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so actually the craziest thing ever happened so I was planning on sleeping in my car tonight which is what I did last night and I wasn't really looking forward to it but there was just not really any other options in Jackson and so I went to a cowboy bar to write up my notes from the day because I am writing a lot about this trip and a guy started talking to me and turns out that he is the chef at the Maine glamping place in Jackson and the whole crew team we're in the bar because today was the last day that they had gases the last day of their season so all their tents were free and we started talking and that invited me to stay here so I'm in a freaking glamping tent for the night which is amazing I have a fire I have a big bed they didn't have clean sheets but I have my sleeping bag and it's just like humans are so amazing and this is just incredible incredible I feel so lucky and also this is why I loved solar traveling because this would never happen if I wasn't on my own this is gonna be an epic night [Applause] breakfast hi Willie hi will you come to Hungry Jack's general store and look at this sign do you like my Weston accent Wilson population 35 elevation six thousand one hundred forty six as of 1954 100 Jack's is one welcome partner partner we are heading to the hot spring we've come back to Idaho let's go morning coffee at the campsite it is a beautiful day today there is no rain it's blue sky and sunny so different to yesterday and I'm having a cup of coffee I'm wearing my Wild West shirt before I had help and leave these guys which I'm super sad about hello guys I am pretty sure that this is a new vlog I'm a little confused where we're at today is Wednesday it is mid morning I am still in Wyoming I have a long way to drive into a Cleveland where I have to be on Saturday the next few days are gonna be a lot of driving but I have made some big moves I left Jackson last night and did three hours of driving east and now I've drift another hour east and I'm gonna be doing another couple of hours I think east today and then a couple hours tomorrow and then a really long driving down Friday and then off of it a long drive and an Saturday but anyway I've come to this little town called simopoulos which is just outside of the Wind River Reservation which is actually where I stayed last night with one of my friends my my new friends from Wyoming I don't know you guys saw the movie Wind River that came out last summer with Elizabeth Olsen but I'm pretty sure that that was the last movie that I saw at the movie theater maybe I was the last time I went to cinema I went last August in Brooklyn but anyway it was just really crazy when I realized that that movie took place and was like supposed to be about the Wind River Reservation where I was last night anyway it's a really long update I'm I've come to this little town to get a cup of coffee and do some work that's basically all I wanted to tell you [Applause] so I've now driven to bighorn national park which is another National Park in Wyoming still in Wyoming I promise I'm leaving Wyoming this evening I think I've come here specifically to see a something called the Medicine Wheel which is a Native American place of worship my new friend who's from Wyoming told me that I have to come here because he used to come here as a little boy and it's just a really unique place hopefully I'm gonna learn more about it when I get up there I don't have signals I can't really research but it's about a mile and a half walk one way so three mile round-trip so I've got about thirty minutes of walking ahead of me the Medicine Wheel and I have the most beautiful view look and this is my path wow it is so sunny ah okay I don't think there's any way of me getting my face but mmm this way hey so now I am going to drive in the direction of South Dakota I don't know exactly where I'm going to start tonight I'm basically just gonna drive for a few hours until I get too tired and then I'll pull over and I'll either check into a motel or sleep in my car or camp or depends where I am but I'm just gonna head east for a few hours until I can't drive anymore basically

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While in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, I made friends with a group of people who invited me to come and glamp with them! It was an amazing experience and one of the reasons why I love solo-traveling. We headed back to Idaho for a day to check out some hot-springs and then I continued driving East to see the sacred Bighorn Medicine Wheel. Hope you enjoy the roadtrip vlog! Thanks for watching! xoxo

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Glamping Jackson Hole

Heise Hot Springs (Idaho)

Wind River Indian Reservation

Bighorn Medicine Wheel


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RV Life – RV Travel City of Rocks New Mexico – S2 EP003

