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This video is intended for Devin and the Super Tramp team. I have put together this incredible video in attempt to persuade the Super-tramp team to come film a video around here in Illinois and or in Wisconsin. A video in which I would get to take part in

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Anyways I hope you guys all enjoy the video and Let me know what you think about it in the comments. Don’t FORGET to hit that Like button and Subscribe for more to come. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

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Elkhorn Hot Springs Montana, 10 Things to Do on a winter weekend

Elkhorn Hot Springs Montana, 10 Things to Do on a winter weekend
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traveling mell we are at Elkhorn Hot Springs in the Pioneer mountains in beautiful Southwest Montana we like to come here every couple three years to ski to soak in the hot springs and hang out with friends and stay in the very very rustic cabins we hope that you will watch this whole video that you will like it that you will subscribe to us that you will be our friend and do all the things that you're supposed to do when you watch a video and we are going to include a packing list in the link below to the website because this is sort of a hybrid trip between kind of camping and a lodge stay and there's things you're not gonna want to forget so join us for 10 things to do at Elkhorn Hot Springs one of the things we love about getting a cabin here at Elk Horn is that there's so much to do right outside so the kids built a snow fort which is super-fun we can leave from here to go skiing to go snowshoeing to walk to the lodge to go swimming all of that we just park the car the kids can go and play we can play and it's all right here below the snow fort relax in the cabin cabins are really rustic for what you pay for them but it is nice to sit in front of the fire one of our favorite things to do at Elkhorn is to go sledding both on the road and then making our own tracks on the hill up above the Capitol so I have been walking up to the really high up to the hill then I slit shut down I fell off a few times but that's the prototype track and hopefully if we have time when we come back from the pool and snacks well I'll be able to do it again so we always eat at the lodge at least one night you can get breakfast here it's included so we always do breakfast and you can get lunch and also dinner and beers and drinks snowmobiling you hear that whining behind me it's because this is a popular place for snowmobiling it's not really our thing per se but it seems like there's some great tracks or roads or whatever you do to snowmobile around in here and we see a lot of people on snowmobiles snowshoeing we usually bring snowshoes and it's perfect because you can follow a track or one of the trails that you ski on off side of the ski tracks of course or you can just go into the woods because there's tons of area around here and so with snowshoes you can just wander up through the trees and explore the other great thing about having a pair of snowshoes is that you can't ramp out a sledding track which we've done in the past and the kids get going really fast on those adults to stargazing on cold clear nights the stars out here are outrageous we have had some beautiful views sometimes it snows and you don't get to see them but when you do it really it's breathtaking no lights just stars hot springs soaking one of the main reasons you come to Elkhorn Hot Springs is for the pools so there's a little bit less warm but still warm pool the hotter pool and then inside is a wet sauna pool which is crazy hot you can only stay there for a few minutes in my opinion the hot springs are included with your stay or you can just come up and pay for them separately and you can get a towel if you're staying here otherwise you can rent one and cans only in the pool area cross-country skiing that's my favorite thing to do and one of the main reasons we come here and there's a lot of trails a lot of them are snowmobile free you're probably gonna be breaking trail or at least it seems like we always are but it's just beautiful out there and it's quiet and you get up high and have some great views or you can ski along the creek lots of different options downhill skiing Elk Horn hot spring is just three miles from maverick Mountain which is a small downhill ski area super fun super cute affordable and it's only open I think three or four days a week so you get here on a Thursday it's gonna be a powder day

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Elkhorn Hot Springs Montana, 10 Things to Do on a winter weekend
See more details on the blog:
See below for packing list we mentioned.

We try to get over to Elkhorn Hot Springs near Dillon, MT once a year though we missed last year because we were in Europe. It’s rustic and remote and we love it. The cabins are mostly heated with wood stoves but with no insulation. The pools are clean enough and the food in the lodge is great. We really love being able to just walk out the door and go sledding, skiing, or build a snow fort.

Rather than force you to follow a link to download a short list, we’re just posting it here.
Things you’ll want to take:

Anย Open mind
Water bottles
Water Storage for cabin
Towels, bathing suits, and other swim gear
Canned beverages
Inside shoes or slippers for cabin
Bluetooth speakers or other music
Kettle for tea and coffee (electric will be quicker but you can put one on the stove)
Coffee making device such as french press
Hand sanitizer
Sleeping bags
Good book or magazines
crockpot, dishes, and cutlery if eating in cabin
dish tub and washing supplies if eating in cabin more than once
Cooler for storing food
Food and snacks
shovel for forts
skis and/or x-country skis
snow shoes if desired
snow clothes
games or puzzles
reading material

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TravelingMel (talent) and TravelingFilmmaker (filmmaker) are social media influencers who have dedicated themselves to living a life of full time family travel and worldschooling. They left their home in Montana to explore the world with their two boys so that they could raise better world citizens and have a few adventures along the way. We love nature, the outdoors, learning new things in interesting places, and Kiki Riki.

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