we came to a point where we could sort of we were close enough to slap hands so I was like yo what's up and I slapped his hand and right away the security guard who you'll see he was like just on his like FBI detective work straight grabs my book bag and like pulls me like I'm not exaggerating grab my book bag and pulls me into like this like quarantine security area and he was like go to the back you go to the back right now go to the back and I'm like one I don't even know what I did and so I won't even say like the color of the people that i dapped up and the color of the security guard but he seemed like he wasn't happy so he pulls me and he goes now you go to the back of the line I'm like okay and I had a little bit of time to spare which was good but if I didn't I would have pressed it a little bit more so I go to the back of the line and he's like you can't touch somebody who's standing behind you so I'm like what so I just go to the back and then I start thinking like what if like my wife is standing behind me what if like someone I know is standing behind me I can't touch them so the way they have the barriers is like all set up where it's like people going in different directions so it's like what if someone doesn't know that rule and like what if a father touches his son or and like he's got to go to the back of the line now so anyway that added about like a extra half an hour to my security wait and my bags already diesel because I got this toy jammed in there my laptop so I finally get to the security thing I go through make it through fine I was a little worried because like the toy has some wires on it but luckily they didn't stop me I make it onto the flight and and that was that but long story short like get get your act together just because there's there's a lot of gray area when it comes to like checking one bag there's plenty of place on the space on the plane and then when you go through security definitely don't touch anybody behind you because you will get bumped to the back of the line which is something totally new I've never heard that before whatever we're in New Orleans now I'm excited get some food again I don't eat shrimp I don't need to see food or I don't need gumbo or whatever but I'll have some chicken and excited to see the town a little bit alright follow along peace out do these birds typically by peoples like I do that what type of bird is this Oh Mike does he like for people hurts or anything like that oh yeah really there's something what's up buddy hey hey will do write it on your arm you say who dat to try something that works stupid bang chicken and no box you can't go wrong with that French the eight whose dark I'm about to crush I got five chicken fingers french fries some Thousand Island and then I got like three pieces of chicken also two eggs in a sigh that place look bomb but it said no recording at the register so I had to sneakily put my phone down show you guys what what that fryer looked like oh my god they had like five fryers just going up chicken chicken chicken chicken and then french fries oh I got a sweet tee' chicken in a box on Frenchmen it's about to go alright so I had to give you a quick rundown of what I got five tenders and some fries all my goodness and the bread look at those tenders sweet tea on the side in New Orleans hand hand-engraved this I think of my extra chickens just cuz they look too good just chilling in there those are get devoured sauces but that's where it's going down right now right okay this this place really outdid themselves this is the best chicken I've ever had in my life it's so tasty the hot it's so good Superdome is lit up all different colors I guess from Mardi Gras is where the Saints play the pelicans play right across the street in Smoothie King Arena but a lot of history at this Superdome is where a lot of people stayed during Hurricane Katrina you know this was this was a safe spot Saints play here almost made it to the Super Bowl this year they think they got robbed should've been some pass interference call but had to check this out before you know the pelicans game pelicans are playing the Raptors pelicans are no good wrapped is a really good hopefully quiet Leonard's playing hopefully Anthony Davis is still playing but I got my New Orleans shirt on I'm just the ultimate tourists right now I got some food earlier chicken in the box you saw that that place was banging but this is really cool Superdome has a lot a lot of history and it's exciting to be here because you know a lot of people stayed here during Hurricane Katrina and you know they saved their lives and it's a special place so it's a special place too you know me now and now a lot of other people but it's cool how it's lit up because this lights up the whole city so we'll head into the Pelican game right now [Applause] [Applause] ought to head out and take a shot Pam McGregor make it we will see this evil seed out on a court healthy not to make this shot pelicans lose by a lot but we on the court well here yeah you say what up real quick yeah yeah yeah yeah I'll see you all right so that experience was