Minneapolis Minnesota | Guthrie Theater

Minneapolis Minnesota | Guthrie Theater
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The Minnesota Road Trip

The Minnesota Road Trip

I've always been 1307 a toast white 10:07 you mean 908 so I better have my shaving kit or else I'm gonna have a problem I'm gonna look like a gorilla don't you already are you recording me yeah I don't think we've told them all what we're actually doing today we're going somewhere gray to go yeah a little mystery silver listen to this bad boy sounds like a weed eater all right we got this thing in sports car mode now we're gonna see what this thing has here we go headlights on three two one well I hit the brake let's try again here we go Wow we're speeding the hamster is hungry now yeah it's sort of the three cylinder engine it sounds like a lawnmower it sounds like a like a motorboat or so I think I excited I think my car is beefier than this I think it's 40 miles a gallon that's good though it doesn't though arm wrists no it doesn't there's no armrest let's do a review of house cruise control no cruise control no armrest it's got a radio but it's got a radio which we're not gonna play because air conditioner is okay air conditioner works alright let's see well yeah we keep you got power windows my butt itches got glove box we've got that's a weird dude walking down the street here oh that guy always does he visit dude that in my town he literally walks like like talk – oh gosh yo don't worry that's a Cadillac behind us wow you just have to go to Heritage Hall to poo again no need to the bathroom is closest bathroom here alright we're back here at Heritage Hall again for one reason only Andrews got a poop for the elevator it's upstairs yeah today I don't know what those people are doing well Heritage Hall is closed today I didn't I think we're gonna go to Jacobs aren't we we're ghosts you're there now I don't have the air in the mic this is pretty through here yep we're all down u.s. 67 right now we're 21 miles into this there's our official time it's Easter time so subtract one hour on that actually that we also have a giant clock right there too actually well green car let's see how much it cost to fill up this car I'm like almost on empty so this is the cheapest gas in this area this place this is f4 Express here 243 is what we're running now so the fountain they probably do in this store it's a 955 right now wants everyone because it's cheap gas here this place is they like put like pixie dust in their gasoline or something that does weird stuff to your engine yeah how much gas so there's a little digital gas yeah a themá– train alright well we'll fill this up this is it looks like I said this is probably the cheapest gas around usually this place usually is the Sun comes this Zephyr is all right so most small car is we want to see the car yeah well we haven't really done a proper compared we haven't really showed this car yet so we have a little golf cart here as you can see it's a Mitsubishi Mirage so we're gonna fill it up now so anything of this par it's okay just okay watch how much it cost of chromatography all right go back are you gonna go get a soda I'm sorry can't have that in the YouTube video all right oh whoa our clock died let's try to fix it ha darn it we will hushed the time again all right so it's a 10:30 a.m. then we're gonna have to fix this clock again now welcome to st. Louis welcome to st. Louis so why are we visiting st. Louis I mean obviously we're gonna be in st. Louis later but we're gonna make a pit stop we're going to terrorize the struck the president of this city I wonder who that could be will falling on the moon yeah for almost there are you gonna have to poop these dog poop yeah you just came away where we're going I know I ice ice Dover paws where I said Hey look at that it works we launched in college all right so it's we're gonna set this thing to ten thirty one thirty we're gonna blow it on Central time that's how you set the clock and we're gonna put it oh yeah I put it to ten ten how am I so that my so I'm making me edit okay there 1032 and there's our clock there's our there's our official timekeeper we've gone 55 point 6 miles and we're gonna let the camera roll a little bit because there's a view of downtown over this hill so do you have anything to say while we wait here interesting don't try that later here's our view of the island town over the hill here we're gonna try this time I've learned from the last video that we're gonna try to get the bugs off but there's bugs already horrible it'll stop at the air station wipe dilution watch here we go there's the other city right there and he kind of just blurred the shot let's see I mean even though even those things are wimpy – there we go that kind of worked well there's st. Louis up ahead I would love to explore this factory right here that's a anheuser-busch you're not going to anywhere in there no sir Busch st. Louis Missouri I'd like a free sample they don't even know if they do that anymore I think it to take the tour first they like used to give you this really awesome tour for free and now they give you this this really craft or for the free one and then they make you pay for the big drum the elevators turn they have the oldest running escalator in the middle pass the Mississippi Mississippi is it public I don't think so but it might be a wooden escalator why is it public why do they have an escalator de Factory I don't know but my uncle was telling me about it apparently they have the oldest running escalator parent work after I went when I work real well will lose are you I bet you love the Amtrak they're not real railroaders they'll know how to handle real freaks all right get one more view of downtown up here and then I'm gonna have to shut the camera thing missing from the attractions there why the Busch Stadium parking garage the market parking garage of the Midwest so I'm sorry but we're gonna have to cut the camera off because we can't show you what we're going yet because we're going to a super secret place and there goes the clock or where to locate one extra door one we're gonna go to alright we are here oh I don't see yet maybe it's on the other side huh is that it what is that his car right there yeah he's home let's go what are we where are we what is that the world's greatest car we're gonna go visit Jacob stubbe sø I see him in there too [Laughter] [Laughter] where's jaqen expensive eyeglasses a chance with this I go put that in the car wait okay well I'm being forced to steal Jacobs microphone there we go the heist is complete there we go all right it's in the backseat I'll tell you what text message on my phone before attention everybody attention watch my drink it's on his front porno I took it in Saigon I'm s I'm gonna go in there and get it I want to see the microphone okay she's gonna discover that all right guys so it is 11:32 and we are leaving st. Louis we're gonna make our way to our special destination but Jakob's microphone is on instagram what's that clicking sound click backpack strap is how you got on the interstate Wow anyway so we are here by the st. Louis Galleria so we'll take a look at that as we go by and over there you can see the Galleria Mall and