Travel Vog | Nashville, Tennessee | NFL Draft, Southern Food & Music

Travel Vog | Nashville, Tennessee | NFL Draft, Southern Food & Music

so I just got to Nashville for the NFL Draft hanging out here for a couple of days and it's like these stores find me I don't know what it is but peep I was driving to Walmart go on and pick up some allergy medicine because legit I'm dying I like stepped outside for a second and I'm my eyes are itching my throat is closing I'm sneezing but on the way look what I saw you already know what time it is it's definitely not gonna compare to the one by my house but if I see one I told you it's automatic I gotta go so I'm gonna check it out see if they got any good swag I'll keep you posted and let you know but it's not a coincidence these stores are bangers and they find me alright peace about to leave already poor whites this about the same praise colors and colors and colors $5.00 okay so I'm going to restaurant my boy who lives in Nashville recommended it's called like 12 Street Tavern or something like that but supposedly from 9:00 to 11:00 on Monday nights they have live music who have limes here look you know how we get down on those from Atlanta but supposedly from 9:00 to 11:00 they have live music but I'm just trying to chill just maybe get something to eat maybe have a beer and listen to some music would be cool because it's Nashville so we'll see how it is I'm excited because he's a mood like a music guru so he knows all the spots so we'll see how it how the food is and also how the music is I'll let you know peace room good music good food and now I'm enjoying a nice little ice cream cone so that was a good spot I like the music food was good bartender was a cool dude overall authentic Nashville bar restaurant I enjoyed it so good night good first night alright I'm gonna enjoy this go to bed peace out alright going to a breakfast spot in Nashville I looked up it's called Nashville biscuit house that looks pretty gangster but it should be good I'll show you the sign come on with an authentic sign like that you know it's got to be really good alright I'm gonna go in so the prices were good eggs and home fries were pretty good the biscuit was good but the pancakes were straight garbage overall it was okay I'm full but food was pretty wack with a name like Nashville biscuit house it's got to be a lot better than that like it's got a like be banging and it was there so that was breakfast all right Nissan Stadium gonna go look you Nissan Stadium home of the Tennessee Titans field getting watered they might be having some events this weekend but a beautiful stadium I saw a couple of stray cats running around that was a little creepy but a lot of playoff memories in this stadium Steve McNair Eddie George Frank wycheck why check through a Hail Mary pass it could have been a forward lateral at the end of a playoff game and at NFC it was the N it don't know there's the AFC wild card game against the Buffalo Bills threw a pass that was considered a forward pass but they went on to win beat the bills I think they went to the Super Bowl that year but this place gets rowdy a lot of people in this stands going crazy price that's over a hundred thousand but the field looks beautiful right now it's nice and peaceful usually coaches and players will come and run the stairs when it's quiet just to get that you know peaceful serenity and you know when they do that and they play in a game and people are going crazy screaming they just envision that and they could throw a touchdown or make it like a nice run or a good throw but yeah it's it's cool it's cool to be in here field just looks gorgeous I'd love to be a professional player getting that paycheck but I'm not so I will just fantasize about it but Tennessee is crazy they probably play then go across the street and wile out at the bars on Broadway right afterward it's because it's very very close but that's Nashville this is Nissan Stadium home of the Tennessee Titans and this year's NFL Draft all right peace out [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Terry Collins your giant great Chris Johnson New York jet great stadiums pretty cool they're doing all they're putting the grass down and now you can see the Titans logo there but uh this place is sweet just walking around seeing it a little bit yeah this place gets rowdy on game day all right I'm walking across the bridge here to get to downtown there's actually some birds right there thinking if I should hop all in one of them and take it across the bridge I might I'm a little nervous I would JIT just saw a girl riding one fell back on it and hit her head on the concrete no joke and then some dude with a helmet on right behind her was like that's why she should be wearing a helmet like yeah so I might hop on one right now cuz people are riding them and it's only a 15-minute walk but I think for like a dollar fifty I could ride on that the LimeWire one I think it's partnered with Hoover so might hop on that we'll see it's gorgeous down here look behind me Nashville Skyline walking across the bridge is gorgeous beautiful day hopefully hear some music get some food maybe have something to drink but absolutely gorgeous out here people are friendly alright on Broadway a lot of places play music walking past Broadway brew house went by Kid Rock's restaurant is like four stories high but a lot going on look behind me that's downtown Tennessee not too many people right now but I'm sure at night it gets ridiculous but yeah I'm walking into a more crowded spot right in front of Tootsie's right on Broadway music everywhere NFL Draft so it's easy super-famous a lot of people perform their celebrity why's what the Broadway is crazy you can see the draft stage all the way down at the end of the strip I'm gonna walk down there it's all the way back there I fell drop stage pretty sweet right at the bottom of Broadway about to bill grub grub grub grub grub my place tea is mad spicy my eyes are watering but it's good as Poole was super spicy and Ellie got mild – ice cream walking on Broadway Wednesday night tomorrow's the drops stage is at the bottom of the street that's the stage it's pretty rowdy out here just cruising streets are shut down campeón celebrity watch yeah pretty busy a lot of people in their football gear very sweet lotta neon lights is Nashville Smashville all right yourself very sweet Nissan Stadium downtown g—men Eli what up New York say Quan pretty cool Nashville was awesome had a great time heading to Texas now but music is great people are friendly the NFL Draft was unbelievable the atmosphere was just insane it's jus it was like New Year's Eve backstreet's food was amazing like I said barbecue food got to go to like a little local spot it's really cool cuz there's a city life and then you know you drive 20 minutes and it's very very very country I enjoyed it got to spend some time down at the draft eat some food listen to music I'm not a country music guy but I appreciate it someone like a Taylor Swift goes back to Nashville and she's just like a god she's a rock star and people really love her for that she was there at the NFL Draft singing there were some other people I don't know exactly who um there's that famous place I think it's called Tootsie's or something like that with the purple they got took over by the NFL so there was craziness going there but Broadway is just madness there's always bachelorette parties people just want to have a fun time Nashville is a great city I really enjoyed it so shout out to Nashville I'll be back I got some friends that lived there so I will definitely be back thank you for letting me spend some time there alright peace out about to leave already come with me