RV Life - RV Travel City of Rocks New Mexico - S2 EP003

you're more than okay we can handle that you need someone don't you big penny okay this is the city of the rocks and this is the Welcome Center city of rocks outside about 30 miles outside of Deming do it in that well this is New Mexico you can camp out here if you camp over here at the $14.90 $10 a night looks like only tents and small campers up there I would imagine beautiful place so you're gonna go get a t-shirt that's the $14 night campground there's there's a good sized Montana in there this is one of the campsites or a couple campsites that are in the rocks around back these are pretty nice a nice tree shade flat place you couldn't get anything these are more tent sites I would imagine because it looks like a place up there where you'd pitch your tent but it's got everything you need this is pretty wild it guarded from the wind and everything this is slick this place is just outstanding this is an unknown gem we just have to cross it in look at the tree growing right out of the rock right now they're off this we've been not having fun since we've been stuck in dimming so today's a fun day and not worry about the trailer and the parks are gonna have to get put on on Tuesday we'll make another video about that you you okay guys we're gonna close out this video here and this is just a great place you nearly need to come here it's about 30 miles outside of Deming New Mexico City of Rocks State Park – State Park for New Mexico it's $14 a night if you want to have water and electric if you want to be among the rocks and a tent or a small camper it's only ten dollars a night so you really need to get over here if you ever come by Deming New Mexico this is a must see at least for a day and maybe you can't so take care of guys we'll see you down the road we go and our next video will be coming up soon take care you

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Dave & Shirley travel in their 2009 Dodge Ram 3500 pulling a 2017 Montana High Country 305RL 5th wheel. We RV camp local and take longer RV trips and adventures. We enjoy RVing, camping, Glamping, boondocking and seeing new places and meeting new friends everywhere we go.

Please join us as we travel, and vlog our RV trips,tips and tricks and Mods

DownTheRoadWeGo video’s show RV living, 5th wheel travel, part time RV living, Travel, RV camping, Glamping and Boondocking.

In this vlog while being stuck in Deming, NM for repairs we find a real jewel. We go to City of Rocks State park for the day. This place is a great out of the way place to see and camp. Come along and join us on this day trip from Deming, NM

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Getaway in New Hampshire || VLOG

Getaway in New Hampshire || VLOG

so recently I got the chance to work with this travel company called getaway house who sent me and my dad to this tiny cabin tucked away in the woods in New Hampshire where we got to see what the town of Epsom had to offer I was actually hoping for some snow this weekend because I know it's been warming up with everything for spring it's not as snowy as I wanted but there's still enough snow on the ground so we try to make something cool out of this I guess I'll just show you guys a little bit about what it looks like on the outside and inside so you can see and I will come back to see what we're doing after that my plan cut the ice everywhere why'd you bring your groceries hi I'm TV welcome to my crib without much of a plan before the trip we took some time to sit down and start scoping out the area and decided to stock up on some essentials at a local grocery store I'll keep that book it wouldn't be a trip with my dad if we didn't check out some of the local breweries so on the way back from the grocery store we decided to make another quick stop all right what's up guys so we just got back to the cabin and look at keys here pretty good first day I'd say ended I'm not going back out to another brewery I think we're gonna do that tomorrow but actually I don't know I don't know we're doing we stopped and got anything to eat so I don't know what our original plan was what I told you but we decided to go to a diner because I'm never been to a diner but at least I don't remember being doing diner but I'm almost positive that I've never been to one so we went to this place called the red our diner it's open 24 hours I'm excited I'm excited to get some diner food for the first time right now we were back at the cabin all folds about 10 o'clock I think we're not gonna do the fire tonight probably not into it so far our trips a little good but I think I'm gonna call it a night for tonight so until tomorrow guys I will see them I know dad's putting some breakfast some bacon eggs that we got last night some oj they're the morning spread gotta have your avocado it's essential and that's it tomato juice you were on right and that's the bacon with our full bellies in an early jump in the morning we were feeling adventurous enough to try to check out one of the nearby state parks and see if we could hike one of the trails okay guys so we're currently on our way to the PHA tok away State Park or I think we're here Hartley so the journey begin is all right we're gonna head back down the mountain it's complete ice up there I made it up like that far before I slipped and fell all the way down that far so okay so we're here five how are you after falling a lot we decided to head back to the cabin start up a fire cook up some dinner and just relax the rest of the trip although we didn't do much during the trip Epson was a cool little town to explore and it was nice to have the cabin to separate from everything and just enjoy some time away with my dad and my dog because sometimes that's the only vacation you need so until next time New Hampshire

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A little bit back I got to work with a company called Getaway House. They sent me to one of their tiny cabins in the woods of New Hampshire, with my dad and let us have a camping experience like no other. While we could have stayed at the cabin the whole time and been fine, we decided to also do some exploring in the little town of Epsom. Check out what we did in this vid.

If you guys like the idea of a getaway like this and are looking for more information, head over to the Getaway House website from the link below and use my code ANGUS25 for $25 off at checkout!! You’re gonna love it
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