Travel Vog | Nashville, Tennessee | NFL Draft, Southern Food & Music

Travel Vog | Nashville, Tennessee | NFL Draft, Southern Food & Music

so I just got to Nashville for the NFL Draft hanging out here for a couple of days and it's like these stores find me I don't know what it is but peep I was driving to Walmart go on and pick up some allergy medicine because legit I'm dying I like stepped outside for a second and I'm my eyes are itching my throat is closing I'm sneezing but on the way look what I saw you already know what time it is it's definitely not gonna compare to the one by my house but if I see one I told you it's automatic I gotta go so I'm gonna check it out see if they got any good swag I'll keep you posted and let you know but it's not a coincidence these stores are bangers and they find me alright peace about to leave already poor whites this about the same praise colors and colors and colors $5.00 okay so I'm going to restaurant my boy who lives in Nashville recommended it's called like 12 Street Tavern or something like that but supposedly from 9:00 to 11:00 on Monday nights they have live music who have limes here look you know how we get down on those from Atlanta but supposedly from 9:00 to 11:00 they have live music but I'm just trying to chill just maybe get something to eat maybe have a beer and listen to some music would be cool because it's Nashville so we'll see how it is I'm excited because he's a mood like a music guru so he knows all the spots so we'll see how it how the food is and also how the music is I'll let you know peace room good music good food and now I'm enjoying a nice little ice cream cone so that was a good spot I like the music food was good bartender was a cool dude overall authentic Nashville bar restaurant I enjoyed it so good night good first night alright I'm gonna enjoy this go to bed peace out alright going to a breakfast spot in Nashville I looked up it's called Nashville biscuit house that looks pretty gangster but it should be good I'll show you the sign come on with an authentic sign like that you know it's got to be really good alright I'm gonna go in so the prices were good eggs and home fries were pretty good the biscuit was good but the pancakes were straight garbage overall it was okay I'm full but food was pretty wack with a name like Nashville biscuit house it's got to be a lot better than that like it's got a like be banging and it was there so that was breakfast all right Nissan Stadium gonna go look you Nissan Stadium home of the Tennessee Titans field getting watered they might be having some events this weekend but a beautiful stadium I saw a couple of stray cats running around that was a little creepy but a lot of playoff memories in this stadium Steve McNair Eddie George Frank wycheck why check through a Hail Mary pass it could have been a forward lateral at the end of a playoff game and at NFC it was the N it don't know there's the AFC wild card game against the Buffalo Bills threw a pass that was considered a forward pass but they went on to win beat the bills I think they went to the Super Bowl that year but this place gets rowdy a lot of people in this stands going crazy price that's over a hundred thousand but the field looks beautiful right now it's nice and peaceful usually coaches and players will come and run the stairs when it's quiet just to get that you know peaceful serenity and you know when they do that and they play in a game and people are going crazy screaming they just envision that and they could throw a touchdown or make it like a nice run or a good throw but yeah it's it's cool it's cool to be in here field just looks gorgeous I'd love to be a professional player getting that paycheck but I'm not so I will just fantasize about it but Tennessee is crazy they probably play then go across the street and wile out at the bars on Broadway right afterward it's because it's very very close but that's Nashville this is Nissan Stadium home of the Tennessee Titans and this year's NFL Draft all right peace out [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Terry Collins your giant great Chris Johnson New York jet great stadiums pretty cool they're doing all they're putting the grass down and now you can see the Titans logo there but uh this place is sweet just walking around seeing it a little bit yeah this place gets rowdy on game day all right I'm walking across the bridge here to get to downtown there's actually some birds right there thinking if I should hop all in one of them and take it across the bridge I might I'm a little nervous I would JIT just saw a girl riding one fell back on it and hit her head on the concrete no joke and then some dude with a helmet on right behind her was like that's why she should be wearing a helmet like yeah so I might hop on one right now cuz people are riding them and it's only a 15-minute walk but I think for like a dollar fifty I could ride on that the LimeWire one I think it's partnered with Hoover so might hop on that we'll see it's gorgeous down here look behind me Nashville Skyline walking across the bridge is gorgeous beautiful day hopefully hear some music get some food maybe have something to drink but absolutely gorgeous out here people are friendly alright on Broadway a lot of places play music walking past Broadway brew house went by Kid Rock's restaurant is like four stories high but a lot going on look behind me that's downtown Tennessee not too many people right now but I'm sure at night it gets ridiculous but yeah I'm walking into a more crowded spot right in front of Tootsie's right on Broadway music everywhere NFL Draft so it's easy super-famous a lot of people perform their celebrity why's what the Broadway is crazy you can see the draft stage all the way down at the end of the strip I'm gonna walk down there it's all the way back there I fell drop stage pretty sweet right at the bottom of Broadway about to bill grub grub grub grub grub my place tea is mad spicy my eyes are watering but it's good as Poole was super spicy and Ellie got mild – ice cream walking on Broadway Wednesday night tomorrow's the drops stage is at the bottom of the street that's the stage it's pretty rowdy out here just cruising streets are shut down campeón celebrity watch yeah pretty busy a lot of people in their football gear very sweet lotta neon lights is Nashville Smashville all right yourself very sweet Nissan Stadium downtown g—men Eli what up New York say Quan pretty cool Nashville was awesome had a great time heading to Texas now but music is great people are friendly the NFL Draft was unbelievable the atmosphere was just insane it's jus it was like New Year's Eve backstreet's food was amazing like I said barbecue food got to go to like a little local spot it's really cool cuz there's a city life and then you know you drive 20 minutes and it's very very very country I enjoyed it got to spend some time down at the draft eat some food listen to music I'm not a country music guy but I appreciate it someone like a Taylor Swift goes back to Nashville and she's just like a god she's a rock star and people really love her for that she was there at the NFL Draft singing there were some other people I don't know exactly who um there's that famous place I think it's called Tootsie's or something like that with the purple they got took over by the NFL so there was craziness going there but Broadway is just madness there's always bachelorette parties people just want to have a fun time Nashville is a great city I really enjoyed it so shout out to Nashville I'll be back I got some friends that lived there so I will definitely be back thank you for letting me spend some time there alright peace out about to leave already come with me

