Ontario Mills- Ontario California- 91764- Celina Vazquez-Places to Visit

Ontario Mills- Ontario California- 91764- Celina Vazquez-Places to Visit
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hi this is ali nawaz skis and i'm here standing in the parking lot of one of the biggest retail centers of the Inland Empire done caramels located in ontario california

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Ontario Mills, Ontario California’s largest outlet. If you looking a place to shop, here is a place for you.
Located in the intersection of the 15 freeway and 10 freeway in the City of Ontario.
For more information about the City of Ontario
Celina Vazquez

Discover St.George Utah

Discover St.George Utah

hello I'm bill Hobson and the native son of pioneer heritage in southwest Utah a former st. George city planning Commissioner and border Realtors president you could say I'm pretty entrenched in southwest Utah I'm often asked why are so many people moving here and why have this area becomes so popular there are of course many factors we will discuss some of the basic reasons if you go way back in time some of the same reasons for settling here in the valley still exist it was about 1100 BC when the Woods tribe of the Paiute found they could survive here because of the lot of climate and the confluence of the two waterways that meet in the south end of the valley the tonic went as it was called back then now the Santa Clara River and the Rio Virgin River enabled their communities who survived the evidence of their pottery making and civilization have been found in archeological digs near this site in mid 1847 the Mormon pioneers came under the direction of their leader Brigham Young to what became known as the Utah Territory to escape religious persecution Young was widely recognized as a great colonizer and the first governor of the Utah Territory it was right about here that Brigham Young stood to make his prophetic statement BH Roberts a well known Western historian relates the following quote on the occasion of president Young's visit to the Rio Virgin Valley in May 1861 he had stood on a small hill at the little settlement of tonic went near the confluence of the virgin and Santa Clara rivers and looked northward up a gently sloping valley between two and three miles and waving his hand to include this valley the great pioneer said quote there will yet be built between those volcanic Ridge is a city with spires towers and steeples with homes containing many inhabitants unquote in October 1861 he called 378 men and 370 women to serve a mission in present-day st. George a few weeks later they arrived in the valley and circled their wagons in the middle of present-day Dixie State University campus and what is in modern times called the encampment wall Brigham Young took a special interest in the settlement which was named after his close friend and Mormon apostle George a Smith in less than 10 years Brigham Young authorized the construction of several substantial buildings including a large Tabernacle courthouse and the Magnificent st. George temple these buildings were important to the early settlers for many reasons not the least of which is they were a type of public works project to stimulate industry and give employment as well as training to new settlers by skilled workers who had emigrated from Europe as well as tradesmen who brought their skills from the eastern US with the development of water resources and much later air conditioning the warm dry weather has become an asset instead of a difficult liability to cope with while the weather is basically dry and warm there are still four seasons when you're assured with very little the beneath now spring and fall are terrific and the summer is long with very low humidity and cool Alpine climates in close proximity these valleys of Southwest Utah are virtually surrounded by stunning state parks and recreational areas as well as world-class national parks many Hollywood movies television episodes commercials and even Katy Perry's video shot for the 2016 Olympics which featured stunning st. George area scenery as a backdrop it's hard to overstate the incredible Zion Grand Canyon bryce canyon national parks that are all within a couple of hours drive national recreation areas such as Lake Mead and POW are also an easy drive where an staircase and arches are a bit further but an easy day trip the area is virtually surrounded by incredible scenery it's true that there are several southern Utah communities that are close to these fantastic parks and recreation areas but the vast majority of the population growth gravitate to Southwest Utah to understand why I'll share with you a few of the many factors we are the lowest elevation in Utah in fact within 500 feet of the elevation of Tucson Arizona so again a relatively temperate climate in the Northeast Mojave Desert I think overall quality of life is paramount to most residents with availability of big-city services found in a manageable size community and metro area outdoor activities that can really be enjoyed virtually year-round 14 soon-to-be 15 area golf courses including the 27 hole Sun Brook the area's first golf course Red Hills Sand