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yo what's going on out and about what's happening today we're doing something a little different well we I say meatropolis is at work so somewhere a bit different here I'm going to show you how to find abandoned buildings and how we go about finding the history on the places and stuff like that meeting up with a friend of ours is called Tony he actually started off by watching one of our videos and that's how we started talking so meeting up with him today he's been to the local archive center we've got the blueprints if you remember the abandoned mental asylum video so we've got some history on that gonna show you how to look for various places how we go about finding these places and I hope you can apply it you know getting out there yourself and going out and about looking around these places and enjoy peace see you later I'm lost then Cinemax peace picnic boy that's me back at home Travis should be London in here any minute now back from work oh hi Travis hey he's back so yeah I was out saying before I'm gonna show you today how to find abandoned places and how to go about finding out different ones that there is around your area and worldwide pretty much and how to search for it how to find exactly where the location is so you can drive there and get a taxi how are you gonna get there first things first let's just to make an example and say you stay in Scotland like we do so living the dream Google is God so you just search abandoned places in Scotland and straight away first thing that pops up is a list of places that are abandoned in Scotland so let's go off a garlock Hospital which is a mental hospital in Glasgow copy the name and then search that name into Google now there's a Wikipedia there which tells you some of the history on the place or what you can do is what Tony did is go to your local archive center and ask about the history and they'll have literally all the history books probably even the blueprints and who died there who used to walk there all that kind of stuff but number one thing to do is now search it into Google Maps or you know search where is and then search the name because the last thing you want to do is search it see it know where it is but not see it on Google Maps you get there and it's been demolished or it's been converted into something else which has happened before what does it was this one time we went it was like on the West Coast West Coast woman yeah it was just before Fort William sorry yeah and it was like in the middle of a like an estate so we have to park the car because the road was too rough to drive and we had to walk for about roughly miles we got there and it was literally a pile of rubble so the last thing you want to do is for that to happen so Nate from work actually went there as well like two months beforehand and it was still in time Wow no I think it was two months it was like a month yeah so that kind of thing happens it's just time and stuff so what you ought to do is go into maps and search on Google Maps and the locations come up on here as you can see on the screen so what you want to do is grab the little man from the bottom right hand corner of the screen and drop him in and let's see if it's still there it might be knocked down might not be and as you can see still there and it looks awesome actually it looks really cool looks ymt probably had a fire by the looks of it still got the big Bell and everything up there which is awesome and I love it look though the top left of the screen with the like rectangle black bit it says got walkway as you see that if you look it's a street view and then it says the date that the picture or whatever you call it was taken so this view here was taken in May 2016 so chances are it's still there and it's in real good condition so there's a place that you can go to there straight off the bat and it took what a minute maybe not even not to find that place here's another way of finding places is urban explorers have forums and on the forums the right reports so you can see like they go to a place and then they write down what happened there what sort of stay its in how they got in that kind of thing it's just really good information and it's like fast and easy as well in a fast and easy way one of my favorite sites for this is 28 days later so we're gonna search that now and I'll quickly show you another way see down here it says noteworthy reports so that I'll tell you like people have gone to the recent locations and it's like an up-to-date report of what's happening with the building so it might be in the middle of getting restored into flats or a hotel it might be still there exactly the same as that all was might have a lot of criminal damage happened to it recently which is obviously horrible I advise everyone that goes to see these types of buildings is the tree it like a museum and you know just don't go wrecking the stuff just treat it as if it's your own home kind of thing don't go spray paint in and being reckless with these places because you want it to be the exact same way as you left it for the next person so the next person can enjoy it when they go visit it but anyway as I was saying this websites really good noteworthy reports there's what I just explained asylums and hospitals so you can click on this and I'll quickly show you one of the reports to show you like an example st. Bartholomew's will have a look at this one here we go this guy's been to this place it's a hospital but all this hospital in England actually until it closed in September it was found in 1078 wow that's crazy but this place looked really cool it kind of looks like a castle I love the old style of builds that's a morgue that's a table but actually for when you die they put you on this table slice you open and check your insides a lot stuff find you how he died and stuff like that that's pretty cool we've never come across one of em but we die in – I really want to find one there's an abandoned human in here by the looks of it crazy written a little bit about the place of this one said we then ventured further into a very loud alarm started to scream so there you go there's a good warning if you go to this place isn't our arm in that but we just carried on taking pictures well done mate no it's really good just like kind of like a trying to compare it to another website it's kind of like I don't know it's like a blogging website but for abandoned places another thing on this website what you can do is you can press the locations put on at the top of the page and it comes up all these different tabs where it's like military on the ground RLC post demolished or converted that's another good one that you can seek you don't want to get there and to see if there's been demolished so as I was saying these have got tabs and they've got like underground and a lot of stuff so that could be mines and kind of things so see there's a LED mine right there and if you click on more info it'll give you the exact location but I'll also give you the longitude or latitude coordinates so you can get exactly to where it is another good way this is a this will be the last one will tell you the the way that we find a lot quite a lot of places is going driving in our cars so yeah just if you see like a a road that doesn't look like it's been used very often grass we're out the middle all that's the obvious sign that there's something out there that people haven't checked out in a while so we normally just take a weedeater go out Pavano Z and sometimes it's worked out in our favor isn't it mmhmm yeah sometimes we've found stuff sometimes you go up and it's just a dead end there's nothing that but all the times you can go up there and they can be like you know it's a random mansion sitting there which has been abandoned for god knows how long and not many people know about it and they're the best ones the ones that people not many people know about because obviously it's untouched and there's a lot of people that go around wrecking these places I don't know why I'm ever there you get a thrill out of their world but they go around smashing all the windows spray-painting penises everywhere and stuff like that and it's just a shame really me like girls are buildings on it yeah cuz we go there to enjoy you know I mean it's like the one we visited one one of our first videos a third one was it may be our most viewed video with buying a music the music choice was spot-on there's like no hate or nothing for it no no best videos so far it's like a house that was an amazing find like the stuff that it was just left nothing was touched it was even like money on the sides of the house and yeah shove it and on any open like coins like old coins as well like really old coins from like back in the war and you know plates and stuff just nothing was damaged so yeah that's all thanks for watching make sure to subscribe below and turn the notifications on so you can see all our videos new videos pop up when we upload them thanks for watching pase cheerio

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We thought we would answer a very popular question that pops up in our videos “where is this ?” “how do you get here” etc and we have created a video on exactly how to find abandoned places. May it be Abandoned mansions, houses, mental hospitals, castles we have it covered in this video that will tell you all you need to know to find these secret abandoned locations. this is just a few of our top urban tips to finding abandoned places so we hope you can apply this and get out there and explore for your self.







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