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Traveled to Nashville for some food, music and the NFL Draft! Follow along to see what I get into!!

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FREE CAMPING in WYOMING!! RV Living – Grayrocks Reservoir

FREE CAMPING in WYOMING!! RV Living - Grayrocks Reservoir

what a spectacular sunset huh good answer anything better this is freaking awesome and it's free we're life well we're never live alright guys so we are at the gray rocks reservoir whoo that's another mouthful it's a free camping area in Wyoming and we have had we've had a really good few days here we were planning on staying five nights but there is a snow storm coming through surprise surprise yes and solar and snow do not work well together when those panels are covered we don't bring in any any power and we'd be ok for a couple days but it's supposed to be a winter storm of sorts and we don't want to get snowed in and we're gonna dirt road and I might get muddy and we don't know really too much for us no yeah I mean the original plan was to stay here for about five nights and route to Custer State Park Custer State Park and South Dakota yeah yes near mount restaurant near Mount Rushmore so that was the original plan but like Christina said there's a stupid snowstorm possibility warning in effect so so we're gonna try to move to a different campground hopefully in the same city yeah breathe its Capote was free but I guess we'll we'll find out once we get there hopefully there's a spot available the upside of that is that it has electricity there too so that'll definitely come in handy for us especially if we're expecting snow so yep so that's the main reason snow we're moving just because you know it's our duh I mean we could get the generator out and stuff but nobody wants to deal with that crap and snow if you don't have to absolutely yeah especially when there's a free city perk just a few miles down the road yeah so and we had to do laundry anyway so if we get a spot then you know we'll go do some laundry at the laundromat in town yeah suck up on some groceries so my favorite thing about this place was the sunsets what was your favorite thing all three nights they were spectacular yeah I mean just being stationed by the lake itself it's awesome plus you know there's a fire pit right next to it that we were able to manage to have at least two fires yeah considering it's windy here like all the time yeah but the one kind of stopped every night between like 7:00 and 9:00 so that was like the perfect time to have a campfire cook some dinner outside so yeah we had a fantastic time we would absolutely come back so this place is in what is it called Wheatland Wheatland Wyoming yep so we are gonna hit back hit back Oh awesome don't forget to tell them that there's ten gates oh yeah there's ten gates here so don't worry about not finding a spot I mean you could literally probably Park to 300 RVs motorhomes fifth wheels on this there pull let's pull off everywhere around yourself shout out again to compendium because that's how we found this spot and usually whenever we find a spot on camp in DM we will go to YouTube and Google Earth the last couple places that we found on camp in DM that we really really really liked driving if I even had a video on so shout out to them for ya for finding this jump mm-hmm yes for us fellow campers yeah man it is just awesome here so we are at gate number seven the roads the spots great for big rigs yeah big small you name it you can get in here no problem it is fantastic yep and as a seven-night stay seven nights a inners there's dumpsters not to be confused with a dump station there are plenty of dumpsters for garbage there are pit toilets basically all you really need yeah and I mean if you get desperate take your gallon and down to the lake and put it in your freshman water tank for showers I mean it's just you could manage here for seven days pretty darn easy pretty darn easy yeah we loved it thanks Wyoming we love you Wyoming yep so dr. window dr. Winn hey it's not as bad it's Worth Texas to say to say look at all that laundry all of that laundry we haven't done laundry since some angel fire in New Mexico anyway we did find a spot at the free park so that's exciting you excited me I am super duper excited about that so we're all settled in we are gonna go do laundry before the snow starts and I get that out of the way we were planning on doing that tomorrow but he wants to go out in the snow so [Laughter] what a morning yeah my first experience with snow on moving day yes yeah so forget all the ice and snow off top well they got all the ice and snow off the top asbestos as he could so everybody behind us should be safe that's right that's right so Louis Park in Wheatland is more than sufficient what do you think I think so I mean it's a beautiful park it's three days today has the electric mm-hmm and it's free yep has a dump station has pot of potable water is it potable potable I don't know be the comments leave that information in the comments for us the town of school has everything you need laundromat grocery store the whole nine yards liquor store Pizza Hut I love me some pizza anyway this Park has disc golf it has they're building a mini golf Mini Putt Putt thing so that's cool a walking path it has several playgrounds what else am I missing it has tennis court basketball court skateboarding Park what else plenty of places to pick us a basketball court yeah okay yeah basketball court really really really cool City Park yeah so if you're ever in the area I would absolutely recommend staying here for a few nights yeah and also trying to do it during a week and if you're doing and doing a week try to get here as early as you can yeah we got here I think about 11 o'clock in the morning and then by when we got back from doing laundry maybe it was four or five going there were no more slots left nothing yeah now keep in mind also there's only that one is Tuesday or Monday Monday Monday there's only six spots here for electric there's also maybe two three other spots for dry camping with no electric so yeah I'm on all great stay great city we are moving on today it is so cold outside but the show must go on yes and we're so excited for where we're going yes we are all right guys ready to hit back McMillan Express out face you you

