we made it to the Grand Canyon and this is our first stop it's a vista point called desert view and we're very very excited to see what this looked like those guys are so brave you're taking a selfie oh my god now they're getting naked we just checked into our hotel it's called Grand Canyon hotel and it's the cutest thing ever and this is a town called Williams and this one hour away from Grand Canyon and we decided to stay here because all the other hotels were booked out very charming little town okay we're going down the canyon and we've been going for about an hour and a half and this is just all the way down so I'm not sure what it's like going up because we haven't gone up yet this single step so we keep going down and then yeah we might stay here and get rescued is going up it seems to be a nightmare but for knowledge going let's find out yeah I saw kids crying on the way up so I'm a bit scared now I was worth coming all the way down just to see something like this there's really great people out there that go all the way down stay overnight and then come back on the next day okay we're gonna take a 30 minute break here maybe grab some lunch and then we're gonna head all the way back up that's where we are very short like six on a minister so we're ready to go all the way back and right now he's 12:48 p.m. let's see what time we make it all the way back up okay 30 minutes later we came up from all the way there there's like a house like a small man main thing that's where we were 1:46 almost an hour since we left and we are now almost just a few hundred meters it's still pretty far but it's not too bad okay 220 and we made it up to the top and we're just enjoying Grand Canyon spring water for free Cheers we left Grand Canyon this morning and we drove for about two hours just parallel to route 66 to try this very famous diner called mr. B's which Maria really wanted to try

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Grand Canyon, finally!
On Part 3 of our Arizona road trip we visit the Grand Canyon South Rim, here’s our itinerary:

(For more details, check out my Arizona Travel Guide on the blog:

– Desert View
– Moran Point
– Grand View Point
– Mather Point

– Bright Angel Hiking Trail to 3-mile rest house (4 hours both ways)
– Mohave Point (my favourite vista point of all!)

*** Check out my Arizona Road Trip Planning Guide with recommendations for places to visit, hotels, etc

β—Š Hotel we stayed at:
Grand View Hotel in Williams booked via (

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