What To Do in Portland, Oregon | Travel America

What To Do in Portland, Oregon | Travel America

so I've been wanting to get to Portland for a long time finally here Portland is one of those places you hear so much about and you wonder if the hype is true it is Portland is every bit what you'd expect and more I liked it so I decided to stay for 13 days maybe 15 but who's counting it's a city of food and drink so make sure to buy some tongues because heartburn is pretty much inevitable when we arrived we had to hit voodoo donuts it's a donut shop obviously and they serve weird and tasty circles tourists love it locals let's just say I've lost some of its appeal of veneers this one is so we've been searching for the Portland sign I was gonna get a picture standing next to it but look at it next we got comfortable with some breweries that took us straight to the end of the day because well then you know that Portland has the most breweries of any city on earth I didn't you'd need to drink every day for a month to experience all of them I did six hours and I was done [Laughter] the food is good and there's lots of it but it isn't just good it's fine just ask the food trucks there are hundreds of them and they serve everything from tacos to falafel to poutine whatever that is Portland prides itself on being weird so I kept my eyes peeled I found the world's smallest park yeah that's not a joke okay now I'm about to show you the most interesting thing in Portland this two foot by four feet tall thing is an official part of Portland and named the smallest Park in the world it's actually kind of cute when you meet it in person world's cutest Park maybe are you proud of the world as a Portland resident part of this was in part by we are all in the world's smallest park right now the city isn't all about food and brew and tiny things it's also known for its outdoors eNOS I met up with my cousin we hiked in Forest Park a huge park that's more like a forest that doesn't seem to belong there I'm glad it does oh yeah and the best part about Portland isn't the food it isn't the activities and no it's not even the beer best thing about Portland is no sales tax so I was gonna park my bike here but it looks like it's already taken so Portland is weird Portland is quirky it's hipster it's tasty it's all of the above most of all it's special

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This is what to do in Portland, Oregon as we take a road trip to this amazing city. We take you to the cafes, breweries, restaurants, and get to know what else this city has to offer. Including: Mill Ends Park, the smallest park in the world, Stumptown Coffee, Deshutes Brewery, Voodoo Donuts, and much more. We spent two weeks in this city to discover the things that locals love as well as the tourist draws. Come with us, join on our road trip in a van as we take part in vanlife across America.

Alexander Travelbum – The GREETINGS FROM AMERICA Tour
Location: Portland, Oregon

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Alternative Portland Travel Tips! Lovecraft Goth club, food trucks, Steampunk fashion, vegan cafes

Alternative Portland Travel Tips! Lovecraft Goth club, food trucks, Steampunk fashion, vegan cafes

Portland Oregon has a reputation for being a beautiful quirky hipster city I found out for myself that yes Portland is as weird and wonderful as people say my first stop was to Harlow Cafe a sweet little eatery with Fairtrade coffee and vegan organic foods delicious next I hit the shops Kimberly at bombshell vintage was so helpful she's passionate about retro fashion and it shows you can't miss Wells and burn if you're a steampunk fan they have everything from Victorian accessories to brass goggles night was falling so I blasted back to Jupiter a trendy boutique hotel with local art posted everywhere even the staff got in the Halloween spirit for dinner my first mate Naomi and I ate at besause fine dining but cosy besause even had my favorite pumpkin cake and Calva cocktail for a real taste of weird we headed to steep and thorny to see the most eclectic of performances the next morning I was one hungry pirate so I headed out to Portland's famous food truck pitstop these are a staple in Portland culture next I headed to glowing greens a black light pirate themed mini-golf I was just golfing when pirates attacked me they imprisoned me and tied me to the mast but good thing for Naomi we vanquished the villains in celebration I had a fairy dance party around my rental car from Argos car hire so glad to have a car with lots of trunk space I drove to Lincoln restaurant where I interviewed Top Chef Jim Lewis after a trip to Italy where she cooked in people's homes and restaurants she brought her unique style back to Portland she started her first restaurant when she was 28 and hasn't worked for anyone since Jen loves cooking with fresh organic food and brings in all produce from a local farm only 10 miles away no wonder she was named best new chef by Food & Wine magazine Saturday night life in Portland was just beginning we went to see the live performance of Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas we danced the night away at lovecraft a gothic bar based on casinos the scary octopus god this city truly lived up to Portlandia stay tuned for more weird adventures on la Carmina com

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Underground travel blogger & TV host La Carmina ( visits Portland, Oregon! She discovers the kooky, eccentric side of the city, including a Tim Burton Nightmare Before Christmas musical, vintage and steampunk shops, Day-Glo pirate golf, and HP Lovecraft horror bar!

