Minneapolis Minnesota | Guthrie Theater

Minneapolis Minnesota | Guthrie Theater
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The Guthrie is a FREE hidden gem for all ages. Artist: JaeNev & Pratzapp Song: Waiting Download/Stream: /V73Df2nBJC [email protected]

Guthrie Oklahoma's historic look back at their beginning

Guthrie Oklahoma's historic look back at their beginning

Guthrie is in cadence with Oklahoma's Centennial year and even Guthrie's leaders are getting involved Councilwoman Evelyn nephew and so we just having a good time in meeting people and greeting people and in the parade and all its wonderful to celebrate a hundred years of history for Allie and cherry this is not the first Oklahoma celebration she has participated in it was in 57 they were celebrating Oklahoma as 50 years as a state where she was crowned Miss semi-centennial and coming together II for the first of many centennial parades was just a star in her crown well I'm real impressed with Guthrie I think they have a lot of historical places and things to see here and I'm looking forward to seeing more of it and that's what Guthrie is all about history what started out as a water stop along the railroad tracks and then a land run office Guthrie just became Guthrie was as they say born grown Valerie Hanes is the director of the Guthrie museum complex and says while Guthrie started off small it didn't stay that way the day of the land run when that day dawned there was about 500 people here in Guthrie it was designated as the site of one of the land one of two land offices and there were a number of federal employees and railroad employees but by the evening of April 22nd 1889 Guthrie they say had a population of about 10,000 people with that many people buildings went up quickly and they weren't just wooden structures but brick buildings it was a sign of permanence of how shall I put this a business community that was here to stay that was mature and that was trustworthy now Guthrie was selected as the territorial capital before Oklahoma became a state for three years from 1907 to 19 and Gary was the capital the state capital of Oklahoma in fact the Enabling Act of 1906 has specified that Guthrie was to remain the capital until 1913 but that didn't happen with politics playing a large part a boat was taken to relocate the capital but before the last ballot was counted then Governor Charles Haskell quickly moved the state seal to Oklahoma City when governor Haskell immediately declared Oklahoma City the seat of government leaving Guthrie behind at that point Guthrie kind of went to sleep economically and the the urban renewal projects tearing down buildings and building new ones never happened here essentially creating a historical district that is now a national landmark well Guthrie has one of the largest contiguous historic districts on the National Register there's 400 square blocks it is a Victorian downtown brick buildings a lot of the original brick buildings here with the differing architectural styles that were so popular during this part of the history it's about as close as we can get to going back into the past walking into these buildings and and smelling the same smells and and feeling the same kind of feeling that the people who lived a hundred years ago had the opportunity to experience it's a past that Guthrie is using to mark Oklahoma's centennial with a unique and one-of-a-kind celebration we kicked off our centennial last November with a big parade and events in the downtown area and it was wonderful we had a lot of visitors here with Guthrie and this year we intend to do it even bigger and better now according to Allen's husband Allen Cherry it could be bigger than anyone can imagine the Centennial the way it's getting kicked off and with television and with the people that are behind it and the commissioners that are behind it mr. Allen who's in charge of special events and so forth it's gonna make it he's gonna put Oklahoma on the map now Guthrie is planning on recreating statehood day on statehood day and for the space of that one week the Oklahoma State seal will once again reside in Guthrie at the Oklahoma territorial museum

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Born of the land run in 1889 and still dressed in the Victorian architecture of the 1900’s, today Guthrie stands as a national historic landmark and when it comes to celebrating the centennial, Guthrie isn’t missing a beat.

