Franklin, TN – The #1 Small Town in Tennessee

Franklin, TN - The #1 Small Town in Tennessee

Franklin the number one small town in Tennessee is a suburb just 25 minutes south of Nashville and we have about 70,000 people living here it's a unique blend of history and growth it was founded in 1799 and named after Benjamin Franklin one of the most notable battles of the Civil War took place here and it brings thousands of history buffs each year to visit the site of the Battle of Franklin or the historic cotton plantation or the Carter House or many other historic locations throughout the city historic Franklin offers an authentic experience by combining a dynamic downtown center cultural diversity attractive architecture and there's a strong commitment to historic preservation here in fact it has five National Register historic districts it was also named one of the top ten write neighborhoods to live in because of those reasons and because of the city's meaningful protection measures it has in place to ensure that its unique vibe isn't compromised by future growth and development downtown Franklin has a 15 block historic district and it offers true southern hospitality the uniquely elegant shops downtown offer a variety of restaurants clothing gifts and galleries there's a great antiquing district with many different shops which has made Franklin one of the five places to antique shop and America if you venture outside of the historic town center you'll find diversity still with Franklin's housing options from golf course and lifestyle communities to older homes with acreage there's something for everyone here in Franklin the home prices on average are slightly less expensive than those found in Brentwood and while it's a more affordable Williamson County option you still get the perk of sending your kids to one of the nation's highly ranked school systems the Cool Springs area of Franklin which is just north of the downtown square and just south of Brentwood is a business dining and shopping hub it has the cool springs Galleria Mall all of your big-box stores like Target and Costco local boutiques and local dining options as well everything you would ever need can be found with one trip to the cool Springs area which makes it extremely convenient aside from retail and dining many fortune 500 companies are located here as well Businessweek magazine actually named Franklin one of the top 50 cities to start a small business end and we have large corporations relocating here every year to search for homes in Franklin visit our website south bound grew calm and searched zip codes three seven zero six four three seven zero six seven and three seven zero six nine

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Franklin, TN is the #1 Small Town in Tennessee for a reason. It has historic charm, amazing architecture, tons to do and see and, to top it off, it’s not short on Southern hospitality. The Southbound Group is based in Franklin and loves all that the quaint town has to offer.




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Summer Travel Series|First Time in Chattanooga Tennessee

Summer Travel Series|First Time in Chattanooga Tennessee
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okay I know how do I die okay maybe would anger go yeah so it is mommy's birthday today guys say hi to YouTube hi guys today it's mommy's birthday we're here in our Airbnb ladies and germs and we've got a caller wishing her a happy Mother's Day happy Mother's Day I mean happy birthday love is capital L do LLL not careful you you spell I love you so why it's why Oh oh yeah you got it you yeah why now daddy need it dear mama I love you happy birthday from liberty lady high five good job all right good afternoon good afternoon good afternoon we are here in our air B&B we're in Chattanooga Tennessee they planned a wonderful wonderful getaway for us for my 37th birthday today yes and then people if that's what isn't Airbnb can you briefly plan people what Airbnb okay well where we are right now is the Airbnb and basically it is a place that you can rent it could be a whole apartment like what we're in it could be one room it could be a whole house whatever space that people have if they want to offer to you you can rent it online we do have a discount code with Airbnb if you want to give it a try if you click the link in our description box you get $40 off of your first Airbnb purchase so you can go on the web sites just like a hotel when you're going on shopping on Karla tails you find a home that you like you look at the pictures look at the reviews all that good stuff and they have the daily rate for each person's house and its really their first we were a little iffy about being at other people's house for like baby said we've been in one this entire time in Georgia so check it out click the link below to get that discount from and you support the family all at the same time so this is our Airbnb space right here and in the couple live next door so this is a really cool beautiful neighborhood yeah yeah it is so pretty out here and we thought it was gonna be kind of cold we brought our clothes just in case but the weather is beautiful it's beautiful it's so pretty and healing and um like right here it's a tide and it's what sound like a pretty