The Christmas Loft in North Conway, New Hampshire | AMAZING CHRISTMAS THEMED STORE

The Christmas Loft in North Conway, New Hampshire | AMAZING CHRISTMAS THEMED STORE

one of my favorite places in the entire world is North Conway New Hampshire now we've been to North Conway many many times on the channel and to be honest I'm surprised we are not banned from this town after some of the things I've done in the past but while we are still welcome here let's go check out one of my favorite places in the entire town about half a mile from downtown North Conway is this the Christmas loft the Christmas loft is a huge Christmas store that is open year-round and inside they have thousands of Christmas ornaments and an entire Christmas village set up in the middle of the store but enough talking about this store let's go inside and go check it out all right let's go inside the Christmas loft once we enter we are greeted by this cow this you have a name oh no this is something about about kittens free kittens interesting this is Bessie the cow who who doesn't have any eyeballs or teeth right next to Bessie is stumpy the tree hello stumpy hello hi stumpy we're gonna we're gonna keep going talking trees kinda kind of freak me out just beyond stumpy and Bessie are these little beavers as well as some bears as we enter the main area were greeted by Santa Claus himself let's keep on going they have a whole year-round permanent Christmas village set up inside the store if we can make it through all the people will actually get to check them out they have all these little windows that you can peep in to see some pretty awesome Christmas displays you also have some limited motion animatronics here some of them just move their heads move their arms no no Disney quality animatronics but there are some pretty cool animatronics here like this police officer right here who's greeting everyone and to the town of Jackson Newham sure underneath this cool covered bridge on the covered bridge you can get a look at these kids who are ice skating one of them has fallen down and smacked his butt on the ice that that probably doesn't feel too good over at the bake shop there are some pretty delicious looking baked goods here I just want to want to reach my hand in there and and grab something to eat also there's some people in here these are the these are the Baker's right here that's probably their last name since they own own the bake shop in the doorway of the bake shop as this man but I like on the wreaths are some little Pillsbury Doughboy lights that's hilarious I love that Stanley who's who's the lovely lady is that your wife is that your new hat your woman right there over here at the barber shop there's a man getting a pretty snazzy-looking haircut it looks like he could use one and the barber has a really nice-looking mustache I think one of the most impressive things about this whole display is the scale of the display these are almost full size buildings and it really looks like it's nighttime out like you can't even see the ceiling it really looks better on camera but even in person you can't see where the ceiling is so it really feels like you're out at night and a small Christmas village another cool thing that is inside all the buildings they lead to different parts of the store we're gonna go check out those parts later but for now let's continue on through the Christmas village we'll make a pit stop at the Conway post office the postman looks like a very happy fellow there while he's sending out all these packages they're probably some Christmas presents over at the toy shop we can see some elves at work building some of the toys getting ready for Christmas they have some of the toys they've already built all lined up on the shelves up there also next to the toy shop is one of the most iconic things from this store the chestnut guy also right on top of the toy shop a Santa's sleigh with all of the reindeer flying off into the night sky they even have a church inside this building and it's huge like it goes way up there to the top like I can't even get the whole thing in the shot and it has a very fitting name the little white church I mean it's not little compared to like the other stuff it's the biggest building in here but compared to our little Church it's it's pretty little yeah that was over explaining the church let's let's keep going inside this particular house I noticed something weird all the people are much smaller than the ones these must be like the extremely tiny people inside this Christmas village it's weird they're much smaller they're like trash sized they're the trash size people of the village now now it all makes sense inside this particular room I see a lot of flashing which leads me to believe that Santa is in there I'll have to go find out later on but for now let's check out the Conway Country Store there's two guys hanging out inside the store they look like I have some pretty tasty food hanging up here get some sausages get some get some Ritz crackers in the back there then this guy must own the store he's like going through his bills and stuff as I was walking along I almost hit my head on this man's lantern sir sir you should really not hang your lantern out of the building you're gonna you're gonna smack someone on the head inside this house it looks like they are all getting ready for Christmas dinner all the kids are around this table and there's a big red button and I really want to push it but it actually tells the story of the night before Christmas and I I know that story so I'm not gonna press the big red button even though it's right it's really tempting no no we got to we got to move along it looks like we've seen everything inside the Christmas village area so let's make our way inside the actual store and go check out some of the decorations they have for sale this is a Christmas decoration overload they have all kinds of Christmas decorations pretty much anything you can imagine you can get it here to spruce up your house for the holiday season I also love the displays that the store puts together to show off some of the decorations for sale that tree looks amazing they even have some food looking ornaments look at this they have some McDonald's looking french fries and the weirdest thing is they're squishy why why are they squish that's that's kind of weird they have bagels and and hot dogs and