Minneapolis Minnesota | Guthrie Theater

Minneapolis Minnesota | Guthrie Theater
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The Guthrie is a FREE hidden gem for all ages. Artist: JaeNev & Pratzapp Song: Waiting Download/Stream: /V73Df2nBJC [email protected]


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hey it's a tiny cappuccino cup came as – espresso what is up guys today we are talking about Minneapolis Minnesota probably the coldest place I have personally ever been here's a list I put together of some great places to visit let's get started what was that first up we got the Mall of America Mall of America is massive there is a full-functioning theme park inside yes a full-functioning theme park it is called Nickelodeon Universe when I got there it was closed but just looking at it looks super dope aside from the entire theme park inside of this mall the mall America is really it's just got like your normal mall type things just like way more of them there's so many stores inside next we have the American Swedish Institute this is a really cool museum with a bunch of art a bunch of Swedish stuff like this giant egg outside there's also the Swan Turnblad mansion which is a mansion completed in 1910 I think the ticket entry was around 14 bucks you can complete the entire tour of this thing in like an hour but it's super dope don't count it out go – this thing is really cool next up we have the stone arch bridge which is a really cool bridge that crosses over the Mississippi River if you are looking for some really good picture spots like I was I'm gonna throw a few at you right now the Guthrie Theater is really cool super artsy theater there's this outside area that you could walk to and it's got an incredible view of the Mississippi River the Basilica of st. Mary is a super old church that is really beautiful you also have the Mill City Museum which has got lots of cool stuff to take pictures by and also on the list believe it or not City Hall is a really cool place to take pictures keep in mind my visit was during a snowstorm so your experience might be way different than mine was just depending on the time of year that you visit but one of my favorite places that I visited was Lake Calhoun or what I think was recently renamed Buda macca sky park not even sure if that's pronounced right so I'm sure there are more things to do there in the summer than in the winter but it was my favorite spot just because it was so beautiful going back into downtown we have Foshay Tower you can pay eight bucks and go all the way to the top to the observatory deck and get a really cool view of the city a really cool and really random place to visit is the sculpture garden you've probably seen this picture of like the giant spoon and the cherry and all that stuff but there's so much more to this place there's the replica of the loved sign from love park in Philadelphia this super cool bridge and not to mention this giant blue rooster which was super dope so because of the snowstorm unfortunately I lost basically an entire day of traveling and exploring so this last place I actually didn't get to visit but it definitely still makes my list it is Minnehaha Falls mini haha Falls is a really cool waterfall in Minnehaha Regional Park my next visit to Minnesota that's definitely the first place I'm gonna go to so those are my favorite spots to visit in Minneapolis I hope this helps you plan your trip like and subscribe and go somewhere and travel also yes get the get this get these your they're amazing okay let's see it

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Guided tour through Minneapolis, Minnesota

– Mall of America
– American Sweedish Institute
– Stone Arch Bridge
– Guthrie Theatre
– Basilica of St. Mary
– Mill City Museum
– City Hall
– Lake Calhoun (Bde Make Ska Park)
– Foshay Tower
– Sculpture Garden
– Minnehaha Falls

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