up the distance you can see good old clean let's see how the oh yeah you can see the new Centene building going up over there it's gonna be taller yeah that's gonna be the tallest building I think yeah we're getting some new buildings over there clay chose to film over there yeah it is 1156 we're going by the old chest you feel all the chest you feel it's still open but that's a dead mole yeah there's Dillard's they still the sign up obviously we all know the Dillard's elevator is gone Sears is going not always come close hey mo all sort of thing of the past I think everyone should shop on eBay because malls are stupid yeah what's that way there's that new like weird net they may put up what does that so I can catch like criminals or something all the birds I don't know I think it's like a probably sure what that is a small thing I'm not really sure whatever fat old men go to play golf now I know it's in my town according to you and they just put that up Nancy long ago to go yes it is a place where fat old men go look at that it's a golf thing is it really it's a three-story golf thing look at that oh wow it is that's not there's a fat old men go to play golf yeah you see Bo I see like the golf ball flying that's hilarious not they have an elevator there because people are too fat to go up there later than the hilarious top guy it is a golf place fat old men let you ride the elevator there fat old men play golf there these two Lucy out so according to the map here there's a 14 minute delay with a joke at that eg the traffic of it so we're gonna get off here at Lake st. Louis and there's actually a mall right up here with know what a little bit well there's a von Maur but we're gonna go up to that little we're gonna have one see that mall with the elevator and then we're gonna go around the lake and then pick up 7b because we actually get on us 61 yes you're right but anyway we're gonna go see those elevators because why not this is called this is like the meadow shopping center in Lake st. Louis rich people look what we have in here we have an Otis Elevator two glass elevator let's take a look it's probably out of here in addition sorry let's go there no door close here we go let's listen Wow that's an exciting view yeah we're here at von Maur innovation just innovation Oh cuz a camera to look our best locks let's lose lose a fan sucks man you're a motor over all right well here it is all right well you can go down there I am I'm trying to we're here by parties off i-70 this is where you and Jacob stop back in 2012 we're gonna go take a pic sheriff bill on the lake oh wait there's copyrighted music playing there we can't have that down over here right yeah this is our parking lot or a Jacob drove the celebrity yeah he said this is a good view of the lake yeah he said this was a good view of the lake where did we go right there it was the winter so the trees weren't full fail are you hungry yeah hurry up and just wait you're not going to make this McDonald's across the thing remember Lee yeah thank you to McDonald's you can't know why not I don't feel like it Oh so I was thinking wrong because I was thinking quarter-pounder but you know Oh quarter-pounder let's do it I'll buy you corn hey Andrew wants me to eat a quarter pounder really bad yeah you're gonna love it your stomach on we should live stream it okay let's see it is not that time it is currently 2 p.m. a bunch of words we're in Northern Iowa I don't even know where I am I've been missing where's your furs the United States we're in north of st. Louis or not in Iowa yeah and those inches okay so Andrew let me borrow your finger do you want me to tell you a really corny joke sure right there you know when he turns the air on the videos over alright everyone so we're playing some of the tunes which we're not gonna play but the next song will rattle diesel Dulce are you ready yeah all right that's all we're allowed to let you hear but diesel Dulce got rattled by the bass let's see right now it is 14:08 which is 208 p.m. and we are followed Bowling Green Missouri so what they do in Bowling Green is they they set up their bowling alleys out the core and they ball down the corn do you want to try that it's a tradition for this town that's why it's called Bowling Green sure no no what why not just not like a public restroom because it's too tough they're just overcompensate they just smelled like a it smelled like a public restroom in here for a second all right they put those things up so kids will see you mom no son we can't pull over that was you as a child wasn't it we had a cramp here across the state line we are this Welcome Center that meets were that's from Illinois Oh Hannibal are we both River yeah crap we're going by the river have a woman Oh Hannibal you can go downtown handle ball and see it then I want to go the route I've always Tom Sawyer was written there Hannibal Missouri has elevators too it's Sunday well guys I'm really excited you why I just saw a sign back there this town is inviting us to see their historic riverfront so I've got some very high expectations of me if it says to see our historic riverfront it must be quite a sight to see oh yeah so here in just a few minutes we're gonna I'm gonna get my review of 30 historic riverfront take a ride I guess there's no this is historic and pretty I'll come back and take a picture that southwestern valley GT nothing well what's this for Oh United States look there's a chair sale I don't see the holiday that's Sunday though the riverfront the river fresh should be at the end that's second look at that old cool building what is there I don't know probably some like that was a bar underneath all right we're here at the the river you're in Hannibal there's our car we've got a elevator buttons in the back and you know what we're gonna do I think Jacob might up you probably wanna fix it I think Jacobs microphones gonna make another appearance it is miserably hot out here but we're gonna look at the river there's the river and that's the state of Illinois where we're gonna do it where you picture so Andrews taking some pictures of the elevator buttons we also found one of those rocks what do you say those are called love rocks we found one of those sitting around and and then there's there's the bridge as a sign of this just welcome to Hannibal of course Jacobs microphone came with us too yeah I found that I actually thought it was it was sitting like right there on that pole I love these things this one is beautiful cool but anyway we're gonna we're gonna get back on the road here that was a nice little stop all right I mean adjust the time here 15:39 339 340 p.m. you want to hear how I felt back in 1991 yell hit play feeling kind of queasy today [Applause] here we click the mouse to stop from recording at the end why because I implanted that sound on the school computers to amp at the startup folder for my every turn the computer and I'm getting that booting up it would tell everyone it was feeling kind of queasy so our next stop is gonna be hopefully lyndale mall if we get there if we get there time if we don't get there in time he's on the way back but I kind of hope we get there and maybe they'll let us see the freight elevator or maybe they've just seen