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good morning ladies good morning how does it feel to be in Hot Springs Arkansas but how have you felt the experience has been so far though just the drive up here and feeling the atmosphere yes it is different this morning we're gonna head into Hot Springs the history of Hot Springs is pretty cool this is where the Native American Indians used to come from afar to lie in the pools that were bubbling up from the earth because they're all hot and they climbed that there was a lot of healing energy slush power in them too now it's turned into this cool kind of iconic spot that's called the bathhouse row or something like that where like all of these bath houses have formed in the National Park there and they draw water from underground and then they make little pools out of it you can go in and spend eighty dollars and get sit in the bath and get a massage and so this his birthday in four days so she's gonna have a bit of a look and see if it might be something she wants to do for a birthday wouldn't that be cool to lay in a hot spring organically fresh mineral water from the ground like the American Indians did here's this chap up here looking at every little pond pretty huh oh it is like fiery hot believe there's like if they say to that 140 degrees Celsius so hot that is just coming straight from the ground believe it it's mental can't believe that so these are the bathhouses that kind of line the National Park here and it's so quirky I can't believe after filling that water you think in your head it's not going to be that hot and that is ferocious and it's just bubbling up out of the earth no wonder the Indians would have thought that it was like healing water it's so different this place is like tending to like a museum slash information center oh that feels like heaven they made a crazy amount of effort to utilize this hot water like they would but they is that that's definitely a form of torture then I like they had to like funnel all of the water like into this place the life using a Cassini the showers for baths this thing it's a steam I'm pretty sure they're torturing them it's a torture chamber it's just very quirky I'll give you that Wow is it is it really ya know it's just a made-up story dear Dollface ruins it's funny utilize though there's a hot spring material so good of course we're noise let go what's your thoughts the wrigley probably thinking this is wow this is crazy get me out of here we got a bit of a situation in this diner the guy behind us he ordered his meal with him I made it for him already but then he decided he didn't wanna she can't even say well you've avoided it or we made it so you gotta pay for it I'm not paying for it what are you gonna do a bit she's not so now we got ourselves a bit of a situation I don't have all we have to get it all right so this is a water fountain that they've made that has the water from the hot springs coming up that you can drink you can go inside and get little cups but she's wild the extra vitamins of life now she's got about a hundred extra vitamins and minerals in her from the hot bubbling brooks of the hwacha mountains what's the drink oh you did it anyway I know I know what I'm doing I know what I'm doing don't tell me what to do I know that would be alright here goes Maddie filling up his mineral rich water oh it's the million degrees we're not in cold Springs Arkansas all of their water bottles with boiling hot water drinking a hot water cup in the middle of the desert we're not in the desert well lyses just gone for a birthday present happy birthday Lizzy I hope it sucks you and enriches you and enlarges you in personality I've got the little munchkin what are we gonna do gonna go for a wonder or something or what do you want to do maybe I'll put you in the pram put some sunscreen on your body for you Grammy and let's just explore you want to just explore a little bit well you oh my gosh I think I found some people playing Pikachu it's finally happened they've taken over they were just running before you guys paying Pikachu disbanded behind all time young necessarily love weaving candies my sense is we want a variety

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Eastern Montana's Hidden Gems!

Eastern Montana's Hidden Gems!

