5 Most Haunted Places in Pennsylvania….

5 Most Haunted Places in Pennsylvania....

Pennsylvania it is one of the first 13 States founded in America and it is also no stranger to the occult and paranormal from facilities built on torture and sorrow all the way to the lands of the bloodiest battle that has ever taken place in America these are the five most haunted places in Pennsylvania number five Dixmont state hospital located northwest of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Dixmont State Hospital was once an immaculate hospital for the mentally unwell remember the hospital has since been demolished Dixmont still holds a shroud of mystery to its once state-of-the-art facility due to the lack of funding Dixmont had to close its doors for good only to have the surrounding nature darkness and howling wind to keep it company if one were to traverse the desolate hallways of Dixmont it would be greeted by the rusted innards of the facility and frequent dead ends along with complete abandonment Nature had began taking the land back the vegetation sweeping particularly through Reed Hall a v-shaped building giving a scenery view of the valley displaying how out of reach civilization is the water treatment plant sat alone giving a foreboding experience as the wind howls against the smokestack below Dixmont rest an unused tunnel system the tunnels are pitch black and seem to stretch for miles if you are brave enough to to burst into such a hospital you would get unshakable feelings that you are being watched perhaps the patient's never truly checked out number four Jimmy Wade house Gettysburg Mary Virginia Wade was born in Gettysburg in 1843 and grew up in a house with her family that could be found on a Baltimore Street she was called Jenny in 1863 this local girl turned 20 and was living with her sister Georgia her brother-in-law Lewis and her baby nephew and niece and one unit of this red brick house while Susan McLean the owner of this structure lived in the other unit when Union and Confederate troops clashed in a bloody conflict on the fields and town of Gettysburg Jenny Georgia and Susan's house was smack-dab in the middle of the fighting in no-man's land not only was this a landlord's nightmare but it goes without saying that it was incredibly dangerous for the occupants as well Jenny Georgia and Susan were warned to leave because of their precautious situation while Susan left both the other sisters baked bread and gave out water to passing Union troops during the first two days of the battle the Cannonball landed in the dividing wall in the Attic but it didn't explode while many bullets hit the outside of the house none came inside however sometime during the third day of the battle a stray bullet that was shot by a Confederate soldier holding his position in the farnsworth house adding came through two wooden doors of their home striking poor Jenny in the back as she was baking bread in the kitchen Jenny was the only civilian killed in this bloody three-day battle and she was remembered as a martyr to the cause and an example of courage and patriotism when soldiers came to take her body her mother insisted in having Jenny put in the cellar until it was safe to move her soldiers stayed with the body until she could be buried in a temporary burial spot finally Jaime's remains were buried in Gettysburg National Cemetery without her grave is honored by a lovely statue and an American flag the house itself being near the battleground has numerous reported entities Jenny Wade herself has been reported by a number of locals saying she still wanders the battlegrounds of Gettysburg trying to still help the soldiers she once aided along with Jenny Wade there's also a high amount of childlike entities that roam around as well along with up to three unidentified male apparitions if you are around Gettysburg I highly recommend you check it out although you may not want to venture alone number three Pennhurst state institution founded November 3rd 1908 originally founded on November 23rd 1908 to treat the feeble-minded and epileptic the Pennhurst state institution was built on the most unethical foundations although created to house and care for the mentally ill the Pennhurst asylums doors soon opened to many of those in search of aid struggling pensioners the homeless orphans and refugees a seemingly kind gesture until they discovered the horrifying truth that once you go in you'll never come out as was the norm at the time and their substitution operated on the basis that those viewed as living lower than society standards should not be allowed into the world and settle with a cheery face and hopeful demeanor they welcomed as many in need as possible only to turn on them was the doors were slammed shut behind them seemed as menaces to the peace and potential criminals the disabled and bedraggled were beaten and tortured all in the name of keeping society's gene pool clean of any imperfection eugenics was the driving force behind the hospital's bloody gears but they appeared to be more unsuitable people in the world than they could handle overcrowding led to their inability to hide their horrific means leading to an inquest which eventually shut down the Institute by 1987 although empty and refurbished the papers state institutions still like oath were the memories and atrocities of the past the screaming of the tortured souls corralled through the claustrophobic halls can never be cured number two Gettysburg battlefield located amongst anchors at the land that once held the bloodiest battle in American history lies houses and townships that to this day house the most restless souls of those affected by the battle many of those places have a story behind them as most homes were converted into makeshift hospitals and inns for soldiers the three most famous of these houses include the George wecord house the Hummel the house and the rose farm the George wecord house had a surprising number of different occupants over the years many of whom have had stories to tell one of the previous residents of the house spoke of a door on the second floor which refused to stay closed no matter what they did to it one Ranger even nailed the door shut with a small wired nail and yet it refused to stay closed possibly connected to this other tenants reported the sound of footsteps pacing back and forth in the attic they would hear the heavy tread across the area above their heads and then cross back as if somebody were worried or in deep thought needless to say they would go up to the attic and check where an intruder they would find the area to be deserted the Hummel ba house is somewhat of a local legend it is said that the cries of Confederate Brigadier General William Barksdale can still be heard on certain nights Barksdale was wounded while leading on a charge on Semmering Ridge and was brought to the Hummel ba house according to an officer from 140 8th Pennsylvania Volunteers