cool you know it's beautiful okay hey guys happy Friday we have made it to the Bessie Smith Cultural Center this is the only African American Museum here in Chattanooga Tennessee so we had to bring you guys that culture libby's looking forward to it aren't you we have something to tell you guys yet cuz they don't want money no definitely don't want spoil anything but we're gonna go inside we praying that they allow cameras inside but we want to show you guys some of the cool artwork out here so stay tuned so we are inside guys at some type of art with mommy look right here great kings of Africa Shaka Zulu now this is so nice picture lizard alright guys so we're here at the living legends section of the museum just highlighting some local individuals that are moving to shaken in the community here in Chattanooga it's a nice-sized population of African Americans here so I just highlighted some of the ones that are really doing some great things in the community and then right here is the African art great kings of Africa I know that has lots of moves I think is that the Sultan of Bern ooh that's cool possible Sahara a phantom phantom from drunk hmm we know that we have been selected to show you that they were spread throughout Africa you will also see the ruins of some of these great kingdoms and you must ensure imagination to picture what they were into that these are actual slave chains obviously but we want you guys to see what it says right there Lancaster mall mall in Delhi some horses mules and docile I just see what they're say right there crazy crazy crazy parenting this was in 1854 a little over a hundred years ago crazy look how ironic it is on my birthday I'm a 1981 y'all I remember these washing boards my mom had one it was a little different from this but send me there in the same style think it was I want to say it was all wood maybe I don't know yeah this is like this is like yourself she got a little nervous I'm another looking at some of the masts some of the African mask oh yeah I'm like baby that's that's essential we are those represent us look at this this is interesting in case oh oh the dolls could have been made for slave children by their mothers so they could have a hidden doll when the master was around other dogs could have been made for the children or child of the slave owner so that they could roleplay the specific reasons and origins for these turnaround dolls are unknown but they became very popular dolls and you guys see they have the black obviously in the white faces and you could basically as they're saying right here in this description it could be for a number of reasons that's interesting Wow I don't say you make 37 looks so good thank you hanging so good that's not vegan like this does but then looking great you look great those are the impressions I remember that song people get ready there's a train don't need none taken oh look at the boys Sam check each other's first african-american to become a major motion picture star nominated for an Oscar you know Sam fantastic actors alright y'all we were just looking right here at this history of how the Black Heritage Stamp came about with Dorothy Height and it says civil rights icon Dorothy Height becomes 15th – black woman to be honored with US postage stamp and this happened in 2017 so just recently you guys I remember this day you guys you know like home whenever we mail things off I always cover your mouth baby I always make it a point to ask for these type of stencils out of the last ones I had with Maya Angelou I think they're not making them anymore but you really made me sad so I just kept one as a souvenir but um I'll ask and even it can kind of seem a certain way but I'm like it feels good for you to be able to get a stamp that has your people in it you know so I'll ask every time and see if they have something like that even during Kwanzaa they have Kwanzaa stamps as well so that's just something for you guys to keep in mind if you care all right so I was just reading more on this you guys and it is that this Black Heritage stamp series began in 1978 so some of the people that have been paid tribute to it's been 39 other people other than Dorothy Height but it has been it says Alvin Ailey James ball ball 1 excuse me sir journey truth Harriet Tubman Malcolm X among others like I said Maya Angelou I love her we love her it's really cool Wow 125th Street Apollo Bessie Smith and this is her piano says in the last part of the 18th century John Jacob Astor started important squared grand piano so America from Europe pianos cost as much as 800 as much as a small house I wish it was purchased from mr. James G Chapman Pittsburgh Pennsylvania from the Chattanooga african-american for the Chattanooga Chattanooga african-american museum as a memorial altar Bessie Smith in 1986 Wow so this is her life 1894 to 1937 my baby I think is having a great birthday so far and I can do fun stuff like this you try to understand the works and it's just it's really rich you got some if you can you come to Chattanooga Tennessee for sure for sure all right let's go get something okay guys so we're here at our next location as many of you know we are a plant-based vegan family so we had to or in preparation of this surprise trip from a babe I had to find all of the vegan spots