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Traveled to Nashville for some food, music and the NFL Draft! Follow along to see what I get into!!

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so many vloggers look at this we are in La Jolla code showing everybody around we are back in San Diego oh yeah me and Aden Clara he Dodger Stadium self in the dog business Petco Park the home of the San Diego team and the Padres the only San Diego Dodgers are not here but we're gonna show you the best places to eat around Petco Park oh yeah honey you're here at mojitos the line was too long to go eat some burritos gonna chill and then get in I've done a terrible job blogging today sorry guys because you might not even make it onto the blog it should make it on the blog so right now the Dodgers are down yeah they're losing losing so in the next like 45 minutes we're gonna score three runs so this better go [Applause] [Applause] we thought the series three weeks later so many vloggers look at this we are in La Jolla code showing everybody around early in the morning I am coffee yet so we're gonna go on a hike check it out but I need coffee so Kareena is checking out the crabs down here blog exception greet anything my cap is gonna fall what's up we're in La Jolla California chillin checking out the crabs waves Karina's from any time you saw her she is in Barcelona rookie blogger but now she's a veteran she's going up in the game never in keep walking where this camera falls play this bro this is perfect but this is gonna break it for me if whether I get it or not so we're gonna see how the footage is and how easy it is supply maybe it's a real man and he wants to fly his drone I don't I'm scared it's recording action here we go let's shop for the seagulls – around here I was on the watch and I saw a cop pass by but he kept driving to her good but now it's backed up so you don't even know he has comes out a different location we are in downtown San Diego we were just here last week but this time taking them two hodad's first time in hodad's getting a coffee never ordered a coffee but it's essential at this time of the day here you know what you got to say about this that's what she said dude what do you think man you like it he put it down well that was hodad's hope you guys enjoyed it what's amazing do you like it man yeah I'm cool I'm a look at zombie now yeah we can't even talk anymore we were just staring at each other leg Henley's like what's wrong with you J you're just looking at me like it I'm having a coma I'm just waiting for one of your locals that they believe in that should just show me somewhere just go somewhere how do you not like it was amazing and I only had half I can imagine how they feel in their milkshake I'm like dying I want to slow milkshake brings all the girls no we're going to get Mexican food right now sure I guess so we are now at the Bayfront and showing them around the San Diego Bay hi guys Oh Ghirardelli here tally all right guys before the battery dies it's good to see you rainy and every and Karina will see you guys subscribe to them in the link below a little longer than a few minutes later alright so San Diego brought a little bit of Louisiana Cajun cuisine here in North Park and we're headed over to one of the best Cajun places in all of San Diego so we're here in Pete's is actually a New England type of place but they also have full boys we got the fried shrimp po-boy of course you can go choice it Tabasco strong without the Baskervilles it's got that buttery taste it's really good it's definitely comparable to some of this stuff I've had in New Orleans definitely some of the best here in San Diego so come by check it out so if you guys are looking for a New England style seafood or Louisiana style food like po boys and stuff come here to Pete's in North Park it's one of the best in San Diego you won't be disappointed one of the best Brewers in all the town of best stouts is peanut butter stout and you can find it here in North Park at the belching fever let's check it out so we're here trying the peanut butter stout actually had this plenty of times it's really good it's one of the best stouts and all the San Diego and all of the breweries definitely recommend it when you're here to San Diego it's even better on dress crashing

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San Diego is a popular tourist destination and also happens to be my hometown filled with beaches, sun, baseball and great Mexican Food and Burgers! Join me as I spend my Summer back home in Southern California and show a few of my Travel Vlogger friends my city!

What’s your favorite part of San Diego? Do you enjoy Mexican Food? How about Burgers? Comment Below and let me know!