Hollow ledges entrada and the list goes on and on over 80 miles of paved trail system sports complexes that include tennis pickleball indoor/outdoor swimming and softball an extensive city park system that includes splash pads weight in water features and even a carousel in the town square the new all abilities Park on Dixie drive with an erupting volcano and Red Rock canyons there is even a train ride that serpentine through it all the city landscape is dotted with hiking and mountain biking trails that people from far and wide come to enjoy people discover the st. George area by participating or attending world-class events such as the nationally recognized and accredited st. George marathon the Huntsman world Senior Games and numerous national and regional softball tournaments there is a significant retirement population that is moved to our area where are considering doing so again you may ask why national publications for several years have recognized the st. George area as one of the top places to retire in the nation Forbes US News retirement magazines and so forth continually ranked the st. George area as among those that retirees should consider many folks are drawn not only by golf but world-class medical care with Dixie Regional Medical Center currently going through a 300 plus million dollar expansion adding 400,000 square feet part of that expansion is a new 115 thousand square foot genomics Cancer Center that promises to lead the world in tumor DNA targeted drug therapy according to Utah's governor gary Herbert people from larger cities wonder if they may miss day-to-day things like shopping in big city attractions no doubt too many people good shopping is critical but really they won't miss much in st. George there is really a wide selection of size and of retail stores that range from thrift stores big box on the improvement as well as national warehouse shopping there is also factory type stores as well as mainstream and upscale indoor mall department stores also remember that Las Vegas is just two hours away most people including myself like to eat out sometimes often with the lifestyle of many if not most of us dining options are also really important the great news on that front is there are lots of options there are the usual regional and national chains but I think it's the specialty and even upscale dining that make going out to eat a great experience there are even a number of highly rated restaurants by Zagat and TripAdvisor in the area that include Asian Italian steak and seafood lots of Mexican and even South American there are many locally owned unique places to grab a quick bite and enjoy something really special I often get asked if there's a nightlife or anything to do after hours well as a matter of fact yes live music can be found at local eateries downtown as well as private clubs serving adult beverages are available the world-famous Tolkien amphitheater has been called Broadway in the desert and is also a venue for numerous big-name concerts st. George even boasts its own Symphony Orchestra with the full concert season don't forget that adult gaming and Nevada style entertainment is just 30 minutes away over the border in Mesquite Nevada Dixie State University is a major draw for several different reasons the student population is growing substantially and the facilities are growing along with it business management marketing liberal arts and medical health certification and many fields of study are addressed by Dixie State wide ranging academic study programs for the sports-minded a 10 million dollar donation has been recently made to the university's Hanson Stadium to greatly expand its seating capacity and modernize it for the future by legend solar the university has added numerous new buildings that include the wonderful multi-story Holland Centennial Commons building the Byrnes arena addition the new multi-story student housing as well as an athletic training performing arts Learning Center and more is in the planning the new 45 million dollar Applied Technology College is well underway on the ridge top complex across the valley from the main campus at the original municipal airport site this facility is planning to be the genesis of a new tech park that will greatly benefit our area for years to come not to be forgotten in higher education development has been the announcement and construction of the new 100,000 square foot rocky vista university osteopathic medical training school this is only Utah second medical teaching facility besides the world-renowned University of Utah Medical Center in Salt Lake City 150 years or so ago only a handful of people lived here they were just trying to eke out a living and stay alive a totally different scenario from the modern-day st. George area of course there are always challenges with growth but the issues of stagnation or a shrinking population I would say are worse I am asked about water often water is no doubt a key the quick answer is that we are in a unique position of having water resources available the somewhat longer answer is that the resources are finite of course and that we are learning to conserve our agricultural ground is giving way to residential neighborhoods