Betty's Trip to Lynn's Paradise Cafe in Louisville, Kentucky with Husband, Rick

Betty's Trip to Lynn's Paradise Cafe in Louisville, Kentucky with Husband, Rick
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Betty and her husband, Rick, have breakfast at Lynn’s Paradise Café in Louisville, Kentucky. Lynn Winter opened Lynn’s Paradise Café in 1991, creating a unique setting that attracts a diverse group of people from around the world. She made them feel welcome, introduced new twists on food and drink, and brought new life to the dining experience in areas that had not been fully explored. Now, the restaurant remains a tribute to her originality, providing food, fun, and community in a visually-stimulating, ever changing environment.

Lynn’s Paradise Café has garnered its share of national and regional press in newspapers, magazines, and television. Features include being named “One of the Four Most Fun Restaurants in America” by Esquire Magazine, notable articles in Southern Living, USA Today, The New York Times, and was included in Bon Appetit’s list of “The 100 Best Neighborhood Restaurants.” Lynn’s Paradise Café has also appeared on the “Best of” and “Throwdown with Bobby Flay” on the Food Network, CBS’s “Travels with Harry,” and “The Oprah Show.” Lynn has been a guest on the Today Show with Kathy Lee and Hoda, celebrating the Derby week. Lynn has also had the honor of cooking for two inaugural balls.

Rick and I enjoyed our breakfast at Lynn’s Paradise Café immensely! I will be making at least one of the items we were served at our breakfast. I hope you enjoy this little field trip to Lynn’s Paradise Café in Louisville, Kentucky! –Betty 🙂

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South Dakota Thanksgiving Winter Travel – 11/24/2016

South Dakota Thanksgiving Winter Travel - 11/24/2016

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Video Footage of Thanksgiving Holiday Travelers plans impacted and contending with Winter Driving Conditions in Thick Dense Fog,Freezing Rain Slick Roads and Heavy Wet Snow in Northeastern South Dakota as they make their way to Holiday Festivities.
Shot Description

1. Heavy Wet Snow Falling over Icy roads in Britton South Dakota.

2. Downtown Britton looking more like Christmas Day vs Thanksgiving Day in Very Heavy Snow with some Flakes up to Golfball Size!

3. Holiday Travelers fighting their way through Freezing Rain, Ice and Heavy Snow near Aberdeen South Dakota.

4. Car and Truck driving in Thick Snow with Poor Visibility.

5. South Dakota State Highway Signs completely encased in thick Ice from heavy Freezing Rain creating slick Roads!

6. Car passing in Thick Dense Fog creating Hazardous Holiday Travel combined with Snow and Ice.

7-9. Travelers making their way in thick fog and heavy snow conditions.

10. Snow Falling in Marshal County South Dakota.

Gala ni Lala 010: Places to Visit in Florida – Everglades National Park

Gala ni Lala 010: Places to Visit in Florida - Everglades National Park
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The Everglades was kind of eerie on my first visit. I was really concerned about the gators frolicking about since the place is considered a sanctuary. However, I got very excited when I saw a gator for the first time in the wild. The hair in the back of my neck & arms stood straight up. But only momentarily I was ready to see more. The Evergaldes did not disappoint because I got to see a few more. However, they were too far to capture on video. So, Watch my upcoming videos to see more gator encounters, large ones up close.

Oh, yeah. That was really alligator meat that I had for lunch. Delicious!

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