North Carolina Autumn From the Air

North Carolina Autumn From the Air
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Only with a bird’s-eye view can you truly grasp North Carolina’s immense autumnal beauty. In the western mountains, where the deciduous forests burn with autumn orange, the state’s spectacular fall colors are arguably at their best. Further east in the Piedmont, picturesque lakes and woodlands are the backdrop for markets and festivals showing off all kinds of fall produce and other treats. And on the coast, long, empty stretches of Outer Banks beaches sit waiting to be explored.

All this to say: The entirety of North Carolina transforms into a fall wonderland. And even if you’ve seen parts of the season here before, we bet you’ve never seen it like this. Here it is, North Carolina’s autumn from the air.

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TTFL City Reviews; Duluth, Minnesota

TTFL City Reviews; Duluth, Minnesota

I believe our future depends powerfully on how well we understand this cosmos which we clewd I'd like to spend some time introducing you to a city that charmed me many years ago and still remains all the likely candidates for me to move to Duluth Minnesota most you have probably never even heard of Duluth but it's a remarkable city in many ways and I hope that you come away from the city review with an appreciation of the city and its lifestyle first let's start with the culture of the city and you might be surprised by how highly I rate the culture of Duluth but bear with me while I explained Duluth is probably best known for having a great outdoor culture with many opportunities to camp fish hike or merely enjoy nature within walking distance of the city indeed booth regularly appears in lists of the best cities for outdoor oriented people but Duluth isn't just about the outdoors despite having a moderate population of around 84,000 people booth is blessed with several well-regarded museums and many many galleries booth also has an active music scene for such a small city including annual blues and reggae festivals and lots of places to take in a show Duluth is home to several universities including the University of Minnesota Duluth the impressively named College of st. Scholastica Lake Superior College and the Duluth Business University the city has lovely architecture that has been adapted to the steep hill that the city is built upon and down at the water's edge the gorgeous boardwalk attracts people from all over Minnesota in the warm months and yet lives on in the winter as the locals take it back over in the icy months the city even has an orchestra the Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra which is well-regarded for a small city Orchestra for innovative performances and arrangements and the city is host to the Great Lakes aquarium which has a collection of freshwater fish that's superior to any other aquarium of its type Duluth has a very well-developed food culture to take for instance the Duluth city grill a remarkably progressive and green restaurant disguised as a diner I'll be at a beautiful one they have their own kitchen garden and work to use local fair whenever possible and everything is organic fair trade and might I say delicious I'll shut up now and let the owner and one of his employees talk more about what makes the grill and the city great all opinion about food in this business I've been in a thirty two years and one looking at the quality of what we can provide that's really energize us to keep moving forward and to I think restaurants I've seen the sprawl of the chain restaurant business and it's just simply become a commodity for money and people don't realize young people don't even realize they're serving food you know they just think they're serving a company's procedure and have no connection with the food so I mean our whole integrity here is to teach young people it's to thrive in our business and we've lived through an economy that our sales are running thirty percent increases for the last couple years so it's just an incredible thing in a down economy we don't even have any you know issues with it and our customer base is supporting us and therefore some what do you think about the loose in this area what do you think about living here is this a good place to live this is a beautiful place global warming may be our biggest friend here but you know I think – the cold season here our cold is probably comparable to other areas it's really the spring that we have to make it through in this area that that's kind of the challenging part but summer and fall are the most beautiful parts of the year extended years the other fascinating piece of Duluth is the average age here now is 32 years old well and so people are moving for this area and I think they're doing it out of lifestyle choice versus total economic opportunity and I think it's kind of that form follows function mentality that young people are staying here and finding this to be a living area price and I think the development is going to come from the amount of people in the number of people are choosing to live here the type of people what is it about the Duluth that you enjoy living here and working here I like the big town feel but it's a small town City you've got Lake Superior of trails you can go on to got a lot of fun restaurants you can eat at a lot of friends so I have a two-year-old at home so we go down and look at the boats we can go hiking on the trail but that's just a great place to raise a family and mr. Lam we have our reputation to live up to and we have you know the obligation of the leading everyone's needs and people are looking for it I give Duluth acculturating a five out of five on to disaster resistance Duluth is of course not subject to earthquakes tidal waves or hurricanes due to its location but there are occasional tornadoes in the area however no tornado has ever touched down in the city limits due to the meteorological effects of the steep hill that this city is built upon really the greatest danger that the city faces is fire due to the large and ancient force that surround the city one such fire 1918 destroyed many of the communities that surrounded Duluth and killed many people rarest incidents like this maybe I have to subtract a point for fire danger and so with some reservation I give Duluth a disaster rating of 4 out of 5 as I mentioned before Duluth has a population of 84,000 people so it may come as some surprise that Duluth is one of the top port cities in the nation with around 40 million tons of goods handled at the port every year additionally Duluth has somehow maintained a robust manufacturing sector with many light and heavy manufacturing plants including food processing woolen mills lumber and paper mills cold storage and oil refining and of course there are many colleges to support intellectual careers Duluth also has an international airport a well designed help hit under construction I weigh system and many railroad connections in addition Duluth is home to many small manufacturing outfits including Duluth pack which not only makes wonderful packs in outdoor gear themselves but maintains when my favorite outdoor stores in the entire nation the median home price is around $125,000 down from around 148 thousand dollars of the peak of the housing bubble so Duluth didn't get nearly as overheated as many other housing markets no doubt as a result of all this the city unemployment rate stands at six point nine percent lower than a lot of areas but not as good as the plane states I rate the loose economy at four out of five as for my allergies I encountered no allergy problems either time I visited Duluth which should come as no surprise as Duluth was rated in 2008 number 13 on the top 25 cleanest US city for air quality and thus Duluth loses no points in the allergy category summing it all up we can see that Duluth earns a very high and well-deserved 13 out of 15 points I'd need to spend more time there to see if the people themselves are as charming as the population of Bangor for instance but on its merits Duluth looks like a good choice the sky calls to us if we do not destroy our songs we will one day venture to the stars

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I seem to have a lot of new viewers on TTFL, so first, let me thank you for your time and attention! The Trip for Life needs active viewers, who favorite, share, tweet and contribute, to keep this experiment in citizen journalism moving.

One of my objectives with this project is to visit a lot of cities with good air quality and review them, as a way of keeping the qualities of each of these cities straight when I decide to settle down somewhere. This video covers the lovely, albeit somewhat unheralded, city of Duluth MN, a city that I have found to be both charming and accommodating both times that I have visited it. So, please join me as I explore this interesting city on the lake, on The Trip for Life.