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A look at the boardwalk and beach with the ocean and waves on a hot summer evening in July 2018. NJShoreBeachLife is a travel and tour guide channel that has videos of New Jersey beaches and boardwalks and ocean front water views including some walking and driving point of view tours, static beach shots, horseback riding videos, fun NJ activities videos, store walk throughs and other interesting stuff relating to the NJ shore scene (including the towns of Asbury Park, Long Branch and Pier Village, Bradley Beach, Avon by the Sea, Ocean Grove, Belmar, Spring Lake Heights, Seaside, Point Pleasant, Atlantic City, Sandy Hook, Manasquan, Monmouth Beach, Sea Bright, Ocean Township, Deal, Allenhurst, Lake Como and the Highlands). Thanks for watching.

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The State Of Missouri – Fun Facts, History, Geography, Festivals, Travel & Much More!

The State Of Missouri - Fun Facts, History, Geography, Festivals, Travel & Much More!

hello everyone welcome to Kidzilla let's
all together celebrate the state of Missouri mother of the American West Missouri is called the Show Me State this is the Missouri state flag bluebird is the state bird of Missouri Missouri's state flower is Hawthorn Geography Missouri's landscape has 4 basic patterns rolling grasslands and farmlands cover Missouri's northern lands to the west are a section of flat lands and gentle hilils
To the South on the Ozark plateau the hills are rocky and forested and to the
eastern tip are swampy lowlands tornadoes are a weather hazard for people living in
Missouri when warm damp air from the Gulf of
Mexico crashes with the hot dry air from the southwest and cool Canadian Air from the
north makes a strong updraft of wind powerful enough to uproot trees or
houses this is called a tornado or a twister history Missouri's fertile soil attracted
native people from the Osage Indian tribe who were amongst the earliest
dwellers in Missouri Lewis and Clarke expedition mapped
Missouri when France sold Louisiana territory to United States in 1803 Missouri was amongst the 14 states
that was formed In 1821 Missouri applied for statehood Government Missouri's state government is
divided into Legislative executive and judicial
branches Missouri's constitution was written in 1803 and the state motto is
the welfare of the people shall be the supreme law festivals here are some festivals that
are celebrated in Missouri the lantern festival beautiful displays of huge
colorful lanterns depicting the Chinese culture history and legend The Hispanic festival
fun-filled festival celebrating the hispanic culture with crafts, folk
songs and dance economy Missouri's state economy lies in
manufacturing agriculture and service industries Missouri has several minerals like
lead copper zinc and silver here is a chart that shows you
how Missouri workforce is divided landmarks travelers to Missouri find
there are plenty to see from a living butterfly garden to the tallest monument
in the United states and magnificent caves with limestone deposits here is a glimpse that shows you
some of these landmarks Meramec Caverns A cavern was formed in the Ozarks from the erosion of limestone deposits over a million years they're spectacular rock formations called stalactites that point down from the ceiling and stalagmites that stick up
from the floor the gateway arch St Louis' gateway arch is
a majestic 630 foot tall monument the ozark river
midwest's premiere lake resort destination
haha Tonka State park the ruins of a magnificent castle the Elephant Rock
State Park the elephant shaped giant granite
boulders are a sight to see in this park Botanical Garden, a huge herbarium with
over 6.6 million specimens and is the second largest in North America famous people these are some names of famous people who lived in Missouri Harry Truman the 33rd US president
Brad Pitt a famous actor and producer Mark Twain a famous
author who's well known for his book The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn Eminem a famous American rapper here are some fun facts and
state facts for you to enjoy this is my favorite one
at the St Louis World's Fair in 1904 the ice cream cone was invented
an ice cream vendor ran out of cups and asked a waffle vendor to help by rolling up
waffles to hold ice cream if you have any questions please write
them down in the comment box below Happy 4th of July everyone see you soon

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Welcome to the facts for the State Of Missouri – The Show Me State. I will show you all the state facts and fun facts about the State of MO. We begin with the history of Missouri, we then look at the Geography, we proceed to discuss the Festivals, Economy, Landmarks and much more.

Learn about Missouri’s landmarks like the St Louis Gateway Arch, Haha Tonka State Park, Elephant Rock State Park, Meramec Caverns and a lot more.

Happy 4th of July Everyone! Have a great day!

Want To Visit Alaska & Canada With Me?

Want To Visit Alaska & Canada With Me?

