Terrapin Park Beach – A really beautiful place on Kent Island

Terrapin Park Beach - A really beautiful place on Kent Island
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some crystal Tom's i am a park ranger for Queen Anne's County and I am stationed at terrapin Park Terrapin park is located on kent island in the town of Stevensville we have a great picnic area has a few picnic tables and some barbecues you can come down here with a family and have a little cookout we also have some meadow areas which are great for seeing like birds songbirds and foxes and rabbits and deer and things of that nature and then we have to saltwater marsh areas brackish water marsh areas that are good for wading birds like herons and egrets and red-winged blackbirds and we have the beach area so you can go swimming and then there's a fishing beach so you can go fishing out there catch some rockfish and there's a four mile trail system here so if you want to take a bike ride or go for a hike it's a great place to go part of the cross island trail tour yep it connects to the cross island trail this is the point on the trail down here at terrapin park where if you go this way there's about a four mile trail that goes around past the beach and a lot of the amenities and the meadows and the different areas and comes back around to the parking lot if you go this way on the trail this is the cross island trail and you can ride this all the way up to kent narrows where some of the restaurants are and some different things you can take your pets on it walk with the family ride bikes just can't take any motorized vehicles so we also have a freshwater pond right adjacent to the park it's not very far at all it is a stocked pond where you can go fishing and you can do capture and lease there's also a lot of turtle species there is a huge snapping turtle that I've seen a few times and often i'll see you at eagle there or some osprey even and like i said more wading birds do you need to have a fishing license like a maryland state fishing license too yes efficient either places down here yep you do the swimming area has a great view you can see the Bay Bridge all the way over to the western shore you can see fairies and boats going by it's actually really cool i saw a cruise ship last weekend so it's a great view down there and the beach is a swim at your own risk but it's great beach to go to a lot of kids and families come here often and go swimming and it's really nice we have a huge meadow in the back of the park and it is technically what we would call early successional habitat where you're going to find a lot of grass eating species such as deer and cottontails and you'll find a lot of song birds that migrate here like warblers and verdes and chickadees and stuff of that nature and it's a really great habitat for butterflies and bees and different types of insects yep there's a often a few people here trying to check some birds off of e birds we have one guy in particular who likes to watch the herons and egrets over by them saltwater marshes and everything the park is open from sunrise to sunset pretty much we give you like a half-hour window after the sunset just to try to get out of the park and if you want to watch the sunset to watch it and then skedaddle we have a board here at the parking lot area that has a map and it'll show you where you are and how far the trail goes and i'll show you markers that we have around the park to show you how far you've gone and how far you can go things of that nature so Phil you mentioned something about these signs down here at the party remember yes it was an Eagle Scout project back in late 2014 early 2015 Jeffrey mayor placed 15 of these informational signs all on the walking trail here at terrapin park it's all based on environmental and a the weather conditions and the human relation to the environment but we've done to create some hazards and what things we've done it to make improvements today you're going to take some kids out on a tour yep some kids from the Recreation Department of queens county is coming down to go for a little tour around the park I'm going to take them around the whole thing we're going to go around the meadow area the woods area and down the fishing beach and swimming beach and then through the salt marsh area that's this is a great way for kids to learn about the wildlife of Maryland yeah and the plants too i'll do a little bit of things with plants because we don't really see too much wildlife during the day but i'll point out some birds and maybe we'll see some snakes or turtles or something snakes yeah like that yeah I'll talk about some native plant species but I also talked to them about some invasive species that we have here too and what an invasive species is and what they can do to help with invasive species to try to keep native plants here and healthy and to help the ecosystem here find out more about recreation programs by going on the web to Parks and Rec org that's parks the letter and RAC org

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Terrapin Park by the Chesapeake Bay Bridge on Kent Island is a hidden gem. Great place to get outside for the day, sit on the beach, go fishing, take a hike. To learn more about your great parks in Queen Anne’s County go to www.qac.org and search parks or call 410-758-0835. Thanks for watching QACTV

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Haunted Places in California 2

