College Girls On Do Looks Matter (West Virginia University) | DOSSIFYING

College Girls On Do Looks Matter (West Virginia University) | DOSSIFYING

hi my name is Thomas and I'm here with Amber Sophie flexi I'm Megan Darby I'm gonna be asking the question of for all guys wondering do looks matter yes 100% no I honestly don't think they should I honestly think personality matters more I mean would you be attracted to someone at first if their looks didn't matter dish if your buttfucking ugly then yeah it matters but but if you're attractive that you have your time and you have a good personality than you're hot I like coffee guys who know what the fuck this up but I want someone to have confidence in themselves and we're ready to make the parts move yeah if you're a tool whatever you want good looking you will be ugly in my eyes now physical chemistry does matter a hundred percent yes but it does not matter do not matter it's all about like seriously like you've radiate from the inside like I can like pick up so only matters like if you're in bed no it doesn't even matter then if you're nice hey if I don't I don't care how nice someone is if I don't have physical chemistry with them fine but that doesn't mean that they have to be q that just means her chemistry with them so for the biggest asshole so don't try and be a juicehead Thank You Braco oh right guys guys in your life they'll ruin your life yes thank review but don't ever ever given a relationship with them is there a better you know chance if you're under the influence therefore someone size attractive better personality when you're under the influence and yes I know the influence kind of just means like drinking I know that I buy right so it's about like you know what you do and like how you portray yourself kind of thing if you're better when you're John then yeah it does have an effect for how you look or your personality I mean your personality but your personality affects how you are it is always the thing to go the amount of makeup that girls wear of course you know you don't you don't want to go with like a ton of makeup or anything like that because you know what you take so yellow I'd have to agree with that it has to be he has to be like a six on the hot like a standard like a nice standard if he's standard and he's nice other people weigh 210 so what's the standard like you know six-foot you know tan body from Puerto Rico like I don't care it just all depends it doesn't matter any color anything like that how tall you are doesn't matter your weight it does not matter what color you are and just so long as you are respectable blondes are the way to go that you do is the best yellow yellow make green eyes you

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