Travel Vog | Nashville, Tennessee | NFL Draft, Southern Food & Music

Travel Vog | Nashville, Tennessee | NFL Draft, Southern Food & Music

so I just got to Nashville for the NFL Draft hanging out here for a couple of days and it's like these stores find me I don't know what it is but peep I was driving to Walmart go on and pick up some allergy medicine because legit I'm dying I like stepped outside for a second and I'm my eyes are itching my throat is closing I'm sneezing but on the way look what I saw you already know what time it is it's definitely not gonna compare to the one by my house but if I see one I told you it's automatic I gotta go so I'm gonna check it out see if they got any good swag I'll keep you posted and let you know but it's not a coincidence these stores are bangers and they find me alright peace about to leave already poor whites this about the same praise colors and colors and colors $5.00 okay so I'm going to restaurant my boy who lives in Nashville recommended it's called like 12 Street Tavern or something like that but supposedly from 9:00 to 11:00 on Monday nights they have live music who have limes here look you know how we get down on those from Atlanta but supposedly from 9:00 to 11:00 they have live music but I'm just trying to chill just maybe get something to eat maybe have a beer and listen to some music would be cool because it's Nashville so we'll see how it is I'm excited because he's a mood like a music guru so he knows all the spots so we'll see how it how the food is and also how the music is I'll let you know peace room good music good food and now I'm enjoying a nice little ice cream cone so that was a good spot I like the music food was good bartender was a cool dude overall authentic Nashville bar restaurant I enjoyed it so good night good first night alright I'm gonna enjoy this go to bed peace out alright going to a breakfast spot in Nashville I looked up it's called Nashville biscuit house that looks pretty gangster but it should be good I'll show you the sign come on with an authentic sign like that you know it's got to be really good alright I'm gonna go in so the prices were good eggs and home fries were pretty good the biscuit was good but the pancakes were straight garbage overall it was okay I'm full but food was pretty wack with a name like Nashville biscuit house it's got to be a lot better than that like it's got a like be banging and it was there so that was breakfast all right Nissan Stadium gonna go look you Nissan Stadium home of the Tennessee Titans field getting watered they might be having some events this weekend but a beautiful stadium I saw a couple of stray cats running around that was a little creepy but a lot of playoff memories in this stadium Steve McNair Eddie George Frank wycheck why check through a Hail Mary pass it could have been a forward lateral at the end of a playoff game and at NFC it was the N it don't know there's the AFC wild card game against the Buffalo Bills threw a pass that was considered a forward pass but they went on to win beat the bills I think they went to the Super Bowl that year but this place gets rowdy a lot of people in this stands going crazy price that's over a hundred thousand but the field looks beautiful right now it's nice and peaceful usually coaches and players will come and run the stairs when it's quiet just to get that you know peaceful serenity and you know when they do that and they play in a game and people are going crazy screaming they just envision that and they could throw a touchdown or make it like a nice run or a good throw but yeah it's it's cool it's cool to be in here field just looks gorgeous I'd love to be a professional player getting that paycheck but I'm not so I will just fantasize about it but Tennessee is crazy they probably play then go across the street and wile out at the bars on Broadway right afterward it's because it's very very close but that's Nashville this is Nissan Stadium home of the Tennessee Titans and this year's NFL Draft all right peace out [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Terry Collins your giant great Chris Johnson New York jet great stadiums pretty cool they're doing all they're putting the grass down and now you can see the Titans logo there but uh this place is sweet just walking around seeing it a little bit yeah this place gets rowdy on game day all right I'm walking across the bridge here to get to downtown there's actually some birds right there thinking if I should hop all in one of them and take it across the bridge I might I'm a little nervous I would JIT just saw a girl riding one fell back on it and hit her head on the concrete no joke and then some dude with a helmet on right behind her was like that's why she should be wearing a helmet like yeah so I might hop on one right now cuz people are riding them and it's only a 15-minute walk but I think for like a dollar fifty I could ride on that the LimeWire one I think it's partnered with Hoover so might hop on that we'll see it's gorgeous down here look behind me Nashville Skyline walking across the bridge is gorgeous beautiful day hopefully hear some music get some food maybe have something to drink but absolutely gorgeous out here people are friendly alright on Broadway a lot of places play music walking past Broadway brew house went by Kid Rock's restaurant is like four stories high but a lot going on look behind me that's downtown Tennessee not too many people right now but I'm sure at night it gets ridiculous but yeah I'm walking into a more crowded spot right in front of Tootsie's right on Broadway music everywhere NFL Draft so it's easy super-famous a lot of people perform their celebrity why's what the Broadway is crazy you can see the draft stage all the way down at the end of the strip I'm gonna walk down there it's all the way back there I fell drop stage pretty sweet right at the bottom of Broadway about to bill grub grub grub grub grub my place tea is mad spicy my eyes are watering but it's good as Poole was super spicy and Ellie got mild – ice cream walking on Broadway Wednesday night tomorrow's the drops stage is at the bottom of the street that's the stage it's pretty rowdy out here just cruising streets are shut down campeón celebrity watch yeah pretty busy a lot of people in their football gear very sweet lotta neon lights is Nashville Smashville all right yourself very sweet Nissan Stadium downtown g—men Eli what up New York say Quan pretty cool Nashville was awesome had a great time heading to Texas now but music is great people are friendly the NFL Draft was unbelievable the atmosphere was just insane it's jus it was like New Year's Eve backstreet's food was amazing like I said barbecue food got to go to like a little local spot it's really cool cuz there's a city life and then you know you drive 20 minutes and it's very very very country I enjoyed it got to spend some time down at the draft eat some food listen to music I'm not a country music guy but I appreciate it someone like a Taylor Swift goes back to Nashville and she's just like a god she's a rock star and people really love her for that she was there at the NFL Draft singing there were some other people I don't know exactly who um there's that famous place I think it's called Tootsie's or something like that with the purple they got took over by the NFL so there was craziness going there but Broadway is just madness there's always bachelorette parties people just want to have a fun time Nashville is a great city I really enjoyed it so shout out to Nashville I'll be back I got some friends that lived there so I will definitely be back thank you for letting me spend some time there alright peace out about to leave already come with me

