Ontario Mills- Ontario California- 91764- Celina Vazquez-Places to Visit

Ontario Mills- Ontario California- 91764- Celina Vazquez-Places to Visit
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hi this is ali nawaz skis and i'm here standing in the parking lot of one of the biggest retail centers of the Inland Empire done caramels located in ontario california

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Ontario Mills, Ontario California’s largest outlet. If you looking a place to shop, here is a place for you.
Located in the intersection of the 15 freeway and 10 freeway in the City of Ontario.
For more information about the City of Ontario
Celina Vazquez

Ala Moana Shopping Center, Honolulu, Hawaii | Walking Tour

Ala Moana Shopping Center, Honolulu, Hawaii | Walking Tour

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Ala Moana Shopping Center, Honolulu, Hawaii | Walking Tour

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Ala Moana Center, commonly known simply as Ala Moana, is the largest shopping mall in Hawaii. It is also the seventh largest shopping mall in the United States, the largest open-air shopping center in the world, and the largest mall owned by Brookfield Properties Retail Group

Exploring an Abandoned Mall – Miracle City Mall

Exploring an Abandoned Mall - Miracle City Mall

from 9 p.m. till 6 a.m. it is only 5:44 p.m. Titusville is miracle City Mall opened in 1968 amidst a booming local economy with a decline of tourism to the Space Coast the mall struggled to sustain tenants and eventually was forced to shut its doors in 2013 it's a miracle they even got them all in the first place as well try it first or something but they've been opened yeah that smell is awful mine fuck let's just do a walk down out here so the camera brah can get the daylight oh man we need our respirators holy shit there's a shit ton of moly the walls yeah this is bad look at this dude as stores closed many were simply walled off left to decay and become uninhabitable this ceiling is probably not too safe I opened the door sorry door that will right up to the sky it's a beautiful day just check out JC Penney dude there's a hundred percent a second floor do you did you see how tall this building was somewhere no there has to be that's so confusing this building is so tall maybe these are the storage so there's stairs but just not in an obvious place let's try the offices takes months to find a customer seconds to lose one dude there's like no mold wall in here this parts fine no way the safe whoa how did this door actually open I can smell the wood routing or a barbershop definitely looks like a barber shop oh yeah these things established 1902 another dead clock I'm really surprised this place wasn't two floors Oh stairs Brian I found the stairs yeah this is it's the storage there's an elevator hangers look at this chair just chilling picture that wow it's like fake walls to make the building look taller all around literally just walls old TVs sick segars look another turntable HVAC control oh it's a little strange yeah oh it's rusty don't look up or else the rust will fall on your eyes as you touch it this would be a great place to watch a rocket launch don't stand up to you hi no there's like main roads all around us yeah there's notice is showing up on the GoPro but I can with jibt see a space shuttle standing up out there it's probably the one on display at Kennedy Space Center but it's still really cool we have to find out when the next rocket launches and come up here so for some reason they felt the need to make fake walls here to make this building seem taller than it actually is this is probably just gonna be storage up more stairs giant a CRO all right let's go out down these stairs I hope this door is open storage I guess jewelry store let's see if they left any jewelry behind smells pretty bad as usual but not as bad as the other places department stores JCPenney men's fashion blank men's women's blank books blank jewelry blank Electronics blank girag GNC dave's kiosk blank Yoona travel yeah I'm hardly anything in here yeah oh it looks moldy holy shit the smell of mole no mmm bony Jane's body language look at the oh is the bellybutton oh yes okay writing who knew JCPenney needed so much storage this place never ends hi how would you blinded each other floppy keeps going and going and going we were already here oh look it's a giant iPad it's the iPhone 12 yeah hurts at the 13th no it's it's well it's pretty creepy at night in here we decided to come back another day with respirators to explore the Moldy or areas and to hopefully see a rocket launch from the roof you know what I just realized feel like where the hell is my flashlight huh I have a back of my back I mean we're by the ocean it's about nine minutes to launch the nine min occurs as the launch time neared our excitement was building we were ready to experience the glaring flames the deafening roar of the Rockets shaking the roof beneath our feet oh there it is unfortunately none of that happened it was only kind of cool I hope I got my camera there's some fish there half of fish yeah oh it's so wet and slimy they need to just demolish this place okay not this fall broom caretaker well it seems like a terrible condition [Applause] there's like no place where it's not moldy look at the tile is like curled up and thought it's so wet it's so wet and here this still can survive it's crazy so wet holy fuck I want my camera now blown off from the group small office slot pretty big yeah school Oh what the fuck it's like dripping on the ceiling there's fuckin stalagmites coming from the ceiling look at that there's like white stalagmites some nasty-ass this is the nastiest places other than fuck these stairs after fully exploring the mall we decided to check out a few of the abandoned out parcels how much is your oh this obviously isn't for Wang humans yeah we max it out what do you think that's what the Perkins it feels like a Perkins submit its to what sure they're trying Wow pretty sketchy this mixer Hobart launched it oh yeah watch out for the ceiling I know latex gloves that go ready if there's spaghetti on it no those are the things that go around your wrists are gay spaghetti spaghetti those are the faith type restaurant I'm sure there's gotta be a name russian somewhere amazing a Welcome menu little uh finally guys I need my private time something safe do you open it open it again I'll see what's in it empty want more on to the abandoned movie theater in Dixie there's also an art studio down there that might be interesting don't tell me what to do we need respirators for this place yeah you don't smell that bad weird fresh me you guys want some fresh meat harvest flesh death to all from you crime scene do not cross that's page that's comforting let's go up to the second floor someone come with me it's probably the break room here on another run it's a serum look at this sketchy floor though as there were those houses right there they have a bell from the mall in here I feel like they were using this as storage for the mall because all the Christmas decorations are in here just the RadioShack icrc cars back there oh yeah the technology store oh my god there's a Porsche it's not a 911 it's a 911 gt1 oh yeah as of now the mall is in the process of being demolished a new shopping center called Titus Landy will take its place

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A large abandoned mall that is currently being demolished. The inside of the mall was covered in black mold and was falling apart due to neglect over the many years it had trouble staying open.

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