Galena, Illinois: Come for the weekend. Stay for the lifestyle.

Galena, Illinois: Come for the weekend. Stay for the lifestyle.

there is something about this place the magic a mystery where the night skies are filled with billions of stars and you can see them the land is forever rolling with green hills that run for miles and limestone rock cuts define its roads there is history here in its rivers this used to be forest and farm country and Courtin fields they still line the roads but now it's so much more so come relax enjoy you are now entering the region of you the city of Galena in Illinois is a unique historic town that is also a modern vibrant community with a cosmopolitan and flair a town that has something for everyone more than 1 million people of these streets every year to shop in its eclectic stores to dine in its varied restaurants including the log cabin one of the oldest continuously operated restaurants in other boy come on or immerse themselves in its ever present history it is a storied hillside town built along the Galena river where majestic steamboats once plied their trail to this most active port between st. Louis and Minneapolis the Magnificent homes of steamboat captain's still graced the river churches raise their steeples on the hillside and hotels and Bed and Breakfasts of every variety serve Galena's visitors in historic style Galena Lady of the downtown Galena is a fun place a veritable carousel of special events parades and camaraderie welcome to Kalinin Oktoberfest dude Halloween is big Christmas is ongoing and the fourth of July well it's just playing all-american how about our Galina generals it's a progressive City two of respected businesses and modern sustainable technology a city that boasts a low crime rate and a high bond rating a city with great schools a wonderful library a city with the oldest operating post office in the country and a state-of-the-art hospital kalenna is a city of varied housing close to airports colleges and universities it's an all-american place to live and raise a family I was born here I was raised here married here and I love it I have everything my family needs right here in Galena I looked at Matt's work so I have more fun time with my family with its theater music museums and casino Dubuque is just minutes west of the Leland and adds to the region's vibrant and exciting lifestyle just east of town on its scenic main highway is the Galena territory there really is nothing quite like the territory in the entire Midwest a sprawling 6800 acres of dedicated natural beauty with its own Lake Lake Galena for fishing and boating and miles and miles of wooded hiking trail sitting on top of one of the most scenic hills in the territory is the amazing owners club with basketball courts inside and out tennis courts fitness area game room and with the indoor outdoor and children school residents always feel like they are on vacation the galena territory is an extraordinary place to own your own vacation or permanent home today this natural paradise contains some 2,200 single-family homes and townhouses in an area officially designated as Ella noise first National Wildlife Federation community habitat the territory homes come in all sizes and locations wooded or on the lake some residents even choose to live on one of four leading golf courses in the territory the Galena territory is horse country – with many homes and lots where you can stable your own horse I'm so lucky I'm living my dream I can have a horse right here where I live here in the territory I have over 40 miles of the most gorgeous trails in the world where I can take my boy Victor out anytime I want equine activity is centered at the Shenandoah lighting center a newly remodeled first-rate facility with stabling lessons trail rods and the Shenandoah Writing Center hosts the annual 4th of July rodeo a must for all ages how do you think we should get a massage there yeah that sounds good and then maybe a drink at Woodlands awesome let's do it at the physical heart of the territory on the shores of Lake Galena is the nationally renowned Eagle Ridge Resort and Spa Eagle Ridge is home to four premier golf courses including the general not only famous for its difficulty but also for its singular beauty the resort is a destination in itself with its first-class accommodations exceptional restaurants The Woodlands spikes a sports bar and with its extensive and first-rate banquet facilities Eagle Ridge Resort and Spa earned a top-flight reputation as a premier wedding destination you can even lift off on an exciting hot-air balloon ride from a grassy hill right outside the lodges front door or just make time for the resort's elegant spa the Galena territory with all its amenities is a valued part of Galena's unique experience salud amor de niro tiempo para votar Oh L love money and time to enjoy it there is a third partner in this Galyna experience that is all encompassing it is the openness and natural beauty of the countryside with more woods to hunt trails to bike rivers to canoe and gorgeous vistas to see you need to be here in early October for Falls glorious colors when the wooded areas are ablaze with reds and yellows in every shape you need to be here in the winter for exciting skiing boarding on the slopes of chestnut monkey and watch the Eagles fishing on the mighty Mississippi and no matter what the weather you need to be here and enjoy the thousands of acres protected by the Jo Daviess County Conservation Foundation the city of Galena the Galena territory the Eagle Ridge Resort and Spa and the nature that surrounds it all together it is an unmatched experience there is something about Galina that makes people choose to live work and play here so come see for yourself come for the weekend stay for the lifestyle we love Galina we love coming near we love the different seasons we're happy to be here my husband and I retired here 12 years ago to the Galina territory and there's so much to do there's never a dull moment it's really a great place to live I relocated my business here six years ago and it couldn't be happier I wouldn't raise my children anywhere else I'm the owner of the victory cafe kellene has been my home for 46 years Meggy yours I was born and raised here I wouldn't think of shopping or living anywhere else that main street Alena I work here and I play here the business got better every year I have over 23 miles of great hiking trails here in the territory I've traveled all over the country the best sushi restaurant I've ever found right here in Galena Illinois I've been coming to the live cabin for 20 years and it's always terrific Frankie Dino and Sammy always treat me like family my wife and I dine out all the time and look at part of the reason that I moved to Galena was not only because it was beautiful and the people were friendly but the technological accessibility to the rest of the world is readily available here so I was actually able to move my software company here which is become to pulling it up for the weekend because it's beautiful because of the historical site because the people are very nice here and the shops so there's just so much you can do the tourists are so happy to see us and friendly I have so many great friends and we've made a lot of new friends since we came out here it's just a great place to be this is a wonderful place we live here in Galena we've been here about five years now Galena is a perfect place to visit any time of the year the Galena territory the best-kept secret I'm enjoying my encore career out here in the territory and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else Galena there's no place like it we come here a lot and it's like heaven it is

