Terrapin Park Beach – A really beautiful place on Kent Island

Terrapin Park Beach - A really beautiful place on Kent Island
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some crystal Tom's i am a park ranger for Queen Anne's County and I am stationed at terrapin Park Terrapin park is located on kent island in the town of Stevensville we have a great picnic area has a few picnic tables and some barbecues you can come down here with a family and have a little cookout we also have some meadow areas which are great for seeing like birds songbirds and foxes and rabbits and deer and things of that nature and then we have to saltwater marsh areas brackish water marsh areas that are good for wading birds like herons and egrets and red-winged blackbirds and we have the beach area so you can go swimming and then there's a fishing beach so you can go fishing out there catch some rockfish and there's a four mile trail system here so if you want to take a bike ride or go for a hike it's a great place to go part of the cross island trail tour yep it connects to the cross island trail this is the point on the trail down here at terrapin park where if you go this way there's about a four mile trail that goes around past the beach and a lot of the amenities and the meadows and the different areas and comes back around to the parking lot if you go this way on the trail this is the cross island trail and you can ride this all the way up to kent narrows where some of the restaurants are and some different things you can take your pets on it walk with the family ride bikes just can't take any motorized vehicles so we also have a freshwater pond right adjacent to the park it's not very far at all it is a stocked pond where you can go fishing and you can do capture and lease there's also a lot of turtle species there is a huge snapping turtle that I've seen a few times and often i'll see you at eagle there or some osprey even and like i said more wading birds do you need to have a fishing license like a maryland state fishing license too yes efficient either places down here yep you do the swimming area has a great view you can see the Bay Bridge all the way over to the western shore you can see fairies and boats going by it's actually really cool i saw a cruise ship last weekend so it's a great view down there and the beach is a swim at your own risk but it's great beach to go to a lot of kids and families come here often and go swimming and it's really nice we have a huge meadow in the back of the park and it is technically what we would call early successional habitat where you're going to find a lot of grass eating species such as deer and cottontails and you'll find a lot of song birds that migrate here like warblers and verdes and chickadees and stuff of that nature and it's a really great habitat for butterflies and bees and different types of insects yep there's a often a few people here trying to check some birds off of e birds we have one guy in particular who likes to watch the herons and egrets over by them saltwater marshes and everything the park is open from sunrise to sunset pretty much we give you like a half-hour window after the sunset just to try to get out of the park and if you want to watch the sunset to watch it and then skedaddle we have a board here at the parking lot area that has a map and it'll show you where you are and how far the trail goes and i'll show you markers that we have around the park to show you how far you've gone and how far you can go things of that nature so Phil you mentioned something about these signs down here at the party remember yes it was an Eagle Scout project back in late 2014 early 2015 Jeffrey mayor placed 15 of these informational signs all on the walking trail here at terrapin park it's all based on environmental and a the weather conditions and the human relation to the environment but we've done to create some hazards and what things we've done it to make improvements today you're going to take some kids out on a tour yep some kids from the Recreation Department of queens county is coming down to go for a little tour around the park I'm going to take them around the whole thing we're going to go around the meadow area the woods area and down the fishing beach and swimming beach and then through the salt marsh area that's this is a great way for kids to learn about the wildlife of Maryland yeah and the plants too i'll do a little bit of things with plants because we don't really see too much wildlife during the day but i'll point out some birds and maybe we'll see some snakes or turtles or something snakes yeah like that yeah I'll talk about some native plant species but I also talked to them about some invasive species that we have here too and what an invasive species is and what they can do to help with invasive species to try to keep native plants here and healthy and to help the ecosystem here find out more about recreation programs by going on the web to Parks and Rec org that's parks the letter and RAC org

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Terrapin Park by the Chesapeake Bay Bridge on Kent Island is a hidden gem. Great place to get outside for the day, sit on the beach, go fishing, take a hike. To learn more about your great parks in Queen Anne’s County go to www.qac.org and search parks or call 410-758-0835. Thanks for watching QACTV

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Ocean City, Maryland – A Short Aerial Video in 4K Ultra HD.