here it's not many but we did find one and we're here at cashew plant-based a plant-based vegan cafe let me get us out ready to eat out of didn't mean there it is it right there so we're gonna see what their readings all about I'm ready to eat we're all ready to eat yeah I know you saw a menu with some of the good it's okay well I will say this I know that they the cashews reference comes from the fact that they do make cashew cheese like on their nachos think I saw don't even get me and making stuff up cuz I don't remember but I just know the food look good we supposed to come yesterday but we got into town too late so we're on time now oh there we go I just want to start out by saying that I am having such a wonderful birthday thank you sweetheart and this cash and cheese mac and cheese say cashew cheese cashew mac & cheese in the han dong-su limited it's gonna impede a bowl over there who Lord we are full guys we were so hungry that we fail to record what we think but to probably see the pictures here here here here whatever places maybe other nachos I have the vegan meatball sub with the Southwest we potato and live of course have the vegan maggot cheese so was it good yes cashew cheese it's a one way for those of you that aren't vegan you can make chi Chi's it looks like cheese and sort of tastes like cheese but it definitely looks like cheese making it out of cashews so we are full but not too full because it was a very those Hardy but it was a light a light meal so we're gonna walk this bridge that's in this on the back part here yeah in a moment and walk this food off and then tonight to celebrate 37 birthday birthday dear my [Applause] alright now we about to watch the breeze come on mama Rolla Bolla pedestrian-only walkway – yeah every time we're on the breeze I just can't help but think about the Brooklyn Bridge that we've swapped once or twice Walker it was okay why that's where I walked it once myself and then once again – yeah I can't make and walk – let her go next time we go to New York's y'all which will be soon yeah we are going to walk it again I don't think we were logging every time that could we win that we walked it I don't think so but we'll have to do that definitely a good way to work off food the last book I Hey I'm so happy I saved it we almost think it was like tip or something the bay wrote it on the card earlier our yesterday rather somewhere I saved it I think she's glad you saved it as well oh I believe this is Lookout Mountain here so we'll have to get that home so I actually off-camera how was something you're grateful for being 37 we want to let the folks know what you like to share as far as well I just feel so blessed to be here with my family right now I received so many phone calls text messages messages online with my family and friends my mom blessed me so much just through her words and lovely parting gifts and I mean just that people think about you you know yeah it's a blessing thank God that I mean you know it's some people believe it or not that are my age and older or younger and they just have all type of health issues and although we may have minor things you think of it you know it's not Liberty be careful it's not anything serious yeah so that's it in a nutshell I'm just glad to be here with my handsome love and our beautiful daughter doing what we love to do best travel we just walked all of 30 feet and you are tired now what's that all about now is that all about you obedient child how you a vegan shower time amazing yeah that is a Lookout Mountain I believe is what that's called maybe the Tennessee River Mississippi River he not gonna be like uh I don't know he's gonna be gonna figure out an answer he said the Tennessee River you go head babe I'm using the best girl you it will say give an educated guess so we're in Tennessee right so it could be a Tennessee River that's good babe babe look down here the paper down there playing sports that's pretty cool saga oh really Leah let it down let them face Oh your sister dog bye-bye Oh [Applause] by the way in the morning and they'll do you buy my way ha uhh by the way right here you guys I saw that dope rendition performance by the gentleman Chattanooga definitely gives us austin visor said that before but it's going to be our new bell to spot and houston we always went to Austin and we wanted that eclectic getaway hilli-ho baby it's like this is so much like Austin and then we have San Antonio it has little bits of pieces over here and we're on the other side of the country so yeah it's a blessing a blessing that we get that same get away get away by and it's right up the street yeah I was like two and a half hours away from Atlanta just like Austin whatever so we're gonna get us some ice cream right now they have some vegan options here so let's check it out with the ice cream so we make some vanilla chocolate is silly I sprained by the way soy milk made with soy milk and walnuts and with yours [Applause] good morning you guys this is anvil with your family all my babies behind the camera Libby's in the car and today is our last day in Chattanooga it was such a quick but fun trip you guys it's beautiful do you guys hear the birds in the background I mean it's just it's beautiful here but at any rate we're about to get ready to go get some