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Chicago- Top Tourist Attractions (vlog) S1-E2

Chicago- Top Tourist Attractions  (vlog) S1-E2
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yo welcome to the meatiness again in this channel to this episode episode 2 season 1 we're gonna show you guys Congo top turns place to Chicago for great yeah so we'll see how it goes we're gonna use some bikes brush pinhead Navy Pier 2 beaches water teller perhaps Millennium Park for sure the bucket of fountain and lastly the planetarium so hopefully we get all this before it rains we got two hours toy race will do a hundred Nathan twelve or at least the substance yes [Applause] well we gotta get the main attraction the chemistry let's do it I don't know we can do it so this is called Navy Pier they have a couple rollercoasters here appreciated some bars in the back this was a quick tour of our Navy Pier well we're gonna make this quick because you're kicking us out free boats whatever you guys need some shots no all right so we made it to one of our top beaches here in Chicago this is ultry Beach Bailey because it's right next down time you get a great view and next stop where we headed to is the water tower yes ladies and gentlemen let's do this do we hear the John Hancock Tower is one of the tallest buildings in the city we have the Willis Tower also known as the Sears Tower and we have the John Hancock and we have the Donald Trump Tower next we're going to the water tower next three as well in many stores good for the kids let's get it yo Joey so what do you have any comments about Michigan Avenue yeah there's a lot of stores shopping it's pretty badass to be honor got the young Tesla here go and this right here is our mission yeah get up there right now it's Michigan Avenue all right here we have millennium park it's a must and he comes to Chicago has everything you need we have some hiking on the left side of me your right side we have the the beam also known as cloud gate and we have a perfect view we also have a some concerts here movies walk-ins and everything as well today they're having a memorial for xx 10th St on and we're gonna put that in right now so last year an artist was killed that we all loved xxx 10th ICO and we had a memorial for him this whole area is filled up with people this year not as many people could make it but we're just having a little gathering of fans who think highly of them as well thanks man what's your name Joey Joey cool thanks bro commute living $15 he had 24 hours three unlimited times before you recharge it on the dock put your card back in you get three new hours this is our meter of transportation honestly the bus this is the bucket of fountain this is where people come to celebrate take pictures as you can see you right behind you one before the rain catches up to us but up last last challenge is to get to that pier all the way over there let's apply a tail you have a field Museum and the aquarium trip we're gonna make it bro it's over we have to return the bikes at least it's literally raining Oh beat the sunset we didn't beat the rain this is a beauty man the planetary Oh made it though it's coming this way doing this with me on support please like comment subscribe these subcontinent every week but uh as you can tell there's ups and downs to it we're turn bets his ass thanks very to guys got it back on

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We quickly went around the city to show you our top places to visit in Chicago. We had to cut out video short due to the storm.

1. Navy Pier
2. Oak Street Beach
3. Water Tower Place
4. Millennium Park
5. Buckingham Fountain
6. Adler Planetarium

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