Time Travel: Philipsburg, Montana

Time Travel: Philipsburg, Montana

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Time Travel: Philipsburg, Montana takes you to a charming former mining town. Full of places on the National Historic Registry, Philipsburg contains buildings from 1880’s. The video is accompanied by ragtime music from Free Music Archive. RT: 04:22
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Minneapolis Minnesota | Guthrie Theater

Minneapolis Minnesota | Guthrie Theater
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The Guthrie is a FREE hidden gem for all ages. Artist: JaeNev & Pratzapp Song: Waiting Download/Stream: /V73Df2nBJC [email protected]

A Glimpse Of Providence Place – Rhode Island Largest Mall | Brief Review / Travel Vlog By Aiman

A Glimpse Of Providence Place - Rhode Island Largest Mall | Brief Review / Travel Vlog By Aiman
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hi YouTube I'm I would welcome back to on my videos so we just left Brown in or on our way to Boston we stopped by a mall in Rhode Island Providence place and if you're ever in Providence I definitely admire you to go check it out it's really cool that like a Dave & Buster's and IMAX FoodCorps and it's all like rattle if you've ever been to a mall then you know well good mall has and every that mall should have a food court now as you can see it's a food court with a lot of variety dance a lien they have like a huge web pages they have a huge variety of food I like this I like very different from our mall in Connecticut but you'll have that food court you in so right behind me is Dave and Buster's so it's basically a over science video of um you know pain and if you ever been to chuck-e-cheeses other child said yeah it's basically kind of like that but it's a bit it's bit more oversized but honey definitely but I've never been to a David Moseman before and this is actually my first time here and I really like it it's my shih tzus five lights going to choke each Eva but could I well see children have to be accompanied by an adult so I can't go invite by myself but it was really a cool experience so question 1 dave and buster's they have sinned in cinemas and I came here with my stem programs to watch Jurassic world fallen Kingdom and that was a really fun experience so I'll talk about that later and across the cinemas rhihub I'm not know much about iMac so I think it's a supposed to be like some kind of 3d movie since cinema but I like like if the classic cinema that's all I know so right now we're on a third floor and comes about me or bridge you can overlook it's the formal absolutely stunning it's incomparable to a the mall down in Connecticut there's one just like it's beautiful I mean can't really see like a lot of people here and I guess that it's understandable since midday on Friday I guess on the weekend there but this place will probably be packed you

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After his 2-week summer program at Brown University ended on July 6, 2018, Aiman and his family had to head up north from Providence, RI to Cambridge, MA to pick up Hizami at Harvard. While en-route they decided to stop by at the Providence Place. It is a beautiful mall and Aiman decided to do a quick vlogging video for those who have never been to this mall before. It is not the best mall in the world, but it is a good place to stop if you’re travelling in the area.

Providence Place Mall is a large shopping center located in the downtown area of Providence Rhode Island. This mall is the largest in Rhode Island and one of the largest in Southern New England.

Providence Place Mall is probably the best choice in the area. There are plenty of great stores, entertainment options, and restaurants. The Dave and Busters arcade is a fun time especially since it is located inside the mall so you have other options for food and entertainment as well.

About Providence Place:

Providence Place is an urban shopping mall, currently owned by GGP Inc. It is located in downtown Providence, Rhode Island, near the Rhode Island State House and Providence Station, and by the interchange of I-95, I-195, U.S. 1 and U.S. 6.

The mall became the largest shopping mall in Rhode Island and Providence Plantations with its opening in 1999, with a total of 1,400,000 sq ft (130,000 m2) gross leasable area. It was originally anchored by Lord & Taylor, Filene’s, and Nordstrom; Lord & Taylor was later replaced by JCPenney, which itself was replaced with an expanded parking garage following the latter store’s closure in 2015. Filene’s was converted to Macy’s in 2006.

About Providence, Rhode Island:

Providence is the capital city of the U.S. state of Rhode Island. It’s home to Brown University and the Rhode Island School of Design, whose RISD Museum displays American art and silver. Nearby, 18th- and 19th-century homes line the streets of College Hill. Waterplace Park is the backdrop for the WaterFire art installation, which lights up the surrounding tidal basin most nights in the summer and for special events.