oddly enough that reduces water use dramatically as agricultural use is very high to add to the surface water springs were developed on the slopes of Pine Mountain and routed to the new community city fathers in our not-too-distant past had the foresight to build the Gunlock reservoir west of the city this project was followed by wells and Snow Canyon and elsewhere and then the construction of quail Creek and Sand Hollow reservoirs the Lake Powell pipeline will more than likely be a reality in the next decade or so as Southwest Utah is increasingly discovered by new transplants and the population continues to grow in modern times most of us are pretty mobile and drive most everywhere we go unless it's long distances st. George City along with our adjacent cities county and state are addressing the increased traffic with many improvements to both surface streets and freeways traffic is always part of growing pains for any growing area I very well remember this being a one-stoplight town with no freeway and just a few posted soft science state county and city planners have multiple projects just completed underway or in the advanced planning stages to address the increased traffic flows on major arterials a regional belt loop system has now linked I 15 on the southern part of the valley over to our new st. George Regional Airport in the East Valley and on to Sand Hollow State Park and hurricane City this Southern Corridor starting at exit 2 on i-15 is planned to be essentially a divided highway freeway that as growth and traffic dictate be expanded it already provides primary access to the burgeoning Sun River adult community as well as a new hotel and truck dealerships at that intersection on the north and west side of the metro area traffic on the east west st. george boulevard has been eased considerably by the new multi lane divided Skyline Drive and Snow Canyon Parkway that links I 15 to the Westside cities of Santa Clara and Ivan's with limited access intersections it's a beautiful Drive by the way taking you up on the red bluffs above the north of the main st. George Valley with 20-mile views it crosses adjacent to city parks and hiking trails and then on out through the pristine Red Rock desert tortoise preserve along the base of the Red Cliffs through the very upscale in Toronto communities and ultimately out to Ivans and cayendo to the west the i-15 freeway itself is being expanded by adding additional traffic lanes to ease congestion also new highly trafficked streets like Dixie Drive have exits added to facilitate east-west traffic flows innovative overpass additions and expansions on st. George Boulevard as well as a very recent underpass construction near the Red Cliffs mall and factory store shopping areas have been completed as far as airline service I think it's interesting to note that our new Regional Airport was the only major airport built during the Great Recession of the past decade st. George is very unique in that it is the home of Skywest airlines recognized as a major North American airline with more than 12,000 employees and 12,000 departures to st. George this means we have unparalleled airline service for a community of our size with three major carrier links provided by Sky West partners United Delta and American we have multiple regularly scheduled flights per day to Salt Lake City Denver and Phoenix all with regional jet service other charter companies frequent st. George's Airport with larger 737 aircraft bringing tourists to our national parks so it's obvious that st. George is a pretty amazing place to work and live for many of the reasons we just talked about when Brigham Young made his famous statement I think he knew that despite the formidable challenges that the early settlers faced there is something almost magical about this place that is still referred to as Utah's Dixie the people have chosen to call this place home for the most part are like-minded and they appreciate the beautiful environment and scenery in this unique area it's not uncommon for me to hear from recent arrivals to southern Utah but the st. George area is home to some of the nicest people they've ever met from grocery to convenience stores you get smiles and a friendly attitude that we locals sometimes take for granted but newcomers and visitors alike find it takes them back to a simpler time speaking of Brigham Young many folks wonder is there anyone else here besides Mormons it's true that this is Utah and it was settled by members of the Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day saints the Mormons and there is a large Mormon population Utah is now much more diverse however with many denominations having thriving congregations I have found that people of faith or no particular faith seem to get along very well here I think you tie as a whole is a pretty remarkable place the state has been recognized nationally has been very well run the st. George area is full of amazing people and attracts like-minded people probably just like you if you have questions about the st. George area or Utah in general I would encourage you to contact a member of my remarkable team or myself personally as we would love to answer your questions thank you

