Colombus Ohio North Market Travel Vlog

Colombus Ohio North Market Travel Vlog

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Took a little walk over to the North Market on my overnight in Columbus Ohio. It was a fun little spot full of eclectic shops and people. I had a donut from Destination Donuts and a Bubbles Green Machine juice and watched people pass by. I’ll be back, Columbus. 🙂

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Cleveland, Ohio City Tour

Cleveland, Ohio City Tour

okay Phyllis is taking out of her time to show us a little bit of Cleveland so what we going first fellas well we're going to see if somebody's in the wait chapel don't get a tour in the Lakeview Cemetery it as a Tiffany chapel you got it let's go grocery store within walking distance of our house and a couple fast food restaurants and you okay so it's like a couple blocks from your place Wow half a mile okay all right we're on the corner of Coventry and mayfield what's the what's over here this is what time area called the Coventry Road area there are lots of restaurants mostly restaurants a few shops some organic shops into hang out in mr. Spock okay so it's all down this antique store oh and they have a press and they have it all flowers they put out the flowers and everything out of here don't they that is neat I had to here's some more shops that are very une in Coventry there's another okay right paninis bar and grill if there's a chair and restroom Tommy's in his very popular there's the grog shop the centrum favor a live comedy Wow severence home and what's that – simply that asleep in our kleavon orchestra plays there okay Botanical Gardens Museum Lahore Museum of Natural History Historical Society what a little square this is Carrie what a building what's this coal man that look at that architecture by right here frank gehry okay all this is this the front of it other side of it oh my God look at that architecture Western Reserve Historical Society now they what are these oh yeah zone shannon river what are we coming in is going into Ohio City oh yeah he'll be here and here's some more of my Oh city yes we're headed to the West Side Market look at some of these houses

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Video 806 (4th journey) of a reality travel show with your host David Rush. Go to