our so maybe we'll let ourselves see the very color thrown out of there if we do it's closing at the end of August so who really cares bond times gone phone don't die we are here at the flying it's displaying the line a truckstop here in some town in Missouri almost at Iowa and gotta go the bathroom and she's probably gonna try to I'm not gonna poop I don't think I mean don't talk about a place I mean I don't want the poop to hear it that's the poop here's that I might have to go I don't blow up a truck stop it Jacobs microphone has had a quite a good adventure wouldn't you say mm-hmm all right well I'm gonna go to the bathroom and Andrews gonna probably go to the bathroom and get gas and yay all right we are here at 6:18 4:18 p.m. I'm exercising his Dover buzzer with words like he really is so anyway this up here we're about to cross the state line into Iowa now one thing interesting is there's no fireworks stores in Iowa so if you'll notice there's a big firework shop right up here on the right I always planned as another firework shop there so right when you come across the border you know we're making this like a legal thing you can come across the border and you can get yourself this is a firework shop there another firework shop there we've had and then another one there so you can get if I were to take it back over the state line is across this bridge I can't I don't think the bridge is really narrow on the other side what river is this your bets we're about to find out there you go Des Moines River here we are in Iowa the people of Iowa welcome you and then here's the river we're it's a picture of the sign there's knows there's no no parking sign there and there's no this is not an interstate highway take a picture of it yeah we are here in Iowa now all right let's see it is 1822 622 p.m. we are here in Iowa City Iowa we just went to Wendy's and what did you get I got Dave's triple in it I think it made me like gain like three or four pounds he did the Dave's triple we're doing a live stream so if there's the live stream stuff so you can see you can see like if you're watching this video on YouTube you can see you but if you're watching on the live stream you just see me filming this video so yeah but people watching on the the road for Oakville it just died yeah but anyway I've got a hold the phone well does that anyway we are now gonna head up to a place where I know a friend that we're gonna see so if I'm not gonna film any of that just for his privacy but yeah we're gonna head off towards that and then we'll be hit and will be after that we're gonna go to our super secret place which this this video knows about I can't say it now though cuz there are people listening alright 18:42 642 p.m. we are here in Cedar Rapids Iowa let's get that wind out of the mic there we go it sounds a lot better there's downtown Cedar Rapids we are gonna make a stop here on our way back when we come through I mean you can see what I mean by taller buildings I don't have a heart attack tonight yeah there's downtown up ahead get a look at it you will stop another stroke so let's just downtown Cedar Rapids we'll take a look at it as we go by and you know what we're just gonna do something cool with this so here we go enjoy this little montage – Cedar Rapids and that concludes the montage of Cedar Rapids I hope you enjoyed alright we're here in some town in them literally the middle of Iowa I honestly don't even know what town this is but there's this river over here hi there's me here's our itty-bitty car and we're gonna go take a picture on the river I'm going down to the river I'll show you guys the river so there's actually a little park right there if you can see it troy mills park you walk down in there it's just like it's not even really marked that well you just walk down there I just really need go under the bridge but this is this is the river right here and there's like there's part of the park and I'm not really sure where else it goes but that's part of the park down there and you can see you can go underneath the the bridge and we can see here here's the river it's actually starting to rain a bit but over there look you can see there is a a little overflow thing there so there's that side and there's the middle parks down there but there's the town this is just one of those little tiny towns with this little bridge and there's one more parking look on the other side or this car passes and over here is the other side of the river you can walk down to that beach right there if you go through the park so this is really neat so it's starting to rain so that'll be it we are in Fayette County for us that comes out of nowhere out of nowhere right there behind us I don't you can see behind us though I mean you missed it was pretty sad not someone post about mile away mm-hmm okay well where is our clock here it is okay it has the LED boy we're gonna use the light oh wait we can see it now but you know what it doesn't work those oh it's so dim okay so it's 20 to 33 or I can't see the buttons oh okay so 20 to 33 10:33 p.m. I have no idea where we are there were somewhere in Iowa as you saw just a minute ago we were in the big storm a little bit of time there's a bridge right there is 52 north okay we're on 52 north but we're here in some town in Iowa and we are we stopped us all on my body's up in Iowa first little bit yeah but we're heading up to Minneapolis oh I got a well I mean I at this point it doesn't matter because you already know where we are anyway so we're going to Minneapolis now we're going to our hotel the little hamster powered ins and I don't know what fell it sounded lady air forces west of 20 miles from here what Minnesota I mean she says the state law what's up what it's like rocks on the side it looks like a giant play you earlier utilize it man this Dover bus is gonna be broken by the end of this video anyway so this is what the middle of Iowa looks like this is a little bit mom and your phone's going up crazy but this would be a middle of Iowa looks like you couldn't really see much before it's kind of flat but it's a little bit Hillier here there's the center line right there yeah our little camps our hamsters gonna be you're currently getting 41.1 miles per gallon on this car this so this little car is a good car we're gonna have to get a new hamster by the end of this trip though you can't keep running on that wheel all day but anyway well if there's anything exciting now we'll take a look at that but we should be getting up to the hotel in about two hours yourself all right it is 10:50 and this your shoulder this is literally the state line just shoulder you can't we are here at Minnesota there's like no where's the sign that's like that's it now there it is were up there all right we're gonna try to get a picture of it just try it on the shoulder but there's literally state line right there that's not it there's no state sign there's no street ride that was just that little tiny one that's it make a war so we're in Minnesota with really well we got our thing there a crappy student lunch yeah there was just like this little tiny thing that was it so we're in Minnesota now yay what are your thoughts even though we can't actually see you my thoughts no gosh