Louisiana Travel: The Best Of New Orleans

Louisiana Travel: The Best Of New Orleans

I think an amazing getaway is out of reach think again I'm Kristin and this is my husband SIA we're travel bloggers with more than 50 countries under our belt all experienced on a shoestring budget oh my god we believe the weekends are for traveling and we're going to show you how to do it we're spending Friday to Sunday in New Orleans rotten blood where we'll show you how to get the flavors awesome so fast weekend deals goes to you for and it goes to you cause once you get where you're going for the weekend begin Airport cabs in New Orleans have a fixed rate of 36 bucks and the streetcars cover more than 20 miles of city turf so don't rent a car especially if you're staying in the French Quarter this district is the heart and soul of New Orleans this area's really cool College history and it's been playing since 1980s French Creole Benesch yeah dude music architecture you'll find the perfect ingredients for a fun-filled weekend in the French Quarter look at this house out that's cool we're headed to the Inn on Saint Anne location is everything bourbon streets only two blocks away and you can't beat the price we booked the suite and it only cost 150 yeah this room is a great weekend deal these are masses of me no one else on Bourbon Street got a private balcony those hotels over there cost $500 a night this place 159 I'm reading flora so check out the city our first stop Jackson Square this historic square is a national landmark first thing with energy since the 1800s now it's a cultural hub for musicians artists and performers cabin guy down here is like freestyling with everyone walking by the performances are free and you can even join it Kristen is the bravest woman in Jackson Square there's a lot of free to people everywhere all over the place now that we've worked up an appetite we're headed to a world famous restaurant Commander's Palace we're taking the streetcar from Jackson Square to the Garden District the entire day unlimited a great deal streetcars of been around New Orleans since 1893 the st. Charles streetcar is the oldest running streetcar in the world this is way better than renting a car with a car you don't worry about gas parking here which is crude pretty much the base commander's Palace is one of the best restaurants in New Orleans it's been home to famous chefs like Emeril Lagasse and Paul Prudhomme hamona this James Beard Award winner is one of the few restaurants that lets people into the kitchen you get to like walk through the kitchen all the way up to your tables you can see everyone in action get to see them make your food right so I'm on light reading material here for you are here we are one boy we know you have 25 seconds you know correctness Commander's Palace has an unbelievable deal at lunchtime 25 cent martinis we have lots of gin or vodka we also have our flavored martini I'll get the dirty martini very good thank you yeah check that out it is not a made-up story freaking cool yeah oh here we are south martini here see this right here 25 cents news over here – a dinner they can cost 16 bucks apiece it's so good to check this out dinner entrees in like two forty fifty dollars the lunch menu is I just have a bad even less than that you're getting a free video if you come you're at lunchtime the same quality food save local ingredients experience we have our famous pursuit snapping turtle like they're ugly their means of 8012 fantastic this really world to take the three days to make kind of a big part of it but the finishes a little aged sherry kind of brightens all the flavors and brief it all together sherry sherry has so much the turtle is just like tender veggies with spices this is next-level we have our risotto here tickles a little coconut milk some fresh vegetables off the farm and here we have the Thailand rich pork roast herb enjoy oh my gosh my god wow so many people wish to come here and they don't realize that you can do it on budget that's crazy well two martinis two entrees and two appetizers amazing I feel like this was like $200 oh it would be a dinner at least during your weekend in the Big Easy you need to visit the waterfront it's the best place to experience a New Orleans sunset follow in Mark Twain's footsteps and watch it while cruising on the Mississippi River it we are on the ferry okay two bucks each two bucks if you were to take a riverboat cruise there Divo 75 plus this boat would take about the same route you get the same view for two dogs and it is Magic Hour that's like a lightning so that bot is Jackson Square but you're just an this place awesome we're going to show you a deal so good hey it might be the best in New Orleans is always 10 bucks we're taking off day two of our New Orleans getaway Saturday morning brunch sounds perfect we're headed away from all the tourists – what are they coolest neighborhoods yet the Bywater district this restaurant is a local favorite and one of the city's best kept secret the country club oh my god everything looks so good fried green tomatoes like you only see those this other part is amazed I'm definitely getting loud come on you guys ready to order I'll get the polenta the peninsula I'm going to get actually the chopped salad but can I ask my dream Tomatoes the rooms ooh all right excellent oh yeah as I like sour but also sweet it's not too bad either so you can still taste the tomato yeah they'll say fresh even though it's bright I love fried range man we haven't even shown you the best part yet we heard this at the back there's a pretty amazing area oh yeah this is like the hidden paradise yeah this is like the true secret of this place don't forget to pass your baby food because it can eat inside you'll get half pipe access to the pool and Cabana out back you can enjoy all this you can get a meal at all hot tub fireplace this is a perfect way to spend Saturday mornings and it only costs 45 bucks now it's time to take it to the bayou Lauren all of you walk toward it is a must experience it also includes a pickup in your hotel bayous are the playgrounds of the south these slow flowing rivers are perfect for fishing boating and dater spotting oh that's our boat we linked up with Jean Lafitte's fishing charter for 135 bucks the person most of the orleans of amazing seafood is locally sourced in the bayou running adjacent to New Orleans is a great place to catch a fresh fish I tried new activities that give you a little extra like right now we're all right swamp tour in the bayou and I'm going to catch a fish and cook up some dinner got a fish he's too small mouth he gets to go away got to feel the fish I call to the fish yeah please be fishy fishy fishy oh hey that's a good one he yeah Rob and I we got dinner headed to a restaurant called Oceana and we found this awesome deal