Haunted Places in California 2

from haunted old hospitals whose halls are filled with the dead to lighthouses you should avoid for more than just the shoreline it's not the first time we've looked at the Golden State and all it has to offer which is by the speakeasy is bringing you our picks for the most haunted places in California part two starting with number 10 the Amargosa Opera House and hotel the Amargosa Opera House and Hotel in Death Valley Junction were originally constructed from 1923 to 1925 and have served for movies plays as a community center for church services funerals and more staff and guests throughout the years have reported inexplicable cold spots shadowy figures throughout the halls and the feeling of being watched while alone activity is said to get strongest at night and is partially thought to be the work of the many lost souls of those who perished trying to cross Death Valley number 9 the Glen tavern in the Glen tavern Inn in Santa Paula was built in 1911 and is a perfect stop for the night to any who loved the supernatural Staffing guests report EMF spikes the piano playing itself and full-bodied apparitions rounding corners or leaving rooms if you stay here keep an eye on your valuables things have been known to go missing for a day even weeks before turning back up exactly where it was sitting when it disappeared local legend states the most haunted room here is 307 which is usually booked months in advance number 8 the Robert Louis Stevenson house the Robert Louis Stevenson house and Monterey was built in the 1830s and was named after Robert Louis Stevenson who stayed here at one point the original owner was manway ledger arden her family got sick with typhoid fever and Manuela ever the devoted wife took care of her husband until he passed and grandchildren until she passed never learning the kids recovered her spirit is believed to remain causing rocking chairs to move on their own the smell of disinfectant and lights turning on and off on their own she has appeared to several as a in a black dress especially in the nursery and usually vanishes within seconds number seven the Leland Stanford mansion the Leland Stanford mansion in Sacramento was built in 1857 and is the first location we've chosen that isn't believed to be currently haunted as the story goes leland stanford senior the original owner of the mansion tried for years to have a child with his wife they were finally blessed with a son but tragically lost him at the young age of 15 Leland senior went into a deep depression until one night at midnight Leland juniors ghost appeared to his grieving father telling him to give what he would have given his son in life to the children of California instead this prompted Leland senior to found a new University which he named Stanford after his beloved son number six the Linda Vista Community Hospital the Linda Vista Community Hospital in Los Angeles was originally known as the Santa Fe Railroad Hospital and was built in 1905 this one is famous on more than just a local level spooking its way onto several major national haunted location lists visitors and researchers report ghostly footsteps the torso of a man that appears in startles any who cross its path and translucent patients and orderlies seemingly unaware of the living around them also reported our disembodied screams faces and reflections and wheelchairs moving as if someone or something invisible is sitting in them number five Battery Point Lighthouse the Battery Point lighthouse in Crescent City it was built in 1856 and has stood through several major storms that resulted in fatalities it's rumored to be haunted by three distinct presences two adults and one child when the adults are around visitors report feeling uncomfortable and unwelcomed cold spots can be felt and objects have been known to move on their own the child however is considered harmless even friendly playing pranks on those who cross his path also reported our shadow figures strange winds and the feeling of being carefully watched number four Preston castle Preston Castle also known as the Preston school of industry and I own was built in 1890 and has been the scene of a surprising number of grisly deaths throughout history a burglar named Samuel Goines was killed trying to escape to this day his spirit can be seen trying to make his Great Escape Anna Corbin a housekeeper was beaten to death by one of the students her body found in the basement days later she likes to appear suddenly startling those around all in all 16 boys were lost to disease they are known to be extremely malevolent and can be seen watching visitors from dark rooms accompanied by the sounds of little giggles and whispers number three casa de a studio casa de as studio in san diego was built in 1829 by captain jose maria de s studio he lived there for one short year before passing away his full-bodied apparition can be seen in various places enjoying the beautiful abode he didn't get to in life captain s studio isn't the only ghost here however as the spirit of a silent monk has been cited on multiple occasions not much is known about him but it's generally accepted that he is friendly also reported are shadow figures strange fogs and otherworldly red lights coming from the bedrooms at night number two the Queen Mary the RMS Queen Mary in Long Beach was built in 1934 and has been the scene of some shocking fatalities a male presence is believed to haunt the entirety of the ship and is usually seen at night rounding corners he's believed to be a passenger murdered at sea the pool is rumored to be haunted by the ghost of a little boy reports of cold spots children's laughter and tiny wet footprints around the area are almost common one sailor was crushed to death near door 13 and his cries can still be heard occasionally in the same area room B 340 is one of the most haunted areas on the ship spilling into the nearby hallway where lights flicker orbs are constantly caught in photos and it's almost consistently abnormally cold number one the Winchester Mystery House construction of the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose started in 1884 from an incomplete farmhouse and has been infamous as both one of the most haunted houses in the US and one of the most fascinating after the death of William Winchester of Winchester Repeating Arms Sarah his wife went into a deep depression eventually consulting a psychic the fortune-teller foretold that Sarah would be haunted by all of the souls lost at the hands of Winchester Repeating firearms and in order to avoid her fate she should construct a house and never stopped building construction on the house continued until the day of Sarah's death in 1922 almost 40 years later the house is massive the layout bizarre with hallways leading to nowhere doors opening to three-story drops and stairways that ascend straight into the ceiling this odd design was intended to confuse the ever persistent spirits and yes the place is actually very haunted staff and guests have reported several notable entities including a construction worker who died on the job and a mysterious man in a suit also reported are many full-bodied apparitions bearing gunshot wounds wearing clothing from different eras objects moving on their own even floating and phantom wisps of smoke throughout the halls the basement is said to hold a negative energy that has even been responsible for leaving marks on those who cross its path while several unknown entities have appeared suddenly in mirrors and other reflections startling those nearby multiple investigations have been performed here most of which have yielded disturbing EVPs exceedingly high EMF levels and strange images showing up later in photographs the ghost of Sarah herself has also been sighted here you in the hallway with a candle holder and I several have also watched as the impression of a woman's body formed before them on her neatly made bed with the overwhelming number of reports stemming from this legendary house and the severity ranging up to physical contact it's no wonder we chose the Winchester Mystery House as our pick for the most haunted place in California there you have it those were our picks for the most haunted places in California if you enjoyed this video don't forget to subscribe to our channel click the like button down below and share it with all of your friends there's plenty more to come until next time

