Skiing Pooh Bear, Jacksons Hole Wyoming USA

Skiing Pooh Bear, Jacksons Hole Wyoming USA
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skis the Pooh Bear Run in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA

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Family Visiting California From Alabama

Family Visiting California From Alabama
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This is a short video of my wife cousins from Alabama visiting California took them to Hollywood, Beverly hills, Santa Monica, Downtown Los Angeles.

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Best Pizza in Louisiana

Best Pizza in Louisiana

okay we are in Baton Rouge Louisiana area heading for a notoriously famous pizza place called red Zeppelin right place together especially I'm really great our cue today for us supposed to be the best pizza in Baton Rouge right let's go find out this was a surprise visit we plan to come but we're in the Baton Rouge area and we just surprised the artery was there any and he must have thought we were kind of strange filming outside before we walked in hey how's it going came here because you heard about the amazing beats that you got to speak to the window can you show it to me can I tell lives this beetle is like amazing because there was no red sauce on the side with the boudin and it had they had Tazo which is a Cajun ham it's a Louisiana piece of algae dance and alligator sauce this is like show you the mothership we'll go famous for you only get here the mothership actually had everything on it an alligator sausage had Budin on the bottom of instead of a red sauce the boudin but it would like so were unbelievably good oh yeah if you want to come to Louisiana and you love pizza but you want to try some the Louisiana favorites there you go you're like the place I love the place I have a chair somewhere around here [Applause] you [Applause] ever since which and they also have a drumstick Oh some of the best thing I've had is time there you go meatball subs are to die for – chicken power here's olives cheese see crunchy thin crust the person sharpen the Red Sox so a little bit of spice to it in the sausage all of these areas are freshly made on this phone yeah it was such a fun place then they do takeout they have a lunch special or you can get one piece of pizza for a really great price and you can sit outside sit outside you can sit inside they have happy hour they have a full bar and the countertop changing colors as you sit there with the bubble wall is all fun hey thank you so much we loved it we'd love to the food is amazing it was absolutely amazing really to hang out there you go if you liked the video give us a thumbs up share and hit subscribe best pizza one of the best pieces we have to say that is probably the top pizza place but the owner is so fun he's like he's a blast he's great and he really interact so that everybody and it's a really a one-off pizzas job I mean we going next our new friend gave us some tips on some turtle soup Turtles love to try that turtle soup the batteries okay maybe we'll try that out there maybe we should alright that's it folks you

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Hello Fellow Foodies, WE’RE BACK 🙂

Yes, after a short break to do some traveling and find a New Camper to travel these United States we hit the road to visit Red Zeppelin Pizza! This was recommended by a former waitress who we met at the new The Blind Tiger (TBT) restaurant in Covington Louisiana. And we were Not disappointed. In fact, we LOVED the place, the staff and most important, the Amazing Pizza!

The owner Ray, met us the moment we walked in and gave us a grand tour of his one and only Pizza restaurant, as well as letting us go in the Kitchen to see the creation of his signature Pizza.
And it was Fantastic! Kim also enjoyed a nice fresh beverage and we made a few new friends, one of which gave us a few leads to a few other Baton Rouge area restaurants.

This is a 100% guarantee recommendation from us to you. Definitely visit the Red Zeppelin if you’re ever in the Baton Rouge area and simply order anything from the menu, as they also serve wonderful Vegetarian recipe’s.

Red Zeppelin Pizza:
Address: 4395 Perkins Rd, Baton Rouge, LA 70808
Phone: (225) 302-7153

This entire YouTube Foodie review episode was filmed on two new Samsung S9+ Edge cellphone cameras using the 4K settings, And a Gimbal as well as our DJI Spark drone, and edited on Adobe Premiere Pro.

All music is provided through: Epidemic Sound

Special Thanks to the owner of the Red Zeppelin Pizza and the wonderful staff and people we met during our visit 🙂