other food items that you can hang on your tree and they look so realistic like that looks like rock candy and like that looks like a popsicle it's it's bizarre how they make these things but they really look pretty cool yo Stanley it's the missile foe let's uh let's continue on into the next room before we get in trouble or break something in each room they just have a large assortment of Christmas ornaments and the weird thing is like none of these actually fit together like you have these like little like advertisement looking ones and like classic globe shaped ones but it's weird they don't like fit together like theming wise but they just look so good when they're all displayed together like that one thing that is drawing my attention is this case with Walt Disney's signature on it and it actually has some Disney characters inside there's beast in Belle and Princess Jasmine these these aren't Disney characters down here these are just some cool looking mice but this is a cool case I like the case how it has Walt's signature right there it looks like a film strip very very 90s Disney on the other side of the room they actually have some more Disney decorations they have like a Jim Shore collection over here so some Jim Shore that's hard to say Jim Shore styled pieces of art they have more than just Disney characters like over here they have some peanuts characters as well as some characters from Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer bro you can't talk about Rudolph it's offensive it's 2018 I forgot censored censored demonetised we had a sense of Rudolph because he's offensive on this wall they have some cool animal themed ornaments look at these a little detailed deer right there a moose in a black bear and it's cool cuz that's all like fur on there that's all like real fur and then there's some some little birds right there to put in a tree those will actually look kind of cool in a tree like have some birds like in the tree and in this room is where the big man was Santa is no longer here it looks like he went back to the North Pole or something but earlier Santa was here maybe maybe he'll come back soon even though Santa's not in the room anymore this place is still cool they have Christmas trees in every corner but my favorite is the upside-down Christmas tree over here that is something you don't typically see in someone's home around the holiday season but that's the type of tree I want in my house an upside-down Christmas tree they also have this huge Christmas tree in the center of the room that looks really cool I like how that has like this base around the bottom and then it's just like center of attention right when you walk in this room inside this room they have all kinds of Christmas villages set up I love little Christmas village setups and I especially love this one because it's Disney themed well the whole thing is in Disney theme just just this little corner but look at that you got Mickey and Minnie and a little Mickey cocoa shop and a giant gumball Tower looking thing like that's just cool like a little Mickey Mouse Christmas village I like that a lot and each village has a name this one is called Christmas in the city as you can see it's Christmastime in this small miniature City this display is called New England and yeah looks like something you'd see in New England looks like something you'd see in the town of Conway somewhere in the woods over here at the snow village they have some really cool displays but my favorite is this hot-air balloon because from a distance you can't really see the pole it's making a go around in a circle so I thought it was floating at first on a string and even though this is a Christmas store they have a Halloween village I like the Halloween village this was always one of my favorites to look at all kinds of Halloween decorations and and spooky looking characters hanging out in here they have a volcano in the background as well as this hot air balloon skull this one is not working this one is not going around in a circle but it is looking pretty terrifying looming over in the corner they also have a little Nightmare Before Christmas display there's dr. Finkelstein's lab as well as Sally hanging out in the corner right there and the last Christmas display they have is this white wintry Wonderland this one doesn't have a name but it still looks really cool inside this room they have some of the best ornaments in the entire store starting off right here with what looks like a DJI drone ornament look at this thing it looks just like the real drone and the best part is it's only six bucks you can't go wrong six bucks for a pretty cool ornament I've never seen a a drone ornament if I had a drone that looked like that probably end up buying this ornament I also have some like transportation ornaments you can get like a bus or an airplane or a soccer mom ornament for your favorite soccer mom in your life they also have some sports themed ornaments you can get a golf ball ornament a soccer ball ornament a football ornament a basketball ornament just about every type of sport ornament over here in this section they also have some sports team ornaments but I think Stanley has found the coolest ornaments of them all Game of Thrones ornaments you got the knight King in John Snow as well as the Iron Throne dude those are so sick like I actually want these like these would look sick on the tree like the knight King just like hanging out right at the top and then Jon Snow as well as the as well as the Iron Throne right there those are so sick good good fine Stanley good find are they fighting Oh season season 8 leaked footage season 8 leaked leaked footage from season 8 you you saw it here first folks and under the Game of Thrones ornaments our characters from another popular TV show well Netflix show stranger things now I've never seen stranger things but I know everyone will want to see these so that's why I'm getting them in the video just for you they also have some other pop-culture ornaments here you got gene Simmons from kiss as well as Jimi Hendrix they also have an entire Christmas light room you could take out you can take some sweet Instagram photos in here with the neon signs but I love the setup these Christmas lights you can pick some out and go hang them on your house or display this Christmas tree inside your house you probably wouldn't want that