Minneapolis Minnesota | Guthrie Theater

Minneapolis Minnesota | Guthrie Theater
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The Guthrie is a FREE hidden gem for all ages. Artist: JaeNev & Pratzapp Song: Waiting Download/Stream: /V73Df2nBJC [email protected]

1998 NFC Championship Game: Atlanta Falcons vs. Minnesota Vikings| NFL Full Game

1998 NFC Championship Game: Atlanta Falcons vs. Minnesota Vikings| NFL Full Game

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The NFL presents the 1998 NFC Championship Game between the Atlanta Falcons & Minnesota Vikings!

11:13 – Chris Chandler throws 5-yard TD pass to Jamal Anderson

16:34 – Randall Cunningham finds Randy Moss for 30-yard TD

24:36 – Harold Green fumbles, recovered by Vikings

32:56 – Gary Anderson makes 29-yard FG

34:00 – O.J. Santiago fumbles, recovered by Vikings

38:55 – Cunningham rushes in for 1-yard TD

47:50 – Gary Anderson makes 35-yard FG

53:48 – Cunningham is strip sacked, fumble recovered by Falcons

55:18 – Chandler zings 14-yard TD pass to Terrance Mathis

1:14:51 – Morten Anderson makes 27-yard FG

1:25:06 – Cunningham slings 5-yard TD pass to Mathew Hatchette

1:30:58 – Morten Anderson makes 24-yard FG

1:38:30 – Vikings mishandle snap and Falcons recover fumble

1:41:48 – Falcons are unable to convert on 4th down

1:53:20 – Gary Anderson misses 38-yard FG

1:58:28 – Chandler finds Mathis for 16-yard TD

2:23:10 – Falcons begin game-winning drive

2:31:12 – Morten Anderson makes 38-yard FG to send Falcons to Super Bowl

Before the 1998 season, the Atlanta Falcons had only made the playoffs twice and never been to the NFC championship. During the 1998 season Atlanta won a franchise best 14 regular season games and advanced to the NFC championship to play the favorite 15-1 Minnesota Vikings. It looked bleak for the underdog Falcons, as they trailed 27-20 with four minutes to play and Gary Anderson about to kick a field goal, essentially icing the game. But he would miss the field goal and the Falcons would capitalize, scoring a touchdown to tie, then kicking the game winning field goal in OT to go to Super Bowl XXXIII.

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Georgia Hirst's must-see Ireland: preview

Georgia Hirst's must-see Ireland: preview
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every Vikings fan will recognize this location categories been actually in Scandinavia it is right here in Ireland in la galore this is dorky and we have the Vikings to thank for the name as it sounds today one of the main historical attractions is dorky Island there is evidence that Vikings use Torquay Island as a base

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It’s hard to resist falling in love with Ireland. Just ask Georgia Hirst, from the cast of the hit TV series Vikings!

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Cascading waterfalls, acres of rolling green pastures, the sparkling blue waters of the epic coastline… with such natural show-stoppers, it’s no surprise that more and more film and TV productions are choosing Ireland as their star location! Georgia Hirst (Torvi) from Vikings found it hard not to fall in love with her home away from home, so we got her to tell us where and what she loves to do in Ireland!

Fast Facts:
Take any monastic site from Vikings period and a round tower connects them all. It’s widely agreed that monks used these as bell towers, but during raids, the monks would hide both themselves and their valuable chalices, crosses, and gold in the tower’s highest point. The Vikings counteracted this tactic by setting fire to the towers and either smoking the monks out or burning them to death. You can see these towers at Devenish Island, Glendalough, and Clonmacnoise.

Far from being just rampaging warriors, the Vikings also brought civilization to modern Ireland. It seems that the Norsemen were settlers by inclination. The 830s saw their first attacks on Ireland, and by 835 they were attacking the monastery at Clonmacnoise. A mere six years late in 841, the Vikings pulled their longboats out of Lough Neagh, signaling their decision to stay.

Ireland’s oldest city, Waterford, was founded and shaped by Viking settlers. At the heart of Waterford town, you’ll find the Viking Triangle, named after those who first settled there – take a walk around this historic centre and learn more about the Vikings in the three world-class museums here.

These Nordic warriors ruled Dublin City with an iron fist for almost three centuries before their demise at the hands of legendary High King of Ireland, Brian Boru, in the Battle of Clontarf. A walk around the city’s buildings, such as Christ Church Cathedral, gives evidence of their stronghold on Dublin. The bones of Brian Boru lie in the wall of the Church of Ireland Cathedral in Armagh.

Place names around Ireland echo the island’s Viking roots – Wexford, Waterford, Strangford, and Carlingford, for example, are all derive from ‘fjord’, while names with ‘ey’ is a sign of Viking roots also, as ‘ey’ means surrounded by water, such as Dalkey or Ireland’s Eye.

The entire story of Vikings in Ireland told in a colourful and interactive style, make a beeline for Dublinia in Dublin city. Also in Dublin, the Viking Splash Tour is a land and water ride at the hands of friendly Viking guides.

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