super wild as you guys saw I started all the way at the top and fourth quarter I go down to one of the guys who's working security and I said hey man you know can I just watch some of the fourth quarter from you know the lower bowl because they had a security guard at every section so he said yeah just show me your ticket so he lets me sit there for the fourth quarter fourth quarter ends and people start walking down to the court so I'm like let me walk down to the quarter walk down to the court and then all of a sudden people are taking shots on the court so I get a couple pictures taken and then I start walking onto the court to take a jump shot I take Chum shot I brick really badly I told the guy to record it and of course he didn't do it a good job so there was like a huge line so I just like sort of D bowed and got back in line like closer to the bottom and I shoot another shot I told the kid behind me to record it and he just gets my brick so i brick two shots and then as I'm exiting I see that like there's just a walkway like towards like the locker rooms and stuff so I start walking and I see I can enter back to the court so I walk back to the court and then all of a sudden I'm just like walking to center court so I walk onto the middle of the court and it starts just like walking around walking around I get my picture taken and then I finally leave the court and all the players are exiting as I'm exiting so I start like Marcus all I saw Kawhi Leonard kiyah Kyle Lowry I saw the whole squad so from starting in three rows from the top and then working my way all the way down to the court and taking a jump shot on the court after the game is straight wild but we did it I guess it's the lucky New Orleans shirt although it sort of made me look a little hotbox because while I was on the court all the security guards were looking at me like who's this dude and one guy came up to me and was like you gotta go so Dalit that was fun I mean the pelicans got smacked the raptors are just too good but to start off on the top like that and then end up shooting a jump shot on the court i had the footage of my brick so i'm I don't know if I'm gonna put that in but maybe I will you guys don't know if it's mine or not but the kid behind me too like if I hand my phone's to someone to record I know how to record that kid didn't oh if I had twitch that I would have been pissed but since I bricked it I'm not that mad but that was fun that was a fun game it's around like 10 o'clock I'm gonna just go home we're not home but back to my hotel go to sleep we started at the super Superdome or ending at the Superdome fun night peace it's Saturday morning we're gonna walk around today it's nice weather we're gonna get some beignets those are pretty popular out here I think the Kardashians went there we're gonna walk around go to the park go see some artwork what else we gonna do hopefully see some street performers see Bourbon Street just excited to get out it's a nice day I'm excited follow us around I usually don't like this but without that cocaine it makes such a mess that is the only way here we're in the art district Jackson Square I think and it's cool a lot of music it's not 75 degrees it's a little chilly but it's beautiful and a lot of different artwork and pieces and music and stuff going on here so it's pretty cool we're gonna walk around right now yes I'm gonna make this more typical keep your eyes on the tricks y'all ready been nice to be stay loud look I'm gonna start with doubles everybody doing good crowd what's the right hand everybody go grab it go ahead hold it hold it leave me back don't take the picture yet leave me this way this way I got to get something straight you can't laugh the kids don't get it that ought to be worth the 5 or 10 I care what I say in front of your kids even though you brought up here what's this go ahead and move your feet don't let it go just let it move guys 1 2 3 let it go nobody move I'm gonna do the 9th launch this is my cousin Casey helping me y'all give Casey a hand keep your eyes on it I promised you the most dangerous trick I do up and immediately go to my finale after this under the leg under the leg should be good enough what [Applause] it's huge there's a lot of people and there's drinks it's fun [Applause] ribs we got some steamed vegetables and I got barbecue shrimp I never ordered shrimp out so we'll see how it is it's cold not that good so I'm back at the hotel we took a break we did a lot today we had some buiiets beignets we saw some street performers we saw some artwork the weather was beautiful we got some food and then as we're walking on the sidewalk of Canal Street a dude goes are you corn I was like yeah and I don't know anybody in New Orleans except for my cousin and my one friend and he goes you don't know me but my name is Brody oh I got something right here got it and he was just like a dude who was riding a bike like one of those love seat bikes found like a couple can go on and like explore the town a little bit and he was just like I'm a huge fan of Kyle and Koren I'm a huge fan of Kyle I'm gonna check out your