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From Fresno to Sacramento, Long Beach to Oakland, The Golden State is full of terrifying haunted schools, parks, graveyards, and much more! Which is why The Speakeasy is bringing you our list of the top 10 haunted places in California! Enjoy!


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“Amargosa Opera House, Death Valley Junction, California” by Ken Lund ( is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 (

“Glen Tavern Inn 2014” by Patrick Pelletier ( is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 (

“Glen Tavern Inn 2014 02” by Patrick Pelletier ( is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 (

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“Linda Vista Community Hospital building, Los Angeles” by Downtowngal ( is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 (

“Linda Vista Community Hospital back building, Los Angeles” by Downtowngal ( is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 (

“Crescent City Lighthouse” by Kathleen Franklin ( is licensed under CC BY 2.0 (

“PrestonCastle” by Simpleread ( is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 (

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“Casa de Estudillo, Old Town San Diego, San Diego, California” by Ken Lund ( is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 (

“Casa de Estudillo dining room” by Nicholas Lopez ( is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 (

#1072 FREDDIE MERCURY & JIMI HENDRIX Home/Death Locations – London Travel Vlog (7/14/19)

#1072 FREDDIE MERCURY & JIMI HENDRIX Home/Death Locations - London Travel Vlog (7/14/19)
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hello my friends it's your old pal Jordan the lion coming to you from Kensington here in London England and if you know this area and you know the word Kensington you know exactly what we're gonna vlog today everybody has been asking me to do this so we're gonna do it today we're gonna go see the house and the official grave marker stone of one of the greatest showmen in rock and roll history a man who when he was on stage you couldn't look away he was just that captivating and yet his very first performance ever he did with his back to the audience performing jailhouse rock by Elvis Presley we are right around the corner from the death home and the last place that Freddie Mercury called home let's go well you can't see much beyond this very very very tall gate with spikes on top of it but that house beyond there was Freddy's house and that he loved a house that was now it's the home of Mary Austin who was his longtime love he considered her his live-in wife or his common-law wife but they were just so great friends that Freddy really felt like she was the only person he ever really considered a friend and so his jaunt into music was not a common one Freddie actually never really had the dreams of being a singer he got into it much later in life he went and saw a band called smile who had a couple of the members of what would become his band queen they were in that group Freddie went to see them and not being in the group he was actually seeing all over their harmony parts at their show and so this was kind of a spark that led him to believe that hey maybe I should do music maybe I should get into this and so eventually he would do his own band and the band wouldn't be quite what he wanted so he would eventually find out that smile broke up and he would get the members of smile Brian May to come and join the band with him and they called it queen so Roger Taylor and Brian May joined the band they found John Deacon and that became Queen and Queen was kind of a risky name at the time because everybody knew really what that meant here in London that was like kind of a homosexual term or it was something that was kind of a derogatory term but Freddie liked the name and that's what they went with now it's sad to me is that I feel like a lot of people really have gotten all over the Freddie Mercury bandwagon because of Bohemian Rhapsody but they really should be on the Freddie Mercury bandwagon because his music was amazing his voice was incredible he actually believed that the reason that he could sing and hit so many notes was that he thought he had four extra teeth in the back of his mouth and that that stretched his palate and he believed that that helped him attain those so when you hear him do all these wonderful songs like somebody to love and Bohemian Rhapsody and I wish we could see more crazy little thing called love and everything that was you know that great voice that brought those songs to life and they still say his last performance was considered the greatest performance of all time and they definitely captured that in the Bohemian Rhapsody movie even though I'm not a