What To Do in Portland, Oregon | Travel America

What To Do in Portland, Oregon | Travel America

so I've been wanting to get to Portland for a long time finally here Portland is one of those places you hear so much about and you wonder if the hype is true it is Portland is every bit what you'd expect and more I liked it so I decided to stay for 13 days maybe 15 but who's counting it's a city of food and drink so make sure to buy some tongues because heartburn is pretty much inevitable when we arrived we had to hit voodoo donuts it's a donut shop obviously and they serve weird and tasty circles tourists love it locals let's just say I've lost some of its appeal of veneers this one is so we've been searching for the Portland sign I was gonna get a picture standing next to it but look at it next we got comfortable with some breweries that took us straight to the end of the day because well then you know that Portland has the most breweries of any city on earth I didn't you'd need to drink every day for a month to experience all of them I did six hours and I was done [Laughter] the food is good and there's lots of it but it isn't just good it's fine just ask the food trucks there are hundreds of them and they serve everything from tacos to falafel to poutine whatever that is Portland prides itself on being weird so I kept my eyes peeled I found the world's smallest park yeah that's not a joke okay now I'm about to show you the most interesting thing in Portland this two foot by four feet tall thing is an official part of Portland and named the smallest Park in the world it's actually kind of cute when you meet it in person world's cutest Park maybe are you proud of the world as a Portland resident part of this was in part by we are all in the world's smallest park right now the city isn't all about food and brew and tiny things it's also known for its outdoors eNOS I met up with my cousin we hiked in Forest Park a huge park that's more like a forest that doesn't seem to belong there I'm glad it does oh yeah and the best part about Portland isn't the food it isn't the activities and no it's not even the beer best thing about Portland is no sales tax so I was gonna park my bike here but it looks like it's already taken so Portland is weird Portland is quirky it's hipster it's tasty it's all of the above most of all it's special

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This is what to do in Portland, Oregon as we take a road trip to this amazing city. We take you to the cafes, breweries, restaurants, and get to know what else this city has to offer. Including: Mill Ends Park, the smallest park in the world, Stumptown Coffee, Deshutes Brewery, Voodoo Donuts, and much more. We spent two weeks in this city to discover the things that locals love as well as the tourist draws. Come with us, join on our road trip in a van as we take part in vanlife across America.

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Location: Portland, Oregon

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