our page here's my thoughts about it I think they need to put up a nice sign they need to prompt a nice sign man look the roads marked now yeah she's marked better Hey Iowa you need to fix your roads I don't know if this is relevant to the video but what time someone important told me alright guys it's about 1153 there is downtown Rochester not New York now this is sort of danger is making an tree noises and you know we thought if we're gonna be right next to downtown we might have to just go fill a parking garage just for the heck of it do you think we should do that if it's not off the beaten path if we're not gonna get shot what do you think it's not off the beaten path all right so if i zoom in there you can see downtown there's like this one building that has like a bunch of lights that flash on and off on it I can't believe this it's almost midnight let's see we selling an hour so to go to like an hour and a half still so there's gonna be a late night er but you know what we don't care look at bridge it's a glue I like the blue lights so this is that Mayo Clinic the place is named after mayonnaise how I got a sore in my mouth on my lip before a bit my mouth where's downtown and I'm kinda lost where where everything is you oh I think that was it back there was it I don't I don't know Oh oh yeah there it is over there we passed downtown see it over there see it back there it's pretty far off it'd be a couple my cousin my life so awfully probably not there was you saw it and now it's gone we thought if we were going to go right through the city if we were gonna go right through downtown we probably would have stopped but now my camera won't focus because it's dumb you know it's yeah so you guys can see a nice blur highway here we're gonna see there goes what the hell happened my phone what I mean look at the GPS phone we're having some technical difficulty and we're back I don't if you can see it but you can actually look at it in the in the mirror that are in the glass you can actually see where we're going but it's upside down and reversed so it's kind of useless click one move that's right learn out of anyway we're gonna go ahead and turn the copyrighted content on again so I'm gonna have to turn the camera off because we can't play this alright well it's uh 12:53 am one I am like to turn it off Oh can't play that there you go so 1253 we're in close yeah I don't think that's that's like an oil refinery or elevators over there no I refined our yeah yeah elevators oh yeah I don't think we bail get in there oh I don't think we're gonna be getting in there at almost one of the most like a super high-security place anyway yeah yeah well look at this oil refinery as we go by it literally looks like it doesn't that look like a city on its own yeah they've got literally looks like a downtown area right there that is downtown oil refinery land so the oil starts from the beginning and it goes through about 20 20 miles of pipes and then it gets in these tanks at the end it's ready to be shipped all right it's 102 and we're about ready to get on to interstate 494 there's a ton of interstates in this town 35 West 35 East 494 there's two 9/11 fellow students 35 of Eastern Front was yeah there's a bunch of them let's did we get any views of any of st. Paul at all I mean half a mile to the Minnesota lunch and I've said four i-494 west all right it's 109 a.m. and we're pulling up here towards all of America which I believe that's it right up there where all those buildings are an airport either the airport or Mall of America there's been a bunch of hotels that have gone up around that thing so I'm not there's always been hotels rumble we gotta ride the roller coaster at the Mall of America dear okay this is Terminal one you know right by the airport let's see there's the airport and maybe we'll see downtown koneko the elevator with a three speed door at the Minneapolis Airport all right you know that elevator is one of my most fun elevators famous right oh yeah well they repair the airplanes over there hey oh yeah look at this week there's some planes in there look at that look at that there's some planes I don't forget a good shot I like to flag American flag yeah hanging up in the back yeah there yeah the mall is just right over there over the airport the mall is right over there it's actually right over there with that JW Marriot is that's Mall of America right there merica parking there yeah but there yeah there's the parking deck there's the JW Marriott there's so much stuff that's gone up there but anyway we're not gonna this is going to conclude this predicament but anyway we're going to our hotel which I mean I don't really see why it matters here we can actually show the hotel because it's not like this video comes out right away but we are currently going to our hotel so and I think it's time for bed pretty soon there's the mall right over there we'll hit that one of these days they have Sears Roebuck at the Mall of America series is somehow still open gonna be open for long yeah but something you know something will come in there really fast but anyway that'll be it for tonight see you guys later and look there's a bunch of water slides we should have stayed there we should have stayed there are that included in the price the motel probably not anyway that will be it all right this August 6 now it's our Monday and we just flip to this McDonald's and you got a bite to eat and we're gonna go downtown because we didn't really we're gonna go see tested crop but we didn't really stay in this month I had a hard time pooping and he didn't do that but yeah so we're gonna hopefully see testing crop maybe we will maybe we won't but the plan was to see every day but we're just gonna go downtown dump some stuff while we wait so while the renovation is especially yes we are here yeah we were here at Rosedale center and don't like the way they put the LED lights and we got Aaron are there all right let's see it one o'clock exactly and we just alright we just got out of this take me exit emerge entity shut up in front of you okay 35 anyway so we just went to that mall and we saw we saw Aaron txm and elevators there which you just saw on some of those those two elevators we just rode which stuck on the freedom yeah those freight elevators we snuck on those were completely awesome we're now going over to thyssen krupp elevator just say hi yeah we're going to say hi to them so anyway we're taking the exit so that'll be a internet it's 117 we're here at thyssen krupp elevator since we couldn't really get them to answer answer the phone we're gonna go just pay him a visit so who knows what'll happen from here yeah well either go in there and they'll be like what in the world or we'll go out well you know we'll see what happens alright so it's about 146 and we just went to thyssen krupp elevator and what are reviewing tomorrow tomorrow I have to get up because we're gonna be spending the day with the we're gonna be going to a barbecue they're gonna feed us good food we're gonna go there safety training with them they're gonna show us some elevators and give us some elevator purchase gay great day we've got some cool hats and we got some cool swag he gave us these awesome mugs I'm show them I