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Traveled to Nashville for some food, music and the NFL Draft! Follow along to see what I get into!!

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Day 22 North American Road Trip in a Tesla

Day 22 North American Road Trip in a Tesla
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okay so I'm writing with Lisa she has the Tesla enthusiast mid-missouri group that's right short Roadtrek okay cruise down by the University of Missouri and I'll just show you some of the sights here in Columbia and for once I'm not driving today Lisa is doing the driving so this is Lake Stevens Stevens Lake Park so what's significant about Stevens Lake oh that's right in the center of our city and it has trails around the perimeter a lot of green space kind of trees so a lot of people from boone hospitals right up the street here okay so it's a great place for people to relax take a walk on their lunch break tragic sighs Stevens College established school so now we're traveling through downtown and you know Columbia is a nice size it has about 110,000 people it's a smaller town but there's a lot available here and there's a lot to do myself but I put it online I needed fuel for my lawnmower so I went to Casey's which is a gas station fill up this gas can and I couldn't remember because I haven't done that for like ten months right it's like oh I squeeze the nozzle and nothing happened like oh god you have to pay first and right personal button or put the lever I finally got it to work and I pressed the pay inside button instead of like pay with your car so then I as an introvert I'm like God now I'm gonna go talk to somebody right right you can just get the gas and so I went in and this lady's looking at me like girl so I was excited 10 months right kind of forgot what I'm doing so so you need to get electric lawnmower that's the story behind that all right about to give up on the golems here look there Shakespeare feet stick oh sweet yeah famous Shakespeare pizza yeah so buying your model three one how long ago did you buy it bought it yeah ordered it in August it was delivered early in September September like September 29th may be innocent time and how has it changed you well one thing I got pump you're I don't think I'll ever buy a different car again because other cars just feel stupid feels a dominant put gas in the car it feels started to waste time in a gas station when you can just charge a car in your garage exactly it's dumb to not have a car that drives itself it's silly to not have a car that updates itself every two weeks or so why would you buy a different car the only time that you would need a different car right now is if you need to travel someplace where there's a there's not a supercharger and you need to turn around and come straight back and you don't have time to do like a level to church that's everything that that said there you know the infrastructure is improving daily right there's going to come a time when it's hard to find a place like that right you those places will be few and far between so you know it's just a matter of time and I really appreciate the early adopters you know the folks that we're buying you know traveling traveling around in Model S's before there were many superchargers they really are to be commended so some people say like their lives changed somehow like on a personal level whether it's through this new sense of community and just their life feels like more full or somehow it's changed them definitely other than just like only a car falling love the Tesla but like personally it's affected them have you yeah we sort of talked I really people that you meet online for one thing I actually went on vacation my friend and I met a group a Tesla group that I found on Facebook and we toured the Fremont factory and had a really good time and they're just all wonderful people and it just it seems like the rule not the exception it's the people are really kind and yeah just love the feel of a college campus so what's significant about those columns just a symbol oh here we go we can find out bring try out the park with sure we're gonna do auto park yeah okay so it's supposed to see me was supposed to have supposed to since I'll push this okay shifts reverse okay oh gosh the car behind us that's okay they'll go around look at that it's parking by itself oh my gosh it's freaking ridiculous this is crazy oh that was perfect I don't think it's done you know that's gonna go forward cuz I got closest to that car is heading credible or what they were done apart oh that's amazing I've never done that before I am here to pick a Kansas I need to get to the geographic center of the United States says I'll have 13% left the problem is if I just follow this and say okay let's go if I have let's say let's hand up having 40 miles of charge left when I get to Lebanon Kansas with 40 miles of charge where can I go to from there this does not tell me that when I get to my destination I will not be able to make it to another charging stop I would think when you put in a destination to go somewhere it should give you a warning that you you cannot make it to a charger from that point so if we go like this let's look at it the only way I can do this is I Drive to Salina I get a full charge there then I go the I think it's 111 miles there and back using up about 250 miles of battery charge so this is interesting this whole section is blocked off for the supercharger so I'm gonna drive the car right under it here we go this is a marker [Applause] Congrats enter the United States Lebanon Kansas

