Grand Teton National Park from Above: Unmissable Top Sights (HD)

Grand Teton National Park from Above: Unmissable Top Sights (HD)
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Grand Teton – An unmissable and spectacular National Park in northwest Wyoming. Take some time out with this montage and lose yourself in these majestic …

Washington DC Top 5 Things to Do and See

Washington DC Top 5 Things to Do and See

Washington DC is a city live of history and culture there are so many things to do when you see that it can be hard to know where to get started so I'm sharing with you my top five things to do in the sea to help you plan your visit let's get started number one the National Mall and Smithsonian museums here millions come every year to honor heroes and to take in our nation's history next head to one of the Smithsonian museums like the Air and Space Museum or the Natural History Museum like AUSA so nians these museums are free number two the National Zoo the zoo is the perfect place to spend a fun day with family and friends as the home to over 2,000 individual animals it's well worth your visit and also free coming in at number three is the Adams Morgan neighborhood in Northwest here they have amazing international food trendy coffee houses in eclectic indie stores selling records vintage clothing books and more however Adams Morgan really comes alive at night so head back after hours for some of the city's best nightlife for number four we're headed to Ben's Chili Bowl on U Street it's a little-known fact of a half-smoked actually originated in DC and Washingtonians favorite place to get one is at fans for them in serving locals for over 50 years number five Eastern Market in Capitol Hill is DC's premier food and arts market my favorite time the visit is on weekends when they have their outdoor Farmers and flea market if you're looking to get a real taste of the city this is a great place to go off the beaten path so there you have it this list gives you just a taste of what the city offers there are so many more sights to see and neighborhoods to explore that you're just gonna have to come and see it for yourself I you

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Here are my Top 5 Things to Do and See in Washington DC!

Thumbs up if you’re a fan of DC and let me know some of your favorite picks for visiting the city in the comments below!

This episode is the first in my Washington D.C. series for TripFilms ( From the monuments & museums to the Cherry blossoms and best Brunch spots — this series will show you where to go and what to do when you visit the Nations Capital!

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Thanks so much for watching our travel guide for Colorado! We were only there for 48 hours and were overwhelmed by how many cool places there are in that state! We are sure to go back!! If you have suggestions for that area, please leave them below for everyone!!!

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