want one of those baseballs or a golf ball yeah yeah so we are currently now going to just check out some elephants what downtown just incorrupt suitcase got stolen walls go to there's a Cote that sucks and there we have downtown Minneapolis up ahead we're currently going to you there's a turd truck that's a toilet pumping truck right there it pumps septic tanks it's full shoulder on the truck that's bullcrap all right well special delivery I ordered some church today oh it's pulling out in front of me don't want to hit that that could be a crappy situation anyway but we're gonna go see some elevators in downtown and yeah so it's gonna be a good day thank you that's all right so we laced McDonald's we just stopped at that McDonald's is actually a second level up on the top of that thing which is right go straight we are currently going to go down we're going the bat City over there but this has nice poop in there we're going downtown Minneapolis and we're gonna see some elevators because you know that's what we do and yeah so we're here by the U of M I look you can see this McDonald's has that little upstairs it's kind of cool no elevator no elevator I thought it would've been cool that they did have an elevator so I could have said I wrote an elevator in McDonald's that's really the only reason but where we're going you'll kind of just go straight around here but anyway we're gonna head downtown so here are some of the elevators we saw a downtown this is the young Quinlin building there's a manual day I don't think the operators here we'll come back and check but these elevators are still as cool and have JL jet plus what you tell you see what's inside Otis elevators and why don't you see what's inside we got the original we're not gonna go anywhere yet sell original hand cream but it's disconnected we're gonna pretend we're gonna drive the elevator watch this here we go I'm driving the elevator so these buttons try 18 17 16 I like that Bell or destiny to jail these never show yeah well then this one doesn't go down to G like the other side does it's just like a panel with nothing on it very smart controlling press the button shoulder with your facility Johnny's AE Westinghouse a here there's a very Westie thing right there it goes another one yeah no family no motor have one sets up desk guy there's no motor that's a great mother these are the modern eyes they know these are the same since a lot to remember these are Monty's this is one of the only elevators I wrote my came here in 2007 listen to watch out the window action look at those look at all the key switches these could be pretty busy who's gonna say that all right as you guys saw there we saw some pretty epic elevators down here that was just today so I'm currently up here on the at the South Park that he parked in I'm just doing some rail video here for the Metro video I'm going to do I just do a video here Andrews in the car right now he's pretty tired and he is out of battery so but yeah this is there goes a bus right there I got one train that went by but if another one does it come in the next like minute or so I think I'm gonna give up and we have one clip from here because they were running pretty frequently for rush hour but I think rush hours over now because I don't even see any coming from that way and yeah there's not to see one over the other one that just went by is still sitting over there so I don't I don't know if I'm gonna be able to do that but anyway this was a great day downtown and okay unless we do anything else tonight this is probably it for today so tomorrow our plan we're gonna go see thyssen krupp tomorrow morning and then the afternoon we'll see what ends up happening so anyway I don't see any trains coming so I think that's gonna be it for tonight oh it's early today we had to get up early why we have to get up early yep and Andrews a grumpy pants because he just woke up last look yeah anyway we're going to disrupt Bella later today and I don't really know what else from in your after but we'll come up with something okay Oh have fun with that so we're currently here on 400 for own road xxx 435 I guess whatever cruise the exit did I passage great in this you haven't I mean that was messed up I mean told you getting that Lane for exit that it ends and I had to fill out in front of a truck and I'm worried about pooping a thyssen krupp because I mean that'll be the end of the world about to poop there I mean I don't want them to hear me I'll have to cover my mouth or something no poop doesn't come out of my mouth are you sure about that listen that hamster wheel look look how happy Jacobs microphones can be it's like these seduce him look at all this time to do something to see now I'm about to see the world yeah I'm going to see Crump with mustard on my shorts your pants don't fall down oh I hope not either hope they'll fall down at all I saw the ice melt in the van taste disgust oh wow that's a great way to start this this clip well anyway so we spent the day with whatsits 1243 we got to thyssen krupp at 8:00 so you want to recap what we did we shout if your safety beat and they took us out on an elevator inspection gave us is really awesome backpacks we got a hydraulic elevator control valve with trunk and shook old backpack we got some backpacks they gave us this oh this Dover DMC selector and board which is super cool and see how we got that we got to listen to a safety meeting which that was interested that was actually interesting because it get to hear like the stories of the text like all the texts they are talking about their experiences I will say to this Norfolk Southern has worn under Cheney's safety videos leash and or folks ever knees is like like the meerkats and stuff like that like stuff that's entertaining to children that's because the people on the roads for just the people you work with our children are yeah I forgot it's a day I mean no no we are a day kid I know and they got to make sure you stay in line well then again we aren't we're a daycare center that happens to move free and then we we had a nice lunch it was good but my stomach talks you liked it but your stomach doesn't my stomach doesn't like anything anyway we're heading back to the hotel now Andrews gotta get some batteries and then we're gonna head there 1185 concord and hope that that elevator is not modded as if it is that would suck is a 3 no 247 and we went to 1185 concours sadly they had switched off the west-east event there's a bad driver Wow but 1185 concorde that Westie popouts were switched off we're gonna cross the street and check out what we saw look at this we're looking at in this part of the building these are petroleum storage tanks from the days when I built the building the building still carries so this is still actively used for patrolling the kettle's aren't only for storage aquella when the oil company has too much product first actually is that petroleum in there it might be yeah there's an oil in there if there's a the oil company that rents from us would probably uses these when they run out of capacity and some of the other tanks Oh tell people like me you don't like this oh wow so we're on top of the tanks right see yep think about four hundred five thousand gallons you