My travel reading: I moved to Kansas City

My travel reading: I moved to Kansas City

hi everyone my name is Selena and thanks for watching I haven't made a video in quite some time and that's because I moved I was looking for a new teaching position and I found one and now I'm in Kansas City Missouri so I went from New York to Missouri and I'm excited and so today's my first day here and I'm staying in a lovely house run by some of the sisters who also work at the school that I am going to be working at so more about that maybe in another video but this is a quick video just to say hi I'm in a new location and I want to share the book that I've read on my plane rides from New York to Missouri so I had three flights I flew from New York into Detroit and then I flew from Detroit into Atlanta from Atlanta and to Kansas City and I finished Brandon Sanderson's well of Ascension which is book 2 and the Mistborn series so now I am set to read book 3 I did not pack book three so I have to wait to get into book 3 but other books that I brought with me I'll be reading those and be talking about those in the near future but yeah so I'm finished this and super excited for the rest of the series and for the fourth book I'm kind of interested in now to see what this world looks like in like the future well if future according to the setting of this book I think book before takes place in like a Wild West setting but anyway I did like this book a whole I love how it delved into the characters of the crew members because I felt like there were very much side characters very well-developed side characters but still side characters nonetheless in the first book the final Empire but in this one all the crew members kind of get their moment to shine and I really really liked getting into their back history and getting into their psychology just a little bit more and I loved the dynamic that Ben and II would have together in this book just there they're very strong people and there's our strong-willed people and they have such principle and morals in this world that's really corrupt and and not very conducive for people who are strong-willed and who have strong morals and I just like the attention that was built between their relationship with each other and then the relationship with the society in the outside world and the ending did not see that coming I yeah I was kind of just I was still reading I reread the ending probably three times cuz I was like really did I did I just be when I just read Oh so I was totally not expecting it and really really excited to see how this story arc is concluded with then and in eland and the well of Ascension and all that stuff so if you've finished this book I know that there's been a huge like Brandon Sanderson surge on booktube if you've finished this and want to talk about it please let's talk down below I'll just put spoiler tags if you want to talk about things that you think are spoilery but if you haven't read this book I highly recommend it of course book – so you will need to read book 1 but you highly recommend Brandon Sanderson in general but I really do recommend this book I'll be giving it probably 4 stars on Goodreads so thanks for watching guys from Kansas City now bye

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So I have impulsively moved to Kansas City. And I share my thoughts on Brandon Sanderson’s “Well Of Ascension.



hi guys it's Shannon and I'm just out for a leisurely walk in Florida I'm here visiting my family for the week here's Laura last week looks like while working at bigs guy for dropping off our last month red closure for Big Sky is a very special day because I'm driving to my last day of work at Big Sky which is pretty exciting how about laughing it's gonna be a super slow day how are they dig it like three inches every night come here I cater what back small world drip tip tip tip tip celebrate the last day of work for Shannon for me we're going to eat at where is this Lone Peak brewery one peak brewery yeah I'd say that right Brewer very worried their shower might be on tap now we have a neat Mel and probably last week since I've meet we haven't eaten two days – chilling enjoy God Americana playoffs just my tits the doctor ordered I'm on a hike in big sky and I found a list of the most holy crap I'm going to turn the other way I don't want these things to stampede at me there's one room who knows what they're all of this stuff we gotta clean up what's your cooking process are you frying bananas no I'm baking chicken and making sweet potatoes Oh cut the yummy omnomnomnom because ski season is over which is kind of sad we're going to wash our D clothes in order to do that which I learned recently it's by using this facies detergent what they call tech wash and TX direct washing remember ah Jesus Chung Hsing goes nice stuff now shall we head in there let's see how well it works look at you go saying goodbye to our condo is really weird for checking out right now with our landlords eat the day has come we are moving out of Accession it's all done winter is over mom ball I don't know what to feel happy sad now we're going to head down to Bothans we're up to bugs I'm hungry ready for our next life chapter right which is a road trip to Florida No all right now is that not-so-fun part or just unloading the entire truck in Joey's car two cars full of stuff from Big Sky thanks so much for following along our journey and don't forget to subscribe below see you guys next time

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Big Sky Country will always be my second home..

After 6 months of living in Big Sky, Montana for the winter ski season, we officially moved out of our condo! I had the best time working part-time at the local ski resort and exploring Montana on the weekends.

Find out what it was like to live and work a seasonal job in Big Sky, Montana here:

We still own property in Montana (about three hours from Big Sky), but are setting off soon for a European adventure! This summer, I am backpacking Europe for two months. I’m kickstarting our travels with a road trip from Montana all the way down to Florida where our family lives.

Throughout our trip, I’ll be making videos and sharing them here on my channel. We’ll drive back to Montana later this summer after we get back from our trip. Thanks for watching! xx

– Big Sky, Montana
– Bozeman, Montana

What are your favorite things to do in Montana? Let us know in the comments below!

“Heat Wave,” “Good Starts,” and “Moonshine Town” from the YouTube Audio Library:

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– Montana Life in 1 Minute:

ABOUT ME: Hi! I’m Shannon May – a 29-year-old obsessed with spontaneous outdoor adventures. Prior to moving to Montana, I lived in NYC for five years and worked at a large advertising and marketing agency. Originally from Florida, living near the Rocky Mountains introduced me to many outdoor adventures which I share right here on my YouTube channel. As a Freelance Marketing Consultant, I help outdoor / travel brands and agencies share better online content by overseeing research, strategy, and content creation. Thanks for following the journey!


Minneapolis Minnesota | Guthrie Theater

Minneapolis Minnesota | Guthrie Theater
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The Guthrie is a FREE hidden gem for all ages. Artist: JaeNev & Pratzapp Song: Waiting Download/Stream: /V73Df2nBJC [email protected]