when we caught our own food today on the palm tour we're going to hook it up hi friends get yeah we got a catchment office collect the stuff note this is the New Orleans version of farm-to-table restaurant by you right into the kitchen right catbag welcome no sharing how y'all doing very good which I got here copy what type of fish is our dock and campus so we normally do here at Oceana grill we take the rotation we back in this and we top it with a crawfish cream sauce it comes with a few different herbs and spices with powder okay this is our fish – thank you oh yeah I smell the paprika onion powder garlic powder this place is known for the real-deal Cajun so we've got to get a few side dishes while we're here you don't get Gators too many places and this isn't a litigator flavor and everything and of course it wouldn't be complete without collard greens and jambalaya I was like I birthed the Louisiana massive meal 33 bucks yeah that is Hallandale after we finish our meal we head outside to one of New Orleans most famous locations welcome to Bourbon Street this 13 block stretch is known for Mardi Gras a tradition that started in 1702 this cultural celebration is constantly evolving now more than 10 million people visit here every year people in space partying drinking champagne look at the music this place is happening but the real reason rather than Creek Jean Lafitte's old asses have a lot of people just typically go to this drug bar forget their option we're going to show you the real secret of this iconic fire we're literally touching history we're on Bourbon Street visiting the famous Jean Lafitte's cold absence house secret you through the bar behind the bar and that's where these old caps are they go back 250 years ago I have to go good REM drill desktop today for your absence absence earned its notoriety in print and made its way to New Orleans in 1870 the old acid house was the first observe the high-proof liquor spirits I know a couple silver cubes zombies wanted absolute spoon and you like the sugar it can fit a little bit of a caramelized taste and the water is the most important step so the cold water is interacting with the herb exactly it's probably loose I can smell that licorice absolutely the water making everything kind of just bloom we've never really got this on during services that's danger it's the best time to be reading wow that's a great ridiculous drinking might go a little oh yeah like this place has an incredible history definitely one of the oldest bars in the country and it's in 1806 and there was a famous battle I was the batter of New Orleans you guys have you heard of Jean Lafitte yeah of course yeah yeah here's a feed at one point I'm pretty much on everything in the city very famous pie right yeah yeah allegedly they plan the defense for the Battle of New Orleans here Wow so we're literally touching history you are grooves like a must-visit when you're here at 20 bucks a pop it's a lurch but for us travel is all about unique experiences it's the start of a new day in the Big Easy and we're going to one of the most famous cafes in the world cafe du monde dive into a piece of quintessential New Orleans with a plate of french beanie oh my gosh and all that – sugar everywhere and I don't care a trip to New Orleans is incomplete without visiting Cafe de mon tsubaki's screaming a – 9 bucks our Vegas awesome here is what we are in today we're going to experience is called a second line that happens every week here it's a parade it's a marching band if the street party is everything you think of when you think of Norlin it was all recent like really and we hear the music we gotta get this appraised these parades kicked off more than a century ago and evolved from old jazz procession the musicians and dancers lead the pack everyone following form the second line local organizations publicize these events on the radio and in the newspaper so finding them is easy finally next we're headed to Uptown New Orleans a historic neighborhood that's home to some of the best seafood in the city everyone knows about happy hour how we're taking to a special new orlean urgent the oyster hour and you won't find a better spot or a better bargain than superior seafood are y'all doing today we came here for the new center oyster right all right this dim 50 cents you get like this tiny little movie oyster where are you guessing trying to different farmers and farm breed them in the Gulf right here slow we get them from getting me in everyday sure to go to the front corner a dozen oysters with us with $30 in Syria done using $6 oh you guys yeah yeah yeah Oh dig it they're massive like that yeah Melissa oh I love him cold there I was unreal that was a great experience I can't believe that this was punching it down a dozen oysters was a perfect appetizer they used to say for group we're headed up down to the Carrollton district home of the ten dollar crawfish boil on this local favorite is a sample of New Orleans cultures you won't find anywhere else chef Jason Caesar is the madman behind it all pretty good ridiculous and it's one of the best nighttime deals you can find we have over a hundred pounds of these crawfish in here right now there are many freshwater lobsters and if you're in Orleans you have to try them just pinching the tail sucking hat is what we do go for it dude just take it and twist that off there you go grab the head and squeeze it there you go then itself all right so squeeze the tail right here when you put it in your mouth kind of fight them on the tail a little bit come on dude you can do it I think you got all right I bet you do a very juicy is very flavorful cool it's going to be found me and y'all we're going to have a great time 10 bucks at the door dozens of hungry people inside and 100 pounds of crawfish no plates no chairs no rules this is more than a feat it's a taste of New Orleans lifestyle and it's something you'll never witness anywhere else folks in New Orleans know how to eat and we threw ourselves in the middle of a feeding frenzy but this is more than a meal it's an experience it's Louisiana lifestyle and that's a maple leaf you can get a taste of it for only 10 bucks [Applause] this is fantastic there's no better meal website using African box experience alone is this like way more than that here is meeting oleg prophets with a hundred other people ten it was only ten bucks there's still a concert I feel like I got my money's worth I feel satisfied we did so much on the strip in such a short time our hotel was 150 bucks a night what did our Gator tour that was a little bit of a flirt but it was a must you we also did that absinthe oh yeah that was a little bit more of a splurge Bala Commander's Palace 25 summer he needs he can't go wrong I feel like we've gotten to know this place pretty well yes I love it I love it here

