Franklin, TN – The #1 Small Town in Tennessee

Franklin, TN - The #1 Small Town in Tennessee

Franklin the number one small town in Tennessee is a suburb just 25 minutes south of Nashville and we have about 70,000 people living here it's a unique blend of history and growth it was founded in 1799 and named after Benjamin Franklin one of the most notable battles of the Civil War took place here and it brings thousands of history buffs each year to visit the site of the Battle of Franklin or the historic cotton plantation or the Carter House or many other historic locations throughout the city historic Franklin offers an authentic experience by combining a dynamic downtown center cultural diversity attractive architecture and there's a strong commitment to historic preservation here in fact it has five National Register historic districts it was also named one of the top ten write neighborhoods to live in because of those reasons and because of the city's meaningful protection measures it has in place to ensure that its unique vibe isn't compromised by future growth and development downtown Franklin has a 15 block historic district and it offers true southern hospitality the uniquely elegant shops downtown offer a variety of restaurants clothing gifts and galleries there's a great antiquing district with many different shops which has made Franklin one of the five places to antique shop and America if you venture outside of the historic town center you'll find diversity still with Franklin's housing options from golf course and lifestyle communities to older homes with acreage there's something for everyone here in Franklin the home prices on average are slightly less expensive than those found in Brentwood and while it's a more affordable Williamson County option you still get the perk of sending your kids to one of the nation's highly ranked school systems the Cool Springs area of Franklin which is just north of the downtown square and just south of Brentwood is a business dining and shopping hub it has the cool springs Galleria Mall all of your big-box stores like Target and Costco local boutiques and local dining options as well everything you would ever need can be found with one trip to the cool Springs area which makes it extremely convenient aside from retail and dining many fortune 500 companies are located here as well Businessweek magazine actually named Franklin one of the top 50 cities to start a small business end and we have large corporations relocating here every year to search for homes in Franklin visit our website south bound grew calm and searched zip codes three seven zero six four three seven zero six seven and three seven zero six nine

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Franklin, TN is the #1 Small Town in Tennessee for a reason. It has historic charm, amazing architecture, tons to do and see and, to top it off, it’s not short on Southern hospitality. The Southbound Group is based in Franklin and loves all that the quaint town has to offer.



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NASHVILLE’S BEST SUBURB MERCH – Franklin, Tennessee is the most visited small town outside of Nashville in the Middle …

Travel With Me To Nashville, Tennessee #madewithrush

Travel With Me To Nashville, Tennessee #madewithrush

so excited are you remaining they were playing Willie Nelson in Starbucks and my heart just we just burned it our little hearts out I wasn't about to bird and flaw because that is not safe I just love we're headed to dinner a place that was recommended to me via Instagram and we're gonna get some apparently classic southern style comfort food and I'm excited this is what we're here for the full like southern experience we're going to honky-tonk bars tonight I did some honky tonks in Austin so we're gonna do a play-by-play no weather reports I promise if you were wondering it's 50 inside every day oh and look at that great segue here we are it's cute oh so here is the holo-room this is absolutely insane I think this is the nicest hotel I've ever stayed at like are you kidding me look at this decor actually stayed an Airbnb last night but then tonight I am staying in this incredible hotel here in Nashville they're called Kimpton Ariston it's got this cute little balcony looking out on the town Fletcher and I tried to eat that milk and honey and biscuit live this morning but both we're just so crowded I said now we're gonna go I think to 12 South in Nashville and explore there so just dropping off the bags and then we're headed out we just had a lovely lunch a place called frothy monkey that was highly recommended it was quite delicious and now we're in told self in Nashville and we're gonna go hit up some doors it looks good on you show me favorites I mean that's a no-brainer gotcha I like and I just like the style of this one perfect just kidding you're priceless hello from a few hours later in downtown Nashville this is not just a special shirt this is a rock Elvis addition the original western shirt I came fully prepared driving in a air B&B earlier and Airbnb was playing three by I was like oh my gosh I love her pal he's like he's playing tonight and so we're gonna pass forward a few hours later now we're about to attend a carbonyl concert it was a very serve at the Ryman at the Ryman we're gonna raise a tree and Ole Opry so oh we're stoked we're getting the true national experience for take also a lot of people are staring don't judge me good morning from Franklin Tennessee look how cute this architecture is I'm obsessed we left Nashville this morning and took an average of Franklin's we're kind of wanting more of that like his store like kind of like more classic southern architecture so came to Franklin even though they're over driver told this is just gonna be like a yuppie town but we're hoping we can find some more of the history of Tennessee and some more of that like classic southern feel Nashville is absolutely beautiful but the parts we run are much more developed and so we think if you try something we we do that to each other free Tennessee here on our way to the plantation but there is like no sidewalks and we're so accustomed to walking because that's how everybody gets around in New York that we didn't like rent a car but we literally look like hooligans just a buncha hitchhikers

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Greetings from Tennessee! I surprised Fletcher with tickets to Nashville for his birthday because we’ve always talked about how much we wanted to visit the South. I’m 100% in love with Tennessee now ♥

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