Bad Drivers of Connecticut 139

Bad Drivers of Connecticut 139

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The last clips I have from 2016. Next week’s video starts CT 2017 clips. I don’t know if it’ll be the last or not. I have a lot left. More Bad Drivers! So many! This compilation is packed full as always. Enjoy!

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A Day In The Life of a Homeless Person

A Day In The Life of a Homeless Person

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Let’s take a look at the hard life on homeless people and what their day might look like. Many of us have a daily routine that we are used to. We wake up, brush our teeth, and eat breakfast before catching the school bus or driving to work. Of course everyone’s day varies depending on what they do…their job, the school or university they attend. And in the evening most of us return to family or to our own home to settle in for the night. Not everyone though. Today we’ll be looking at how people in less fortunate circumstances spend their time. How they go about their day compared to you and I. Welcome to this episode of The Infographics Show: What do homeless people do all day?






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Clamming for Razors on Seaside Oregon Beach by Ave. U

Clamming for Razors on Seaside Oregon Beach by Ave. U

Free Sand Dollar! Nice little souvenir. Here I am, at the end of Avenue U in Seaside
(Oregon). Right on the beach doing some clam digging
with my Bro, let's see how it's going for him. Tons of people out here! Beautiful morning. Love IT. Get that free food… Oh, Dude that easy. Look at that. That's a meal Bro. Good work. That one is HUGE. Good sized. How many do you got so far man? I think this is number ten. Number ten already? You just got out here. Let's get a close up. That's beautiful man, good work. (Laughter) I can already taste it. You can already taste it. How many grams of protein do you think that
(clam) is? I don't know… There's got to be six or seven grams of protein
in each little clam. Good old Seaside Doggy Bag. Yeah. Good find man. So are you going to catch another five, or
are you over it? Five is how many more I've got (left to reach
legal limit). There's one right here. Oh, here we go… Little dimple. Get it!. Kind of want to go at a slight angle towards
the water (ocean), so you don't crunch it. You'll know if you do, because you'll hear
it crack. And you're suppose to take the little baby
ones too, right? Take whatever (small clams) you find? Yeah. Don't throw them back, it's illegal. It will cost ya. Where is (the razor)? Come on #clam There he is. Nicked him, oh well. Still good right? It happens. Let me see this guy. He's being shy. Oh, look at that. That is a fatty clam. Looks healthy, looks delicious. This gun
is a little skinny. Here's your clam back bro. Easy pickings huh? Yeah, it's just The Search. Some people go to different areas. See how that kinda looks like one there? The best way to tell is if you stomp next
to it, and this might be a hit or miss… See how it sucked in a little bit? Yeah. There's on behind you over there too. Yeah, I felt him crunch a bit. Oops! It's getting gutted already. That might have been all of those shells. Oh, there he is. Boom. Barely nicked him. Good work! That's a big dimple, yeah. Nice show. She we didn't miss the tide huh, it's just
coming up now? Yeah, you can see the water behind you starting
to come in there. Yup. Give me that clam. Look at that. That is Survival Bros getting some free food. Well, $7 for a permit. But lasts a couple months. We got our money worth. If you go to a restaurant…$$$ How are you
going to cook these? Fry them up? Yeah. I'll soak them in milk for about 30 minutes,
egg, flower, frying pan, belly. haha I think we need three more. 3 more to go. It's a quick meal though. Are you surprised with all of the people down
here? No. Typical? Look down there. Yeah, there's a good 50 people clamming. More than that! Tide is coming in. Quickly. People got their shovels, waders, couples
out here, kids out here. Making IT happen. Early on a weekday morning. I love it. See if he's got another show. Got something? I think so. Some people have rain on their gear so it
drips and makes a divot, you kind of get fooled, but that looks like one right there. Yup. Oh God. Tough sand. Tough sand. Let's of shells huh? Yeah. There we go, into the soft stuff hopefully. Nice Survival Strap. Where is it? There he is. Boom. So you got to be looking. Yeah. Once you know what to look for, that little
dimple in the sand, golden. There's different style of dimples… That one was shallow, others were deep. Sometimes you'll find one that looks like
a donut. Doughnut dimple? Where it's kinda raised. It almost looks like a donut hold in the sand. Two more! Two more to go, let's get these…here's a
show. See that? Yup. Oh, I don't like the angle I took on that. Ahhh, hard sand, get out of here. This isn't easy work is it? Oh, oh God. Trying to get him out clean. Not easy. There we go. You've got this bad boy, let's see him. Uhhhh, more free food. Crab bait. Poor guy. It's still money. So one more clam to go. That's a fatty divot right there. It kind of looks like it, but….It's tough. See that mark right there, how someone made
that, and the water will splash over it? But if there's nothing in there you just go
find another one. See there's one too. Yeah… Let's see if we've got any luck here. Will this be the last clam of the day? There fast little guys, so it's kind of time
sensitive. That's why I just throw that first core part
out, right there? Don't even worry if there's one in there,
because I can get him later. Get that second pass… Go as deep as possible the first time. Yes. There is the last clam of the day. Number 15! And we got that all in 50 square foot little
area. Got that real quick. Minimal effort. Food for days. Good work man. Free food. Survival Bros dot com showing you how. I mean they are right here, it's not that
hard. The thing that gets me, is you'll see people
come down here and they bought all this gear and stuff… And you get me, I wake up late, I have this
stupid little ghetto setup, and a freaking beach doogy (poop) bag! ha You made it happen
tho. Let's make it happen. This guy looks like a commercial (clammer),
he has a huge net. He doesn't have a limit, but he has to catalog
his pounds he catches, and you see that big dragnet that he has behind him? He can only keep ones over 3 inches (long). He has a mark on his shovel, and he can tell
by eye. They usually have a little mark on their shovel,
and if it's too small, since they are right there in the surf, he can just transplant
right back into the dirt. But see here, look at all of these scavenger
Seagulls. The minute you throw one that's too small
away, they are going to come and pick it up. Us scavengers are doing #clamming Seagulls
are doing some clamming too!

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