as to how far down this go let's see yes oh wow that's about two and a half horse oh wow yeah what do you think about that that was pretty awesome wasn't it oh yeah that was well worth the drive over here yeah so but anyway we are currently here going up towards we're gonna go up towards st. Paul we're gonna see if we can see up here and just show a bad driver yeah we saw that bad driver go by but there's downtown st. Paul up ahead it's a small town compared to the other Minneapolis is much smaller but the parking should be easier mm-hmm but anyway so yeah we're gonna head downtown st. Paul let's see what we can find this is the motor up there it's on top alright here we go there's nothing here of smoke me you let me look at this one though watch this you see general right or it sounds like an eco disc but it's not them look the motors up on the ceiling there at this I don't know who this is but me that motor is Evan encoder see it's up on the ceiling there there's a governor looking to the governor working but call backup get called back up we are here in town square and st. Paul Minnesota that and look at this look at these buttons here look at this tab hold on they're gonna focus okay maybe not garden here we go to Skyway Wow look at that I guess 10:10 here we go just some crap here we go there go wash off the window you [Applause] look what we're gonna have to do we're gonna go through the craps it's the elevator see if it comes yep here comes good you look at this this is what I call a crappy Lobby Steve you should with reflex on this yeah those are neat I think Hey look it does have the R is that the reflux right there flexo on it but they don't use it it's not yeah well have a Dover impulse here comes the all the way here to see over impulse there's some kind of cool about it look up a wider quest what the noxious pain stay away – stay away videos – that's right here let's listen to this motor this is really good and that's a good mother I'm swaggin wants Tangier here walk there it I don't wanna be hot and sweaty efforts I don't know he's not gonna do it all right it is August 8th at 11:00 12:00 a.m. and we're heading out for the dish we're gonna be down to Mankato and see Minnesota elevator and hopefully we'll see Steve down there while he's if he's there but we're leaving a little bit early because we're probably gonna go hit a little office Park before we leave and it's gonna be a good day don't you think every day is good with Jason yeah yeah all right all right but we're off so let's go see what happens today yeah I know there's the Mall of America and I lost focus here but look they've put these ugly buildings up in front of it anyway we're gonna go see the office park up here on the left are we went to the Metro office park Germanotta and all of these buildings here have interesting elevators would you agree yes so now we are heading to Minnesota elevator mad creative in Mankato so we have about an hour and a half so let's go to that we've literally gone a few miles McDonald's fries them I have a car wash there thank you Frank mega jacob that's for you i wish to know they got some elevators McDonald's I'll walk over there get my food to go alright if we just got some gas and you got some food and only 20 bucks yeah oh you're sitting on the wreath oh no there's three seat but we got we haven't done any food reviews yet what do you think Fox could be a walk bones let me cheer let me give these a try here oh I like mushy yeah well I'm taking back all right now where are we going get back on the highway Milas price suck and I got something this time fruit and yogurt parfait and I they actually gave two of these so do sell more food for me yeah you'll take it right here and then a left so what do you think of your cheeseburger not bad you should just tear me a little piece of the back off not for you beat yes Dean those are good the destination is on your right alright guys we're here I'm gonna soda elevator now are you ready yep alright say hi to everyone let's go alright is 402 p.m. and what you think about that we could always love the roms family we just yeah we just saw a Minnesota elevator anything with Steve Roehm so there's company they're great people and here we have a few pictures from our little visit yeah so we got to tour the the factory there the little manufacturing plant which was awesome we got to meet some amazing people at I have to say the best part of that whole tour was just the amazing people they have there that's what I mean like you said this good it's a good Christian company I mean they're a good Christian company yeah and you can see that their business is god-centered by yeah but anyway we're heading down to Mankato now to take a look at one of the in cells here there's a some cornfields Minnesota elevators kind of out in the middle of nowhere which is kind of cool but yeah so this has been a great day we're here at the Hilton Garden Inn in Mankato and look what we have here these are all like small Hospital sized elevators go on tonight let's listen to the motor here we go levels really cooperate hydrology what's your opinion Doug what you should expect from an NDA it's a baby she was going down you very like said he works for a behind I think even feel it started in some sense alright we're here tonight a tow place to park around one check plus one company all right it's 9:22 and we're rolling down Interstate 35 east always your thoughts on today wonderful so so this is some IBT so what we just did we saw saw the office park in the morning with the Minnesota elevator and sorry about the width of the mic let me just turn this elephant so we saw a Minnesota elevator amazing used to saw maybe I should you know some pictures in a short clip from there went downtown man Cato's it was a great day but now we're currently going over to the Mall of America attempting to you hoping it's still open now we're going to see some people there there's a parking right around there banana look I bet that's a Minnesota elevator right there who knows we haven't even gotten on there 35 yet but anyway yeah so I guess that'll be it for today then there's a here's the next thing is the here we are involved and you'll see what happens set Mall of America people here Jason Jason this is one of Steve's elevators reflexes back there in the back very nice but it's not glass it's trimmed it's not what this is not okay our analysis on the solution of the motor there we go she said it's 11 all right someone's I'm done first Laurie this thing is so huge you can easily yeah this is the former East Broadway of the other so much the same cool look oh yeah I lost focus there we are I draw all right it's 10:30 it is August 9th what's today I don't know it's your birthday so but anyway we are heading over towards the Mall of America we're gonna meet some over there meet Matt and we're gonna maybe go see some elevators in downtown and then later we're probably gonna we're probably gonna get on the blue line and go back down again because one you have five bucks you need to use I have a birthday gift I gotta get myself yeah and we're gonna go we're gonna go I'm gonna take Andrew to a couple places off the blue line or actually you got a green now I'm gonna take Andrew