You probably know that my wife and I
like to go on cruise ships… And in July 2020 we'll be doing our 50th cruise! Now 50 cruises is kind of a big deal… So, we're inviting you to come along with us on this one. We're going to be leading a group cruise and land tour in Alaska and
Canada… Open to anybody that would like to join us. And when I say "us"
I'm talking about me and my wife Kellyn… And our travel agent, Caitlin
and her husband and their kids. We'll be leading the cruise and a land tour… And I think it's going to be a lot of fun! The plan looks something like this… We'll fly to Anchorage, Alaska
and start the adventure there on July 14th, 2020. We'll spend one night at a hotel in Anchorage… And then the next morning we'll hop on a bus for
a three and a half hour ride… To the Mount McKinley Princess Wilderness Lodge
in Talkeetna. I stayed there with my family in 2014
and it was really great! The lodge is very close to Denali,
the highest mountain peak in North America. On a map, it's usually referred to as Mt McKinley… But the folks in Alaska prefer to call it Denali. If the weather is clear like it was for us in 2014… You'll have a heck of a view of Denali from the Princess Wilderness Lodge. There will be a number of optional excursions
in the Talkeetna area that you can participate in,
for an extra fee. During our 2014 visit to Talkeetna
we visited Sun Dog Kennels… Where they raise and train sled dogs for the Iditarod. After our time in Talkeetna,
we'll board a bus for slightly more than two hour ride
to another princess Wilderness Lodge… The one at Denali National Park… Where we'll stay for two nights. There will be a number of optional excursions
in and around Denali that people can choose from. In 2014, I signed up for a
helicopter sightseeing excursion of Denali… Where I shot the video you're seeing here. If a helicopter tour of Denali
sounds like a fun experience to you… It will be one of your options
if you come on the trip with us… But there will be lots and lots of other options, too. Each day you'll be welcome to tag along with us
on whatever adventure we end up going on… Or you'll be free to go your own way. And if you don't feel like paying extra
for any activities in Denali… There's a natural history tour of the park
which is included at no additional charge. Following our two nights at the Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge… We'll do what I consider the highlight of the land tour… A 295 mile ride on the Alaska Railroad… In an amazing glass-domed railcar
with incredible views. The train ride will last a little more than nine hours… And it was just a fantastic part of our 2014 land tour… So, I'm really excited about this part of our 2020 journey. This is a photo I shot of my sisters
after we rode the Alaska Railroad in 2014. Notice the two level rail car
on the right side of the photo. You spend most of the journey on
the top level with the big glass windows… That give you an amazing view of the Alaskan scenery. But when it's time for lunch,
you head downstairs to the dining area. Be aware that the cost of lunch
is not included in your fare…
but don't worry, it's not outrageously expensive. The train will take us all the way from Denali,
in the interior of Alaska, to the coast… To meet up with our cruise ship. The cruise portion of the vacation
will be a seven-day cruise… Southbound from Whittier, Alaska
to Vancouver… On Princess Cruise Line
beginning on July 18th, 2020 Anyone that only wants to join us for
the cruise portion and not the inland land tour… Is welcome to just fly into Anchorage
and meet us on the ship. We'll be cruising on a really great ship, Royal Princess. I'm really excited to be cruising on this particular ship… Because she will have the new Medallion technology… That Princess has been spending a ton of money
on developing over the last few years. The biggest benefit of being on a ship with this new technology… Is that Internet service will be hugely better
than it is on most cruise ships. Another great benefit is that
from an app on your phone… You can order a drink or snacks
to be delivered to you anywhere on the ship… Even in your cabin or on your balcony. You can also find the current location of anyone
in your party who has agreed to be trackable. So, this is really great for
people cruising with kids or grandkids. The medallion can be worn as a necklace… Or on your wrist, like a watch… Or you can just carry it in your pocket, if you prefer. If you have it with you,
you won't need to carry a wallet to pay for anything… And you won't need to carry a room key. Your cabin door will automatically unlock for you
as soon as you approach the door. And if you sign up for the medallion online
from home before the cruise… And have them send the medallion to you… The embarkation process on the first day of the cruise will be much faster for you. On the day after embarkation in Whittier, Alaska… The ship will do scenic cruising at Hubbard Glacier. That means that you don't get off the ship
and there are no excursions to go on… You will have a great view of Hubbard Glacier right from the ship… Which will linger there for five hours! You might be thinking that
a cruise in Alaska will be cold… But there were actually some days
during our 2014 cruise that were surprisingly warm. There were a couple of afternoons
that were so warm that many of the kids on the ship
were swimming in the outdoor pool. On the third day of the cruise, we'll do
scenic cruising within Glacier Bay National Park. This was the highlight of our 2014 cruise… With absolutely incredible views
of the mountains and the glaciers. The scenery was unlike
anything I had ever seen before. We don't have a whole lot of glaciers in California! So, it was an incredible treat to just
sit out on the deck of the cruise ship… And take in all of the amazing sights
we saw in Glacier Bay. Really, this is one of the
most spectacular places on earth… Truly something that should be on your bucket list… And besides all the beautiful
snow-covered mountain peaks and the glaciers… There is always
a lot of a wildlife for you to see, too! A lot of whales spend their summers up here… And in 2014 we had some
really nice whale sightings during our cruise. On day number four of the cruise
the ship will dock in Skagway… And this is going to be a big day for
any train lovers who are in our group. It's an opportunity to ride
the White Pass and Yukon route Railway
if you'd like to… And I can tell you based on
our 2014 excursion on the White Pass railway… That this is going to be a lot of fun for our group! A trip on the White Pass railway
is absolutely the most popular excursion
for cruise ship tourists in Skagway. The train picks you up right at
the cruise ship dock in Skagway. From there, you take a little bit more
than an hour and a half ride up the mountain. It's a beautiful ride with so
many interesting things to see! The tracks follow the Skagway River for a while… And things get really interesting and especially beautiful… As the train starts to get into the mountains. The further up the mountain you go,
the more beautiful it gets! Really I could just play you
all sorts of beautiful footage of the views
from the White Pass railway from our 2014 trip… But we don't have that kind of time in this video! For me, as a train lover,
it was a train ride I'll never forget… And I hope a lot of the folks in our group
for the 2020 Alaska trip… Will come along with me on this excursion… Which I should point out