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Laissez les bons temps rouler! In New Orleans the good times are perpetually rolling down Bourbon Street, which, thanks to the city’s annual Mardi Gras celebration, has quite a party animal reputation. Once you’ve soaked up the scenery of the historic French Quarter, tour the elegant Garden District and meet the colorful characters of Frenchmen Street. Experience the city’s supernatural vibe at the Voodoo Museum or by taking a guided ghost or vampire tour through taverns, alleyways, and cemeteries.

No city in North America can compete with New Orleans when it comes to culture, food, historic architecture, joie de vivre and tourism options.

The Crescent City has suffered plagues, wars, imperial regime changes and devastating floods. Yet, it always wakes up with a smile on its face. This may be because its inhabitants step to an easy beat first laid down three centuries ago. Moving at this relaxed pace, visitors are delighted by the French Creole elegance of the Vieux Carre (French Quarter) or the opulence discovered in a streetcar ride through the Garden District and Uptown.

Anytime of year find live music, amazing Creole and Cajun cuisine, fresh seafood, farmers markets, shopping, nightlife and more. During Mardi Gras season, the city becomes the world’s center. Downtown transforms into an adult playground, while parades in residential areas provide children thrilling entertainment. Each spring, the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival moves the focus to the charming Gentilly area and the Fair Grounds Race Course. But no matter the time of year, New Orleans’ calendar overflows in celebration.

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