breakfast this morning on babe has another vegan selection for us I'm excited to try that out he also has one more surprise for my birthday we have sneakers on so I kind of have an idea but we'll see in a little bit but you guys we had such a pleasant time at our Airbnb it's such a cute little ranch duplex type of home and we just met the owner just a moment ago she was so pleasant the Airbnb as you guys may have seen from yesterday or maybe earlier in the video and was just well-kept you guys I mean just plenty of space plenty of storage so on and so forth we do actually have a coastal if you guys are interested in going on a trip anytime soon and you want to give an Airbnb a try we do have a link below that you can use and be able to get I think it's $40 off of it but we'll we'll put the information so you'll know but at any rate you guys we hope you've enjoyed the video so far and we are about to head out and go eat oh one more thing I have to say you guys Libby bless me with this shirt her daddy and she said mommy I want you to wear this shirt so here I am wearing a shirt that you dressing with for my birthday All Right see y'all later bye alright good morning everybody we have made it to mojo burrito or Moho burrito not sure how it's pronounced but we'll find out in a moment here to have I guess brunch breakfast lunch kind of thing this was the third vegan spot there was a fourth vegan spot out here called plant power cafe but they're closed today unfortunately so we'll check them out next time but this is like a kind of a I don't say tex-mex because we're not in Texas but ten mix vegan option here in Chattanooga and we're gonna see what they're all about let's go so we made this time y'all they just opened up and 11 it's about maybe in about 11:15 now and it's already a fine this is not actually a vegan restaurant I just had vegan ox is here and I was telling you that I noticed on beacon no cash UTV the big thing shares of all the rich and I was going to the top today so listen we're going to get it's for here yes we're getting attached to see double attach the cheese down here oh cool the yeah look at this vegan cheese oh my goodness y'all it literally looks like a toy tastes so good episodic space Moho burrito we are here at Ruby Falls this is the last part of my birthday trip that we're going to and we'll see alright guys we're here getting ready to go inside of the cave we got our tickets here movie falls calm decided to tickets so I'm a little nervous the drive up here was pretty scary but I'm excited let's go Oh car drive cars that are coming down elevator cars I don't know we're going down we'll find out I'm very nervous how do you feel being here beautiful girl girl kitty cat you ready to go to the cave we are what are you gonna do once you get to the cave pumpkin look like and what are you gonna do with the treasure but then animagic stare amazing spell and do what with it you can create new things such as stone they called stalagmites stalactites thank you you too where it went inside of the cage guys here's your voice down here expected in most unions a lot of condensation down here and all I did snow my ears are popping are you guys talking last time we were in a cave like those things back in Marble Falls and Texas and trying to see the video popping up right here yeah so we love being in case we do get people from all over the world so we always like to know where everyone's from I'm gonna kick things off I'm from Dayton Tennessee so we're all right guess now man as Alabama walks out Lauren is out of Nashville in Alabama by way of Houston they live but this is right here in USA we say this because a lot of times people feel you have to go out of the country in order to do unique experiences but if you haven't been all over America you never know look live is water extensive cave systems including the Lookout Mountain cave throughout history the natural opening of the Lookout Mountain cave on the banks of the Tennessee River allowed easy access for early Native Americans in the region whose folklore and legends included tales of miles of underground passageways look at this okay we are the caboose guys so yeah we're the designated people to be in the back to make sure nobody's lost and left very tight space guys all right so we are they had a part of the cherry we're showing the stalactites we can touch this they don't touch how does it feel really cool feels kind of softy thank you we gotta go how does that feel lit up a little bit Wow it's a little bit closer to 2/5 so by the time we leave we'll have walked about 4/5 of a mile as we walked the mountain gamma got much taller up above us well you're currently 1120 feet under the peak of Lookout Mountain that's about as deep underground as the Empire State Building is tall the entire room that we are about to head into is carved out by the waterfall we did not use any dynamite to blast out that space it was all carved out by water and the waterfall itself is 145 feet tall all of that water lands to a five foot deep pool and that is not a swimming pool it's about 50 degrees Fahrenheit very cold if you fall in I am NOT going to jump in after you we also ask that you do not drink that water a lot of people think that mountain water is very clean but ours has a whole bunch of