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Production by Eric Bergemann & Melissa Rundle.
Press trip hosted by Visit Portland
Car rental from Argus Car Hire,
Thanks to Naomi Rubin, Steep and Thorny Way to Heaven (song by Myrrh Larsen), Wells & Verne, PDX Yar pirates, Glowing Greens Mini Golf, Jenn Louis at Lincoln Restaurant, Jupiter Hotel.

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Top 10 reasons to move to Portland, Oregon 2018

Top 10 reasons to move to Portland, Oregon 2018

hey welcome back everybody it's time to do a list about my town Portland Oregon now I grew up in the beach cities of Los Angeles which most people would consider a paradise some people not so much but most people do consider it great I still chose to leave LA and relocate to Portland Oregon most people would assume that it was a career move or maybe I was dodging subpoenas or something like that no both would be wrong I moved to Portland Oregon because of the city this is an amazing city it's beautiful it's exciting and I'll never leave and here's a little side note to this video all of you that are hell-bent on being negative yes I'm sure it's more crowded the rent has gotten more expensive and you hate Californians I get it we've all heard it and for the other people that want to say I'd never move there because it's filled with liberals okay we know we've heard it thanks stop typing so I'll stop babbling and I'll give you the list so here's my top ten reasons to move to Portland Oregon number ten public transit now I've mentioned this before in past videos both pro and con the negative side of Portland's public transit system was we call it here the max it's gone up in price a couple times in the last five or six years and it also gets a little crowded during rush hours but even those two things they have an upside the price increases help pay for transit projects like the new bridge and rail line that goes from downtown to the southeast side of Portland and the crowds that tells you something that tells you that the transit system in Portland is working in other places that I've lived like la will especially La Rush Hour's they're not that crowded nobody likes to take a train or a bus unless they have to in Los Angeles I always felt growing up being seen on a public transit was a good form of birth control cuz no one's gonna bone you once they see you on one of those buses in Portland it's a totally different story a large portion of the population prefer to ride the max some people never drive their car except maybe on the weekends it's great number nine the rain this is another one has its ups and downs its pros its cons the rain sucks and especially when it goes on what seems like a lifetime but here's the thing without the rain in Portland Portland loses its amazing landscape and incredible scenery everything in Portland is green 80% of the year and the other 20% it's mostly green so it's a little bit of step down from being completely green now this is the thing about all the greenery and the trees and the bushes and the ferns it makes you feel good seeing that nature I encourage everyone to come up here go into the nature enjoy it go to one of the many forested Parks Portland has around it and just enjoy your life number eight the great outdoors Portland is outdoors hiking biking and a major river the outdoor activity options are many in Portland and if you want to venture out a little bit further to the surrounding area there's a ton more hiking and biking trails everything from a 10-minute walk in the woods de Forest Park that would take you a couple days to explore all the trails and if a giant park in the middle of a city ain't good enough for you like I said a short drive away will get just some great trails with insane waterfalls creeks and lakes I'll leave a link below to some of the great books that I've read about Oregon hiking and if you want pick them up use the link number seven craft beer if you're a beer drinker you're gonna love Portland there's currently 58 breweries in the city of Portland and in total 84 in the Portland metro area this is a city with under 700,000 people they actually have a city ordinance in Portland that says the people have to drink a minimum two pints a month or will overflow obviously I'm just kidding normally I wouldn't tell you I was kidding but while I was just talking I remembered that some half-wit I served in the Army with believed another dude when he told him that all Golden Colorado residents get a free case of Coors beer delivered to their house or apartment or in his cases trailer Golden Colorado was famously the home of Coors beer so he actually believed this and we let him believe it for a couple weeks then someone started laughing at him and he got all angry and and talked to anyone for like six months it was hysterical number six food trucks food trucks are not just for construction sites in Portland they're for everywhere including downtown in Portland food trucks have wheels like most places but they rarely move they're stationary and it's not just your average food truck construction site type food it's real food my favorite is a grilled cheese truck it's awesome they sell you grilled cheeses like the ones you make in your kitchen right now they make them and you can even sit in an old school bus and eat your grilled cheese it's magical I would imagine Portland's the only