to a couple places on the blue light on the way so and then so we don't pay for parking as much and downtown so straight yep we're off to the Mall of America the commerce builders building and today we have a special guest and that's what's going L ov 8m n right you haven't cold go down first oh look at this check this out are some cool but what if it works check this out let's see here it's got it doesn't have dirt falls it's kind of otis McCann plates let's see think Gator works a lot of these don't work but we're gonna check it out works on basement I think it works there's like this replaced we're gonna ride that here we go today celebrates all across the apartment all right for Katie flashlight they might be trying to use I'm a force is this do you okay yeah all right hold on Prince back down all right it doesn't new it says a news see wait up yeah this is him be opens up over here watch the house elevator it'sit'sit's upstairs mushrooms talking does it go down yep see you here we are young quitting the building and guess what the hand operated elevators turned on today they're gonna take us on a ride what time did you guys yesterday oh we came in Tuesday Tuesday okay yeah I was out for you sure there's somebody here business Howard stop it all right this is the basement no this is the mezzanine that is closed down that used to be one of the farthest star by funko business to look a little bit of this we can arrest Artie here we go this one [Laughter] programs too your hydro this is a target so you watch this how you do is you press the button and it'll come up and it'll automatically select the floor so watch the panel on the side and when you walk in it'll select it'll select the yeah and then you can't actually hit these buttons so it's all it's completely automatic that's the exit door over there okay you're gonna cater the left one works man so here's one coming up weekend we can hit Skyway our car all right we're at my argot in Minneapolis my most viewed video is of a shopping cart escalator by the way these are made by shin worth got the name of the company the Magnusson yes later now Washington there it goes there's my shopping now under let's put my camera watch this nobody now shopping Robert watch this all right we're here at the US Bank Plaza this is the parking garage elevator because is your glass look at that indicator there's no camera right up you're sayin camera there Pete's right these flannel recently to wear that oh I want to take this car – look at these of the layout of this you can see it's a round elevator but yeah that's pretty cool I like that stairs EPIK door closed [Applause] all right so we are currently here in the Mall of America and I found this you just found water three he's gonna drink it now total stranger left this in the elevator so but as you saw from some of those videos there we had a pretty epic day did you have a good birthday yeah I have a very good bowel movement that bathroom over there yeah that'll be for the blooper video but anyway yeah we're currently gonna head back to the hotel now actually we need to stop at a couple places what well alright so we're going the car now right yeah we got drive to st. Louis tomorrow are you excited about that oh yay all right well bye all right it's August 10th 10:32 a.m. and we literally just left the hotel we're on our way back towards st. Louis where we're going to go see guess who I'm just gonna say that that's all I'm gonna say yeah we got a little gift for Jacob amore I mean it's a milkshake we got about three days ago it's been sitting at room temperature we're gonna put it in his fridge it came from right there oh yeah at that Culver it's really good it was the best milkshake I've ever had we're gonna see if Jacob thinks the same thing almost a week later all right we're gonna get directions to where we're going all right where's our fish in tanki it's 1153 and we just went to those freight elevators anyway or if she can go back over to Rosedale because Aaron wants to get badge or something a little birthday present and then we're gonna hit the road and we're gonna head back towards a Jacob's house where we have that all right so it's 148 we just left Rosedale Center we saw Aaron again and we wanted to give Andrew a lock when looked at her burgers just to see the store before it closed we're finally now gonna head to st. Louis and probably make a stop along the way but anyway let's go and hit the road there probably won't be much footage along the way back mainly because you saw it on the way up so if we see anything interesting here it is [Applause] right it's 438 p.m. and we are currently about right go into Iowa yeah we're leaving Minnesota and we're gonna go into Iowa here which is right up here hopefully there's actually a state line sign unlike last time draw the wall signs of the state two parts left yep oh there's the welcome to Minnesota there was one go back there all right well here's the Iowa sign right here which we've seen one of these already cool take a picture of it yeah there's the Iowa sign right there and this is the state line on this road one of these roads the state line road that's sure exactly where the state line is but look at this parking lot yeah Wow my gosh this parking lot you could like sink it all right well let's go see this truck and move there Samantha push if I get stuck okay well 849 and we're here in Iowa City we made a stop in Cedar Rapids Celinda mall and all was very good to us yeah the mall is awesome and epic elevators not anymore by the time this is live those elevators will leave in an abandoned building yeah the Yonkers there they have two piston pump elevators here's a short preview of them we're here Yonkers and Lindale mall so your storm store is closing and we have a rotary to ride listen this [Laughter] [Laughter] [Laughter] all right we're here at lyndale mall and look at this behind vintage rotary freight elevators what's this say look at this yeah those are pretty epic elevators but anyway we're gonna probably grab something to eat and then we're just gonna head over to Jacob's house we're probably gonna get in there pretty late so this will probably be the end of today so probably the bottom line from front of time this bathroom oh okay he's not feeling good so we're gonna go to the bathroom he is can you kick around oh hi everyone in the morning and we just talked this quick trip on the outskirts of sweet Lewis I've never heard white chocolate it's actually 1:30 in the morning we're let's see how these taste this is these are white chocolate M&Ms gosh there's only like a few in Laiho that's copyrighted material whoa let me have one no way these are too good what sample mmm good all the other crap that you get I'll just let you know all right do you like mm-hmm for an hour two Jacobs down mm-hmm we're all gift for him joy that's for me 3:12 and we're just out here in near Jacob's house we really haven't done a lot today I mean really the the whole event of today is we got up we ate we went to Chris's for breakfast a little local restaurant and then soft fat old men on golf carts yeah at the stop point is actually driving up road yeah but anyway we're just gonna chill with Jacob for the day and not really do much it's gonna