Free Campsites – Hugo Lake Oklahoma

Free Campsites - Hugo Lake Oklahoma

good morning guys I am at Hugo Lake in Oklahoma and it just finished raining and a drop just fell on my camera anyway just staying in one night or we did stay one night and we're on our way to New Mexico and we had nice nice rain this morning it was just wonderful look at this Lake this is a Corps of Engineers campground and they have two prices this is 30 amp and it's $18 a night and then they have another part that is 50 amp and it's like on the lake if it doesn't really have any trees so this is $18 a night and over there it was $22 a night and I did find this campsite on free campsite stock net and they did mention on the website that in the offseason that it is free camping but I'm gonna disagree and show you why here in a minute it's about 78 degrees right now I think not too bad a little humid beautiful there's two campers one right there and one over there and there's the travel trailer and I got me a kayak I don't think I've mentioned that yet on the channel I stayed at two lakes now and I haven't put it in the water we got here kinda late yesterday and after getting set up I just didn't feel like trying to figure out where to put my kayak in because I can't get to the water from here beautiful place I will stay here again no doubt okay this is why I would say that camping in the off season is not free however they people have scratched out the the price but this doesn't say just in the off season or during the busy season so you're to get a envelope out of here picture check and then deposit it here so anytime you see a self registration that doesn't mean that it's free so I just want to put that out there and I will post this on the free campsites net so people don't come here and think that you don't have to pay because clearly you do and I knew that here they have the price that you can read 18 and 22 I just want to post that and I'm gonna update or make a post on free camp sites dotnet so people are aware that this is not a camp site that is free just in the off season it looks to me like it's not free at all but it's a beautiful place I have a water and electric and then they have a dump station and I'm gonna go hook up the travel trailer and maybe one down the road headed towards New Mexico and I didn't mention but I wanted to but they do have the it looks like a brand new vault toilet the sites are maintained really well so very happy staying here it was a great great place let me just say that this is not the safest thing to do I used to have a socket that just spit on my drill but it went with my last travel trailer so I will be getting that but for now the beauty these days and hooking it but travel trailer is that you have a backup camera so this is so much easier than used to be in the day now I do like to turn off my lines here so I can just see the ball these are a new type of sway bars that I'm not familiar with but after watching YouTube here's just extend it all the way it until this reaches up there which okay it is all hooked up and checked chains or connected lights are connected as you can tell lights are on and all I need to do on the outside is unhook the water look at this the only thing is the water over there I had to use two water hoses to hook it up anyway that's why pretty much need to water hoses do and to electrical cords because you never know where they put these utilities in these parks look over here to the right there's a huge bull on the side of the few that's me

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Free Campsites – Hugo Lake Oklahoma. Using the website I found the Hugo Lake campground in Oklahoma.

I am a single woman living full time in a travel trailer. I retired in December 2017 and moved into my truck camper when I put my house on the market. My house sold in April 2018. This is my journey of my travels as a woman RVer.

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here it is September 30th 2018 were at st. Louis the st. Louis Arch we're on the Mississippi River is out this is Mississippi River okay shoes all decked out here today camera yeah Thank You Roy for loaning this to us we're gonna try it today first time we were trying it so let we're parked on a very tilted really weird stone leve walkway here you can see that the walls are gigantic they gotta be 35 40 feet tall trying to keep the water back and after that they give up all right so we're going on a bike ride do you think it's going to be 25 miles we'll see how it goes this is actually the beginning of the st. Louis riverfront bike trail this is that called the graffiti Wow good name ready mark let's go he's ready go baby he's ready so for pretty much every day we were here it was in mid to upper-90s today high of maybe 82 right now it's in the 70s perfect day for a bike ride so uh [Applause] art everywhere here [Applause] got a lot of art going on stenches raps yard elevated tree I'm gonna garbage [Applause] yeah you've gone look to the right yeah look to the right honey steppe looking to the left you can't look anywhere it looked like it yeah drink water baby great for me the think mark is having nightmares right now looking at sick of freight pickup truck frames flashback years for yes it's pretty cheap beer honey so let's fill up I'll fill up both tanks and then we'll pull yours in and make it happen Michael Oh mark what are you little nervous about we got a ride watch my finger all the way back around here Oh Oh and industrial area all the way ask the part that you see waited we already rolled 13.8 miles so do the man I need a sand I'm Way back from our crossing the bridge this is where we got gas we decided to have a lunch there's my monocle Milligan's from an area that's known to have people that like start out in one profession and an end up like him small engine repair or something like that look at the look look at what you have to put up with that's a sandwich he's speechless oh my god he's speechless scores who does it again manitowoc crane look at that you you

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We are slowly learning that bike riding in unfamiliar towns is amazing, but has its problems! Every wrong turn you make can add a mile or two, which should be viewed as part of the adventure, instead of diminishing the trip length. If we had electric bikes, with the “reserve” of an additional 30 miles to play with,…..we wouldn’t always have that nagging thought after 17 miles traveled MAX, (depending on the terrain)………..if we should be turning around already to get back home.

