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Animal Rescuer Barbie Vet Doll Takes Medical Care of Schleich Animals

Animal Rescuer Barbie Vet Doll Takes Medical Care of Schleich Animals

cookies world's it's gonna be okay it's gonna be okay doctor we've got even more animals that need to be rescued okay go ahead and bring him in and I'll give him a checkup cookie fans we are gonna be hanging out with that Barbie today and she is taking care of a rescue animals oh there's so many animals to take care of we can send them to the clinic so Barbie can feed them and give them checkups whoa animal rescuer get ready to rescue with Barbie animal rescuers are dedicated to the well-being of all animals they treat and care for animals that don't feel well in order to release them back into their natural habitats so Barbie is completely ready for her day as an animal rescuer she's got her set the scope right here around her neck she's wearing this really cute Coralie shirt that's button-up she's got her denim shorts on she's got some boots on and I like that she's got a shorter haircut so that way animals don't rabb onto her hair and snag in her long long long hair so she's got a shorter style yeah so we've got a little wild bunny here and it looks like she's gonna be having a baby but she's having some complications so I just wanted to check up on her and make sure she's okay but as soon as she has her baby bunny we're gonna release her into the wild huh very good let me listen to your heart Barbie take a listen to this bunny yeah it's a little bit fast she's probably gonna have her baby bunny soon so barbie has a really nice setup here that where she can take care of these wild animals and give them a complete checkup this is where I've been putting the deer so we actually have a cute little deer here that this set came with oh look at how sweet she is yeah I think she's a little bit sick she was just found by a tree and she didn't run or anything so we're just nursing her back to health and then she'll go right back out into the wild oh it's probably time for her shot so we can actually have Barbie give the deer a shot of medicine all right come here all right here we go it's gonna hurt just for a second OOP very good almost done there you did so good so let's have the deer rest right in here you can put them right inside of this little enclosure area so Barbie can watch the deer keep an eye on her ooh it's a time to have the baby bunny yet almost almost so this little bunny can hang out right here in this little tiki hut and as you can see on the inside you've got lots of Barbies medicine supplies from so she can easily grab whatever she needs to take care of these animals we also had this little platform here in this little basket so the animals can go back and forth between the little checkup table and the little tree the little Fox in particular loves writing in the little basket yeah he had a hurt paw so he's almost completely all healed up but he does love riding in that basket so we can have the basket come on up he can hop right in there we go and swing him right on over to the tree okay there we go hurry up jump over onto the tree well there we go you can see he kind of has his paw up because his paw hurts just a little bit there so he's taking weight off that paw so he can heal up nicely mm hmm hmm we need a place for the owls to go so we can put a nest right on top of the tree so they can actually hang out right on top of here they kind of have broken wings right now but they do love to perch in the tree but we have to pick them up and put them in the tree since they can't fly right now so Barbie's gonna come on over and pick up these little owls to put them in the tree oh there you go oh look at that baby looks so happy hanging out on top of the tree here Oh what do we have here we've got a little squirrel who looks like Barbies been taking care of this squirrel yeah the mom squirrel actually fell out of a tree but she has a little baby too oh there's a little baby squirrel right here so momma and baby so I'm just making sure that she doesn't have any broken bones or anything but she's been climbing up and down the tree so they're probably gonna be released really soon I've been feeling the baby some of this milk and she really seems to love it oh she's climbing up the tree there we go oh and there goes a little baby I think the baby wants a little bit of some milk come on here you go here you go oh there we go we can actually feed the baby some milk from the bottle oh the Fox is in the basket again and swinging right on up over come on out oh he probably wants some food so we can give the Fox some food right here we will put it out for him to eat there we go now he can eat his food all right Barbie here we are here the other animals that just have been rescued and they need a checkup Oh perfect what do we have here a little baby hippo and a cheetah Oh looks like we've got some little Schleich animals to take care of so this little baby cheetah needs a checkup where was this cheetah found out it was just found out in the savanna they don't know it was just found out in some wild grasses even though guy where's your mama at you look like you're hungry so let's remove its little Schleich tag there we go and have Barbie get this little baby a checkup all right I'm just gonna listen to your heart okay Barbie's set the scope on her ears so she can listen listen to the baby's heart you're a playful little thing aren't you well you look very hungry so let's get you a bottle here you go oh yeah you're really hungry aren't you oh this little baby cub was so hungry striking all of the bottle very good all right well we're just gonna have to watch your weight and just make sure we get some more weight on you all right if you want to take the little baby cub out to its pin that would be great and I'll take the hippo here you go come on little guys all right what's going on with this hippo Oh Oh your eyes look really runny hmm I wonder if you have a little bit of an eye infection yeah that's actually looking like what's going on so we're just gonna have to give you some medication to just treat that infection we don't want it to get any worse all right we're gonna have to give you a shot okay so if you kind of turn around here we go right here oh there you go perfect yeah you're gonna get much better now here we go and pick you up let's go ahead and put you in your PIN so you can get better here you go there we go so the hippo now can stay in it spin and get all arrested and better alright doctor here's the next animal oh now we've got a little schleich ostrich to take care of hey little guy what's going on oh you look like you're not feeling good alright let's listen to you here let's listen to your heart come on over here you're oh no no no come on right over here easy easy no no no don't try to get away no it's okay easy easy I'm just gonna listen it's okay it's okay get Barbie set the scope on her ear so she can listen there we go okay I guess that's all I'm gonna be able to listen to alright come on I want to listen to your lungs now come on easy easy there we go yeah your lungs sound a little congested so I think you've got a little bit of an infection going on so we'll have you stay here until we can take care of you and get you all well again but that does mean you do need to get a shot of medicine all right come here you got to get a shot no come here no no no come on come on just hold still just hold still easy easy there we go right here okay well I only got half the medicine in we'll just do the other half later then all right so it looks like the ostrich is gonna be staying with dr. Barbie so let's go ahead and clip this Schleich tag off of its leg there we go do you want me to get a pin ready for the ostrich yes please thank you all right come here you oh come on come on Oh kind of a wild one that ostrich is gonna be a handful so let's check in on our bunny right behind her is her baby buddy oh it's so so so cute oh it's adorable oh how precious well perfect now they're clear to be released into the wild now that she had her baby perfectly safe and the baby bunny looks completely healthy all right cookie fans I hope you enjoyed hanging out with that Barbie as she was taking care of all of these rescue animals whoa they're gonna be released back into the wild as soon as they are completely healthy I hope you hop into this pink basket and swing on over to my next video we are gonna have even more fun I will see you there bye khaki pants all right cookie fans how well were you paying attention to the video do you remember did Barbie feed the baby squirrel with the mint green bottle or the yellow bottle do you remember buy cookies

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Today we are going to hang out with Vet Barbie Animal Rescuer! Look at all the cute animals that need medical care. Even the Schleich animals need care too. So fun!

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