channel so shout out to Brody man that was that was awesome meeting you you seem like a really cool dude but New Orleans has been a lot of fun today was a lot of fun we did a lot super tired right now had some beers on Bourbon Street got some food and now I'm just gonna rest up and see some jazz tonight I'm excited for that so peace out for now so on we're on our way to the Ruby slipper right now for breakfast it's Sunday morning I don't have my new New Orleans shirt yet so I will get one later for 5 bucks but we're on our way to Ruby sleeper for breakfast and then later what else we got going on later just hanging out maybe hit Bourbon Street again hopefully I can do this podcast with Sam because I'm interested to hear what he has to say about jazz New Orleans so his next she's got hurt New Orleans Mardi Gras dress on but this place ruby slippers supposed to have good breakfast so hopefully there's no line and we could lock in but Sunday daylight savings time and it's still a little early here people are recovering probably from Saturday night so nobody's on the streets except us 801 all right so we'll see you later say bye again thoughts on New Orleans food after day two so far so good the shrimp was really good beignets were really good my chicken and waffles were not the best Wow she's hit I lost I just lost the contact the contact tonight's chicken and waffles were not that great the two other chicken spots I had Bock chicken in a box and brothers chicken we're off the chains what do we have those brûlées that I can't pronounce in my other video like bengay like then day but beignet we're good but I'm not a big fan of those that like the carnivals but it was good it had a lot of powder on it so those were very powdery we had a slice of pizza from the mall what else do we have today that's it so far Nixon is enjoying the food tonight her eggs were a little buttery covered in butter but other than that the food's been good and tomorrow we'll get some breakfast yeah and I think I'm gonna go to a jazz spot my friend Sam well I gave the toy dude was playing tonight so I'm gonna go check him out Molly and Nick's are gonna go to bed he liked the toy he's gonna either keep it or give it to someone out of our butt I'm gonna go see him play at a jazz band tonight 21st amendment is the spot so we'll see how it is I'm excited all right later we are the air must be close mix is the one with New Orleans Sherlock tonight she's got her Anthony Davis Jersey on just got spotted by someone else on the street I didn't catch his name but shout out to that dude he's from Tennessee I was really cool he said he saw my host of Brady on his bike so shout out to him for following the Twitter account but we're eating now at another restaurant last night here in New Orleans I'm gonna go check out that King James band later on with my boy Sam and I'm excited to hear their music and have some more dinner and it's nice weather chicken alfredo chicken alfredo I got shrimp Alfredo cheeseburger with pickles stop together it's the last night in New Orleans had an amazing time the food out here is phenomenal the music is super super good the people are friendly the artwork was amazing but New Orleans is super cool the food is phenomenal I had a bird on my shoulder walked around a lot Bourbon Street is super busy there's just a lot of people out here I can't believe that this is like a state within the United States just because it's just straight anarchy here's Molly and Nick's but shout out to Brady who's a pedicab er yeah I got a lot of respect for him he's just out here hustling recognized me and said what up I think I said Brody earlier but it's Brady and then shout out to Nashville dude I didn't get your name but I appreciate you guys super cool meeting you and I'm happy that you know you guys said what self but Molly you got anything best food I probably had was either chicken in a box or brothers chicken was this spot inside of a mini-mart that they put chicken fingers in a box with some potato wedges and put some seasoning on it and it was it was so good that was good Ruby slipper they had their breakfast was off the chains what else do we have that was good my favorite was Adolfo oh yeah Adolfo's is this restaurant that my boy Jay told me about that Sam told me about who lives out here it's this restaurant above a bar they've got nine tables super tiny spot nine tables I didn't get to eat in there I got there right at 5:30 when they open and there was yeah they opened at 5:30 and there's a ready line but uh super super good food New Orleans is an awesome city if you've never been definitely come and check it out I highly recommend it have a bird on your shoulder help a street performer give money to live music on the street give some money to homeless people support people out here it's a super cool spot and I highly recommend you coming to it next is about to cry her way to sleep so thanks for following along peace out guys

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Weekend trip to New Orleans – Amazing food and great music!



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