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Currently driving on an epic North American road trip in an electric vehicle to see how many extreme points I can get to.

This video is in Columbia, MO

– Key West, Florida (24°32’38.724?N 81°48’17.658?W) – southernmost incorporated place in the contiguous 48 states

Deadhorse Alaska at Prudhoe Bay.

– Lubec, Maine (44.817419°N 66.949895°W) – easternmost incorporated place in the 50 states
– West Quoddy Head, Maine 44°48’55.4?N 66°56’59.2?W – easternmost point on the U.S. mainland

Cape Alava, Washington (48°9’51?N 124°43’59?W) – westernmost point on the U.S. mainland (contiguous)
Ozette, Washington (48.154722°N 124.667222°W) – westernmost town in the 48 contiguous states

– The Mount Evans Scenic Byway is the highest paved road in North America. It’s located in Colorado, USA.

– Badwater Basin, Death Valley, California, 36°14’23?N 116°50’5?W – lowest surface point in all U.S. territory and North America, at -279 feet (-85 m)

Geographic center of the 48 contiguous states: approximately 4 miles (6.4 km) west of Lebanon, Kansas, 39°50’N 98°35’W

Geographic center of the 50 states: approximately 20 miles (32 km) north of Belle Fourche, South Dakota, 44°58′N 103°46′W

Geographic center of North America is at 48°10’N 100°10’W, about 6 miles (10 km) west of Balta, in Pierce County, North Dakota. There is some dispute and Rugby, ND has a monument there and is making that claim, I will drive by both places.

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Wisconsin Dells Best Resort Kalahari Waterpark Theme Park Tour | Largest Indoor Water Park | 4K

Wisconsin Dells Best Resort Kalahari Waterpark Theme Park Tour | Largest Indoor Water Park | 4K

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Wisconsin Dells Best Resort Kalahari Waterpark and Theme park | Best Water park | largest indoor Water park | Theme Park | Largest Indoor Water Park | 4K | Food and Travel

Please check the Kalahari Water Park video:

#Music from

We planned to visit Kalahari Waterpark Resorts in Wisconsin Dells which is 2 hrs drive from Milwaukee and 3 hrs from Chicago. It’s one of the largest indoor waterparks in the USA. Kalahari does have indoor Adventure (Theme Park). It also offers outdoor waterpark but only open during summer time.

Wisconsin Dells, WI
1305 Kalahari Drive
Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965


#Cost #benefits
1) Groupon Deals: $119.99 for a day stay + Tax = $175
2) Charge $50 deposit (on credit card pay) refundable if no damage found in resort room.
3) Double bed standard room
4) Unlimited Water Park rides
5) $100 Credit for Adventure / theme park
6) Enjoy waterpark before check-in (4PM) and after check-out (11AM) until park opens.


Indoor water park does have several indoor spas. Great time to calm and relax.

Great time and value for money if you get the best deals. Stays are also comfortable and foods are awesome but not cheap. Example: $10 for a soft drink and an additional $1.5 refills.

If possible, plan to visit during working days of weeks if you don’t want to wait for a long queue for rides.
Weekends are always busy and crowded during winter and summer.

We had a great time with our one day stay, my daughter also enjoyed a lot in waterpark and Game Zone.

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