Skiing Pooh Bear, Jacksons Hole Wyoming USA

Skiing Pooh Bear, Jacksons Hole Wyoming USA
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skis the Pooh Bear Run in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA

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Colorado Road Trip: Ouray, Pagosa Springs & The Great Sand Dunes

Colorado Road Trip: Ouray, Pagosa Springs & The Great Sand Dunes

welcome to the Golden State I'm Alice Ford and this is beautiful Colorado I'm going to be taking you guys on an epic road trip this week to some of Colorado's best hot springs national parks and beautiful places so first stop is picking up my mom and rifle Colorado so let's go good morning everybody I just picked up my mom and we were just packing up our last few things here and about to hit the road our first stop is gonna be hooray Colorado or we're gonna be hitting our first hot spring that's my mom and it's gonna be fantastic let's show you some of the beautiful scenery along the way and I'm excited for our first dip we made it to our first stuff the tone of Ouray Colorado and the hot pools aren't open yet so we're gonna walk around town for a little bit grab some lunch and then hit the booths Garre was established by miners chasing silver and gold in the 1800s coined as the Switzerland of America all of Main Street is a national historic district this is your a hot springs and the poem in right now is a hundred and six degrees there's actually three pools here that range in different temperatures and it's a local favorite for getting a good soak we're just heading up into the mountains now after leaving you Rea and it just started snowing which is perfect behind is one of the minds by a Red Mountain which you can see behind me and back in the 1800's this was actually kind of a big boomtown there are actually more than six mining towns here and today these are all being reclaimed a lot of the water here and the rivers is actually orange from a lot of the old mining that went on here and now it's just a ghost town so you can come laundry here and explore some of the ruins but we're gonna head back on the road and try and get out of the snow and head to our hotel and Pagosa Springs yooray is connected to Pagosa Springs via the San Juan Skyway which is one of the most scenic drives in America good morning from the Springs hotel I'm in Pagosa Springs right now and staying at the Springs hotel there are actually 23 hot pools here and I'm standing in just one of the many here this one is a hundred and one degrees and they range in temperature all the way up to 111 degrees behind me which I will show you later is the mother spring which is about 144 degrees it's about 6:45 in the morning right now because we are up to see the sunrise over the hot pools so we will wait a little while for the Sun to peak over the mountains here and then I will show you more of the resort [Applause] well there wasn't much of a sunrise this morning because we're actually hidden behind a mountain but at least now I can see you guys in a little bit and one of the really amazing things about this hotel that I tell you yet is that if you stay the night here you actually get 24-hour access to the hot springs so my mom and I actually got in last night and we came around 9:00 p.m. and took this soak before we went to bed and it was just absolutely fabulous and right now no one else is out here so we're having a private tour of all the 23 pools which is pretty fantastic after getting our fare of soap this morning at the hot springs we thought we needed to stretch our legs and about 15 miles north of Pagosa Springs this beautiful waterfall called treasure Falls parking lot so it can get very popular later today lucky for us we here on exercise on the open road again we headed towards Great Sand Dunes National Park some of the first long-term inhabitants of this valley for the youth Native Americans who called the Great Sand Dunes saw up much force and that moves one of our last stops on this epic road trip is the Great Sand Dunes National Park here in Colorado and these are the tallest sand dunes in all of North America and right now we have the place almost entirely to ourselves it's the offseason here that's actually about 30 degrees so my fingers are freezing right now we're gonna explore some more of these sand dunes hopefully hike maybe at least to the bottom of the dunes here and tell you a little bit more about the geology of the park before we head off to our last stop covering an area of more than 30 square miles the tallest dune is 700 feet tall and it's estimated that there are more than 5 billion cubic meters of sand I just read from my camera up to the top of the sand dune and no I'm really at first they also just figured out that it's really hard to do a handstand and a sand dune so you'll see my terrible attempts with that these sand dunes are just massive and I've been to a lot of sand dunes over the years from a valley sand dunes in depth up to the tendons of dua and these are some of the most beautiful that my mom after the lakes within this valley receded exposed sand was blown by the predominantly southwest winds toward the Sangre de Cristo's which eventually formed the dune fields over an estimated tens of thousands of years well that's nature for you on our way out to the dunes this little river behind me was actually frozen solid and in the last few minutes the Sun has melted it saving me with some rather wet feet on the way back [Applause] you

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Follow along on this 3 day road trip from Rifle Colorado south on the Million dollar highway through Ouray, Pagosa Springs and back up through Great Sand Dunes National Park. Visiting some of Colorado’s best hot springs and places of beauty.

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Videographer, Massachusetts, Vermont, Alpenrose Inn, Video Production Company, Travel, Tourism

Videographer, Massachusetts, Vermont, Alpenrose Inn, Video Production Company, Travel, Tourism
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my name is Anne Philly I'm one of the innkeeper's of the Alpen Rosen and Bonneville per month and I'm David Suarez I am the other innkeeper and we are married this is my better half and we work very wealthy we have eight rooms in the main part of the inn and a two-bedroom apartment some rooms just have a queen some have a queen and a twin and some are larger for families double bed with bunks or a queen a double and a twin all the guest rooms have private baths there's wireless internet throughout we have a fair amount of common area there is a game room it's a free game room downstairs we have ping pong foosball pocket billiards there's a field stone fireplace the big living room in the front there's the big summer room where we're sitting right now focus here is about the guest experience feeling like it's like home away from home as well the favorite part of my job at the Alvin Rosen is cooking and I love creating dishes and an atmosphere where people are just feel very much at home what I'm really passionate about at the Alpen Rose is helping people to find and do the things that they really want to do many of them know that they want to go skiing or hiking or or go off on the lake but exactly where to go what's a great route to take and foliage what's a good road spending the time so that they are fully understand what is available how to get there how to make the most of it that's a lot of fun okay I know the ski area is very well and so I'll take them up using that on weekends but if someone should come up midweek I'll take the time and spend an afternoon with them on the mountain summertime cycling I'll take them on a moderate ride an easy ride challenging ride we really have a great deal of fun together and I think the guests know that and maybe that makes them have a better time too you

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Full Service Video Production Get a Video Quote

The Alpenrose Inn – produced by eTown Videos

The Alpenrose is a warm and friendly country inn. It’s located in southern Vermont in a quiet yet easy-to-reach location less than 10 minutes from the Stratton and Bromley ski areas, 15 minutes from Magic Mountain and 30 minutes south of the slopes of Okemo.

No matter what time of year you visit us, we’ll start your day with our hearty country breakfast. Fresh baked breads and muffins, locally made bacon & sausage, eggs, pancakes – the works!

In Winter the downhill skiing opportunities are outstanding. But if cross-country skiing and/or snowshoeing is for you, we have over 15 kilometers of groomed ski trails. Or you can break your own trail through areas of the Green Mountain National Forest. All of this is free and just out the back door.

In Spring & Summer there are three outstanding golf courses less than 15 minutes from the Inn. Take a day hike on the Appalachian Long Trail or spend a wild day at Bromley Mountain’s Alpine Slide, Big Splash water slide and Thrill Zone fun park. Open in summer and in fall, the Long Trail & Bromley are both less than 10 minutes away. If you prefer water sports you may fly fish the famous Battenkill River or one of several magnificent mountain lakes nearby. Canoeing and kayaking opportunities abound.

Then of course there is Vermont’s spectacular Fall Foliage which is all around you in the southern heartland of Vermont.
We are ideally situated for walks or drives to take in the magnificent colors.