be a pretty uneventful day Jacob will probably get trolled later which you see in the in the live streams so but anyway not really too much going on today what do you have to say anything diesel dulce is a real live train engine alright guys we're here East River Hunt station here at Metrolink we're gonna ride the elevator there's downtown st. Louis over there I've never actually come over here yeah it's it's behind this blue line technically it means ticketed that's the side you have to have I guess it's coming that the blue line is the ticket of passenger side are you supposed to go to the footbridge well you can either yeah I mean it's weird here comes we'll go up down and then back up this is the eastbound side we get a look at it when it opens same fan my gosh why why is why they have not just watch out see st. Louis as this mass super-hydro yeah there's a train coming I think so we're going to watch the train arrive it's coming on this side there's the train alright now let's go close up yeah and yeah you can see there's no lights up here that moron in front of us just turned around in the middle of the bridge yeah we're seeing a blur of downtown right now let's say gain some focus on the Sicilian camera all right so we're downtown st. Louis actually just literally one almost 1:00 in the morning and we got bored and we decided to just come downtown st. Louis instead of harassing Jakob hmm so I take it right here and we'll go down around but yeah we're downtown st. Louis we went over to the EADS bridge take some pictures of the city at night which I had ever have done because I've never actually come down here at night before one one because I've never been here at night really for that long of a time and – we just don't come down here so this was kind of a neat little opportunity here but anyway we're gonna try to get some pictures from the front so we're gonna do that now all right everyone today we are here in downtown st. Louis at about 1:00 in the morning it's about 1:15 and Andrew and I can't come downtown st. Louis without going to one of the market parking garages of st. Louis I wonder what those are but we're here the Busch Stadium parking garage I've always liked what they use just flipped it over this modern person fella pretty good I'm surprised with Archie especially so all these were they were incredibly well all right so today is August 13th it's been kind of we haven't really been doing a lot of travel here we've just been doing some stuff it's 11:24 a.m. yeah and Jacob actually last night I had to go to hike go out to work so we lost a lot of fun so he that's why there's not as much Jay Andrews gonna order some Burger King yeah let's just make up my mind here give me number one please only ketchup mustard and cheese only ketchup and mustard on the burger with cheese right anyway so we're gonna have we have a few plans – yeah we're gonna how if you plan today so we're going to head off and do those now so see you later yeah you can see the city you know the real purpose of that camera why vandalism yeah yeah we can view this and we're up here on the top here on by the of I this little park looking over the arch Angela's just showing off the elevator by the security camera this is just like the amount this is a nice picture and you look yeah it's engraved in there but yeah you can see st. Louis over there we'll go ahead and zoom in and pan the camera that's funny all right and then here's the dude so that'll be it all right guys it's about – it's like 2:15 in the morning we decided come down to Kirkwood for the heck of it and we're just here watching some trains go by Andrews got that Wow nice that was with the manual mode I just said I'm really nice shot we're down here right on the Main Street you can you can see all the all the all the traffic lights have gone into their little off mode here look at that that would be pretty awesome yeah but anyway we're down here there's like not a car in sight there's the occasional car that comes by but other than that a trains on its way we can hear we've already seen about three or four trains oh that's that'd be a cool shot this is downtown Kirkwood but anyway we're gonna catch this train now all right it's 631 and this is this is Andrew actually extended his rental car because of the way it worked at work so he was able to hang around for a while and guess what we did today we went fill in some more elevator here's this is the Clayton building you're gonna love what you see in here down is locked I want to tell you wouldn't you like this wasn't how the panel is ed up to three we may have some color that's for building finally this one's working with you he writes in three here watch this release the motor sharp ready there we go and the indicator works on this one to know you first about this isn't the weird basement button this first time up again oh yeah well maybe we'll get a full trip alright we're here at Macy's here at South County and look at this be sure the elevator is running wonderfully now listen to it they fix that for a while but it's doing again watch this he just hold the door closed and pull right out yeah I'm actually here smell us in the door but anyway yeah so we're currently right now we're just we're gonna go back to we're gonna go out to eat grab something to eat we're gonna rule them interest the road first just just to see some stuff yeah then we're gonna go to go somewhere to eat grab a bite to eat and then head back to Jacobs pack up our crap and go back to my house where who knows what will happen and then tomorrow this guy goes back to Virginia so I guess the road trip basically concludes when we get back to my house because the road trips for the year is done hi hi there um so actually give me one second here let me there we go that's a little bit better so while I'm editing this video here I realized that there really isn't a true ending to this roadtrip video this was the last clip that I shot during our visit like I said there afterwards we went grab a bite to eat went back to Jacobs got her stuff and basically headed home once we got back to my house I worked on some of his elevator parts and we kind of went to bed really didn't film anything so I just want to take this moment to just say thank you guys for watching this road trip I hope you enjoyed it I enjoyed I had a ton of fun on this trip and hope you guys enjoyed watching our little journey across Minnesota so that means in thank you guys for watching and we'll see you guys later bye bye [Applause]

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(8-5-18 to 8-15-18) Andrew and I are on the road again, this time going north! Join us on a week long road trip to Minneapolis, MN and other places along the way! Sit back, and enjoy another crazy adventure packed with scenery, food, elevators, and craziness!

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Minnesota Travel Vlog! Minneapolis, MN during summer

Minnesota Travel Vlog! Minneapolis, MN during summer

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Minneapolis, Minnesota tour enjoying the best things to do in Minneapolis during summer. We start downtown and head to some beautiful places nearby!

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