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Explore Grand Rapids, Michigan | Eat Travel Rock TV

Explore Grand Rapids, Michigan | Eat Travel Rock TV

just a quick drive from Chicago is beer City USA Grand Rapids Michigan and it's home to some of the world's greatest breweries distilleries and an incredible food culture and nature scene first I checked out Frederik Meijer Gardens to get back to some natural beauty but then I looked at the clock and I saw it with happy hour so I headed on over to long row distillers Kyle tell me a little bit about how long row got started so it actually came out of wine trips and distillery trips and we would go up north Traverse City area with our wives we often visit distilleries up there just to break up the wineries and wonderful wine too much one thing well yeah you know whiskey we love whiskey and so that's how we really got into it was a passion for whiskey and for good spirits and wondering why no one had done it here in beer City USA we've got so many great breweries and no one had ever made spirits here before at least legally that we're aware of it tell me about how you feel like you fit in with the Grand Rapids culture being a distillery so being part of beer City USA for us we've been welcomed into the collaborative culture that the Brewers here in Grand Rapids have and we're really proud to be a part of that we're part of the beer city Brewers Guild and we've also partnered with four local breweries to make the beer city whiskey series where we take breweries most popular beers and we turn them into whiskeys we age them for a couple years and we've released them once a month over the so I think one of the things that sets us apart especially in the craft distilling industry is that we make everything from scratch and we're big sticklers about that that's why we're named long road distillers we don't take shortcuts yeah it is a long process and and so we do things start to finish working with local farmers and with local producers to come up with our ingredients like that that we make from scratch in the house and then we're also pretty imaginative with the spirits that we're making so one of them are aquavit is one that no one in Michigan has made before as hoping and get to them yeah the aquavit and it's currently ranked number one in the world there's no other aqua Mises had the accolades of this aqua bean so that's amazing so how did you first start like why aqua B how'd you start with this spirit something that I'm actually ashamed to say I'm not a familiar way and I thought I was familiar with most spirit most thing of them all I don't discriminate but aquavit I'm not familiar with so it sounds a little a little craft a little kind of off the beaten path so talk about this definitely so a lot of people will say that aquavit is Jin's Scandinavian cousin okay but it's its own category just like gin vodka aquavit is its own thing the difference is gin has the predominant flavor of juniper aquavit has the predominant flavor of caraway or dill this is so good this is very I mean I can't say how much to compare it to but I can see why you want all the awards so Adam I just learned a lot about aquavit but of course you guys are also known for your whiskeys I mean it's whiskey who doesn't look like you it's like you're topping yourself over and over so now this is a cocktail with aquavit is that what we're yeah we're about to trying our what's it's got to look that's beautiful fun summery spritzer thing okay so you're gonna get you know a lot of like the body of the opportunity maybe a lot of curves and then we kind of wanted to keep playing with those herbs a little bit so what we did was we made in therms beet simple syrup so you have like a nice split service s it's really refreshing and it has a little bit of like the savory you know like a hint under finish right but not you don't get a lot of the beet which is good because it's some people that might not be into having a beach cocktail who would not turn them off this is a wonderful how that I got my buzz go and I wanted to add some delicious food and fun games to the mix and Stella's lounge was right up my alley Simpsons videogames double dare on the TV Mad Dog in the cocktails and 90s music throughout how did Stella's lounge take all of my 90s dreams and put them into a one bar I don't know but they did and here we are fellas lounge and Grand Rapids I probably the coolest 90s where I've ever been to hey Gary if I had my way the 90s never would have ended and I'm kind of getting the feeling that that's the same vibe that is going on here at Stella's host Ellis is kind of like a tribute 1986 so that's the year that Mark and I both graduated from high school so it's kind of a throwback to late 80s early 90s carrying over from like Simpsons like double dare like everything that carried over from the late 80s through the 90s I mean Simpsons are still around god bless I'm hope they never end the overall concept though this lounge it obviously came out of that nostalgic for that era but you guys have amazing food too for our giant stuffed burgers we actually named best burger in America by GQ magazine back in 2012 which was kind of a big deal for us that's a very big deal for anybody things kind of went like that from that point forward but we also worked in like that's like the kind of our aspect but we also do really great bar vegan and vegetarian food and this is one of our biggest sellers he served chicken wings made with potato wedges this sells that better than our chicken wing because this would be vegetarian friendly but it's still I'm sure just as pleasing to a person that wants typical chicken wings now this intrigued me because a throwback we need to hear more about this all right so this is the sangria this is the stealth lounge sangria this is made with two flavors wait for us wait for of Mad Dog 2020 yeah Cheers water I got to try those because I think the last time I had Mad Dogs might have been in like 1996 it tastes like a typical sangria but there's a little mad dogging yeah but you know what I mean it does not it's not overpowering and this is still going to please anybody that wants like that classic sangria but then for somebody that's like I want to get a little edgy tonight it's got the mad dog in it well you definitely accomplished creating something unique congratulations thank you very good go play some games want to show me around the arcade yeah gladly

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Host Kelly Rizzo travels from Chicago to Grand Rapids, Michigan to explore their food, music, and cocktail scene. It’s much more than Beer City USA! She tries Aqavit for the first time and does an aquavit tasting, as well as eats some amazing vegetarian and vegan food, and has a MadDog cocktail at a 90’s bar!

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