Sue: Went on a GREAT 27 mile bike ride on August 30th along the Mississippi River in St Louis, MO. The terrain and sites to see were constantly changing from trees and flowing water, to bridges, tunnels, barges, junk yards, art work, levee walls, graffiti walls, power plants, sugar and grain unloading operations, suspension bridges, and yes porta-potties,….thank GOD!

Mark: We are slowly learning that bike riding in unfamiliar towns is amazing, but has its problems. Every wrong turn you make can add a mile or two, which should be viewed as part of the adventure, instead of diminishing the trip length. If we had electric bikes, with the “reserve” of an additional 30 miles to play with,…..we wouldn’t always have that nagging thought after 17 miles traveled MAX, (depending on the terrain)………..if we should be turning around already to get back home. Come along with us and see the amazing variety of city life we saw along this river trail. It was fascinating!

*OJiM (Our Journey In Myles) is a channel for fun, sharing and exploring the wonders of Full Time RV Life,…… together with you. Sue & I are not RV or RV Travel experts, and are learning as we go along in our RV Living. We are willing to share our RV Newbie experiences and what works for us as a couple in our Class A Motorhome we have named “Myles.” We encourage you to do your own research, and to develop your own special style, whether it be in a Travel Trailer or a 5th Wheel. We will never be an RV Travel expert, but will document the RV Tips & Tricks we learn from our experiences along the way for you. We started our journey in miles by learning from many RV Vloggers that we still subscribe to today. We hope that you will consider subscribing to our channel to see what we did in each of the states we have visited already, to help you better plan what to do when you get there on your adventure!

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Life Just Keeps Getting Better! | Wingin' It!, Ep 17 | RV Texas Y'all