is not included cost of the trip… But it's well worth the price of the ticket
to ride this historic railway. On day number five of the cruise
the ship will dock in Juneau,
the capital of Alaska… And there will be numerous optional shore excursions for you to choose from. In 2014 we did a whale watching excursion on a very rainy day. On day number six we'll be docked in Ketchikan. Again, there will be all sorts of
shore excursions that you can book. What you're looking at here
is some video I shot the day
our ship was in Ketchikan in 2014. This was a shore excursion on a smaller boat
to a beautiful place called Misty Fjords. On our group cruise,
you are welcome to come along with us
on whatever shore excursion we end up choosing… Or you can totally head off on your own
to do whatever you want to do. It's totally your choice. The cruise will end in Vancouver, British Columbia. After the cruise people are
free to fly home from Vancouver
OR… Stick with us for a few days longer
and join us for one more leg of the adventure! We're going to spend two nights at a hotel in Vancouver… So that we have some time to have fun in the area… But before checking in to the hotel for the first night… We'll take a very extensive tour of Vancouver… And the cost of that tour IS included in the base price. We'll see Gastown and Chinatown… And spend some time at the world-famous
1000 acre Stanley Park. Plus, Granville Island
where you'll have some free time
to explore on your own. And then the next day we'll do a Victoria Day trip… And again that's included in the price of
the trip… As is breakfast each day that we're in Canada. Our day trip to Victoria will include
a 90-minute cruise on BC Ferries. We'll tour the world-renowned Butchart gardens… And you'll have lots of free time to explore there. After a second night in our hotel,
we're going to get aboard a very famous train… The Rocky Mountaineer… For a rail tour from Vancouver to Banff
on a spectacularly beautiful route. From your seat on the Rocky Mountaineer
you'll have a fantastic view through big glass windows
of all the amazing scenery. And a host in each car will offer
fun and educational commentary along the way. On the train, breakfast and lunch
are included at no additional charge. It's such a long distance from Vancouver to Banff
that it can't be done in just one day. So, the train will stop and let us off
in the town of Kamloops… Where we'll spend the night in a nice hotel . And then we'll get back on the train the next day
for the rest of the ride to Banff. And this will really be the most scenic part of all
as we travel through the Canadian Rockies! I am so looking forward to sitting up in the top of that rail car… Taking in these amazing views… And having some delightful conversations
with all the members of our group… Who, by this point, I imagine
will have a very special camaraderie
after doing such a great trip together. We'll then spend two nights in Banff… So that we'll have time for a sightseeing tour
into Yoho National Park… As well as a full day tour of
lots of points of interest in Banff… Including a ride on the famous gondola. All this is included as part of the package… As well as bus transportation for us
from Banff to the airport in Calgary
on July 30th, for our flights home. Join us for all three legs of the trip: The Alaska rail tour… The Princess cruise… And the Canada Rail tour… Or join us for only the parts that interests you.
It'll be totally up to you. One last thing…
which maybe I shouldn't have
waited so long to talk about… There are some incentives for you
to come on this trip with us… Rather than just booking an Alaska cruise
or rail tour on your own. By booking this cruise with my travel agent and joining our group… You will receive a $50 onboard credit… Which you can use during the cruise to pay for
drinks, specialty dining, gift shop purchases,
and things like that. Plus here's even better news… If you book the CruiseTour…
which is the cruise plus the Alaska land tour
before the cruise… You'll actually get a $75 onboard credit instead of $50. Of course the best incentive of all
is that you get to come along with us
and have a whole lot of fun! There will be ample opportunities for us to sit and chat
about whatever you want… Or if there's nothing else to talk about,
just let me ramble on about
cruises, trains, puppies, and YouTube! If you've ever wanted the inside story on
something you saw in one of my YouTube videos… THIS will be your big chance! So, if you have any interest in going on
this Alaska adventure with me and Kellyn… Plus our travel agent, Caitlin, and her family… Contact Caitlin to book it right away
if you already know that you want to join us… Or visit
to get some more information about it
to help you to decide. Caitlin can make all the arrangements for you
including all the cruise details… The train arrangements,
setting up transportation to and from the airport… And assisting with your flight arrangements
if you want her to. I'm sure you're wondering
what the heck this is all going to cost! Well, that's a question for Caitlin, but… Let me just say that there will be
some options for you to choose from… Which will have a big effect on how expensive
of an adventure this ends up being for you. Besides the choice of
whether to join us just for the cruise
or for either of the optional rail tours… There will also be choices regarding what kind of stateroom you want on the cruise ship. If you need to keep the cost down,
just book a cheap inside cabin with no windows… And go up on deck, or to any of the lounges
when you want to enjoy the views. But I think most people
will probably book a balcony cabin… That way they'll be able to enjoy the great views right from their room. And folks with a big vacation fund
can book a big suite! For those joining us on the Rocky Mountaineer… You can do it less expensively in their Silver Leaf class… Or step up to the Gold Leaf class
that Kellyn and I will be in. The biggest difference is that
the silver-class cars are single level… And when meals are served
you just eat right there at your seat… Kind of like eating a meal in first
class on an airplane. If you choose the Gold Leaf class
you'll be in a two-level rail car… Spending most of the time
up in that upper level with the views… But moving downstairs to the dining area
for meals with a lot more room. Plus, the Gold Leaf cars have a neat little
open-air viewing area at the back… Which is fantastic for shooting photos or videos
because you're not shooting through glass windows. And it's also great for just getting some fresh air… Or a moment of privacy! There's actually more differences between
gold leaf and silver leaf classes than that… Which Caitlin can explain to you. In fact, she can take you
through all the options… Things you can do to keep the cost down… As well as explain what the benefits are
of splurging a little bit on some of the nicer options. If you're not quite ready to call Caitlin
but you want even more information about the trip
than what's in this video… Visit my website at Look for the section about upcoming cruises… And you'll find even more details about
this group trip to Alaska in July of 2020… As well as another group trip we've got planned:
a Caribbean cruise in 2021 I'm going to put Caitlin's contact information
up on the screen one more time
in case you want to copy any of it down… And I do thank you for watching this video… And I really hope you'll join us in Alaska. We will have a lot of fun together!

