Stillwater Fall & Winter Travel – The MN Traveler TV Show

Stillwater Fall & Winter Travel - The MN Traveler TV Show
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stillwater the 1848 birthplace of Minnesota is located just 30 minutes east of the Twin Cities and just across the lift bridge on the st. Croix River from Wisconsin tourists flock here during the summer months but this town has so much to offer 365 days a year on today's episode we're checking out some of the wonderful activities that helped to make those colder months a little more enjoyable we are on the Avalon with Captain Dan Trudeau here who I heard is gonna let me drive the boat oh good cattle boat is a great way to see the river the beautiful city is still water and the wonderful colors are fall we're aboard the Avalon one of the many paddle wheel river boats operated by safe Frye boat and packet we do public trips Monday through Sunday we do three on Sunday we do lunch and we do dinner trips she is the marketing director for discover Stillwater thanks for joining us on the beautiful Avalon out of this gorgeous day tell me first Christy what do you love most about Stillwater I love many things about Stillwater it's just a naturally beautiful town because you have the beauty of the bluffs and the river and then the way it's kind of built into the bluffs the downtown area you can feed all the historic homes and then the historic architecture of Main Street I think the beauty is probably my favorite thing there's no better way to see Stillwater than under Stillwater trolley this trolley takes us on a nostalgic tour through one of the prettiest little towns in America the mid late 1800s we have as many as 12,000 Lumberjacks located throughout this area that is why Stillwater became known as lumber town USA this building is an exact replica duplicate of our first presidents home this beautiful Park here on our right is Pioneer Park that house has 23 rooms inside that is the Andrew Carnegie public library built in 1902 a gift from Carnegie to the city of Stillwater this is the river town in bed-and-breakfast all of the bedrooms are named after a famous author on the hillside here to our right is the original Washington County Courthouse Stillwater is an amazing town with all kinds of new teks and restaurant you got the river and you got these beautiful fall colors this is the place to be how'd I do for my first day on the job the trolley tour is over and we've landed at lift bridge brewery and that's a good thing because I am really really thirsty lift bridge brewery got started about eight years ago really with some friends and myself and just a dream of doing some great beer for you know our town and really wanting a brewery as kind of a cornerstone to community got together in the garage basically and and started home brewing together September 2008 we were able to brew our first commercial batch of beer and get it on the market really exciting this is obviously a very popular spot you have a line behind you Saturdays are really busy because we offer free tours so it's a great thing to do Stillwater is a great staycation kind of just drive 20 minutes out of the Twin Cities and you're here in gorgeous Stillwater stop by the brewery you know we have free tours we do samples on those tours everyone gets to see the brewery and of course you can sit down and have a pint of some the freshest beer around so we're gonna go catch up with you to it winter in Stillwater brings to life the classic images I dreamed of as a child Main Street is on the National Registry of Historic Places and most of these beautiful brick buildings date back to the mid-1800s add a little snow and it's a fairy tale come to life it might not be a one-horse open sleigh but it is oh what fun these Victorian first drawn wagon that rides are offered free of charge they have massages in the store do you see this Stillwater is known for romance and one of the most romantic things you can do is stay at one of the many historic B&Bs but why not stand best truly the river town in has continuously been awarded Minnesota's best luxury B&B we we named the rooms after some of the literary figures of the 19th century because this was built in the 19th century we wanted to capture the feel of the 19th century when we did this we wanted to create a bed-and-breakfast that we would want to come and stay in with the really good bedding furnishings wallpapers we get a lot of good feedback from guests about the quality of the environment and that's something we're really proud of I'm saying in the incredible Agatha Christie suite here at River town in and as she once said never do anything yourself that others can do for you beautiful Stillwater offers four seasons of shopping dining history and attractions come back again and again to the place where Minnesota began you

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Fox Sports North and Fox Sports Wisconsin launched a new original television series in June 2015 called The Minnesota Traveler featuring different Minnesota communities throughout the state and showcasing their unique travel destinations and tourist attractions. This Stillwater segment sponsored by the Discover Stillwater Tourism Bureau and Explore Minnesota grant funds first aired in August 2015.