hanging on the outside of your house so don't don't hang the Christmas tree on the outside inside the next room I think they have my favorite display of all a Star Wars display of Yoda Chewbacca and the Christmas tree is darth vader that is probably the coolest Christmas tree I've ever seen a Darth Vader Christmas tree with stormtrooper lights doesn't get any better than that and at the bottom of the tree they have some cool Star Wars decorations Chewbacca wrapped up in some Christmas lights and Princess Leia decorating r2 for Christmas they even have some Star Wars ornaments here couple different Star Wars characters to choose from as well as some more popular movie comic book characters some some Disney characters and even even some minions continuing on into the next room they have a really cool beach themed tree right here I like that it's like the fishnet on it it's got some some seashells I feel like this is like what your Christmas true it looked like if you lived on a deserted island and keeping with the beach theme they have some beach themed ornaments you got the beach chairs and mermaids and seahorses and coral and yeah you get you get the point they also have a large assortment of nutcrackers in here they have any type of Nutcracker you might want I don't even know what to call some of these things like what is this guy he looks like the good fairy from Wizard of Oz inside this room they also have some Christmas dolls I've never seen a village that would fit these dolls these guys are huge you'd have to have a lot of space to build the village around them and I think that just about does it we have made it back to the main room here's the checkout counter modeled after the North Conway train station looks just like the real thing over by the checkout counter they have this awesome waterwheel as well as some cool light-up snow globes and they also have these little glasses you can put on you can buy them for two bucks and you put on these glasses and you can see cool things in the Christmas trees let's see if we if we hold one up this is the candy cane one let's hold it up to the camera lens does it work yeah it does it works with the camera lens so if you buy these glasses you can walk around the store look at all the Christmas lights and see some candy canes that's really cool I didn't think it would work if I can look I don't know if this is gonna work I don't think it could work with the camera lens they also have free cookies out here but my mom ever said if strangers gave me free cookies not to take them so I'm gonna leave that lone cookie right there on the plate and make our way to the exit of the store one last look at the Christmas village now let's make our way back outside we'll pass by these friendly looking teddy bears and the Beavers say goodbye to stumpy and bye to Bessie Bessie you need to work on those teeth buddy and then make our way back outside no trip to North Conway around the Christmas season is complete without making a stop at the Christmas law I come to this place every year and I love going inside and checking out all the cool Christmas decorations so thank you so much for joining me as you went inside and checked out the Christmas law if you liked this video make sure to hit the thumbs up button and if you want to support the channel get yourself a t-shirt over at Ben Lawrence that's Prichard calm or checkout and Lawrence and the links down below and if you want to watch future videos just like this one hit the subscribe button and you can stay up to date with all of our future adventures we've got some cool stuff planned in the future all right let's make our way inside the doors locked we're being locked out I always pick the wrong door oh excuse me we're in in the Christmas and it looks like we're not the only ones who had the idea to come here to the Christmas loft this place is jammed today so I was wondering why everything looked like it had an orange and red filter on it well I didn't have the proper white balance setting on the camera so I apologize that the first few clips we shot had a weird like red tint to them hopefully hopefully it's fixed the little white church very fitting name since it's little but that was stupid inside this particular room I inside this particular room I see a lot of flashing I see a lot of stuttering Ben's can't even see his face he kind of looks like old Luke Skywalker from from the force awakens I just stuttered so bad I can't talk today this cowl might be more terrifying than the cow at the beginning of the store Stan Lee's playing checkers by himself are you winning are you winning you look evil right now and I say or do you ruff thanks so much for sticking the end of this video I really really appreciate it I know we have visited the Christmas loft before on the channel so if you've watched both videos thanks so much for watching the videos and thanks so much for sticking around here on the channel I hope you all have a great holiday season and I will see you in the next video Wow oh by the way look it's Santa hi Santa there's Santa right there alright see you next video wha you

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The Christmas Loft in North Conway, New Hampshire | AMAZING CHRISTMAS THEMED STORE

The Christmas Loft is one of the many iconic locations in the North Conway area. Tourist from all over come to visit the store which is open year round. Inside the store the have a huge Christmas Village diorama as well as thousands of ornaments and Christmas decorations for sale.


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  1. did the tree and the cow used to move? last time i went here i was probably like 7 or 8 years old but i have this vague memory of that being terrified of that "animatronic" tree. and it looks like at least their mouths are supposed to move?

  2. I love me some North Conway always drove by the Christmas loft but I never have been inside before. (Shameful coming from one of Santa’s helpers I know) definitely going to stop in the next time I am in the area. You all have a merry Christmas

  3. I am not sure if it's the Christmas booze I have been consuming but I feel like I have deja vu. Did you go to this place last year or the year before? I feel like I have been here before but I definitely haven't been. Have a great Christmas all of you

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