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Here are all the details about a group cruise and land tour that we’ve got planned for July of 2020. We’ll be visiting Alaska and Canada, by rail, cruise ship, bus, and gondola!

The trip starts with a flight to Anchorage and an overnight stay there. The next morning, we’ll be off to explore the interior of Alaska. Our first stop: the Princess Wilderness Lodge in Talkeetna, with a beautiful view of Denali.

Next, we’ll head to Denali National Park for a two-night stay in the Princess Wilderness Lodge there and plenty of opportunities to explore the park.

After that, we’ll have an amazing day on the Alaska Railroad as we take a nine hour train ride to meet up with a cruise ship at the coast.

The cruise will be a 7-day southbound cruise on Royal Princess, featuring their new medallion technology which provides several benefits, including the fastest Internet service at sea.

We’ll visit Hubbard Glacier, Glacier Bay, Skagway, Juneau, Ketchikan, and the cruise will end in Vancouver. However, that won’t be the end of the adventure… because we’ll be doing a five-day tour of Canada after that!

We’ll tour the Vancouver and Victoria areas for two days, and then get on the Rocky Mountaineer for an amazing train adventure to Banff. After our Rocky Mountaineer trip, we’ll fly home from the Calgary airport.

Contact my travel agent, Caitlin Gallagher, if you’re interested in coming along with us for any or all of the three legs of this trip, or visit my web site at and check the “Upcoming Cruises” section for more details about our plans.

Special note:
YouTube has disabled the ability to comment on all videos on my channel. It wasn’t me that disabled comments! If you would like to comment on this video, please head over to and feel free to post a comment there. I really enjoy reading comments from people who have watched my videos.