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I've never in my life been to Walmart never I have no interest in Walmart I absolutely hate seeing people like at Wawa or the gas station in their pajamas they just gave up on life wearing pajamas outside your house where other people can see you I'm just saying screw it I give up I give up I'm wearing my pajamas I've never been to a target either I don't see the fascination with Disneyland I don't get it at all I hate waiting in lines I just hate waiting in line I absolutely love sauerkraut oh my gosh I love sauerkraut I want to eat it every day why don't people use their blinker I mean your hands right there you just you know move your finger down kimchi oh my gosh kimchi is one of my favorite honestly I'd rather take a bath before a shower now that we got all the usual ramblings out of the way let's start the show welcome back to a another episode of Rockies without doors of course I am rocky and today I'm at the American chestnut land trust here in Prince Frederick Maryland so not too far from my house I was thinking earlier how you know in my lifetime you know 20 years ago I never even knew what the internet was in fact he got my first computer at home I think it was 2001 when I was in Japan AOL dial-up custom home 200 always a month to dial-up in Japan on AOL you know and took forever and remember the noise dial-up took like five minutes nobody can use the phone in that time and I think cell phones were just coming out all day now having a iPhone or Android or something in your pocket you know it's just like people that are born you know in the 2000s that's all they know they think that that was just life you know but it's just so much different than it was 20 years ago the point is some things they never change right like this just a walk in the woods walk in the woods just the thing it's gonna be it the same through eternity I mean we might have a better better gear and I have a titanium stove in my bag and you know it wasn't like that in the old days but the basic pain of hiking through the woods never changes I believe they said there were 22 total miles of uh of hiking trails of this error I don't know if you can add that all together and do that long of a loop or I think some of the trails might intersect in fact I can tell I might be on two different trails right now I'm on the Parker Creek loop trail but the blaze is so since there's two different colors I don't think you can turn it into a full 22 mile I think that some of the trails intersect I mean obviously that is the case I wanted to give a thank you to another youtuber who I follow this hoopa's cat I believe he's in Ontario Canada Toronto area he's mostly about prepping and safety you know he has a great series on hypothermia ideas that correlate with with prepping he said he watched over 3000 YouTube videos you know probably estimate and on all of them for prepping he chose my video he's his favorite of 2017 and as he mentioned I'm not a prepper I wasn't playing make-believe that was a real life situation and I don't put myself in the category as they prep her per se I just like to be prepared that video really meant a lot to me and I hope I came across in the video when I said it was the worst day of my life I truly and honestly meant it obviously I haven't had any no horrific loss in my life but being scared for myself and my family my house my possessions which you know are obviously secondary for someone to say even if he just told me on my even if he commented that he loved my video or liked my video or enjoyed it that would have been enough but for him to you know post out that he thought my video was the best prepping video of 2017 thank you so much for that I'm truly honored and you know some of your followers came over to follow me I they probably figured out by now I'm not a exactly up River I'll still follow him back I'm interested in prepping I just don't enjoy the conspiracy side of prepping that's just me people you could people can talk about whatever they want you know I'll absorb what I agree with and I'll discard what I don't so I have no will or anything towards the prepping community even those who talk about zombies and hoopla Scott said he'd you know use the zombie apocalypse as a you know template for no prepping before and that's totally cool I'm not I'm not I have no judgment on that just that's not just not for me if you're interested in that kind of thing I'm gonna link his channel down at the bottom of page he's a great follower good guy yeah I suggest you go check him out and if you want that kind of information not not strictly just not not strictly only prepping but you know just just the safety and the safety not just on the trail but in life in general very informative great information so yeah as I said my video wasn't supposed to be you know about prepping per se but it was just a real-life situation I wasn't playing make-believe like some people I see out there but that's this up and it happened that to everyone in the country you know some people are more horrific than others people lost their lives radiation scares we had radiation pills and you know it was it was a terrible moment I don't need to explain any more than I already did so for people out there that that question you know was I really prepared at my EDC bag you know it was stupid well you know what it got me through so that's all I need to say is I got through the day I wasn't trying to convince anyone like hey you know look what I did look you know I was I'm amazing I'm always ready for everything that's not the case I was ready for that day that's it I was ready for that day I got through my life moved on that's the bottom line nothing more nothing less so poop was cat I really appreciate it buddy I'm leaking you down below and for all any of my followers for interested and having someone to follow and have them call you back I'm sure I mean no I'm not speaking for him but it seems like it's a great dude so yeah check them out yeah isn't this cool I got this raft here to take you across this frozen now so it's a it's closed now and it looks like I shouldn't go there was a sign that said it's closed down and I don't know if I can because there's ice as you can see you know built up on the water I could probably break through it but of course I'm gonna follow the rules but yeah it's got this pulley system take you across on the raft and it will come back in the spring and do that that is so cool so cool gosh I love that so yeah I just wanted to check it out I know I couldn't do it today but I'm gonna go back on the Parker Creek Trail so man that's cool chestnut land rest hell yeah heck yeah I think I've said multiple times that the best thing about Maryland is this location and Maryland not the greatest but you know we can get to Virginia in West Virginian you know those places are amazing but the more I explore Maryland you know the more I really enjoy it the more I you know fall in love with the places this place right here you know this actually elevated this brought it to another level you know the trails aren't particularly long or anything like that but it's just so beautiful you know it's so nice in here and it's wintertime imagine what its gonna look like in the summer or spring or fall so I like winter I mean I know people would rather see foliage but foliage but I enjoy winter just as much if not more than the other times a year so Maryland you know you're going on me and back to the car hike for maybe two and a half hours my phone says my phone my phone says I hiked 5.6 miles so it took some extra little tours around and back to my car and yeah thanks for coming along another episode of Rockies without doors I'm Rocky and I catch you tomorrow on another adventure

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Hiking along the “Parker Creek “North” in Prince Frederick Maryland at the American Chestnut Land trust.

Shoutout: “Huples Cat” YouTube Page