place that you could take a co-worker you've been trying to hook up with to lunch at a food truck and she wouldn't even bat an eye that's another great thing about Portland number five distilleries portland has a distillery district it's called distillery row and it's nice if you've ever gone wine-tasting you can do the same thing here just instead of rolling hills and vineyards you get an industrial and warehouse section of the city and some homeless here there and a little warning don't invite homeless people into the tasting with you now they'll let it men but the proprietor is the establishment will glare at you the whole time lesson learned number four pals books if you've never heard of pals books you're missing out four story book store and it's amazing I know digital books are taking over but some people still prefer a good old-fashioned book I'm that way to me books are like boobs it's nice to see them on the internet but I really prefer to touch them now I'm not saying you can go to pals books and touch boobs that's another type of bookstore entirely but definitely if you're in Portland checkout pals books it's awesome number three tattoo shops and their artists they said the beginning Portlandia that the ink never runs dry in Portland no truer statement has ever been made about Portland we have what most people would consider far too many tattoo studios and artists in Portland in the surrounding area that is not true if it were people who get walk-in appointments anytime they wanted in Portland that's rare they're usually a couple days out or at least the next day now I've been to a few places and I've seen work of other tattoo artists on my friends and whatnot and who they recommend my personal favorite is Lacey at Tron city tattoo in Beaverton is actually on the beaver den Portland border but I technically in Beaverton she does great work it's Tron like the movie Tron pron city tattoo it's a really nice place give them a call if you're looking to get some ink on your body number two festivities this is a major part of living in Portland they have some sort of festival every week sometimes more than one from the Rose Festival to every type of food or beverage festival all styles of music to an adult soapbox derby and let's not forget about the Naked Bike Ride Portland has something for everyone I go to the dark beer festival every year mainly because I like my beer like I like my women dark thick and loaded with alcohol and number one the people the greatest treasure of Portland is its people in my almost decade here I've been pleasantly amazed at the people of Portland Oregon the kindness you experience is refreshing to say the least it's the little things mostly things like men giving up their seat when an older person gets on a crowded train I've gone to the gas station to get gas from my lawnmower and more than a couple times some other customers offered to give me a ride back to my car thinking I ran out of gas the police actually introduced themselves in a polite manner when you get pulled over been pulled over twice here each time there were nothing but Pleasant people actually give you room to merge on the freeway when you put your blinker on this one blew me away in California if you put on your blinker the car you're trying to get in front of tries to close the gap between them and the car in front of you to box you out it's just weird I always thought it was weird when I was down there but it became part of the landscape up here and put on my blinker people would actually back off and give me a room and I was confused I didn't know what to do I thought they were getting ready to run me off the road and another thing when you first move up here and someone's really nice to you you think they're trying to run a scam on you and in fact they were just being nice to you I've actually witnessed a stripper while dancing bend over to an extremely drunk man who had been recently cut off from drinking and say honey did you mean to throw this hundred dollar bill on stage he said no she gave it back to him sidenote everyone who saw this applauded and gave her extra money to start throwing money at her it was the nicest thing I've ever seen a naked woman do I could go on and on about some of the pleasant things I've seen people in Portland Oregon do but I would encourage you to experience it yourself not just when you come here and stay at a restaurant or a hotel and they're nice to you because they work there the customer service go out and meet some of the people and you'll see how nice they are it's really strange at first if you're not from here all right that's my list I hope you enjoyed it don't forget to hit that like button and subscribe button if you haven't already leave me a comment tell me what you thought tell me if you think there's anything I missed and I want to give you a little warning about the comments section of this video it's just my experience from past videos about Portland some of the people in Portland act like this is the only place in the world anyone is actually moving to and they act like Portland is like their backyard and you're moving into your backyard and they get irritated about it you'll find those comments keep in mind this is not the way the majority of portlanders feel about anyone anyway thanks for watching be nice to each other you

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