minerals in it and in particular we have very high magnesium content in case you don't know magnesium that is the stuff that they put in laxatives I just told you two fifths of a mile back to the elevator to the nearest rescue except your stake in the sake of the people behind you please do not drink that water while we're in there you might be wondering where's all this water coming from and the truth is I don't know don't care as long as it keeps coming do you know that all that water was rainwater at some point because the amount of rainfall that we get in the area does affect the size of the Falls just this past Sunday one week ago we actually closed down for the day because we had so much rain that some of the passageways down here actually flooded several feet of water covering the walkways so water has of course gone down since then but it's still a little bit higher than it normally is just slightly I've seen it up to about twice the size that it is right now during droughts will sometimes get down to a little trickle it's never stopped completely since we discovered it though we do know where all that water ends up we put some color dye in the pool in there and that dye found its way into the streams that you've seen throughout the cave and then eventually deposited into the Tennessee River so that's where all the water ends up now while we're in there you might see a couple of ropes up on the right wall somebody always asks meet one of those ropes war we have a brown robe due east for maintenance mainly for cleaning out the pool in there we also have a blue rope that we use from the friday-night Lantern tours where we turn off all the lights down here torso cooker we're here with lanterns but look a big lantern up on the blue rope and raise them above the falls you can see by a lantern light though we're not going to be doing that we're gonna be seeing it by electric light it's gonna be about six or seven ish minute light show I'm not sure exactly how long it is but it is on a timer and I will be able to give us a one-minute warning before the lights turn off to make sure everybody gets their picture right now we've finally made it we're here at the waterfall we just got a briefing about what's expect and everything like that information about it and we're bout to go in now so we'll see you guys there's a little lady's been hit it maybe want to go feel oh my goodness you gotta come here Amane we are almost back to the finish where we started alright guys we are done with our Chattanooga trip here at Ruby Falls was the end of it are you feeling good yeah I'm relaxed I told a I am ready take a nap now this has been so wonderful I'm so grateful obey for God giving you the idea for us to come here yeah it was really nice you guys we needed to kind of get away a little bit you guys know that we are travel attic so even though we were in a new place is we just still kind of have that itch so even though we said we were gonna wait till we got into our house you know baby was like no it's your birthday was still going down yeah I just feel like you know yo it's the many reasons why we shouldn't have taken the trip right now like baby with you Sam but all we needed was one reason to take that's right it was so nice now please come to Chattanooga if you can it to me I consider it like kind of like a hidden gem I mean for some people on this side of the world they may know about it but coming from Texas like I never would have thought like Oh clover Chattanooga Tennessee yeah you only hear about Memphis and Nashville – feel that you have the big ones that you hear about here in Tennessee the big cities but which won't go through it we will yeah but we will be back y'all see us you know even if we're not necessarily vlogging about it we will definitely be here you'll see pictures on our i G yeah alright I will please please be sure if you haven't taken a look at an Airbnb to stay here save your money don't do the hotels guys I'm lifting it up cuz lives pulling the camera here let me come so you can be in with us please be sure to take advantage of the Airbnb like I said the code is in our description box that way you get $40 off you help support the channel at the same time and give you the try to take out you know check out Airbnb um more travel videos to come as we're getting through here where's the next person one of those well babe has a birthday coming up in July so that'll be a surprise for him we may I'm not having idea where I want to go because we talked about a summer trip you also will see well it would be this summer all right guys will appreciate you ride with us for our travel series more to come and we'll see y'all later all right you guys until the end this is Martha amber and and these are gonna zip lining back there oh yeah I gotta see the blonde in Liberty y'all we're with the family of peas

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Our first time here in Chattanooga,Tennessee and we had a great time for Amber’s Birthday trip. We hit all the Vegan spots that this great city has to offer and visit the famous Bessie Smith Museum as well as the only natural indoor waterfall in the world called Ruby Falls. Check it out and be sure to subscribe! More videos to come.

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