walk it along here in Lewistown Montana now Lewistown is right about the dead center of Montana if you drove drew a big X to the state corner to corner you'd find Lewistown about the middle beautiful little town but I want to show you something that's kind of unique see this line of posts coming down the curve here right on down the year that goes on behind me that's for hitching your horse up that lets you know you're in Montana great place we're spending the evening in Lewistown Montana on the west side of town at the Kiwanis rest-stop it's a nice camping area and there's plenty of campsites although this evening it's a little bit crowded it is that time of year nice place though they do ask for donations then we just parked here off to the side now on the other side though up against uh with the big snowy mountains in the background remember the movie anyways there's an airport here but it's not very busy they get a couple of cargo flights in this evening and that will be about it it's only us well here in mokosh gathers dinosaur remains pretty much all over the place they've made some major discoveries here and when you're in here some of the some of these sites are marked but many many of them are not marked and as you walk along it's up to you to make up your mind if you're seeing dinosaur remains or not what do you say we're still looking for the bone bed that's reported to be up here but we just came across this really old old campfire ring that could have been there for hundreds of years no sign of the charcoal in the pit it's all covered over but that's an old bugger start dinner table now I read in the visitor center that there's a lot of iridium that registers in the grown soil which meant that they think a huge meteorite landed here and possibly created this or killed all the dinosaurs that would explain all the heavy rocks yeah those really heavy rocks yeah look at this odd piece can anybody identify this okay my turn your turn the amazing thing is you're allowed to go roam around in these hills and look for yourself if you're feeling adventurous come check it out there's an adventurous person right there you said this was gonna be a walk through the woods climbing the StepStone bad [Laughter] it's passing through Baker Montana eastern Montana and I couldn't help but notice this now that's what I call artwork it's the rest of it I think that's really cool well we're currently in medicine rocks State Park which is by ecolo con Montana can you say that Decco laka and that's down in the southeast corner of Montana and we want to show you what's special about this place especially the beauty stick around early on the Native Americans recognized what a special place medicine rocks was it's a place where they came to go on vision quests to meditate to gather hang out and it's high up so they could look in all directions for their enemy a Lakota by the name of charging bear said that it was a place where the spirit stayed and the medicine medicine men played medicine rocks kind of looks like the Goblin City doesn't it let's go check it out Peter Linda I don't know I heard your voice at hard time finding where you were at uh-huh cool [Applause] I've noticed that some of the rocks have these carved footholds going up and the ones that have these have a natural Bowl on top that catches rainwater pretty cool just a way for somebody to crawl up there and dip out that rainwater how cool now we make it into the other chamber yeah like sands of time oh cool all in all it's a beautiful area to come you're free to go hiking out across the grass here we'll explore you

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A visit to some of the beautiful destinations in eastern Montana! Everyone knows about Glacier National Park, Yellowstone, Flathead Lake and other places along the Rockies, but eastern Montana seldom gets a look and it’s beautiful.

Travel with Us ~ MISSOURI (Rock Climbing)

Travel with Us ~ MISSOURI (Rock Climbing)

so Justin and I are trying our first white house I'm sorry des and I are having our first White Castle burgers ever just because we've never had it before all the ones in Florida closed down way braver about this before I looked at them what scares you so much about it now that bread looks so soggy why is it so soggy yes and SOG sod master which ones which shoes all right this one is no this is your soup this would pickles and onion and original and mush it's the original this was the jalapeno that's spicy it is oh you took a big bite out of a semester you're really bad actually I think I did have a White Castle burger from like this salt amount Walmart and like frozen packs what wasn't the same yeah I thought it was just because they were crappy Walmart microwave ones but these taste the same this is weird McDonald's burger I guess some people would like it to feel half-chewed oh that is bread soggy bread just fall oh don't show me that throw that in the trash look Cody wants it so bad I think you secretly liked it this if you really hate a date you would give it to Cody I'm chillin you ready to give my food it's so bad we're gonna go eat somewhere else I'm sorry Cody I can't keep you into this it's too spicy and you're gonna fart and it's gonna smell even worse speak no speak like oh man speak come on Cody speak come on one more one more speak okay well this experience did not go very I don't know what to say it was so weird oh this is the thinnest Oh Batman or the whole process Oh Shh thank you gonna keep coming I don't even know if I recorded that I was so nervous oh dang a UPS truck why are no other largest trucks in the world have to be situated on this bridge right now that guy is like really forgot how to be brave as good don't use that one cheater machee cheese you're almost there you touch the butt okay that's one way to do it nice that's exactly how they nope only everybody on YouTube oh okay just jump out from the wall with your feet [Applause] that time is way better you're way better get up to the top you can do it [Applause] [Applause] is it normally this purple cool-looking [Applause] rock is so slippery I'm coming howdy stick goodbye all right let's go it'll be a slip and slide that really hurts Oh [Laughter] Yama's goddess but he missed risky okay you got maybe fall tonight it's slick enough to drag him back up here Cody bad idea [Applause] [Applause] I've never seen a road so small are we supposed to get out a cemetery at the toilet oh the mill Oh is it really that good it's a turn the water so folder I'm gonna get him down there you stand right here od found something what is the coating on what that I'm not let's go are we stuck in this it didn't yeah but it's okay Cody go careful this is terrible Dustin

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The Road Abode’s throwback adventures in Missouri! We try our first White Castle sliders (very odd experience). Our cousin introduces us to ROKC for indoor rock climbing where… Allison tries her best… and then we check out the beautiful Rocky Falls.

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