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RV Living brings us to Wheatland, Wyoming for free camping opportunities. First, we visit Grayrocks Reservoir for a few nights to enjoy some lakeside camping. Lots of camping spots here for everything from big rig RV’s to tents. There is a 7 day stay limit, pit toilets, dumpsters, boat ramp and campfires are permitted. Next, we camp at Lewis Park in Wheatland, WY which allows a 3 day stay with electric, for FREE. There is potable water available to fill fresh water tank and a dump station. Donations are accepted. Both places were absolutely beautiful and well maintained. We highly recommend both campgrounds and the small town of Wheatland. Wheatland has everything you may need from fuel to groceries, restaurants and laundromat.

Where we camped:
Grayrocks Reservoir Public Access
42.159264, -104.699554
Wheatland, WY 82201

Lewis Park
306 8th St
Wheatland, WY 82201

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good morning ladies good morning how does it feel to be in Hot Springs Arkansas but how have you felt the experience has been so far though just the drive up here and feeling the atmosphere yes it is different this morning we're gonna head into Hot Springs the history of Hot Springs is pretty cool this is where the Native American Indians used to come from afar to lie in the pools that were bubbling up from the earth because they're all hot and they climbed that there was a lot of healing energy slush power in them too now it's turned into this cool kind of iconic spot that's called the bathhouse row or something like that where like all of these bath houses have formed in the National Park there and they draw water from underground and then they make little pools out of it you can go in and spend eighty dollars and get sit in the bath and get a massage and so this his birthday in four days so she's gonna have a bit of a look and see if it might be something she wants to do for a birthday wouldn't that be cool to lay in a hot spring organically fresh mineral water from the ground like the American Indians did here's this chap up here looking at every little pond pretty huh oh it is like fiery hot believe there's like if they say to that 140 degrees Celsius so hot that is just coming straight from the ground believe it it's mental can't believe that so these are the bathhouses that kind of line the National Park here and it's so quirky I can't believe after filling that water you think in your head it's not going to be that hot and that is ferocious and it's just bubbling up out of the earth no wonder the Indians would have thought that it was like healing water it's so different this place is like tending to like a museum slash information center oh that feels like heaven they made a crazy amount of effort to utilize this hot water like they would but they is that that's definitely a form of torture then I like they had to like funnel all of the water like into this place the life using a Cassini the showers for baths this thing it's a steam I'm pretty sure they're torturing them it's a torture chamber it's just very quirky I'll give you that Wow is it is it really ya know it's just a made-up story dear Dollface ruins it's funny utilize though there's a hot spring material so good of course we're noise let go what's your thoughts the wrigley probably thinking this is wow this is crazy get me out of here we got a bit of a situation in this diner the guy behind us he ordered his meal with him I made it for him already but then he decided he didn't wanna she can't even say well you've avoided it or we made it so you gotta pay for it I'm not paying for it what are you gonna do a bit she's not so now we got ourselves a bit of a situation I don't have all we have to get it all right so this is a water fountain that they've made that has the water from the hot springs coming up that you can drink you can go inside and get little cups but she's wild the extra vitamins of life now she's got about a hundred extra vitamins and minerals in her from the hot bubbling brooks of the hwacha mountains what's the drink oh you did it anyway I know I know what I'm doing I know what I'm doing don't tell me what to do I know that would be alright here goes Maddie filling up his mineral rich water oh it's the million degrees we're not in cold Springs Arkansas all of their water bottles with boiling hot water drinking a hot water cup in the middle of the desert we're not in the desert well lyses just gone for a birthday present happy birthday Lizzy I hope it sucks you and enriches you and enlarges you in personality I've got the little munchkin what are we gonna do gonna go for a wonder or something or what do you want to do maybe I'll put you in the pram put some sunscreen on your body for you Grammy and let's just explore you want to just explore a little bit well you oh my gosh I think I found some people playing Pikachu it's finally happened they've taken over they were just running before you guys paying Pikachu disbanded behind all time young necessarily love weaving candies my sense is we want a variety

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