big fan of the movie I think it was a well done movie but I really really wanted to see more history of Queen you know like how the band formed his relationship with Queen not so much as personal life but sadly we're gonna talk personal life we do have to save it you know in 1987 Freddie was diagnosed with AIDS not hiv/aids and so they knew his time was limited and even though word would leaked out to the press that he had this he would deny it and he actually didn't ever come out until the day before he died he basically made a statement saying that he had it and then he passed away the next day at the age of 45 now what's really sad is that Queen finally you know I feel like maybe even with Wayne's world started to get there do people start to realize how great the music really was because they did well when they were around when they were performing but not as well as they should have and a lot of people believe that the reason that that was was because they thought that Freddie had changed his look at one point and he went to what was in the homosexual community called a clone look which was short hair a mustache he got rid of his long hair got rid of that rock-and-roll look and a lot of people believe that was kind of what stalled some of their sales for me I love news of the world sheer heart attack a Night at the Opera at day three says those are all phenomenal albums and that's about as much of the house as we're gonna be able to see unfortunately so even though while Freddie was alive Mary did fall in love and did move on and it apparently did hurt his feelings but he did always consider her his closest friend and so when he passed away he left the house and quite a bit of his estate to Mary and I believe Mary still lives there and had actually lived there with her family so it's not just a house that she owns it's a house that she has used and here you can see they have a big sheet of plastic in front of the door so people can't do graffiti but people leave little messages for Freddie I love clean so I guess this is as close as we can get to taking a picture in front of Freddie Mercury's house I guess we can take a picture in front of the door here on the other side you can see there's all kinds of razor wire and Freddie's musical life was not just confined to Queen he did do solo albums during that time that he was alive too but nothing quite has been remembered quite like his queen days and I think that's really obvious I mean it was a four-piece that had phenomenal songs I mean it was somewhere between rock-and-roll metal show tune the Tin Pan Alley I mean he kind of they really mixed everything in they had that phenomenal guitar sound of Brian Mays Freddie's incredible voice Roger Taylor had this amazing backing voice I mean they just they really had everything on top of being phenomenal showman on stage so now we're gonna make our way off to the cemetery and see if we can't find that memorial for Farouk al-shara Freddie Mercury's real name so I just walked past another blue plaque and I don't know the whole story of Michael McGowan theatre but I did have to kind of chuckle a little bit right away because this was a drama school here it says the oldest Drama School in the UK and it's called lambda it's about a block away from Freddie Mercury's flat is the oldest Drama School in the UK and I believe Brian May is the one that introduced Freddie to Mary Austin he was very very instrumental also in getting Bohemian Rhapsody made he was a very vocal and who was going to portray Freddie I know at one point Sacha Baron Cohen Borat was supposed to be Freddie and then they decided to go in a different direction I wondered as I watched that movie what Freddie Mercury himself would think of a movie in the performances and everything I wonder if he would have approved of that movie being made the reason I kind of wonder that is because people like Frank Zappa didn't even want to be remembered for anything other than just the music alone he'd even have a headstone yeah he just said I don't need to be remembered as long as the record survived and even if they don't who cares I would have loved to include the Wembley Stadium as part of this because Freddie made such a big impact there but it's not the same Wembley they rebuilt it I think the true measure of how great Queen was is that whenever I've met anyone in my life I don't think I've ever met anybody that told me they didn't like Queens music and in fact in a couple of days we have been invited to go to a concert and the drummer of that band has told me that Queen was his favorite band that would be Eric singer the drummer of KISS for the last what 25 30 years I just love the flats here look there's even a lion check that out actually realized we're going to be passing right by the death site of another famous