Life Just Keeps Getting Better! | Wingin' It!, Ep 17 | RV Texas Y'all

hey y'all hey guys welcome back to another wiener Wednesday yeah look at this wow what a setting right holy cow we got up here we're on a trail and we got up to this midway point on the trail and we said we need to shoot a winging it up here absolutely so this week's winging it is about things just keep getting better in this RV full-time lifestyle so stay tuned alright y'all know the rules of winging it we set the timer on my phone for 10 minutes we talked about the topic when the timer goes off we wrap things up if you're not already subscribed to our channel we invite you to do that we film videos and we publish them every Sunday and Wednesday at 10 a.m. central every wednesday being winging it wins yeah Wednesday so we hope you'll join us all right we're setting the phone to 10 minutes and it's hard to see the screen we're winging it so yeah you know guys when we when we thought about going full time in our RV a lot of it had to do with the state parks and the natural areas that we would visit when we were part time RVs well we wanted to experience life you know we wanted to get out in nature absolutely and you know when we would take a trip when we were part time that last day of the trip would come and we'd be having to say goodbye to the park or wherever we had been spending time and it was like oh man we wanted that to continue and so now it does the last few weeks we've been going from state park to state park to state park with a few more to go and well what a journey it has been here recently yeah it does keep getting better if you saw our Sunday video that we had this last Sunday it was about mooch talking at some of our friend's house and that was awesome too and it felt like we were in a state park we said and and at that point in our full time journey that was one of the neatest things we had and and I mean from there now we've just been going to a lot of state parks and it like Stacy said it just keeps getting better because look at this what we're getting to experience and this trail has just been unbelievable you'll you'll see a future video on this state park we're at Copper break State Park and this is the Juniper Ridge Trail yeah if you ever get here you absolutely if you can it's it's it's semi challenging it's not as bad as some of the trails in Garner garner or chopper we're definitely more challenging but but it still is you know up and down and a few rocks here and there but it's not too bad I mean don't don't get discouraged in thinking it's it's too challenging it's not real challenging you're not going to bring a bike on this trail but no I mean I'm sure they're people that might but I wouldn't but it is stunning I mean right now the breeze is blowing perfectly blue skies and yes as we filmed this video we're a little behind what you're seeing in our Sunday videos now was probably about a month to five to go yeah and it's always probably going to stay that way we we have to have time to edit we have to have time to edit our thoughts together and and there's other things too when we're here in the future we're going to be getting on the road going out of Texas and we're going to go into national parks and stuff and we're not going to have any service and here we have very limited yeah we I mean last Sunday's video it took us over six hours to upload a 16 minute video so and this one is going to take a while to upload probably but we make them up here to upload it because we have a lot better service up here so it may upload real quick but and like on RV you know friend Robin Williams is holding his laptop up to try to get his report to upload that's what we felt like in the last few days so we've got to get ahead on videos so we can schedule some videos hopefully when we're in those national parks and have no connectivity hopefully we'll have videos uploaded so we you know won't be late or miss a Sunday or a Wednesday right we want to stick to our schedule as much as possible yep and so but yeah well this this is what we personally had in mind there's a lot of different ways yeah RV oh yeah there's a lot of different ways to enjoy it for us this is this was a lot of our motivation this is what we had in mind this is what we envisioned when we thought about waking up in the morning what we'd be able to do yeah I mean it's been it's such a beautiful place all these we've we've been to three state parks right in a row we're gonna be going to a fourth one right after this and a fifth 106 thought and even a sex one that's right a little string yes we're gonna hit six state points in a row and and then we're gonna chore and we're gonna have our truck towards the north and and so this is how I envisioned it guys we started out in RV parks which is okay and and we enjoyed there that's a whole different type of lifestyle and we enjoy them we enjoy those as well and but it's nothing like getting out here in nature and I mean look at this were on top of this Ridge we're filming this video there's nobody around no I mean we haven't seen another person on this trail today yeah so we figured why not let's wing it okay you can't hear anything well now you can hear us but the occasional bird the occasional cricket that's what we're hearing in the breeze well we're hearing our neighbors that were next to us they're not there anymore but they left this weekend they told us when they came on this trail they got a honk or something yeah swooped over him because I guess he was protecting his nest and that write a kite yeah a kite they said I don't know I okay well that kite we need to learn more about her Birds yeah swooped over them and then some other people that came in the park said the same thing happened to them but we haven't had that experience yet yet we're halfway through the trail maybe we're not near his nest yet so we'll try to keep the camera rolling for that yeah I mean this it really is awesome guys this is this is for us what it's all about but we still like mixing in RV parks don't get me wrong I like to nice swimming Pole and and a place to wash our clothes I mean like right now the laundry is yeah we're gonna have to figure things out on that happy just shower in our clothes there you go okay and you know hey you heard it from her if I do it you heard it here Raven and chickadee say you know it's okay to dry your underwear in that in the oven so you know too bad we don't have we have a convection oven our tips video in case you missed it there all and they're probably in a state or national park somewhere absolutely and but it's it's really incredible the weather here has been awesome I mean we had one day a couple of the days that were in the upper 70s it was unbelievable yeah a few days ago so we're in where we are copper breaks State Park is at the lower northeastern or excuse me lower eastern side of the Texas Panhandle and just shy of Oklahoma and a few days ago and it is June by the way as we film this yep it it was 99 degrees real temperature where the feel like have like a hundred and two because it's dry here it's a dry heat yeah yeah you don't have the humidity like you do in Houston but that night a storm came through we really didn't get much of the storm no bit of rain and one thing of one big class the storm went north of us but the next morning it was in the 70s and it stayed 70s low 80s all day it was absolutely oh when we went from Stacie had blankets up and all of the front of the RV to try to keep the heat out from the windshield and the front windows and it actually worked a little bit but we went from that to the next day all the windows are open and off and just airing out the RV and and it was it was it was awesome so but yeah so we're gonna be having a string here let's see we've got what you're gonna be seeing we've got a trip to San Marcos still to show you yep we've got well we also have which is gonna be cool I think of me this Sunday will be the video on us putting in the sink to put in a new faucet yeah a little more of a project than we had hoped initially but it always yeah and it was lucky because I'll just tell you we were able to do it when we were moots talking so that's right it goes with the video from last Sunday kinda and and luckily Greg had the tools we needed yes because we couldn't have done it out on the road because it did take some extra tools now we could have gone to a hardware store and bought some of them but it was awesome that Greg had the proper tools for us yep and so we got the job done and and so we're gonna share that with you there's there's probably a little comedy in that as well but it it was he's very flexible oh yeah yeah I pretty much was for that deal but yeah coming up after that you're gonna see our trip to San Marcos yeah pecan Park RV park we just stayed and we've stayed before and that was a lot of fun you're gonna see our trip to Fort Parker State Park yep you're gonna see our trip to Fort Richardson State Park we're at copper breaks right now we're not – yes yeah absolutely all right well you know what that means it's if I can see it to turn it off there we go I hope you enjoyed this episode of winging it I'd give us a thumbs up and we'd love to hear about the favorite things you love to do when you're out at the state parks yeah we feel so much healthier y'all we're out hiking we're out biking we're eating good cuz we're eating at the RV so we're eating healthier cooking all of our food you know you open up your mind you know this plate these places just open up your mind we're bringing in I feel like I'm learning so much history and everything to which in our videos coming up of the state parks we're going to be covering the history of those state parks and why they exist and stuff and to me that's a whole other thing that's pretty awesome about these places absolutely so stick with us subscribe if you haven't share it with your friends and leave us a comment to share your favorite state parks and the things you'd like to do when you're there until next time keep on winging it safe travels and happy camping bye

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When we were weekend RVers, we had an image in our heads of what full-time RV life would look like for us. RVing is different for everyone and there are a lot of different ways to enjoy the lifestyle. We enjoy time in RV parks and all of the amenities that come with them. But we bought the smallest diesel pusher currently manufactured so that we could stay in more state parks, national parks, and other natural areas. We’ve been living in our RV full-time now for over 7 months. In that time, we’ve experienced different styles of RV camping and a variety of lengths of stays. We feel like we’re finding our groove now, and it just keeps getting better! That’s the topic of this week’s Wingin’ It!.

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