See Cuba Holidays: Best places to visit and what to do in Cuba vlog

See Cuba Holidays: Best places to visit and what to do in Cuba vlog

so sad yeah an auntie more we're just back from our beautiful trip to Cuba the largest of the Caribbean islands we have been traveling for 20 days exploring one of the most exciting places in the world this is the greatest started off trip to Cuba in this incredible culture if you can get inspired and jump on the next plane so are you ready let's start from the beginning after a 12-hour bumpy flight from UK we finally landed in Havana where we spent eight days then we took a local pass to bananas and explored for three days they stand in nature tobacco fields and wild beaches around we decided to go south so we traveled for seven hours between adult and we instantly fell in love with the city one hour right from Trinidad and we arrived to the French colonial city of cienfuegos which we quickly visited before coming back to the north and spending the last four nights in that paradise called baladeiro curious to know why you should not miss in Cuba vamos a facade amigos one thing you should know about Havana is there is a crazy noisy colorful city so take a look into the column four streets of Havana Center and halt ivana and start getting used to the rhythm of this incredible capital do not miss a visit to Marcel de la revolucion the former presidential palace where you can find out more about the history of the island and the human Revolutionary War the Salon de los aspectos Hall of Mirrors design following the example of Versailles is the most beautiful spot for venture which the heart of Old Havana walking through plaza de la Carrera called after the cathedral de la virgen Maria de la Concepcion in my pelada de la havana one of the finest examples of Baroque architecture in Havana and one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Cuba then have a drink at La Bottega de el menú the place where the mojito cocktail has been invented since 1942 this has been the place where to drink mojito and enjoy authentic Cuban music reach the 16th century plus of yah-ha one of the top five squares in Havana and visit the visual art gallery housed in one of the colonial buildings surrounding the square from the museum you can enjoy the most beautiful view of the plaza or just discover contemporary art masterpieces from local and international artists take the terrific bus and stop in plaza de la revolucion for a selfie with the chain just in front of the memorial Jose Marti on the ministry of interior building shines the legendary 30 metres portrait of Che Guevara together with the slogan hasta la victoria siempre human boxers are world well known and there's a place in Havana where linked champions start their journey to the box work hidden in the very heart of Old Havana you find the general Rafa and travel and open our professional gym where you can attend a boxing lesson or just watch one more than something you can leave Havana without a classic tour of one of the beautiful vintage shiny American cars parked in front of the hotel whatever in partisan drag $15 were created right along the malecon at sunset now more than the check tickets and for dinner reserve a table at LaGuardia restaurant one of the most exclusive paladar of the city asked in a spectacular space and where the movie prison eat chocolate has been filmed all the most important international stars opinion from Spielberg to Beyonce from Roberto Cavalli to Rihanna now should be your turn then we went to Vinny Alice bananas is a little cute village in the pinata in your province on the west side of Cuba it's a unesco world heritage site which you should visit if you love nature swimming on a wild pitch and cigars explore the value of bananas with a 3-hour horse riding tour and experience the life of a real Caballero riding through the tobacco banana and coffee fields you can even stop on the way and buy cigars from a real tobacco house one hour from Unionists you can reach the white beaches of Keio koteas the playa is surrounded by mangroves and crystal clear water where you can go snorkeling and look for starfish we left Havana but we fell in love with Trinidad a peaceful and a frozen in time city where you can really feel and experience the efendi Cuban artists in Trinidad is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in the center of the island in the Sankey spirit of Provence and it has been founded more than 500 years ago reach the city center of Trinidad and take a look around in Plaza Mayor many bars and traditional shops would keep you busy for a while for only two pesos you can visit the Museo historical municipal and enjoy the most beautiful view of the city from its Tower have dinner in one of the traditional restaurants of the city and spend the rest of the evening and the night in Casa de la musica an open-air venue just on the side of the main city's Cathedral real Cuban dancers will invite inform rumba on the ringgit or a salsa we left Trinidad and we went to see my co-star Beth latitude founded by the French immigrants at the beginning of the 19th century walk through the city centre of San Diego's listed among the unesco world heritage sites to enjoy the beauty of the French colonial architecture and to spot the Cuban art – trio in Park Jose Marti leave behind the chaos of the city and reach the malecon walk along the sea and jump into one blow restaurants where you can try the delicious roasted Lobster we left the center of the island and continued our journey in Varadero a real paradise in the province of matanza where you can find the most beautiful beaches and the most exclusive resorts after a predator through the island the only thing you want to do before leaving Cuba is lying on a beach for hours drinking fresh pina and coconut juice well brother is really perfect for a non-inclusive ala day and you will fall in love with the colors of the Caribbean Sea go snorkeling for $15 you can take a guided boat tour and discover the beauty hidden under the water you can also rent a scooter for a few hours and reach the city centre of Varadero for an ice-cream and a shopping section in one of the many so many shops you will find along the way so this was our crazy journey to Cuba of connected make sure to subscribe to this channel if you enjoyed the video check out also they lost avocados calm and I'll start back up on economy goes let's go displeasure ciao ciao you see also notable requests asada questo bad ruler house that I could effectively limit

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Cuba Travel Guide. How is Cuba? In this 2016 Cuba video Guide, see the Real Cuba by following our Cuba travel adventure.

Top attractions of the country with Salsa, mojito, old American Cars and wonderful Cuban people …

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This is a video vlog of our incredible trip to Cuba, a 20 day tour from Havana to Varadero, through the most beautiful places of this magic island. Discover what Cuba looks like! Many American stars visited Cuba this year, most recent trips include Conan in Cuba and Rihanna photoshoot in Havana.

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After a 12 hours bumpy flight from UK we finally landed in Havana where we spent 8 days, then we took a local bus to Viñales and explored for 3 days the stunning nature, tobacco fields and wild beaches around. We decided to go south, so we traveled for 7 hours to Trinidad and we instantly fell in love with the City. One hour ride from Trinidad and we arrived to the French colonial city of Cienfuegos, which we quickly visited before coming back to the north and spending the last 4 nights in that paradise called Varadero.

This is the list of the best places you should visit if your are planning to travel to Cuba. The best things to do in Cuba to enjoy the real and most authentic Cuban atmosphere. Curious to know what you should not miss in Cuba? Vamos a empezar!



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