Kayak Fishing a NEW LAKE! Oklahoma Kayak Tournament America Horse Lake- 4k

Kayak Fishing a NEW LAKE! Oklahoma Kayak Tournament America Horse Lake- 4k

we're fishing another tournament we're fishing the American Horse what Tonga tournament you pick between one of the lakes we've picked American horse never been to any of these so far looks like a pretty small place maybe we could figure it out maybe we got no idea we'll see see we can do the high hopes is for this place I hear it's a bluegill Lake bluegill usually means grass 70 I found something I just feel this fish down there boys Robbi you see that now I call it for crappies yeah yeah that was the first bike I wish that was a crappie I'm pretty sure that wasn't like crappy this is pretty good ya know I lost one I've also known as a bass yeah so I figured I just anchor up and keep throwing at it yeah nothing big but I got nothing yet so you know first bite first good bite I don't think I have any more of those new I should let's try again something mana goldfish I just know it is yes that one tie up keep casting I think we can limit out there so winning spot I'm telling you grass patch here all right thirteen and a half baby not an efficient moments late hell the moment Ladell well that's how you get one that's how you get one okay boys number two fishing our man one fish per hour is what we want off right yeah that was probably my biggest bite of the day right there nah man you gotta catch a limit still got three hours it's doable very doable yes have been hitting the rabbit trap this morning that's all this size but it's a good size though for this torment it's been a hard day hard day today so we're all catching Mike Danks I think there's a spot where I'm gonna win off of if I win please catch a minion office because they've already gotten 20 bytes I keep missing them you know stop missing you guys we are Thirteen's we're all cookie cutters you know put the cutter fish but whatever it works 13:13 little dinky little dink like I don't know if this link has a big fisherman off but that's all been able to catch or just a 13 inch fish so I hope I hope a whole bunch of 13 zone and go a long way alright boys hope that measures should measure 10 alright y'all I would never have to say I am happy to catch an 11-inch ever Elevens come on buddy come on buddy nobody nobody this way buddy yes sir number five number five oh boy look at that alright at least we're making a redemption or a comeback today since uh since we skunked out last time right so today there's no skunking out we got our five we got our five they're decent size – I mean fifteen and a half 1575 yeah I'll do 1575 dance for me check it up crappy crappy black crappie too yes I see that's one fishing right there lots and lots of underwater grass lots of good-looking hydrilla too so hope you guys didn't hear me but that's what the deal is there's a lot of grass and timber mixed in I don't think these guys figured it out I think I just got lucky actually kind of came over this thing started a side imaging and I found the hydrilla and there's a lot of it but only on this area areas and I didn't find anything so after about two hours a week some time came back in this spot a couple of bites on rattletrap this morning and it wasn't good can't hook up we got one out of three or four so I'm just gonna come back comb it with a little swim bait and so far that's what the deal is that's the mid-day report Thank You doc data call that's gonna call

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This the another stop on the Oklahoma Kayak Anglers circuit. We are fishing American Horse Lake and I managed to catch a small limit using mostly a small swimbait. Never been here before and found the JUICE!!! Finished 3rd overall. Enjoy!!!!!

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