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The Hobson Group, principled by W.D. “Bill” Hobson is a real estate team of uncommon experience and credentials. Our business revolves around marketing homes in the St. George area for sale with particular emphasis on luxury homes, & communities for many years.
Bill is very active in the St. George Utah real estate market, currently serving as the Washington County Board of Realtors President, leading his team to represent and market the largest volume of homes and properties for sale on Washington County multiple listing service. He has a tradition of being involved in community affairs, serving for 8 years as a St. George City Planning and Zoning Commissioner as well as current service on other local community organizations & boards.
Bill points out that St. George’s strategic location, virtually surrounded by National and State Parks as well as Recreation areas. It truly is an outdoor enthusiast’s mecca. Zion, Bryce and Grand Canyons as well as Arches National Park and Capital Reef known as the “Might Five” are all within a few minutes of or an easy drive from St. George.
Numerous lakes and reservoirs can be found in close proximity to St. George also, from beautiful Gunlock, Sand Hollow and Quail Creek Reservoirs, to the inland seas of Lakes Mead and Powell National recreation areas.
The St. George area boasts 12 manicured golf courses, many designed by famous golf course architects. Even more courses can be found with in a very short drive of the valley.
The City of St. George boasts an extensive trail system that run adjacent to its 2 active tributaries to the Colorado river, as well as along washes and other scenic ridges and park areas.
To the north, Brian Head Resort offers downhill skiing as well as snowmobiling, along with Cedar Breaks National Monument. The high alpine environment beacons for winter sports or when the temperatures soar in the desert, trout fishing, small and big game hunting, 4 wheeling, etc., beckon the outdoor enthusiast.
So what else does the St. George area offer a visitor or prospective home purchaser?
A 4 year University with great academics and sports teams? Check!
A world class medical with Dixie Regional Medical Center offering Cardiology, Neurosurgery? Check!
Vibrant arts community w/numerous museums, a symphony orchestra? Check!
Great shopping, with factory stores, indoor and outdoor malls? Check!
Awesome Convention Center and over 1,000 hotel rooms that run the gamut of affordable to luxury accommodations? Check!
We invite you to discover St. George. Find out why it is ranked as one of the top retirement considerations in the nation. Also it is ranked as the #1 Best place to do business by Forbes Magazine. (2015)
Utah has a state constitution that requires a balanced budget and boasts an $800Million dollar surplus. (end of 2014)
Utah ranks number 1 in large Venture Capital investments, as well as second only to Silicon Valley in patents issued. (2014)
Utah leads the nation in lowest unemployment through May 2015.
Utah’s energy costs are the 3rd lowest in the nation with Washington County among the lowest in the State.
It is the only state to rank in the top 10 in five of the six main categories we used to determine the Best States. (Forbes Magazine 2015)
The St. George area ranks by the US Census Bureau as the 5th fastest growing metro area at 2.9% with a population of 151,948 in 2014. The St. George area almost always ranks high in research publications ranking US cities as places to retire, quality of life, affordable housing, golf, scenic environment, etc.
In fact, the St. George area real estate market offers three gated Luxury Home Communities in; “The Ledges,” “Entrada at Snow Canyon,” and “Stone Cliff.” These communities offer mid-to high end luxury town homes and custom homes in located in gated communities that include a world class golf course and or offer incredible views. One can find listed town homes from the $300’s as well as custom single family homes from the upper $500,000’s to well into the millions for luxury mansions. Professional quality video home tours are available on our web site.
While the St. George area offers several luxury home developments, one can find numerous affordable condominium, town home and more modest single family homes from less than $100,000.00.
Discover, “Why St. George?” is a question more and more people are asking their savvy friends and family, who have decided to make the move to this stunning landscape and community.
A bit over 3 hours to Salt Lake City on I-15 to the north, and 1hr 30min to Las Vegas to the south west; truly a realtor’s mantra of, “location, location, location” realized!

Lakeridge Connecticut – Gated Resort Community Tour

Lakeridge Connecticut - Gated Resort Community Tour
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Take a tour through our 241 acre community and find out why Lakeridge is the best place to live. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel! Visit …