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Things to do in North Conway New Hampshire – Great Suite at the Nordic Village

Things to do in North Conway New Hampshire - Great Suite at the Nordic Village

the wife and I recently had the chance to escape the children and go away for our anniversary here at the Jackson New Hampshire which was in the White Mountains the place we stayed at was called Nordic village and for the price of a regular hotel room we got what's called the one-bedroom condo it has a full kitchen separate bedroom a giant living room a bathroom with a jacuzzi tub and there was also a little deck off the living room now the room was nice but let me give you a little bit more about the Nordic village when you drive in you pass a little pond that offers ice skating in the winter and row boating in the Sun aside from the pond is a game room this has a pool table a foosball table ping pong and a bunch of arcade games on the other side of the road is the first swimming area there is an indoor pool with a hot tub and then outside there is not one but two pools both with hot tubs further up the road there is a really nice exercise house that has everything you might need to get a good workout in there is also locker rooms with a sauna downstairs and then there is also another swimming area with a hot tub outside of the house after getting our first good night of sleep in about four months we woke up and hit the Dunkin Donuts down the street and if it wasn't for the fact that we never get to sit around anymore we most likely wouldn't have watched Jumanji we made it out around 12:30 and headed into North Conway North Conway has a cool little main street we went around checked out the shops and then got some lunch at a place called horsefeathers we then headed to Mount Washington tackle the auto road are you doing say half price 25 I was really looking forward to slapping that this Lime Mount Washington bumper sticker on the Jeep but the road was only open halfway due to weather conditions they did however give us the sticker but I just may have to modify it a little bit the next morning Jen got a workout in while I chose to do something different enjoy some of the last kid-free moments I'll have for a while other than that I give the whole place a thumbs up you

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A review of the Nordic Village resort in Jackson New Hampshire. As well as a trip into North Conway and a drive up the Mt. Washington auto road.

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Holiday Commercial – Nebraska Tourism Commission – Nebraska Adventure

Holiday Commercial - Nebraska Tourism Commission - Nebraska Adventure
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