musician so we'll stop there along the way to the cemetery nice if not Oh gothic Church st. John's Church was built in 1845 in the early English Gothic style by John of Hargreaves Stevens and George Alexander this site on the summit of Notting Hill had formerly been a viewpoint for spectators at the center of the Hippodrome racecourse huh so used to be a hotel right here back in the early 70s and it was at this hotel at this address it would been 22 Lansdowne Crescent that Jimi Hendrix was found dead now that's a really bizarre story I don't you know I still don't really know what to make of it the official story is that he did drugs drank wine and choked on his own vomit but people that knew Jimmy said that that wasn't Jimmy Jimmy was like not a guy who abused drugs he was somebody who you know if somebody offered him drugs might take a hit but didn't abuse them and yeah it was sad he was here with his girlfriend he had woken up played guitar and and then next thing you know he's dead the speculation by a lot of people is that Jimmy had a kind of a crooked manager who saw that you know whether Jimmy was alive or dead this guy would make money because he had a bulk of Jimmy's publishing and so a lot of people have speculated that that guy had a heavy hand in whatever it was that took Jimmy's life at this address but guess we will really never know because that man died a few years later and it was never really heavily investigated although there are documentaries that go into it they do back up the claim that it does seem very suspicious so would have been right here where Jimmy Hendrix was found dead alright back on our route Wow check out the architecture on that I love that [Applause] Wow that is their fire station look it's a space invader I wouldn't want to swim in that jeez well here we are very interesting cemetery now as I understand that Freddie didn't want particularly a ceremony or a grave or anything so I'm not sure that his ashes are here where the plaque is I read online that people have said that that usually means that the ashes were scattered in that area but I believe it was a promise to Freddie that Mary would never reveal where his ashes were and who knows she very well may have them buried with her when she passes away but I do know she did have a little commemoration ceremony out here for this very low-key so we'll find it in pair respects kind of interesting how people decide to do their plots here this one has stained glass I was walking by this and I just stopped to read it because there was so much written on there and the more I read it says Joseph Manton he's a great artist in the art of firearms that ever the world produced as the founder and the father of the modern gun trade that has a most scientific inventor huh quite a life he led I'm still looking for it here's the mausoleum of the Duke of Cambridge there's a sleeping lion here's the mausoleum of General Sir John Atchinson kind of interesting about this cemetery is a lot of the headstones will say went to sleep you know or basically tells the manner of death okay this one this is an angel with the arms and the head off I think I have an answer so originally there was a plaque here that was signed fruit lisara with freddie mercury's birth and death dates it said forever and always with you my love signed em but apparently a news magazine reported when someone founded it used to be right here and they said like a week later it was removed so but I know this has to be it I see the Queen crown there so he didn't want anybody to know where he was buried so I highly doubt that he was buried here I think this was probably just a memorial but who knows some of his friends have said they think he's buried at his home under the cherry tree some people believe backward in Zanzibar who knows regional placard was right here right in between these two names my original thought on coming out here was that if they were a plaque here then it you know I took that as kind of a sign that it's okay to come visit but then once I got out here and I actually found that and there was no plaque there I started looking online reading up and saw that it was removed now I understand it's you know I guess they didn't want anybody to know so that nobody would come and try and do anything disrespectful well I think we're gonna call it a day here from London have a great night everyone go listen to some Queen enjoy Freddie Mercury's music the genius that was in there the beautiful voice the great theatrics on stage don't let it be forgotten have a great night we'll see you all tomorrow goodbye

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#1072 FREDDIE MERCURY & JIMI HENDRIX Home/Death Locations – Jordan The Lion Daily Travel Vlog (7/14/19) London


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