Barksdale was last seen lying in front of the house and a young boy was giving him water with a spoon the general continued to call for water as though the boy did not exist calling over and over again in the years since the legends say the sound of Barksdale's voice can still be heard and lastly the rose farm during the battle the house was used as a field hospital and burial ground hundreds of Confederate and federal soldiers were buried in rows all around the house and property they would later be exhumed in November in November 1863 although the claiming of the bodies and the reburial would continue on for years afterwards according to a local doctor named dr. JW c O'Neill and reported by author mark Nesbit one of the daughters on the rose farm actually went insane during this process having lived through both the battle and his aftermath allegedly she was reported to a seen blood actually flowing from the walls of the house number one Eastern State Penitentiary many people believe that Eastern State Penitentiary is haunted as early as the 1940s inmates and officers reported mysterious visions and eerie experiences in the ancient prison and the ghost sightings have only increased since Eastern State was abandoned in 1971 with the growing interest in paranormal investigation Eastern State Penitentiary may now be the most carefully studied building in the United States dozens of teams visit to explore the site each year notorious criminals such as Al Capone and bank robber Willie Sutton were held inside its innovative wagon-wheel design James Bruno and several male relatives were incarcerated here between 1936 and 1948 for the alleged murders in the Kellers massacre of 1934 before they were pardoned at its completion the building with the largest and most expensive public structure ever erected and quickly became a model for more than 300 prisons worldwide originally inmates were housed in cells that could only be accessed by entering through a small exercise yard attached to the back of the prison only a small portal just large enough to pass meals open on to the cell blocks this design proved impractical and in the middle of construction cells were constructed that allowed prisoners to enter and leave the cell blocks through metal doors that were covered by a heavy wooden door to filter out noise the hulls were designed to have the feel of a church some believe that the doors were small so prisoners would have a harder time getting out minimising an attack on the security guard others have explained the small doors forced the prisoners to bow while entering the cell this design is related to panis and ties to the religious inspiration of the prison the cells were made of concrete with a single glass skylight representing the eye of God suggesting the prisoners that God was always watching them on April 3rd 1945 a major escape was carried out by 12 inmates including the infamous Willie Sutton who over the course of a year managed to dig an undiscovered 97 foot tunnel under the prison wall during renovations in the 1930s an additional 30 incomplete inmate dug tunnels were discovered the penitentiary was intended not to simply punish but to move the criminal towards spiritual reflection and change while some of our youth at the Pennsylvania system was Quaker inspired there is little evidence to support this the organization that promoted eastern states creation the Society for alleviating the miseries of public prisons today's Pennsylvania prison society was less than half Quaker and was ran for nearly 50 years by Philadelphia's Angeles and Bishop William white proponents of the system believes strongly that the criminals exposed in silence to thoughts of their behavior and the ugliness of their cries would be genuinely content in reality the guards and councilors of the facility designed a variety of physical and psychological torture regiments for their various infractions including dousing prisoners and freezing water outside during winter months chaining their tongues their wrists in a fashion such a struggling against the chains could cause the tongue to tear strapping prisoners into chairs with tight leather restraints for days on end and putting the worst behaved prisoners into a pit called the hole an underground cell block dug under cellblock 14 where there would have been no light no human contact and little food for as long as two weeks as of today Eastern State Penitentiary stands as a landmark a famous haunted tourist attraction from across the globe reports from all over the world have confirmed our worst suspicions piling up by the weeks more and more reports of restless and tortured souls wandering the penitentiary aimlessly as still not been put to rest and most of them may never find it hey everyone it's either here I just wanted to let everyone know that watch this video thank you so much for the support and also thank you for all 715 of my subscribers it's really insane how fast that number rises every time I come back and I'm ready to upload a new video so without making this end card of long update video of its own I just wanted to tell you guys that I'm officially done with college for this semester so I should be able to work on a few more videos before the next one starts and I have a few more announcements I wanted to make but I wanted to wait until my next video which should be in a few days so stay tuned for that and if you guys have any questions or just feel like talking to me please let me know down below or you can message me on twitter at mr. Peiffer that's all I have for now guys if for some reason I'm not able to get the video out of it I'm working on right now I want to wish each and every one of your very happy holidays from the bottom of my heart thank you and remember stay safe

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Hey everyone, hope you’re excited to see this series brought back, i want to tell you all the reasons Ive been absent lately, and much more, but i didn’t want to bore everyone in this video, so in my next one (hopefully) i can get out all the info i want, but this video took 7 hours to make, which may not sound like much, but from someone who rarely has 1 free hour, this took all of my effort, and it honestly still isnt as good as i want it to be, but i know you all would like it anyways, because you’re all so supportive ;D
I also wanted to give a HUUUGE thank you to both CPOC(Clown Prince of Crime) and Gigan! They work on the Tats crew with me, and they both helped write this list, so give those two a look on their channels down below! ALSO THANK YOU FOR OVER 700 SUBS, THAT WAS AN AMAZING EARLY CHRISTMAS PRESENT YALL ;D

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ALL info found about these 5 places were either found directly on their websites, or on their ‘official Wikipedia’ So PLEASE RESEARCH THEM, knowledge is half the battle ;D

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