Indian Cave State Park

Indian Cave State Park
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Named for the large sandstone cave within the park, Indian Cave State Park encompasses 3,052 rugged acres bordering the mighty Missouri River.

The park is well known for its beautiful camping and picnicking spots, as well as for its 22 miles of scenic hiking and biking trails.

Red Dead Redemption 2 : Abandoned Gold Mine You Can Blow Up !!!

Red Dead Redemption 2 : Abandoned Gold Mine You Can Blow Up !!!

[Applause] what is up my life crisis back here again with my last video of the day and this one is an absolute beauty for the fact of a it involves a gold mine and B you get to play with dynamite and blow things up now that guys as you can hear for my voice I apologize I'm sounding terrible I literally since red dead – dropped have not stopped have literally been uploading content for you guys so it's probably getting the better of me at the moment but guys just quickly before I do get into this the likes the follows the subs just everything has been absolutely crazy you guys are absolutely mind-blowing and I don't normally say it but just for a tiny little channel such as myself I was at 6,000 subscribers on Monday morning and it's just gone crazy and I just really just from the bottom of my heart from a man with little children and a wife just want to say thank you because you know you guys are can awesome and that is it but anyway anyway let me let me get into this enough for that enough of a shopping us so guys anyway listen what you need to do is you need to take yourself to this location on the map it is called a barrels dream okay it is just below the e of a West Elizabeth now when you get here there will be what looks like a abandoned mineshaft it up now when you walk in side this it's going to be all blocked off down the bottom so there is no way in now I had a little look about I tried using my Dead Eye and everything and it wasn't showing anything up and in the end I noticed this plunger I probably should have noticed it a bit earlier but I didn't notice this plunger now when you hit this plunger it's gonna blow the rocks at the bottom of the mine open so you can then go down in to the mine now I was hoping for billions and billions billions of pounds worth of gold there wasn't as much as I thought but there is gold in here so when you come in to this first little chamber we shall call it you need to go to the right hand side now when you go in here there's going to be a gentleman on the floor and dead as a doornail with a big knife in his back as you do now you can take this knife add it to your collection you can inspect it and all that good kind of stuff go and cut people up with it whatever but the one that I was more interested in was this mining hat then this mining hat is absolutely amazing and there is another video I've got coming out tomorrow about the devil's cave and this mining hat should pay it a lot making a lot not easier than holding like the lamp in front of you all the time so you've got this mining hat that you can take with you you can wear around and genuinely look cold now I had to come back into the tunnel and I missed this first time so be really really careful guys now if you imagine where the gentleman is placed down on the ground in his right row by his right hand will be a gold nugget on the floor now you can pick that up make sure you do pick that up because I missed this first time so if you pick that up you can then obviously take that to a fence and you can sell it for him I'm not actually entirely sure how much you get for the gold nugget I think it might be $100 I think if I stand corrected if anybody knows let me know I haven't actually traded any gold nuggets yet but yeah guys this is here take note of the location where it isn't that go get yourself down there it's just another thing just to knock off the list of places that you've absolutely hammered in Red Dead 2 this game is so huge it is absolutely crazy I genuinely cannot wait for the online version to come out it is absolutely mind-blowing this game um also I've got some more videos coming out tomorrow is bombing the ghost train that's coming out I know everybody is covered the ghost lady so I'm probably not gonna cover that one because that is everywhere you know don't want to show people to same stuff over and over again but there is a ghost train where you can stand on the track and it will go straight through you it is amazing I will get that video out for you as soon as I get up in the morning but as for now I need some sleep so guys listen as you always have in mind life crisis and I'm out of here I'm gone you've only supposed to blow the bloody doors off [Applause]

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An old abandoned gold mine, in red dead redemption 2 that holds a dark secret and some pretty cool items

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The New York Public Library Has a Human Google

The New York Public Library Has a Human Google

what do you call a group of cat let me check on that it's called a clowder of cats if you have a question any question there's a number you can call nine one seven two seven five six nine seven five and the librarian at the New York Public Library will try to answer it for you hello thanks for calling ask and ypl we have ten librarians on a team and we answer any question that you may have over the telephone in the office today we have matthew bernard Sarina Diane and me our department asked a ypl began in 1967 we started answering questions over the telephone but people have been reaching out to librarians for as long as there have been libraries the New York Public Library has actually saved records of some of the more interesting questions they've been asked over the years like is there a full moon every night in Acapulco why do 18th century English paintings have so many squirrels in them and how to detain them so they wouldn't bite the painter or Plato Aristotle and Socrates one in the same person in a world of Google it's a bit surprising to know that they get around 30,000 calls per year my question is why um oftentimes people might not have access to the technology at home and I honestly think some just want somebody to talk to so the next time you have a question like how many teeth does a great white shark have you can call this number nine one seven two seven five six nine seven five that will ring inside of this building up on this floor and maybe Bernard or Rosa will pick up and they'll answer it for you they have about 300 serrated teeth you

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At the New York Public Library, you can call a librarian who will answer any researchable question you might have. The help-line has been around for over 40 years, and to this day it receives more than 30,000 calls a year. Need to know the color of an arctic fox’s eyes? Ever wonder if there are full moons every night in Acapulco? Well, if Google isn’t your thing, these librarians have got your answer.


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